Recommended Free Music

A collection of the best independent band releases available for free

(though we suggest a donation if you can to assist the artist’s next recording)

Cavaverman – Deadly Touch

Enamel Animal – Unfaith

Nomad Stones – Neighborhood Bird Dispute EP

Thirteen Shots – Thirteen Shots

Possessor – Revenge

The Sideline Haters – Who Shaves The Barber?

The Bleeed – Commando

Dewer PR – Burn This Compilation-April

Autopsy Boys – Return Of The Acid Casualty Auto Humans

The Machismo’s – Share One With A Friend

Some Kind Of Illness – Self-Titled

Hot Moth – Small Fires EP

Reptilians From Andromeda – Sonic Rabbit Hole

NT2A Sampler by NeverTrustAnAsshole

Manchester Punk Festival Vol. 8

Our Blonde Covers – The Lost Side Of The World

Humans The Size Of Microphones – Human Crop Circles

Manchester Punk Festival Vol. 8

Living Fire – O Eterno Agora

Scout Killers – Rip Me Apart

Maths and the Moon – Futurist

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Smart Dressed Guy

Carnac – The Frail Sight EP

On The Open Road – Rainy Days

Dope Smoker – Marijuana

Maybe We’re Dead Already – On The Way Down EP

Horse Party – Money Talks EP

Slave Cylinder – Cultus