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Dark Folk Act ROME Announce European Tour

Luxembourg-based Outfit To Tour Through March 2019

ROME, the Luxembourg based folk noir outfit fronted by Jerome Reuter, is set to tour Europe through March in support for their latest record, “Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro” which is released through Trisol Music Group GmbH on January 18th.

The full dates can be found here:

02.03.2019 Gothenburg, Sweden / Sticky Fingers

03.03.2019 Stockholm, Sweden / Klubben

07.03.2019 Berlin, Germany / Musik & Frieden

08.03.2019 Dresden, Germany / Club Puschkin

09.03.2019 Nordhausen, Germany / NekroWerkKlub

10.03.2019 Frankfurt, Germany / Nachtleben

13.03.2019 Stuttgart, Germany / Keller Klub

14.03.2019 Hannover, Germany / Faust

15.03.2019 Wroclaw, Poland / Firlej

16.03.2019 Warsaw, Poland / Hydrozagadka

17.03.2019 Krakow, Poland / Zet Pe Te

18.03.2019 Vienna, Austria / Replugged

20.03.2019 Freiburg, Germany / Slow Club

21.03.2019 Cologne, Germany / Artheater

22.03.2019 Hamburg, Germany / Nochtspeicher

23.03.2019 Jena, Germany / Kassablanca

(more to be announced)

Considered one of the most important figures in the neofolk genre, Luxembourg’s ROME have spent the last thirteen years exploring and pushing their musical boundaries. The music unites American folklore with Chanson and the angst-ridden tristesse of English Post Punk – ‘Chanson Noir’, as leading man and sole permanent member Jerome Reuter, once called it. Looming above all this is his distinctive, deep voice. A voice you want to believe knows all about man’s true nature and purpose.

Part of a long tradition of lonesome guitar heroes, outcasts moving about restlessly, pursued by their dreams and demons, dedicated to a life beyond the pale. Reuter takes musical nods from Jacques Brel, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Michael Gira, Nick Cave – architects of melancholy like these have left their footprints in his artistic expression.

The protagonists of ROME’s lyrical world are history’s forgotten heroes and outsiders, most notably of the 20th century: Anarchist rebels (as on ‘Flowers From Exile’, 2009), the French resistance (‘Nos Chants Perdus’, 2010), Southern Africa’s struggle for freedom (‘A Passage To Rhodesia’, 2014) or revolutionaries and underground fighters such as those on ROME’s ambitious trilogy ‘Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit’ (2011) inspired by the works of Peter Weiss and Pablo Neruda among others. This leads us to their thirteenth album; ‘Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro’.

On ’Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro’ (’The ashes of Heliodoro’), Reuter does not shy away from the provocative and ambiguous and thus tackles new terrain and touchy subject matters such as Europe’s dissolving unity, or its relations to the US and the fragile fraternity of its nations.

The questions of continuity and identity have marked this decade of decline and have left an undeniable impression on Reuter’s work. But what will come of this mysterious Heliodoro – prophet or demon, saviour or slayer? Reuter leaves these – as most other questions – unanswered in this neofolk tour de force.

This thirteenth album, indeed, marks a return to the martial folk origins of the project and it is a grim and bleak picture Reuter is painting in these poignant folk songs. We are left with having but one choice: to try and find the necessary strength within ourselves, if we are to survive this turmoil. Thus, inevitably, the album is also an homage to ROME’s unique brand of outsiderdom.

We are left breathless. The city is alight in flames, delighting our eye in the beauty of its ruin. Uropia O Morte!

Welsh Alt-Metal Trio TREP To Hit The Road

Band Announce UK Tour In Support Of New EP

Welsh alt-metal trio TREP are set to tour the UK in support of their latest EP “Lucian”, which is set for release on March 18th. The band will co-headline alongside Eden In Progress as part of the “The Future Is Ours” tour.

The tour will be hitting the following cities:

March 12th – West Street Live – Sheffield

March 13th – Fuel – Cardiff

March 14th – The Gryphon – Bristol

March 15th – The Lion – Chepstow

March 16th – Hangar 18 – Swansea

March 21st – The Unicorn – London

March 22nd – Two Pigs – Cheltenham

Formed in 2017, Cardiff based alt-metal trio TREP have spent the last few years gathering steam throughout South Wales

After the initial welcoming of TREP’s “Silence the Crows” demo in July 2017, the band will be re-releasing it as a single in January 2019 to accompany the full release of their first EP titled ‘Lucian’ on March 18th. It will be the first of two EPs that will combine to create an elaborate story. The lyrical themes across both releases will deal with dystopia, a dictatorship and the use of technology for a chance at a better world; but at what cost?

Musically akin to Volbeat, Shinedown and Thrice; the band blend walls of guitars, three-part harmonies and some excellent duel guitar work. Tracks like aforementioned lead single “Silence The Crows” careens through a massive choruses before sailing on to a stunning solo that wouldn’t be out of miss on an Avenged Sevenfold record. Elsewhere closer “Better World” is a track seeking solace in a technological void, veering between groove laden guitar work and fabulous dual vocal work.

To coincide with their EP release, TREP will be setting out on their first UK tour in March 2019, playing at multiple venues across England and Wales. The band will also be competing in the Bristol – Metal to the Masses competition, to win a chance at playing Bloodstock Open Air 2019, as well as headlining festivals around South Wales.

For more info on the band head here:

Nottingham Stoner Kings Widows Return With New EP

“Ten’Yer” Marks The Band Signing To APF Records And Upcoming Tour Dates

Widows are back with a new drummer and a new two-track EP, “Ten’Yer” out now on APF Records!

The track listing for the new release is:

1. P.S. Worry

2. Hammer and Nail

Hard Rock/Stoner/sludge quartet, WIDOWS are a pulverizing juggernaut of deadly riffage drenched with impressions of Entombed, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Down, and EyeHateGod. Having spent several years laying waste to any venue that would have them, the band have made friends in high places; scoring stunning reviews and features in Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Norway Rock, Sludge Lord, and Rock Sound.

Following on from the storming success of their third studio release, 2017’s “Oh Deer God”, Widows are back with their flattening new two-track EP “Ten’Yer” marking the final studio release with long time drummer Ze-Big and the first outings for new drummer Adam Sharrocks at their launch shows in February 2019.

Widows had this to say about their new release. “After a relatively quiet 2018, we’re glad to be back with these new tracks and excited to get them in your faces live! We are also stoked to be finally working with APF Records on the release too, the label has done a lot for the scene since it started up and we’re really happy we’re now a part of that.

Ten’Yer is a bit of a progression on what we did with “Oh Deer God” and expands on the nastiness on that record. There’s still that same vibe there but the focus was on trying to make it darker and more aggressive than “ODG” on all fronts. If you liked the last record, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you come January 28th!”

The band are also set to hit the UK over the coming months, and can be found sweating it out in the following cities:

Sat 23rd Feb – The Freebird, Stoke, w/Mastiff and Silverchild

Thu 14th March – The Maze, Nottingham, Metal 2 the Masses Heat 5

9th June -Black Heart, London All dayer, main support

Sat 5th Oct – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh Barbarian Hermit weekender

Sun 6th Oct – Trillian’s, Newcastle, all dayer, Barbarian Hermit weekender



“Numb killer – one who kills because they’ve become numb”

Brace for impact with Tarah Who?’s explosive new release, ‘Numb killer’. The female fronted power trio dives into the anger and pain caused by the recent terrorist attacks and the conditions that have given rise to those who are truly numb-killers. Numb killer’s hyper-drive guitar, hard-hitting drums and bass assault collide into a brutal, blunt and artistic narrative.

Tarah: I wrote this song in the back seat of my friend’s car. We had just heard about the news about the terrorist attacks at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. While my friends kept on talking, I started wondering if the assailant had had any emotions or hesitations before going through with his actions.

‘Numb Killer’ is very blunt and intense: musically, in the band’s performance but also visually, through their music video.

Tarah Who? expresses their sentiment of anger, pain and desolation in front of such disturbing and atrocious crimes against humanity.”

Tarah Who? – Numb Killer (Music video):

French Quintet Temnein Unveil Live Video

French quintet Temnein have unveiled a live video for the stunning “White Stained Inferno” ahead of their upcoming European dates with first The Crown and later At The Gates!

Fans can check out the video here:

The band are set to appear with The Crown at the following dates:

December 12th – Efurt, Germany – From Hell (w/ The Crown)

December 13th – Mannheim, Germany – MS Connexion (w/ The Crown)

December 14th – Sursee, Switzerland – (w/ The Crown)

February 16th – Birmingham, UK – HRH Metal (w/ Decapitated, Trollfest, Devilment…)

March 23rd – Moscow, Russia – Station Hall (w/ At The Gates)

March 25th – St Petersburg, Russia – ZAL (w/ At The Gates)

August 23th – Slovakia – Loud Farm Fest (w/ Beheaded, Gutalax, Virvum…)

Formed in France in 2009, Temnein’s brand of melodic death metal draws influence from Dark Tranquillity, Ghost Brigade and Insomnium among others. Their first album, “404 B.C.”, released in 2014 via Mighty Music scored incredible reviews and allowed them to share the stage with renowned metal acts both at home in France and Japan in December 2014. Following the addition of a new vocalist in 2016, the band entered Conkrete Studio (Loudblast, ETHS, The Great Old Ones…) with charismatic producer El Mobo to record their second album, “White Stained Inferno”. Following its release in October 2017 through Massacre Records, “White Stained Inferno” picked up further great reviews.

The album, the artwork for which was create by Ibay Arifin (Gojira, Year Of No Light) is a reference to a white stained inferno, which represents the medical field and more specifically the stay in a hospital. The lyrics deal with all the difficult steps of the disease, whether it’s physical or psychological: from the beginning of the disease to the possible healing, the chilling diagnostic, the struggle against oneself and the fear of death.

Musically, the album is darker and more atmospheric than “404 B.C.”. To symbolise the concept of the record, the band wished to focus more on the emotional aspect of their sound, dialling back the technicality. However, the whole record has a lot of diversity; utilising acoustic guitars alongside vicious blast beats, blistering solo work and massive hooks.

In Spring 2018 the band signed a worldwide management/booking deal with The Flaming Arts Agency (Behemoth, Venom Inc., Marduk, Possessed, I Am Morbid). The band are now touring in support of major artists: French shows with Hate/Shade Empire/Nordjevel before hitting the road with The Crown and At The Gates.

Over the years, Temnein have shared stages with many big headline acts in Europe and Japan. Opening for Eluveitie, Powerwolf, Primordial, Equilibrium, Leprous, Beyond Creation, Mors Principium Est, God Dethroned, Pyogenesis, Dagoba, Benighted, Gorod, Leng T’che, Hypno5e, No Return, Hacride among others.

Hardcore Duo Parasitic Twins Hit The Road With Boycott The Baptist

Hull Pair Head Out For Debut European Tour

Hull hardcore duo Parasitic Twins are set to hit the road later this month with the monstrous Boycott The Baptist! The band, who released their visceral debut EP, “All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other”, on October 26th, are set to appear in Germany and Holland with BTB! Remaining dates see support from Clunge Destroyer. Full dates for the tour below:

November 30th – Thav – Hildesheim, Germany (w/ Parasitic Twins)

December 1st – The Morgue – Leeuwarden, Belgium (w/ Parasitic Twins)

December 2nd – Crowley’s – Hastings (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

December 4th – Birds Nest – London (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

December 5th – North Bar – Rhyl, Wales (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

December 6th- Paradiddles Music Café – Worcester (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

December 7th – Lounge 41 – Workington (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

December 8th – The Westgarth Social Club – Middlesbrough (w/ Clunge Destroyer)

Ripping a page from the Killing Joke school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the way of Today Is The Day and Godflesh, Hull’s scariest kids, Parasitic Twins are riding high following the release of their debut EP. Recorded live and raw, at Melrose Yard Studios in York, the hardcore duo, made up by guitarist/vocalist Max Watt (Rotting Monarchs) and drummer Dom Smith (Mary and The Ram), have performed together previously as part of Seep Away was born of a desire to create the most abrasive sound they could.

Discussing their debut single, “Massive”, Watt had this to say: “It’s about that mental sense of abandon that comes once in a while and turns our lives into ash. Temporarily, of course. Everyone’s been in that place where long term plans and prospects just become irrelevant and all you can focus on is immediate day to day shit, and one day you wake up and think “Goddamn, what was all that noise about?” At the time it’s huge but with time just becomes a notch in your past, then you gotta make the reparations, and push all that negative shit to the back.”

Hammered into the raw aggression like a nail into splintered wood is a youthful rage desperate to be heard. Taking comfortable influence from the late 90s sludge scene, the track “Flipswitch” borrows from the Raging Speedhorn school of duel vocal ferocity while “End” wraps a chain around the Biohazard-esque bouncy hardcore and throws it on the heap. Making “ATLTDNISWEO” a white-hot blast of crusty oblivion, perfect for fans of low end, aggro-punk. Listen to at wielding volume.

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Uneasy Listening Trio Under Release New Single

Band Releases “Malcontent” Ahead Of New Album

Uneasy listening trio Under are streaming their new single “Malcontent” now over on Doomed & Stoned!

When asked on the theme behind the song, the band stated:

“Andy (Preece – drums, vocals) came up with this suitably grinding, droning riff while bored out of his mind waiting outside a changing room. As we arranged the overall tine, adding Mayo’s signature noise and our usual uneasy rhythmic approach, we tried to accentuate that feeling of anxious horror and discomfort as much as we could. To reflect this feeling I wrote the lyrics to invoke that sickly desperation apparent in anybody hungry for power.”

The single can be found here:

Their new album, Stop Being Naïve, is set for release via APF Records on October 30th.

Under are a trio from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Formed in 2016. Though rooted in the blueprints of Sludge and Doom Metal, their sound is harder to pin down with elements of Prog, Noise and Avant Garde creeping in. Under play with jagged, slow, off kilter riffs that tease the listener into a false sense of security with dark and abstract lyricism evoking a trippy and sinister unease. The trio cite the likes of Swans, Mr. Bungle, The Melvins and Radiohead as prime influences.

After the success of their debut EP ‘First Attempt’ in 2015, Under built up a solid reputation playing frequent live shows in and out of Manchester. In 2016 they embarked on a successful UK mini-tour with Kurokuma.

In 2017 Under signed to APF Records and released ‘Slick’, their highly anticipated debut full length album, completely self-produced and recorded by the band themselves. The trio successfully built on everything they had been working towards, carefully fine-tuning every detail on the record. ‘Slick’ was an eclectic listen – chock full of crushing riffs, odd time signatures, and a mixture of aggressive screaming vocals and more relaxed tripped out clean sections. All three band members provided vocals, often harmonizing together to create epic melodic textures.

In support of the “Slick” Under played live shows throughout 2017 and early 2018: both as headliner and as support to Whores, King Parrott, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Slabdragger, Elephant Tree, The Hyena Kill, Hundred Year Old Man, Gurt, Part Chimp, Primitive Man and Slomatics. They also played the Dreadfest, Cvltfest and Gizzardfest Fesivals and the APF Records Showcase in Manchester.

Norwegian Metallers I, The Betrayer Release Avenged Sevenfold Cover

Band Unveil New Video For Shephard Of Fire

Norwegian five piece I, The Betrayer have released a video for their cover of the Avenged Sevenfold classic “Shephard Of Fire”

Check out the video by acclaimed videographer Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art here:

The track is the first signs of new music from the quintet following the release of their debut EP “7” last year.

I, the Betrayer is made up of five guys from altogether different musical backgrounds brought together by their love of metal, and random chance, to create music which encompasses every part of their collective vision. Influenced by all kinds of styles, from blues and progressive rock to death metal, they have managed to carve their own identity within the genre.

Amongst the heavy metal chugging and pounding drums, you can expect to hear soaring vocal melodies leading to guttural lows, progressive inspired leads on top of driving metal progressions and contemplative clean passages exploding into a forceful and commanding song.

Having won the affections of fans around the world and picking up universal praise from the metal press with “7”, the band are burrowed away working on their follow up.


Bones Of Minerva Release New Single & Announce UK Dates

Spanish Quartet Set To Play In London & Oxford In Late October

Spanish metallers Bones Of Minerva have released a new single, Privilege, ahead of their run of UK shows in October.

You can hear Privilege in full here:

The band are set to playing the following:

FRI 26/10 – Oxford – The Wheatsheaf (JamCity Promotions)

SAT 27/10 – London – The Dev (The Dev+Church of Cat Promotions)

Bones of Minerva are quickly developing a reputation as one of the must-see acts of the Spanish metal scene, bringing something different both on record and onstage, and they are a band who are working tirelessly to get their music to everyone they can. Their eclectic sound aims to combine visceral and melodic elements; merging heavy riffs, hypnotic rhythms, ethereal passages and raw lyrics.

In the age of digital media, selling out all the hard copies of an album is no mean feat, and October 5th saw their debut Blue Mountains (Nooirax/La Rubia Productions) reissued in a special edition including two new tracks.

The four-piece consisting of Blue (vocals), Chloé (bass), Ruth (guitars) was formed in 2013, with Nerea (drums) joining the band in early 2018. Blue Mountains came out early last year, followed by crowdfunded deluxe vinyl edition at the beginning of 2018.

After a year which has seen them embark on two tours of Spain and shows in Sweden, recording single ‘Vehemence’ for the Spanish film Call TV and a shout out as one of the albums of the year by Bandera Negra (Radio 3 España) the band is now gearing up for their first European tour, starting later this month with their first UK dates.

The end goal? To take their music as far as possible, with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Bones of Minerva’s new single ‘Privilege’ is available to stream now on youtube, soundcloud and bandcamp.

Brighton Progressive Rockers Tales of Autumn Unveil New Video

Quartet Release Clip For “Worthless”

Brighton based progressive rockers Tales Of Autumn have unveiled their latest video for track “Worthless”!

Commenting on the song, Stefanos Karantonis, notes: “The song is about a guy who had his life planned out for him by others. He realises after a while that he is living somebody else’s life and he doesn’t want to anymore.”

The video can be found here:

Formed in Brighton back in 2014, progressive rock four-piece Tales of Autumn have spent the last four years slowly cultivating their sound into a beautiful albeit explosive offering. Working tirelessly, the band opted not to hit the live circuit until they had the right players. With the current line up in place, made up of Stefanos Karantonis (Vocals & Guitars), Tom Kiggins (Guitars), Jordan Dann (Drums) and Nick Horton (Bass), the band began building up a name as a ferocious live beast.

It was this reputation that saw the band secure a slot at Bloodstock Open Air in August 2017 alongside bands like Amon Amarth, Ghost and Megadeth. Since then the band have returned to the studio to put the final touches on their stunning debut album; “In Madness We Trust”. A conceptual record that see’s the band delve into the social views of mental health disorders. A sprawling beast of an album, that veers between the slow burn bombast of “She’s Watching” to the at times playful, duelling guitar work of “Final Confession” right through to fan favourite “Worthless”.

Beating with the heart of a hard rock band, but with veins are filled with a love of all things prog, Tales Of Autumn are a band capable of captivating fans on both sides of aisle. If you’re a fan of stomping riffs, huge choruses and intricate guitar work, you will be more than at home here.

Hardcore Duo Parasitic Twins To Release Debut EP

“All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other” Is Set For An October 26th Release

Ripping a page from the Killing Joke school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the way of Today Is The Day and Godflesh, Hull’s scariest kids, Parasitic Twins are gearing up to unleash their debut EP; the furious “All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other” on October 26th. Recorded live and raw, at Melrose Yard Studios in York, the hardcore duo, made up by guitarist/vocalist Max Watt (Rotting Monarchs) and drummer Dom Smith (Mary and The Ram), have performed together previously as part of Seep Away was born of a desire to create the most abrasive sound they could.

Discussing their debut single, “Massive”, Watt had this to say: “It’s about that mental sense of abandon that comes once in a while and turns our lives into ash. Temporarily, of course. Everyone’s been in that place where long term plans and prospects just become irrelevant and all you can focus on is immediate day to day shit, and one day you wake up and think “Goddamn, what was all that noise about?” At the time it’s huge but with time just becomes a notch in your past, then you gotta make the reparations, and push all that negative shit to the back.”

Hammered into the raw aggression like a nail into splintered wood is a youthful rage desperate to be heard. Taking comfortable influence from the late 90s sludge scene, the track “Flipswitch” borrows from the Raging Speedhorn school of duel vocal ferocity while “End” wraps a chain around the Biohazard-esque bouncy hardcore and throws it on the heap. Making “ATLTDNISWEO” a white-hot blast of crusty oblivion, perfect for fans of low end, aggro-punk. Listen to at wielding volume.


Matt Finucane Announces New EP

Brighton Based Singer-Songwriter Announces “Disquiet”

Brighton-based musician Matt Finucane is set to release his new EP “Disquiet” on October 19th via Crude Records!

Happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote. He takes his influences from art rock, Krautrock and horrible electronic noise, and says: “All my heroes are safely dead, but it’s not just playing at being Music’s Bad Conscience – I can recall when music meant something, in these days of deadly sonic perfection and pretend grit.”

Gigs are solo acoustic, in a duo, or full electric as the occasion demands. Albums are DIY-released and raw. “This Mucky Age” (2011) & “Glow in the Dark” (2012) – scored good reviews, followed by singles “In The Evil Empire” & “Lilith” in 2014 and 2015. After a writing binge, the first of a batch of new material emerged as an EP – “Threaten Me with Your Love” – in 2017.

Around this time Matt put together a live band (featuring Mik Hanscomb of Junkboy), gigged across the UK and kept working on songs. In May 2018, driven by the short-fused spirit of the times, he released an EP of abrasive, noise-heavy protest songs, appropriately called “Ugly Scene”. This is to be followed in October with the opposite half of the picture, a mellow slab of grandeur and weirdness called “Disquiet”. Again, the clue’s in the title…

Fuzz Rockers Under Release New Video

Fuzz rock trio Under have released the brand-new video for the track “Traitors Gate”! The clip, which premiered recently on Echoes and Dust, shows the band performing while stripped half nude while chained and gagged. Shot in a grainy, weathered VHS style it fits perfectly with the trio’s lo-fi, bass heavy sound.

When asked on the theme behind the video, the band stated:

“Lyrically “Traitors Gate” is a rant about cutting someone off for being a piece of shit. We wanted to create a video that was suitably demented, unsettling and reflected our DIY ethos. We’ll leave it to your imagination why we had chains and masks so readily to hand”.

The video for “Traitors Gate” can be found here:

Their new album, Stop Being Naïve, is set for release via APF Records on October 30th.

Under are a trio from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Formed in 2016. Though rooted in the blueprints of Sludge and Doom Metal, their sound is harder to pin down with elements of Prog, Noise and Avant Garde creeping in. Under play with jagged, slow, off kilter riffs that tease the listener into a false sense of security with dark and abstract lyricism evoking a trippy and sinister unease. The trio cite the likes of Swans, Mr. Bungle, The Melvins and Radiohead as prime influences.

After the success of their debut EP ‘First Attempt’ in 2015, Under built up a solid reputation playing frequent live shows in and out of Manchester. In 2016 they embarked on a successful UK mini-tour with Kurokuma.

in 2017 Under signed to APF Records and released ‘Slick’, their highly anticipated debut full length album, completely self-produced and recorded by the band themselves. The trio successfully built on everything they had been working towards, carefully fine-tuning every detail on the record. ‘Slick’ was an eclectic listen – chock full of crushing riffs, odd time signatures, and a mixture of aggressive screaming vocals and more relaxed tripped out clean sections. All three band members provided vocals, often harmonizing together to create epic melodic textures.

In support of the “Slick” Under played live shows throughout 2017 and early 2018: both as headliner and as support to Whores, King Parrott, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Slabdragger, Elephant Tree, The Hyena Kill, Hundred Year Old Man, Gurt, Part Chimp, Primitive Man and Slomatics. They also played the Dreadfest, Cvltfest and Gizzardfest Fesivals and the APF Records Showcase in Manchester.

Deathflux Release New Video

Nottingham metallers Deathflux recently released the new video for their latest single “Consume”, whipped up by Very Metal Art’s Andy Pilkington!

You can find the video here:

Formed in early 2016, Deathflux is the brain child of Nottingham guitarist Tom Clarke. Having spent several years playing up and down the UK and abroad in previous outfits, Clarke formed Deathflux in an attempt to expand his sonic palette. Recruiting members of his earlier outfit, death metal mob Cacodaemonic and progressive metallers Akarusa Yami, Clarke got to work laying the ground work for the band’s debut album; “Execrated”.

A bold departure for all involved, Deathflux shows off a visceral double vocal approach, with vocalists Adam Jones and Patrick MacDonald violently barking over chunky riffs, intricate drum work and elastic solos. Tracks like ‘Transcend’ see the two engaging in a brutal sparring contest. Meanwhile, Clarke and second guitarist Tom Else play off each other effortlessly, with fluid trade offs between high speed guitar histrionics, creating a flattening wall of aural violence.

With a number of dates already under their belts, including a blistering debut show at Nottingham’s Rock City, and more on the boil, the band are keen take their blistering assault to crowds around the world. With a belting debut and the live skills to back it up, Deathflux are a band to get invested in.

Immolated Moth Release New Video

One-man extreme metal outfit Immolate Moth have release a new video for the song “Suffer In Peace” from new album “Pain”, which was released independently in August.

You can find the video here:

“Carefully constructed brutal fucking chaos” is an accurate description of the sound of Immolated moth. The work of Thom Bleasdale, who had his career as an audio engineer cut short by serious illness, misdiagnosis and mistreatment that should have killed him, Immolated moth is hybrid death metal with an old school feel that is a real expression of true anger, pain, fear and trauma. It does not get any more real than this.

Following on from the well-received EP, “This Broken Mind”, Thom has been working on “Pain” for just over two years. And in response to the criticisms received, Thom re-recorded the full album several times until it was as good as he could make it with his available resources and limited physical capabilities. And although his health is now deteriorating rapidly, he does hope to get one more album recorded before he is too ill to play metal any more. He is working on it now.

Thom has been in various bands since the age of fourteen, ranging from synth-based rock to hardcore, blues, and even hip-hop. While training to be an audio engineer at Abbey Road studios, Thom became ill and was misdiagnosed and mistreated for nearly 3 years, during which time he technically should have died several times. Having miraculously survived, Thom has been left with the crippling illness, fibromyalgia (and various other conditions that come with it), which now keeps him almost entirely shut in.

Due to the illness he can’t play live or play with other musicians as he does not know from one day to the next how well he will be able to function. Many days he is unable to even play his guitar, so to have recorded this project is a huge achievement. All the instruments are real, and nothing was programmed.

Many death metal musicians write about pain, anger, fear, isolation and anxiety, but having nearly died 9 times, having been bed-ridden for 6 years, and now living in constant pain and almost total isolation, Thom is actually living what he writes, every single day.

It is a constant battle which he knows one day he will lose, but he keeps fighting anyway.

Swiss Hardcore Mob Invoker Release New Video

Swiss hardcore mob Invoker have released their new video for latest single, “End Me”. The video, which comes from their new EP “Cursed To Feel”, can be found below.

Cursed To Feel is set for release on October 12th via Grim Reality Records.

Vocalist David Lukas had this to say on the meaning behind the video:

“So the song is basically about the moment your head/mind decides to end your life. You can’t feel your body, you can’t feel anything. You just attempt to do it. Everyone who has ever been in such a deep and heavy depression as I have been knows what I mean, I think. It all feels kinda like in a dream, and in the final moment, you wake up and decide to go the other way.”

Always striving for sincerity and power in their work, Swiss hardcore mob Invoker have quickly gained a reputation for their mesmerizing live shows. Able to cast a spell over every crowd they greet; the weight of the band’s emotion, conviction and watertight, layered assault draws in and flattens fans where they stand.

Following their formation in 2012 and after a year of songwriting, the band released their first EP “Loose Lips, Sink Ships” in 2013. Met with praise and quickly gaining them a dedicated fan base, the band released their debut single “Lost Alone” shortly after. It’s since gone on to become a crowd favourite.

Following a whirlwind few years, supporting the likes of Landscapes, Being As An Ocean, Counterparts, and Napoleon or Break Even, the five-piece returned to the studio to pen their debut album. The result was the flattening “Four Wall Nightmare”; a heady mix of crushing aggression, post rock flourishes and nods to hardcore legends Sick Of It All. The record went on to secure the band positive reviews around the world, including Metal Hammer Magazine in the UK.

Following the release of their debut the band toured several countries in Europe and brought the emotionally drenched assault every night. Their lyrics, driven by their own experiences, are written with the intent to reach out to people struggling, encouraging people to help each other.

Now in 2018, Invoker have returned with their new EP; “Cursed To Feel”. Set to be released on October 12th, the new record is heavier and more emotional than everything the band have released before it. Making it a great continuation of their discography, and marks exciting things to come.

Irish Metallers Words That Burn Release New Video

Irish metallers Words That Burn recently released their latest video for the track, Words That Burn, via Overdrive! Taken from their latest album of the same name, vocalist Roni MacRuairi recently told Oran O’Beirne how they came up with the video concept:

“It started with the usual “I like this video and that video” which ultimately ends up with having an idea that isn’t very original. But it just so happens that Carl from Empty Horoscope Medias was in the studio when we were tracking the vocals for When We’re Forgotten. He loved the track and said he’d love to do the video. So he came back with the storyboard and concept and we loved it. He is an amazingly focused guy and the end product was exactly the concept he pitched to us. It was a big production with actors and pyro guys and took months to shoot but we are so happy with it.”

The video can be found here:

Hailing from Dundalk, Ireland, Words That Burn have been fusing elements of melodic metal, and alternative rock that come loaded with crushing riffs and soaring choruses since 2010. Their debut EP, ‘Praey’ (June 2013), introduced them as one of Ireland’s most intense alt-metal bands. Late 2014, saw Words That Burn sign an international record, distribution and publishing deal with Wormholedeath / Aural Records / Warner Chappell Holland (BV), before heading off to Tuscany, Italy to record their full-length debut studio album ‘Regret is for the Dead’.

Taking musical & sonic influence from bands such as Deftones, Bring me the Horizon, Slipknot, Northlane, Killswitch Engage, Architects and Parkway Drive, Words That Burn compiled an album of hook laden tracks which saw the album chart at Number 1 in the Irish Metal, Irish Rock and Irish Mainstream iTunes download charts.

Between 2016 & 2018, Words That Burn haven been on the road quote extensively with a plethora of shows the length and breadth of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, followed by the video release of ‘Mirror Perfect Mannequin’, which led to a slew of European dates in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic, including a mainstage performance at the Exit Festival in Serbia alongside Destruction, Discharge and Black Dahlia Murder.

May 2018 saw the first offering from the sophomore album “When We’re Forgotten”, go straight to number one in the Irish metal & rock iTunes charts, supported by two further tours of Europe including shows at Revolution festival in Romania and Aggressive Festival in Czech Republic.

The band are currently writing their follow up to “Regret…” which will be a heavier, more explosive experience than the first record

Fear Without Reason Release New Single

Quintet To Release “Broken” on September 7th

West Midlands based quintet Fear Without Reason are set to release their comeback single, “Broken”, on September 7th!

The band streamed the new track exclusively over at Pure Grain Audio, which can be found here:

Fear Without Reason as a name comes right from the heart. Anxiety has affected band

members, family and friends, it touches everything they do. The result is a sound that puts

energy and feel first, taking inspiration from bands such as Alter Bridge, Mallory Knox, Funeral For a Friend, Paramore, Senses Fail, Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Blink 182 and many more.

‘FWR’ hail from the Midlands, UK and bring with them their own brand of alternative rock that captures hearts of all ages. Formed in January 2009, they quickly made waves in the local scene, with the debut ‘Home EP’. The track ‘Home’ was released on the Xbox 360 video game Rock Band 2, to great international reception.

Unfortunately, a five-year break would start in 2010 … Fast forward to 2015 and a meeting at a cold Birmingham pub where a mutual love of writing and performing music led the band back to the reunion release ‘Holding On’ and the follow up ‘Human Again’. A few major life events kept things slow for a while but from Summer 2017, the band had a buzz about them again with the addition of a new Guitarist and Bassist bringing FWR back to five members.

2017 saw the release of the band’s third single ‘Monica’, the true story of the girl love never

found. They worked with a long-time fan and music student to put out a video for holding on and September 23rd 2017 marked their long awaited return to the stage as they played the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton.

The end of 2017 and start of 2018 saw a series of shows that were loved by fans and critics

alike and currently the band are working on the music video for their new single release

‘Broken’ which is due out around the time of their first headline show – September 8 2018 at

The Station in Cannock.

US Rockers Snew Release New Single And Announce UK Festival Date

Quartet Set To Appear at HRH In Wales This November

In anticipation of their latest album, “You’ve Got Some Nerve” on September 17th, US rockers Snew have released their latest single “UR Freaking Me Out”.

The track recently had its debut on PureGrainAudio and can be found here:


Vocalist Curtis Don Vito had this to say about the song:

“‘UR Freaking Me Out’ sets the tone for our entire new album. It’s about stirring things up and making things right. My uncle used to say “Do something. Even if it’s wrong, just do it.” He may have been joking at the time but I took it to heart. We’re living in strange times and strange times call for strange actions. There’s a lot of us out there that feel misunderstood. I say it’s high time we get out there and BE misunderstood. We’re not hurting anybody. If we freak you out then we freak you out. We can’t help it and you can’t stop us.”

The band are also set to appear at Hard Rock Hell this November in Wales alongside Saxon, Michael Schenker Group, The Dead Daisies and more!

Caught somewhere between the vocal prowess of Bon Scott and Ian Gillan and boasting the solid 80s-inspired riffage of Motley Crue, California rockers SNEW have spent the last decade making a lot of noise and a lot of friends. Their debut album, “Snew You” was dubbed one of the top ten hard rock albums of 2008 by, while their cover of “Highway Star” featured legendary prog rock guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

And with every record the band seem to bring on bigger and better production talent. On “Snew You” it was Bobby Owsinski (Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Elvis, Ramones). For album number two, “We Do What We Want”, they went with Grammy Award winner, Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and AC/DC) and for their third album “What’s It To Ya” they hooked up with Abbey Road engineer, Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie and Jeff Beck).

The band’s message is and always has been about inclusivity for all. A love for their audience and community, regardless of where they’re from. To Snew, rock and roll is about bringing people together for a good time and a chance to escape the grind. Their shows are a chance to sweat out inhibitions and stress. The single greatest form of meditation there is. When asked about their ethos, frontman Curtis Don Vito had this to say “We play rock and roll. We get together and it sweats out of every orifice of us. Doesn’t matter if we’re in front of 12 people or 1,200. Every ounce of energy we have just pours out of us and our message is simple; be who you are, do what you want. We don’t care who you are, what you think or where you’re from. There’s always room for one more.”

The single “The Juice of Power” kicked off 2016 debuting at #5 on the iTunes Rock Chart, before the band returned to Rocklahoma, one of the largest rock festivals in the US, on Memorial Day weekend. This lead to the band featuring in TV promos aired on the Nationally televised TV show “That Metal Show”. They feature often on TV shows, films and national sports shows in the US, including the NFL, MBL and NHL, supernatural thriller “Extraterrestrial” released through IFC Films and heavily in the documentary series “Inside Metal: The Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal.

All of which leads to the release of their fourth and latest album, “You’ve Got Some Nerve”; a thrilling ride of high octane hard rock, that streams from the heart and keeps the fist-pumping party vibe every step of the way. From the opening salvo of first single “UR Freaking Me Out”, to the blues driven, early Whitesnake bite of “Revolution Is A Closed Loop”, through to the raucous self-titled closer. Come in, get up and dance, because all are welcome.

Irish Metallers Dead Label Aiming For A Record Breaker

Pic By Fiaz Farrelly

Trio Plan To Create World Record “Wall Of Chaos” At Bloodstock Open Air

Among this year’s incredible lineup, Ireland’s Dead Label will be gracing the Sophie Lancaster Stage on Saturday, August 11th, and have set a RECORD BREAKING challenge for the BIGGEST WALL OF CHAOS that has ever been attempted on this particular stage!

“The band recently started working directly with Thrashville (Dave Mustaine, Megadeth, his son Justis Mustaine and Danny Novell) who are currently consulting the band on their new album which should be released in 2019.

Thrashville was started in 2016 when MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and his son Justis Mustaine met CTK Management founder Danny Nozell, and they commenced managing VIMIC (featuring former SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison) in 2017.”

With a legacy that has already involved touring with some of the world’s most exciting metal acts, across three continents – not forgetting an impressive amount of critical acclaim from a host of respectable media outlets, DEAD LABEL have finally released their first new track since their highly acclaimed ‘Throne of Bones’ sophomore LP last June.

Released on March 7th and gaining over nine thousand views in the first week, ‘Pure Chaos’ sees DEAD LABEL capture the essence of their live sound and enhancing it in a recorded environment. With the last two years being of significant importance, due to their debut North American 40 date tour, (which saw them perform in 30 states), DEAD LABEL gained significant international interest following a vast amount of European, UK and Irish dates, with the likes of Machine Head, Gojira, Fear Factory and Raging Speedhorn to name but a few.

A slew of Summer shows followed with appearances at festivals such as, Bloodstock (UK), main stage billing Metal Days (Slovenia), Made of Metal and Aggressive Music Festival (Czech Republic) and Gothoom Open Air (Slovakia), eventually leading to the band’s ‘Hot New Band’ feature in Metal Hammer (December 2016 issue) and their critically acclaimed slot at 2017’s UK Download Festival. Having already performed at this years Hammerfest UK back in March, Dead Label are currently working on the follow-up to ‘Throne Of Bones’ and will be performing at this year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival (August) in the UK followed by dates with Devildriver in mid-August.

Irish Metallers This Place Hell Release New Video

Band Unveil New Clip For Single Filth

Ahead of their appearance at Bloodstock Open Air, Irish metallers This Place Hell have unveiled their latest video for new song “Filth”!

The band this to say on the track:

“This song is a 4-minute stomper, that deals with self-reflection, it’s about recognising the demons in yourself and knowing that you can change them.”

You can view the video here:

“This Place Hell are a five piece metal band born out of a love for heavy riffs, and a desire to bring more energy to the Irish music scene. Exploding on to the local metal scene in 2014, the then four piece became notorious for their ferocious live shows “…that can only be described as organized chaos” (Shaun Martin,

Since then the band toured extensively within Ireland, as well as venturing across to the UK, Czech Republic and even as far as Russia, showing why they’re known as “…a band that bring intensity unlike many others” (Steve Dempsey, In between tours they released two EP’s in “Malice” and “Contempt” being described as “…heavy music to leave you breathless” (Dennis Jarman, and “…a blistering collection of tracks that shows a band that have just taken the gloves off and are ready to take on the world” (Oran O’Beirne, Playing shows with the likes of Heck, Employed To Serve, Jinjer and Dead Label, the band are eager to play as much as possible in as many places as possible.

The band have come into 2018 with new music recorded with Justin Hill formerly of Sikth, a scheduled return to Agressive Music Fest in Czech Republic, a support slot in their native Ireland with US legends DevilDriver and a spot at 2018’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival’s New Blood Stage having won Ireland’s Metal 2 The Masses competition. With new releases on the horizon, This Place Hell are hungrier than ever to bring their live show to stages across the world.

US Dark Pop Mob The Prids Announce Brief UK Run


Self-styled dark pop quartet The Prids are lined up to appear in the UK for a brief run starting on July 3rd in Manchester!

Following the release of their latest album, “Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” and a career retrospective documentary on the band, they’re currently hard at work prepping for their short run.

Full dates are:

7/3/18 Night People, Manchester (support TBA)

7/4/18 Seven Sins Lounge, Birmingham w/VEDA

7/5/18 Bad Apples, Leeds w/ Adore/Repel

7/6/18 Shacklewell Arms, London w/Long Teeth

“Do I Look Like I’m In Love?”, the new full-length from The Prids, illustrates the Portland dark pop band’s mettle through keen lyrical observations, but also in its attention to sonic detail and song craft—this record couldn’t have been made by any other band at any other time. “Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” and “The Shape” both swirl and build like dreams filled with grey skies and the flickering faces of past friends and lovers. These songs nudge up against the air-brushed punk of “Lie Here” and the bass-driven “Colliding,” which recalls the dazed jangle of early R.E.M. More than two decades in, The Prids have made the best and most cohesive album of their career.

The fact that there’s even a new Prids record is a miracle. In March of 2015 bassist-vocalist Mistina La Fave suffered a brain haemorrhage the night before the band was scheduled to enter the studio. The recovery was physically and mentally taxing, and La Fave is lucky to be alive, let alone playing and performing again. The Prids’ 22 years have been marked with death, sickness, divorce, and a near-fatal van crash that cut a tour short and left members bloody and broken—but they survive through the friendship and bond of founding members La Fave and guitarist-vocalist David Frederickson. While those events have invariably made their way into the band’s narrative, the two simply chalk it up to life.

They met in La Fave’s small hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri, in 1995, not long after Frederickson had moved there from Southern California. They started a relationship (they divorced in 2001, not long after they married), formed The Prids, and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, before settling in Portland, Oregon, in 1999. In that time they’ve released four full-lengths and a trail of EPs, toured all over the world, while gaining the respect of bands throughout Portland for their tenacity and longevity (The Prids are one of the longest-running active bands in the city). They continue to make music for the right reasons—with or without a label, for themselves. A few years ago they brought in drummer Gordon Nickel and multi-instrumentalist Tim Yates, their sturdiest line up to date. These four individuals are what make Do I Look Like I’m In Love? such a special record.

Throughout it all The Prids have remained completely DIY (the band even launched its own label/artist collective This-a-Way Records in 1996). Their videos and album art are as brilliantly conceived as the music itself. And in 2017 the Prids are playing with the same ardor they did 20 years ago. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this band is the embodiment of that.

Italian Instrumental Rockers Armonite Signs With Cleopatra Records

Duo Set To Release New Album “And The Stars Above” on May 25th

Armonite, the instrumental rock collective led by composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, signed with LA-based indie label Cleopatra Records for the release of their new album, “And the Stars Above” on May 25th.

Armonite’s instrumental music is perfectly in line with the spirit of the label, especially now that Cleopatra expanded in the movie industry. With the film division, Cleopatra Entertainment, the company has distributed, developed, and produced several films, including The Devil’s Domain (starring Michael Madsen), The Black Room (starring Lin Shaye), Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! (featuring the voice of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth), The 27 Club (featuring Todd Rundgren), England Is Mine (Steven Morrissey bio-pic), A Street Cat Named Bob.

“Working with Cleopatra has been great”, says Fosso, “They’re skilled and competent, I’m sure they will take Armonite to the next level. I’ve always been a great lover of movies and videogames, I was just moving forward to the composition of soundtrack music, so this collaboration comes right on cue”.

Throughout the album, lingers a ghostly female voice, appearing and disappearing here and there before fully emerging in the band’s first song with lyrics, “Clouds Collide”. The track tells the story of a girl between time and memories.

“And the Stars Above” is a journey through twelve tracks, starting with “The March of the Stars” inspired by Dante’s Paradise and ending with “Ghosts”. The album also features two bonus tracks; the polyrhythmic “The Fire Dancer” and “A Playful Day”.

Armonite have been awarded an Honourable Mention both in the Instrumental and Performance categories at the International Song writing Competition 2017 from a top-level jury including Tom Waits, Lorde, Bastille, Billy Cobham, Ziggy Marley, Don Omar, and Keane. With over 16,000 entries from 140 countries, this is a remarkable achievement of which they are extremely proud.

“We’re confident this is going to be a great release, with a rather peculiar view”, says Fosso, “”The Sun is New Each Day” had a heavy compact sound… “And the Stars Above” is groovy, with different vibes across a bunch of genres. There’s something indie in this new sound that we’ve never explored before and it’s kind of sexy for us!”

The album’s track list will be:

The March Of The Stars

Next Ride

District Red

Plaza De España

Clouds collide

Blue Curaçao

By Heart


By The Waters Of Babylon

The Usual Drink

What’s The Rush?


A Playful Day (for Strings Quartet)

The Fire Dancer (for Piano Solo)

For more information on Armonite, head over to

The Night Suns Release New Video

London rockers The Night Suns recently released their new video for Human, exclusively through Music Muso!

When asked about the video, front man Radu Constantin had this to say:

“Human is a desperate cry for change in the midst of a world geared on self-destruction, a swan song for childhood, a nudge to look inward rather than chasing trivial things to obtain happiness, a wish to be acknowledged and a battle cry for self-responsibility.”

You can view the video here:

Formed in London in 2016, alt rockers The Night Suns have spent the last 18 months forging their own sound through a mashing of coarse melodies, layers of guitars with an electronic undercurrent. The group’s songs combine an energetic power and darkness which places their musical landscape in between a pounding Queens of The Stone Age tune and a Nirvana anthem.

Recorded by Tom Donovan (Foreign Beggars, Dani Filth, Animal Noise, Monster Florence), Human is the band’s first musical statement. An EP of 3 songs, it’s an introduction to the sound and attitude of the band.

Formed by Constantin, who brought in ex-Telepathy bass player Krys Turek, drummer Marky Zanna and synth player Freddy Ciocoiu to complete the line-up. What had started as a solo project for Radu quickly developed into a beast of its own, thanks largely to the intensity creative energy between the four musicians. Their distinctive, honed sound has seen them play at some of the Capital’s best loved venues, including The Underbelly, The Water Rats, and Islington’s O2 Academy & the Electric Ballroom.

Brimming with talent and a fabulous sound, The Night Suns are quickly rising through the ranks, and “Human” is proof of the band’s skill. Do yourself a favour and check them out now.

Sons Of Alpha Centauri Release Teaser For New Album

Band Debut New Clip For Continuum

British instrumental stoner quartet Sons Of Alpha Centuari have announced their long awaited new album; “Continuum”. The album, set for release on May 28th through H42 Records, has been ten years in the making.

In anticipation of the release, the band have released a new trailer through PureGrainAudio, which can be viewed here:

The wait is over. Over a decade since the release of the debut album Sons of Alpha Centauri return for their second full-length album – an epic introspective journey of abrasive and ambient progressive electronic alt rock entitled Continuum.

Continuum is wrought with dark anthems and intense textures, introspective interludes with tidal waves of distortion. It is awash with soaring melodies and a deep underpinning of the darker side of light. The second album has been a long time coming for the UK quartet who having reflected upon their collaborations with Karma to Burn and Yawning Man had initially looked to record their sophomore album back in 2009.

‘Continuum’ sees a development of the heavier blended concepts expressed on the debut album.

The band’s crew remains the same as the debut Nick Hannon (bass), Marlon King (guitars), Blake (electronics) and Stevie B (drums). “The band carries a duality,” Hannon says. “this was reflected in the debut which carried two distinct tones, one dark and one light. We were going to record an album in 2009, but that record went onto become the Yawning Sons debut so instead we worked on a much darker reflection of the band for the second album.”

This darker reflection needed to interface seamlessly as both a dedicated chapter continuing on from the debut and as a musical milestone in its own right. In order to do this the band approached Aaron Harris of the legendary and phenomenally influential post metal titans ‘ISIS’ to produce, mix and engineer the album.

“We had been in contact with the ISIS guys since 2005,” Hannon says, “When they went their separate ways and Harris wrote and produced the debut Palms album we knew that he was our guy.” Harris accepted and over the course of two years the sessions were brought together.

“Working with Aaron has made this album an intense composition,” King explains, “Aaron only produced two records over the past few years and he puts everything into it, he got the best out of the band, and together we made a record we are exceptionally proud of”.

‘Continuum’ showcases the return of Sons of Alpha Centauri delivering eight emotionally demanding tracks driven by their darker side.

Film Producer & Singer-Songwriter, Pennan Brae, Officially Releases the Trailer For New Film, The Astronot

Filmmaker & singer-songwriter, Pennan Brae, has officially released the trailer for his upcoming film, The Astronot. Currently on the film festival circuit, the feature film is a drama set during the 1960’s space race, in which Brae wrote, scored, starred and co-produced.

The film follows Daniel McKovsky, a young man who lost both his parents at a young age and whose only solace is in his fascination with space travel and the cosmos beyond. Then one day at the age of 30, he meets outgoing postal worker, Sandy. This new inclusion into his otherwise lonely existence forces Daniel to confront his darkest fears of loss and emptiness and will lead him towards becoming, The Astronot.

The Astronot was filmed in rural Oregon (USA), using local (OR) cast and crew, including director, Tim Cash (Far From Earth Films). The Astronot has already won accolades at various international film festivals in the USA, UK & Europe including Best Actor (Pennan Brae), Best Score (Pennan Brae) and Best Trailer.

“The spark for ‘The Astronot’ came while I was wearing an astronaut suit during a photoshoot. I thought, ‘what if someone wanted to become an astronaut, but was unable for some reason?’ And the story unfolded from there.” – Pennan Brae

Also a musician, Pennan Brae’s upcoming album (also called, The Astronot), features 11 songs that serve as the film’s soundtrack. The first single, “Walk With Me” was already released to radio in the UK, Canada & Europe and received airplay on over 200 stations. The album was recorded at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver with Producer Kaj Falch-Nielsen, with additional sessions taking place in Los Angeles with composer/producer, Eric Alexandrakis, and renowned drummer, Steve Ferrone and INXS bassist, Garry Gary Beers.

The next single, “Crashland” will be released in conjunction with the film and the album later this year.

To view the trailer go to:

Jack of None Wins Big at this year’s 16th annual international Independent Music Awards


New York, NY, USA March 31, 2018 – Music Resource Group (MRG) announced the winners of this year’s 16th annual international Independent Music Awards, which is dubbed as “The Grammys of the independent music scene”. Jack of None won two awards: Best Music Producer – Eclectic for A.G. Syjuco, awarded to him for his work as producer on Jack of None’s second album “Who Shot Bukowski?”; and Best EP – Eclectic for their EP “The Tattle Tale Heart”.

Overall, Jack of None garnered 8 nominations across different categories, winning two. Their nominations can be seen below:

1. Best Album – Spoken Word – “Who Shot Bukowski?”

2. Best Album – Eclectic – “Who Shot Bukowski?”

3. Best Song – Spoken Word – Dear Georges (Vous Petit Monstre)

4. Best Song – Eclectic – Polyamorous Serial Monogamist

5. Best EP – Eclectic – “The Tattle Tale Heart”

6. Best Music Producer – Eclectic – AG Syjuco for “Who Shot Bukowski?”

7. Best Album Art – Design & Photography – “The Tattle Tale Heart” by Maxine Syjuco

8. Best Lyric Video – The Brainwashers

The winning projects were selected by judging panels of top recording artists including: Tom Waits, Slayer, Bakithi Kumalo, Michael W. Smith, Sepultura, Amy Lee [Evanescence] among many others; and influential press and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim.

The event honoring winners and nominees of the prestigious awards was held at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York last March 31, 2018. For more information, visit


‘Who We Are’ by Weesp: more juicy sounds from the upcoming ‘Black Sails’ album. We’ve already seen two releases by rockers Weesp: ‘illumination’ and ‘Not Over’ singles that clearly showed how the band is taking a completely new route in their music. And now it’s time to enjoy one more brand-new single ‘Who We Are’ before the ‘Black Sails’ album release!  

This song combines resilient sludge with hammering and thunderous riffing, filling you with exuberant energy. ‘Who We Are’ is a play of light and darkness, it’s an explosive burst of light in the midst of despair and it seems as sudden but so much needed understanding of the whole existence. According to the band, ‘Who We Are’ name speaks on its own. No matter what you do, or have done, what you say, or how you look like, the only thing that really matters is who you are right now. We are not saying that we discovered some philosophical revelation. 
This song is about the second, the moment, the feeling that really matters and you realize that the moment you hear the single. This song is a story about one simple idea. This is a story about how we find our own path and realize ‘Who We Are’. The single is OUT NOW! In addition to that the band also promises to release another official music video soon!  
The ‘Black Sails’ album will be out on April 5 and on April 15 already Weesp will be holding a huge and beyond awesome presentation in Minsk. The band is inviting its fans-sailors to join them under the black sails and share the journey together with the gang! 

You can pre-order ‘Black Sails’ right here:

Jack of None Among the Year’s Most Exceptional Music Projects Nominated in the 16th annual Independent Music Awards

Jack of None, Reeve Carney, Harriet, Death Valley High, Eh440, Jane Siberry, Jackknife Stiletto, Dan Zanes, Fiona Joy, Next To None, Taylor Grey, Esprit d’Air, Wordsmith, Rozina Pátkai, Karim Baggili, Air Traffic Controller, Ganda Boys, Amiss O.mega (featuring Snoop Dogg) and The Bankesters Among The 16th IMA Nominees

New York, NY February 13, 2018 – Experimental Rock band Jack of None of Chicago IL, USA and Manila, Philippines was honored with an astounding 8 nominations in The 16th annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential honors for independent artists and releases. More than 400 innovative self-released and indie label projects culled from thousands of submissions worldwide, were nominated by fans and industry panelists in 96 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design categories. Nominations for Jack of None include the following:

1. Best Spoken Word Album – “Who Shot Bukowski?”

2. Best Eclectic Album – “Who Shot Bukowski?”

3. Best Spoken Word Song – Dear Georges (Vous Petit Monstre)

4. Best Eclectic Song – Polyamorous Serial Monogamist

5. Best Eclectic EP – “The Tattle Tale Heart”

6. Best Eclectic Music Producer – AG Syjuco for “Who Shot Bukowski?”

7. Best Album Art – Design & Photography – “The Tattle Tale Heart” by Maxine Syjuco

8. Best Lyric Video – The Brainwashers

Nominated along with Jack of None is an eclectic mix of established artists and rising stars that include: Taylor Grey, Esprit d’Air, Harriet, Fiona Joy, Dan Zanes, Next To None, Rozina Pátkai, Air Traffic Controller, Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, Jane Siberry and The Bankesters. Fan-nominated artists in the Song and Video categories include: Reeve Carney, Matthew Huff, MADYX, Ganda Boys, Karim Baggili and Amiss O.mega [featuring Snoop Dogg]. Click here for a full list of The 16th IMA Nominees and Categories The winning projects will be selected by judging panels of top recording artists including: Tom Waits, Slayer, Bakithi Kumalo, Michael W. Smith, Sepultura, Amy Lee [Evanescence] among many others; and influential press and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim.



Reigning in the influential powers of Underoath, Nine Inch Nails, Funeral For A Friend and Every Time I Die, MODERN ERROR produce heavy magnetic rhythms, contagious hooks and buoyant energy that will leave you dead on your feet. The high-flying post hardcore crew release their new single, Blackout Poetry, on Friday 2nd March, and embark on a tour with Loathe and Holding Absence.

Although the quintet were only formed last year, they have quickly solidified a sound that is ripe for worldwide consumption. Comprised of blood brothers, Zak and Kel Pinchin, handling the vocals and guitar/keys respectively, alongside long-standing friends Phil Moore on Guitar, Lewis Grant on Bass and Conor Nicholson the drums, MODERN ERROR are already starting to make their mark. The band’s debut single, Buried And Blue ( ), sparked strong interest and helped to land the emerging five-some a forthcoming run of shows with rising post-hardcorers, Loathe and Holding Absence.

To run with the tour, MODERN ERROR drop a new A-sided single, Blackout Poetry, with the B-side to follow in April. Vocalist Zak comments about the single: “The song ‘Blackout Poetry’ follows the idea of not feeling yourself, of slipping into the feeling that you cannot be yourself anymore, and rather than living, you’re just existing. This song is for anyone who can relate”. The track is a perfect snap-shot of the band, loaded with intensity, rampant energy, thoughtful dynamism and an infectious refrain that will leave your head swimming in the track long after its over.

MODERN ERROR play the following shows with LOATHE & HOLDING ABSENCE:

March 03 – Newcastle, Think Tank; March 06 – Nottingham, Bodega; March 07- Birmingham, Asylum; March 09 – Bournemouth, The Anvil; March 10 – Bridge End, Hobos.


Maltese Metallers Decline The Fall Release New Video

Following their stellar turn at the Rock The Rock Festival in 2017, Maltese metallers Decline The Fall return with their new video for the track “Composing Madness”! Taken from the band’s upcoming, untitled album, quintet have stated they intend for the record to be out before the end of 2018.

Frontman John Castiel had this to say on the track:

“It’s about dreaming of who you want to be in a world you struggle to identify with, struggling to survive, and how mitigating circumstances can wreak havoc with an individual’s mental health. In this video, we wanted to tackle the topic of depression; how it can have a terrible impact, and the depths in which it can plunge a person.”

You can check out the video here –

On the topic of the album, Castiel had this to say:

“It’s a dark record, I can tell you that much already. We’re still in the early stages musically, but I really want to tackle the darker aspects life. We view this as a vital record for Decline The Fall, as we’ve made some serious headway in the last year, playing alongside some huge bands from around the world. We feel eyes are on us, and we want to deliver.”

DTF, completed by Drummer, Ehren ‘Bunny’ Fenech, Guitarists Matthew Mercieca & Kris Farrugia, and Bassist Fabio Negro, formed in 2015 and have since busied themselves in their homeland, as well as across parts of Southern Europe, including Italy and Romania. In 2017, the band shared the stage with such luminaries as Mayhem, Rotting Christ and Lacuna Coil. With big things on the horizon, Decline The Fall are preparing to fly the flag for Maltese metal across Europe.

For more information on the band, head to their website at!


Weesp release second teaser from their new album.

Alternative post-metal band Weesp from Belarus has announced its next single release, which will be on February 16th. The single is called “Not Over” and guys are promising it’s going to be one of the most heavy sounding songs in the discography of the band.

“Not Over” is about the endless struggle with darkness. With the darkness that lives inside each of us. And in the end it’s about accepting that darkness, coexisting with it, controlling it, making friends with it. That is what gives us strength not to get crazy in that world. That is what makes us black sails.

The track will be the band’s first release of the year but for sure not the last one. Weesp promises to release at least one more single before releasing the ‘Black Sails” album at the end of February. So you have to wait a bit for “Not Over’, check out its teaser and keep in mind that it will not be over on that!

The “Not Over” release will be available on iTunes and other music stores as well as on YouTube with new official music video. So don’t miss “Not Over”, a new song by Weesp, out on February 16. See your on board!

“Great news –on December 24th a metal-rock band Weesp rewarded its fans – so called sailors – with the first single from a long-awaited new album and presents their brand-new track “illumination” together with official music video!

This is the first music video and first release by the band since 2015 and it kicks ass so you don’t want to miss the ship under black sails! The band stated that new album will have different, surprising and powerful sound that will contain the old vibes but at the same time some unexpected add-ons in terms of instruments and vocals. And ‘illumination’, being the first track from the album, totally proves these words.

From the band:

“We start our journey under the black sails with ‘Illumination’ single as it perfectly represents the sound and general feeling of the entire album, as well as getting well with whole ‘Black Sails’ philosophy.

If you ever felt misunderstood by society, was called a weirdo, or just felt fucking angry about the world around you telling what is right or wrong, you’re more than welcome on board. We’re sure we have a lot in common, so join us and have a great journey full of freedom, dreams, and faith.”

The release of the full album, named ‘Black Sails’ is expected for the beginning of 2018, but guys promise to release at least 2 more single from the album before that. So it seems it’s going to be an exciting adventure under the black sails with Weesp at the helm. Join the community now before you miss something really worthy.

“Illumination” single is now available on iTunes and Google Play stores and you can watch the music video here. The track is also available for downloading by this link.

Check it out, download “illumination” and don’t forget to comment in the Black Sails communities! And stay updated because more hot and heavy winds are coming soon!”


Underground British band rock WEAK13 shocked many of their supporters due to a surprise collaboration with top Birmingham hip hop artist FONZi NeuTRON. A music video for a song titled Frequency emerged on the official Facebook and YouTube channel for rapper FONZi NeuTRON which reveals WEAK13 frontman & guitarist Nick J Townsend and Bassist Wesley Smith performing with him. The song which has a very underground 90’s feel has already gone down well with hip hop audiences and this seems to confirm that WEAK13 have no plans on staying quiet whilst they write the follow up to their well recieved debut album They Live .
Earlier this year WEAK13 surprised their audiences again by revealing a love for British band Depeche Mode after releasing the Halo single; a rock fueled cover of the classic tune which first appeared on the 1990 Violater album. The single which is now available in Europe, Asia and the UK on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes sparked much debate on the internet with fans from both camps argueing with each other. Whilst some Depeche Mode fans appreciated how WEAK13 had made Halo “their own song” as it was recorded in their style whilst simultaneously saluting the original; others objected to the heavier take on it. WEAK13 themselves of course were happy with the controversy caused by their version of the tune.
WEAK13 are still writing and recording their second album but many fans are enjoying the surprise cover releases and collaborations that are emerging whilst they await it. Rumours are circulating of future cover versions by WEAK13 of established songs. For more info on WEAK13 go to

French Metallers Insolvency Reveal New Video For Death Wish

French metallers Insolvency have released their latest video, Death Wish. Taken from their upcoming album, Antagonism Of The Soul, which is set to be released on January 26th 2018 via Send The Wood, the video received its debut on Music Muso.

Vocalist/guitarist Valentin Gondouin had this to say on the video:

“This song deals with the hardest time we come across during our lives: despair, loss of faith, being helpless. We made that music video with this kid surrounded by his toxic dad, thinking about suicide but he can’t do it and he’s still a prisoner of his dad’s control. The music itself mixes melancholic and smooth melodies with aggressive riffs and instrumentals.”

You can see the video here:

Formed in 2012, French metallers Insolvency have spent the last five years furiously building a name and reputation for themselves across their homeland with their energetic metallic assault.

The band has appeared at various festivals across France and Luxembourg. Smashing stages with the likes of Napoleon, No Return, Smash it Combo, Melted Space, Atlantis chronicles, FRCTRD. In 2015, guitarist Bruno Blackstard was selected to play alongside Children of Bodom maestro Alexi Laiho in Helsinki during the 100guitarsfromhel Festival.

The band hit the studio in 2016 to record their debut album Antagonism Of The Soul in the UK with Jim Pinder and Carl Bown (Bullet For My Valentine, While She Sleeps, Machine Head). The result is a whirlwind of Blackstard and Gondouin’s elastic guitar work, soaring melodies and drummer Mickaël Tamario’s frantic assault; all pinned together by the double vocal barrage of Gondouin and bassist Pierre Challouet.

Having signed with French label Send The Wood with a stunning debut album in tow and a steadily growing tour schedule, their album being distributed through Seasons of Mist, Insolvency are gearing up for a busy eighteen months. Young, passionate and full of potential; Insolvency set to follow in the footsteps of countrymen Gojira in showing the world what the French metal scene has to offer.






[Chicago, IL] Hell On Earth [Mono Version], the new digital album in a series of ongoing collaborations from avant-garde trio SANDRO  JOHN MALKOVICH  ERIC ALEXANDRAKIS, will be released exclusively via iTunes on September 29, 2017. [Click here to pre-order the album:]

Hot off of the heels of three critically acclaimed vinyl only releases, and two additional film collaborations [both directed by Sandro, starring Malkovich, and scored by Alexandrakis], one of which was shortlisted at Cannes Lions earlier this year [Psychogenic Fugue], Hell On Earth [Mono Version] continues the trio’s tradition of creating art for art’s sake.  The new album is mixed in mono, matching the project’s sentiment of how technology appears more than ever as the force that is dictating humanity’s path, creatively and socially.

“I think when you work with interesting people, and you make the collaboration about the work, interesting things result”, says acting legend Malkovich.  He and Sandro are the tree to the trio’s branch, having a friendship and body of work that has spanned 22 years.  “With the work I have done with John, especially the films, the viewer is meant to be left with something below the surface to contemplate”, says award winning photographer/director.  Adding in producer/composer Alexandrakis’ soundtrack approach to music, what is born is yet another unique multimedia experience in an almost Warholian manner.

Once again sparked by Sandro/Malkovich photo & film collaborations, and philosophical conversations the three have had on “life”, Hell On Earth is a continuation of the group’s interest in thought provoking content. This time, Aristotle is put to the test after technology and apathy have destroyed humanity, leaving only the synthetic to contemplate humanity’s questions. “I’ve always said that if 100,000 people were in a field during an alien attack overhead, every dead body in the field would be found with a phone in its hand”, says Alexandrakis.  Are we controlling tech, or is it controlling us?  All too often, thinking becomes the after, after-thought.”

With releases described as “…an exercise of musical intelligentsia, a blend of philosophy and electronica that aims to be more than novelty” [Spectrum Culture], all of the trio’s releases feature theatrical genius Malkovich, wrapped in photographer/director Sandro’s unique fine-art imagery, and sonically welded together via producer/composer Alexandrakis.

Other recent happenings include screenings of Hell [an award-winning short film version of the previous “Allegory” based project], additional worldwide showings of Sandro and Malkovich’s photo collaboration Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage To Photographic Masters, and shortlisting at Cannes Lions of Psychogenic Fugue [a tribute to the works of David Lynch] benefitting the David Lynch Foundation.


Hell On Earth [Mono Version] track listing:

  1. “Revelation”
  2. “Inferno”
  3. “Purification & Regenesis”
  4. “Awakening”
  5. “Skepsis 1 [Migration]”
  6. “Skepsis 2 [The Order Of The Universe]”
  7. “Skepsis 3 [The Disorder Of The Universe]”
  8. “Skepsis 4 [Entropy]”
  9. “Repurification”
  10. “Electrorganic [The Beginning]”

Chesterfield Thrashers Forgotten Remains To Support Akercocke

Quintet Are Also Preparing To Record Their New Album

Hot off the back of a whirlwind 18 months, rising Chesterfield thrashers Forgotten Remains have been announced as support to rejuvenated black metal gentlemen, Akercocke at their Sheffield Corporation show on October 14th.

In response to the news, vocalist Sam Marshall had this to say on the announcement:


“From growing up listening to their records, we are stoked to share the stage with the mighty Akercocke!”

A glimpse of what to expect on tour can be found here, with the band’s latest video for “Morbid Reality” –

Sam also stated that the band are back in writing mode with a hope to hit the studio in early 2018:


“The new album is coming along nicely. We currently have around 10 songs close to being ready for Demo. We worked with the awesome Russ Russell on the last EP and obviously he would be our first choice for recording the album so hopefully we can work out schedules to get that worked out and start recording early 2018.”

Formed in Chesterfield in 2012, Forgotten Remains have spent the last five years aggressively carving a name for themselves in the British underground with their precise, death-tinged thrash. With three EP’s under their collective belt; ‘Forgotten Remains’ (2012), ‘Bind Torture Kill’ (2013), and ‘Morbid Reality’ (2016), which was recorded with Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Raging Speedhorn, The Haunted), their 2018 release is set to be their first full length album.

In the last 18 months alone, the band have gone from strength to strength; having played over 100 shows, including an appearance on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival in 2015, they’ve also made friends in the media. Securing great exposure from the likes of TBFM Radio, Rockcast 100, and Metal Hammer Magazine.


Australian Riff Lords The Ugly Kings Sign With Kozmik Artifactz

Melbourne rockers The Ugly Kings have signed to German label Kozmik Artifactz and will release their debut album in 2018!

The Ugly Kings, featuring Devil Electric guitarist, Christos Athanasias, are four powerhouse blues rockers drawing influence from an eclectic and dynamic musical background. They offer a powerful injection of energy and emotion to the modern rock scene, formulating what can only be described as power blues. Their catchy riffs and foot stomping rhythm lay the foundations for the deep reaching and soulful emotive vocals.

Having the mini-album Of Sins under their belt already, they are thrilled to sign with Kozmik Artifactz for the release of their debut full length album in early 2018.

The Ugly Kings have supported Airbourne on their successful sold out east coast Australia tour in January 2017 with great reviews and Airbourne’s main man Joel O’Keefe saying of the band;

“Great show! The Ugly Kings have really got their own thing going on and it rocks! I love all the dynamics, pushing and pulling and then always smashing it out. Great intensity and power.”.

They also supported Rival Sons in 2016 on their first Australia headline side-show in Melbourne during the Black Sabbath ‘The End’ World Tour and recently SOLD OUT their Promised Land single launch show at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar!

Australian Indie Rockers Rudely Interrupted Announce European Dates

Band Set To Play Series Of European Dates In Conjunction With The Australian Arts Council

“Their music is some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock ‘n’ roll underground in recent times.”Time Out Magazine


“This Melbourne group – with a taut, impassioned sound somewhere between the Killers and Wire – happens to be the real deal.”The Village Voice


“If you’ve never heard them before expect some extremely well-crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to have been saddled with a slightly wonky set of genes.”VICE Magazine

Australian indie quartet Rudely Interrupted have announced their ‘Love You Till I Die’ European Tour, which is set to run from October 9th-29th. The tour is supported by Arts Access Australia, of the Australian Council of the Arts.

Vocalist/keyboard player Rory Burnside had this to say:

“I don’t care what people say about my disability, I can’t see them, but they can hear my band and my band rocks!” Says Burnside. “We love Germany, it’s great to get back here playing, and we can’t wait to smash out our new record in new territories!” said guitarist Rohan Brooks.

The unique rockers will be taking their entertainment explosion to Europe in October 2017 including, Germany, Sweden and Poland. The bands 13 date tour takes in six cities over 20 days, performing live and promoting their new and 5th studio project ‘Love You Till I Die’, which is available for pre-sale September 29th

Rudely Interrupted will be based in Berlin for all media and interview opportunities, and are proud to be headlining and performing at ‘The Meeting Place Berlin Project’

Arts Access Australia working with Berlin partners Berlinklusion – Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture and Förderband e.V. – Kulturinitiative Berlin and Diversity.Arts.Culture – Berliner Projektbüro für Diversitätsentwicklung, a project by Kulturprojekte Berlin that is funded by the Berlin senate and aims to foster diversity in the Berlin cultural sector. The event will engage over 12 local and international speakers in round table discussions and interactive workshops.

For more information about the full Meeting Place program and link for online registration will be available on

A full list of the band’s tour dates is below:

Oct 10 | Arts Access Australia | Australian Embassy, Berlin

Oct 11 | AAA | Brotfabrik, Berlin

Oct 12 | AAA | Ufer

Oct 13 | AAA | Berlinklusion

Oct 14 | Drum Clinic w/Josh Hogan | Brotfabrik, Berlin

Oct 16 | AAA | Podewil (Kulturprojekte), Berlin

Oct 17 | Just Music Drum Clinic | TBC

Oct 19 | Brunswick IGS | Heidelberg

Oct 20 | Klassmo | Luckenwalde

Oct 21 | Café Fraeulien Wunder | Braunschweig

Oct 23 | Kulturfabrikken | Ljungby, Sweden

Oct 24 | Folk and Rock | Malmo, Sweden

Oct 27 | Music Festival Gdańsk | Poland

For more info, please follow the links below:





American Troubadour Brian Mackey Set To Support Ron Paul

Singer-Songwriter Heading Back To Europe For Ten Date Run

Following on from his last few tours of the US and Europe, New Jersey’s Brian Mackey is set to hit the road again this fall in support of Ron Paul for a ten date run through the UK and Europe!

When asked about his upcoming jaunt, Brian had this to say:

“I’m looking forward to getting back to Europe, sharing the new music and joining Ron Pope is a trifecta of fun! We’re rolling into many new cites this time and reaching more hearts – it’s beyond an honour!”

You can catch Ron Paul and Brian at the dates below in the following cities:

Oct 28 – Sweden, Stockholm | Fryshuset (Klubben)

Oct 29 – Norway, Oslo | Parkteatret Parkteatret

Oct 30 – Denmark, Copenhagen | DR Koncerthuset

Oct 31 – Germany, Hamburg | Terrace Hill

Nov 1 – Netherlands, Amsterdam | Bitterzoet

Nov 2 – Germany, Köln | Artheater

Nov 3 – Germany, Munich | Ampere

Nov 4 – Belgium, Leuven | Het Depot

Nov 5 – United Kingdom, London | The Garage

Nov 6 – United Kingdom, Manchester | Academy 3

From an era of readymade music comes a truly homemade heart built sound, crafted in the styles of 70’s masters with contemporary relevance. Brian Mackey has encapsulated his self-dubbed “manic romantic” acoustic-electric sound into each track, taking the listener with him.

Raised in Florida, now residing in NYC, Brian’s “Broken Heartstrings”, is his 4th release, and first full-length album. One of the tracks, “Are you Listening,” was featured by German game-reviewer Gronkh on his Sony PlayStation 4, “Until Dawn” Let’sPlay. The song quickly charted on iTunes Germany, ‘100 Most Sold’ Amazon Germany, has over 280K streams on Spotify and has resulted in sold out shows throughout Germany.

From Brian’s other releases, songs “Honest Love,” “Color Blue,” “Out on the Road” and “America” have garnered features in TV, Film, and National and International Branding Campaigns. A few among them are CMT Edge, Disney Channel, Travel Channel, Arla Foods Demark, and Unicef UK.




“Will you be feeling down after the festival season has abandoned you for another year? Missing the excitement and the feeling of rocking out to amazing bands? Don’t worry, the passion will live at REDROCK! So come to REDROCK 2017, the perfect pick-me up for your post-summer blues!”

REDROCK FESTIVAL 2017 will take place on Sunday 24th September at the famous Dublin Castle, Camden.

We have a ton of great bands from all around the UK, spanning 12 hours (midday to midnight!) and a DJ afterwards for those who want to stay on and party into the night!

The festival is FREE ENTRY but donations will be encouraged if you like the bands and want to support them. All donations collected will be shared out amongst the acts.

Come on down and see what the unsigned rock scene has to offer!


12:15 – Filthy Militia
13:00 – Broken Bones Matilda
13:45 – My Fiasco
14:30 – Sofasonic
15:15 – Cadence Noir
16:00 – SeN-SA-ShuN
16:45 – Darkstar Dance
17:30 – Wild Horse
18:15 – LaFlammeband
19:00 – Fragile Things
20:00 – Saint Apache
21:00 – The Black Bullets
22:00 – Redwire
22:45 – KilliT

Lots of information about the bands on our website:
Here’s the facebook event:
And the facebook page:

Yorkshire Hardcore Punk Mob Seep Away Stream ‘Matchstick Man’ Single

Following their recent exclusive on Pure Grain Audio, York-based hardcore punk four-piece, Seep Away, have their released new single “Matchstick Man”! The new single is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude’, due in the Autumn.

Taking influence from thrash legends Municipal Waste, alongside hardcore standouts Expire and Incendiary, the track is a vitriolic stab at those individuals we all know who drain the life out of those around them.

Vocalist Jay Sillence comments: “This song is quite personal to me – we all know that special type of assh*le who sucks the life out of people with their actions – they just want to fight, and fuc*, and they have nothing else in their life of any value, so they have to take from others. This song is a dedication to that special person in my life, and I hope other people can relate to the venom that I feel.”

You can stream the track here –

The band’s new EP, ‘The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude’ will be released in Autumn. The tentative tracklisting is as follows:


‘Matchstick Man’


‘Joie de vivre’


‘No More You’

For more information on Seep Away, visit:

Catch the band live at the following dates…


7 – Fibbers, York (with SHINING)


2 – The Station, Ashton-Under-Lyne (with 2 Sick Monkeys)

21 – Hoersfest at Fulford Arms, York (with Petrol Hoers)


4 – MNDA Fundraiser at Fulford Arms, York (with Segregates)


16 – BGB Christmas Piss-Up – Fulford Arms, York (with The Restarts)

Seep Away are: Jay Sillence (vocals), Max Watt (guitar, vocals), Dani Barge (bass) and Dom Smith (drums).

 For fans of: Municipal Waste, Incendiary, Expire

Sons of Alpha Centauri and Karma to Burn Return for a Boxset of the Split Trilogy!

Over the past 10 years Karma to Burn and Sons of Alpha Centauri have engaged on an audio assault by ram raiding riff after riff into the instrumental stoner stratosphere. This cosmic mission commenced on star date 2007 when members of each band worked together on a projected entitled ‘Alpha Cat’ resulting in the legendary split collaboration album ‘Last Day of Summer’ released on Underdogma Records in 2009.

When the KTB reunion was fully confirmed then the floodgates opened and over the course of five years 3 split vinyls followed from both bands including the first of the DesertFest vinyl releases and multiple shows across the UK.

Releasd  July 4th, the boxset is limited to ONLY 200 copies it includes the whole set of Split-7″ in a new colour presentation together with:

– A monstrous 28 page booklet with a behind the scenes history and making of, exclusive pictures & unseen artwork / sketches; – Collaborative companions like John Garcia, Alexander von Wieding, Jake & Reece (Desertfest London) and former KTB members;

– Prologue from former label and website managers reinforcing the incredible story of the two bands; – An exclusive 7″ of their collaboration ‘Alpha Cat’ (first time on vinyl!); – CD Version with all songs; – exclusive Promotion Postcards;

– limited tour poster print;

This is available for a very period with 45 boxsets available from Karma to Burn only on their European tour and 20 boxsets available from SOAC via our Bandcamp page here:

Orders will be limited to two per person.

For more information on Sons Of Alpha Centauri, you can find them here –


Alunah Announced As Support To Acid King In Bristol & London

Birmingham Psych Doom quartet Alunah have been announced as support to US legends Acid King on two of their upcoming UK shows! Frontwoman Sophie Day had this to say on the announcement:

“Six years have passed since we last shared a stage with Acid King, a lot has changed since then but they still remain one of my favourite bands; Lori was a huge inspiration to me when we started Alunah in 2006. So, it goes without saying that we’re extremely happy to be doing these shows with them.”

The band will join Acid King for the following dates:

July 25th – The Louisiana, Bristol

July 27th – The Black Heart, London

The band recently released a video for their new single, “Fire of Thornborough Henge”, which can be seen here –

Alunah’s new record, “Solennial” is out now through Svart Records.

Over the course of four albums Alunah have gained a reputation as a constant force of progression of an individualized take on psychedelic and organic heft. Their material has never lacked structure or groove, but combined with the melodic vocals of frontwoman Sophie Day, they maintain an eye on the ethereal. That was never more true than on Awakening the Forest, which was released by Napalm Records and followed by 2015 CD reissues of the band’s first two albums via PRC Music and a vinyl release for Call of Avernus through UK imprint HeviSike Records.

As they always do, Alunah are moving forward. Sophie, guitarist David Day, bassist Daniel Burchmore and drummer Jake Mason signed to Svart Records for the March 2017 release of their fourth album, Solennial, and recorded with Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studio, also owned by Conan’s Jon Davis.

Following in the footsteps of Svart alums Hexvessel and Jess & the Ancient Ones, Alunah arrive at the label preceded by a reputation for blending nature worship and heavy vibes with a grace that few can match, basking in a sun-soaked spirit of beauty and decay, folklore and deeply personal expression. Look for them to expand their sonic palette with the new material and build on what they’ve accomplished before in their rich, engaging sound that seems to be always wandering and never, ever lost.

DayShifter Stream Debut Single ‘In Despair’

British melodic hardcore mob DayShifter are currently streaming their debut single, ‘In Despair’. Taken from their debut EP “Hopeful/Regretful, which is due for release on July 28th, is streaming exclusively now on Pure Grain Audio.

The band’s vocalist, Nathan Dillon, had this to say on the track:

“The debut track ‘In Despair’ takes its name from a Good Samaritan sign on a bridge. I would walk past this sign daily on my way to work. At the time I was in the worst place I’ve been mentally and physically, I felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t beat this crushing hollow feeling, that giving up is the only option I had left. Seeing that sign everyday haunted my mind and triggered me to write my thoughts into this song.”

You can hear the track here:

Hailing from the North East of England, melodic hardcore mob DayShifter exploded onto the scene with their miasmic debut EP “Hopeful//Regretful”; a scathing mash of layered riffs and hearty vocals, bursting with energy and vigour.

Touting the likes of Architects, In Hearts Wake, Like Moths To Flames and While She Sleeps as influences, the band have forged a vicious sonic foundation that skips between post rock and hardcore. Something destined to appease fans of heavy music across the board.

Since forming in early 2017, the band wasted no time in laying to tape their debut EP “Hopeful//Regretful” with Dan Kerr at Avenue Studios. Brandishing a lyrical weight to match the records coarse grooves, and sporting an energetic live show to boot; DayShifter are using every tool in the box as they begin working their way up through the music industry.


Hugely engaging heavy rock crew WE ARE THE CATALYST continue their surge with their new video single

We Are The Catalyst hit the spot once more with the release of their new video single, One More Day,

Formed in November of 2012, Sweden’s We Are The Catalyst has been described as many things, from Alternative Metal and Emotional Rock, to Electronic Rock, or even Pop Metal. Members Cat Fey, Kenny Boufadene, Joni Kaartinen and Håkan Strind spent years together touring with their former band, One Without, providing the group a bedrock and steady foundation. Utilising their skills and experience garnered from their previous incarnation, We Are The Catalyst hit the ground with real purpose and released their debut album, Monuments, in the Autumn of 2014. Released worldwide by Ferocity Records, it eclipsed all expectations; the record hit harder, soared higher, and cut deeper than anticipated. The band played their debut show the following March and the Alt-metallers embarked on a ten-day tour of China. WATC were specially invited to perform at the prestigious, Sound of the Xity, in Beijing, as well as playing stand-alone shows, including a set at China’s biggest music festival, Strawberry Festival, in Shanghai, where the band headlined the Planet Stage.

In June 2015, We Are The Catalyst won first prize in a competition organised by Metal Hammer, Bloodstock and the Dutch Symphonic Metal band Delain; the prize was to perform at Bloodstock Open Air, alongside Trivium, Sabaton, Within Temptation and more, as well as opening for Delain at their Birmingham show on their UK tour. This all coincided with WATC undertaking their first UK headline tour of thirteen shows throughout October and November. Due to the success of these dates, the four-piece returned to the UK for the third time that year, now headlining the second stage at the festival, Planet Rockstock, sharing the stage with bands such as The Darkness, FM and Rival Sons.

With a growing and dedicated fanbase in tow, the rising metal crew started work on their sophomore album in 2016. Entitled, Elevation, the band released the record last September to much acclaim. The album marked a darker, heavier and more emotional direction while still maintaining WATC’s trademark melodically modern sound. WATC just surpassed one million plays on Spotify, have a new album in the works, and have just dropped a new video single ‘One More Day’ –

We Are The Catalyst are without doubt set to grow and take the world by storm!




Unstoppable alternative crew Air Drawn Dagger have just released their spanking new single, Gods VS Peasants, as a Free Download, via Alya Records. You can also watch the video right here –

Sparking glowing comparisons to everyone from Foo Fighters and Paramore to Donnas, Air Drawn Dagger hit you with engaging vocals, powerful guitars, and earnest emotion. Formed in 2014, and featuring the impressive collective talents of Maisie Manterfield (vocals), Sam Wagner (lead guitar), Lewis Budden (bass) and Ross Dore (drums), Air Drawn Dagger are already making waves throughout the scene and are picking up a plethora of new fans on a daily basis.

The band’s current EP, Ours For The Taking … Theirs For The Breaking, racked up strong support from BBC Introducing and throughout the underground. The quartet followed the release with their video single, The Banshee, which was also greatly lauded by many, as well as being premiered by Punktastic.

You literally can’t keep this band down. Air Drawn Dagger continue their rise with the release of their engulfing new single, Gods VS Peasants, out now. The single is available as a FREE download and it’s also backed with a video –

As ever, the lively foursome have a slew of tour dates in the pipeline, so be sure to stay tapped into their socials for impending tour announcements.

Upcoming Air Drawn Dagger live dates:

July 23rd – Tramlines Festival – Sheffield; August 5th – The Garage – Glasgow.



Kent melodic hardcore crew RAISED BY RAPTORS have arrived. Possessing explosive breakdowns and groove-laden riffs, fused with crushingly infectious vocals, the metal crew are set to break out this year, kick starting proceedings with their new video single, Release,

Formed in 2015 and already picking up favourable comparisons to While She Sleeps, Architects, Hundredth, and Pantera, the southern metalcorers consist of vocalist Joe Perry, Craig Hills and Alex Barnett handling the guitars, Sam Smith-Davies on bass, and Ben Wells hammering on the drums. To date, Raised By Raptors have toured throughout the country, sharing stages with everyone from Counterparts, Capsize, Senses Fail, The Contortionist and Trash Boat, to Continents.

Besides playing as many live performances as possible, the Tunbridge Wells outfit also released their well-received debut EP, Surfacing, last Autumn. The riff tyrants now up their game with the launch of their new video single, Release, watch it here

The single is packed with brazen chucky riffs and impressive dynamics, and is destined to lay the foundations for a very successful 2017. Expect big things soon, as the Kent crew also plan to set up a tour for later this year.

Dead Label Announce European & Festival Dates

Pic By Fiaz Farrell

Irish Trio Also Hint A New Record Is Underway

In a recent interview with, Dead Label drummer Claire Percival, announced that the band were set to appear at a number of European dates with Nervosa and would also be playing Hammerfest in March 2018.

Claire had this to say:

“We will be returning to the UK later in June for a Birmingham show and to play at Wildfire Festival in Scotland. Then we are going to Europe in July to play at Aggressive Music Festival and to support Nervosa for some of their European shows! We have also been announced for Hammerfest in March next year, which we are totally stoked about.”

Claire also said that the band were already considering a new record:

“We have the guts of a full album ready, we need to demo the tracks, put them away, write some more, listen and see what shape it takes. We never have a shortage of material. We love writing, we never stop. Even when we have a gig coming up, we try to get the set rehearsed early so we can get back to writing. We always have new material and are always working on ideas to push ourselves to where we just need to be.

This industry does not reward stagnant behaviour, or simply re-hashing the same thing over and over again. You’re only as good as your last release and our intention is to keep pushing ourselves as best we can.”

With the last two years being of significant importance, due to their debut North American 40 date tour, (which saw them perform in 30 states), DEAD LABEL gained significant international interest following a vast amount of European, UK and Irish dates, with the likes of Machine Head, Gojira, Fear Factory and Raging Speedhorn to name but a few. A slew of Summer shows followed with appearances at festivals such as, Bloodstock (UK), main stage billing Metal Days (Slovenia), Made of Metal and Aggressive Music Festival (Czech Republic) and Gothoom Open Air (Slovakia), eventually leading to the band’s ‘Hot New Band’ feature in Metal Hammer (December, 2016 issue) and their recently confirmed slot at this year’s UK Download Festival in June.

Dead Label have been tracking demos for the follow-up to Throne of Bones and plan to enter the studio later this year, following dates in Europe and further afield, with a prediction for 2018 release.

Catch Dead Label on Saturday, June 10th at the Dogtooth stage during this year’s Download Festival. Stage times will be confirmed closer to the date.


Aussie Doom Merchants Devil Electric Announce New Label & Video

Band Sign With German Label Kozmik Artifactz And Launch Clip For New Single “Hypnotica”!

Melbourne’s Devil Electric are proud to announce a worldwide deal with German heavyweight label Kozmik Artifactz for the release of their debut self-titled album. The 37 minute, 9-track debut will be available digitally and in three colourways on 180gm vinyl, with a release date of August 11.

The first single to be released from the album is Hypnotica which closes out the album

Watch the stunning music video here

Fronted by the gracious and haunting female presence of Pierina O’Brien, Devil Electric are a riff-heavy 4-piece rock n’ roll band. Lead single Hypnotica is the final track from their debut record, a six and a half minute heavy-blues infused fuzzed-out jam that transports the mind into the swelling, darker depths of rock n’ roll.

Since forming mid-2015 Devil Electric have supported Truckfighters (Sweden), The Sword (USA), Endless Boogie (USA), Kadaver (Ger) toured the east coast with The SIGIT (Indonesia) & played CherryRock Festival in AC/DC Lane. They signed with Kozmik Artifactz (Ger) following the success of their debut EP, The Gods Below, which saw an independent release over two 7” vinyl editions.

Devil Electric are:

Pierina O’Brien (Vocals)

Christos Athanasias (Guitars)

Tom Hulse (Bass, Vocals)

Mark Van De Beek (Drums)

For Fans Of: Black Sabbath, Graveyard, Kadavar, The Dead Weather, Blues Pills, The Well, Electric Citizen…

“The heavy chug and masculinity of the rhythms are perfectly counterbalanced by Pierina O’Brien’s Joplin-esque vocals..” – Heavy Magazine

“Devil Electric blew my mind. A wall of sound with haunting vocals – one word – HUGE!” – Tonedeaf

“One of the best things I’ve heard in ages… Devil Electric’s first single is proof that the Southern state has possessed the soul of rock and roll” – Doomed & Stoned

Reckless Jacks Release Debut Video

Indie Four Piece Unveil Clip For “Alone”!

Rising indie mob Reckless Jacks have released the video for their stunning new single “Alone”! Taken from their upcoming debut release, the band has already enjoyed considerable radio success as of late, and are gearing up big things!

Vocalist/Guitarist Mathieu Bertin had this to say about the video:

“The from the song is quite simple “sometimes you’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t care about you”. In the video we tried to show that if you’re too focused on yourself then you might not see that this person actually cares about you and you just don’t realize it.”

You can check out the video here –

Reckless Jacks is a young indie-pop rock band with an old soul. Before they met, Matt (vocals & guitar), Scotty (lead guitar), Cece (bass) and Dan (drums) sessioned with the best and rocked out on some big stages.

Their strong, introspective music, harks back to an era when songs made you feel and dance. Matt’s coarse and powerful vocals will capture your heart. With emotive lyrics that whisk you away on a journey steeped in melody. Songs that sit so comfortably inside you, you’ll think you’ve heard them somewhere before, along with anthemic guitar riffs you’ll be humming for days.

Their first live gig was in front of a packed house at Paris’ Bus Palladium. Taking to the stage where the likes of Hozier, Kasabian and Mick Jagger had gone before them. They went down a storm.

As the house lights flickered back on, several large booking agents approached the band, with talk of potential supports and big festival stages further down the line. Our boys had work to do.

Pulling the plug on live performances, they locked themselves away for nearly two years; honing their songs to perfection, living and breathing artist development and becoming producer-ready.

As blood, sweat, tears and fortune would have it, their hard work paid off.

Brit and Grammy award-winning Stereophonics producer, Jim Lowe was hired and an EP recorded at the brand-spanking-new Stereophonics’ studios in London.

From the word go, Lowe could see something exciting unfold before him and dubbed them a future success story in the making. Loving their unquestionable work ethic and breathless ability to learn on their feet, Lowe was soon busy writing new material with them.

Maybe it’s the lads’ multi-Euro background or numerous musical influences, but Jim Lowe is adamant that Reckless Jacks have an appeal that stretches way beyond UK waters. With the right guidance and just a little bit of luck, he believes these boys have the potential to go all the way.


Widows Announce Live Dates

Nottingham Stoner Crew To Hit The Road

Nottingham stoner mob Widows are thick into their roadtrip this Spring in support of new record “Oh Deer God”.

The band will be appearing at the following upcoming dates:

08/04 – Rebellion Bar, Manchester (w/Alunah & Pig Witch)

14/04 – Rough Trade, Nottingham (Album Launch)

15/04 – Gorilla Studios, Hull (w/Mastiff, Sound of Orion & Sinners Sermon)

The band recently launched a behind the scenes video in the build up to “Oh Deer God” which can be seen exclusive at Pure Grain Audio –

Following on from the rousing success of their 2012 record “Death Valley Duchess”, Nottingham stoner rock crew Widows are back with their flattening new album “Oh, Deer God”. Their first with new bassist, Phil Emblin, and recorded at Skyhammer Studios in Cheshire, the result is seven tracks of quality stoner rock.

Guitarist James Kidd had this to say about the record: “It’s been a long time since our last record so we’re excited to be back with something new! Oh Deer God is heavier and dirtier than a lot of our previous stuff and whilst the old Widows groove is still there, we’ve traded the desert worship for some more sludgy/doomy elements and it’s definitely a much darker affair. Recording at Skyhammer was a big tick on the bucket list as well, both Chris Fielding and new bassist Phil Emblin’s input really helped us move forward with our sound. We’re really proud of it.

Formed in 2008, Widows play music you can raise a beer and swing a fist to, and they do it hard, fast and loud. With bone crushing grooves and an undeniable swagger! Influenced by the likes of Down, Kyuss, and Clutch, Widows released their debut EP, “Raise the Monolith”, in 2010. The subsequent shows bolstered their reputation as an impressive live band as they chewed up venues and damaged people’s hearing across the UK.

Their next album, Death Valley Duchess”, was recorded after a desert rock pilgrimage by James and vocalist Adam Jolliffe to the Californian desert in a bid to inspire both the music and album artwork. It was released worldwide in 2012 followed by several tours across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, and supported with playlisting on Kerrang! Radio and Propeller TV’s Metal Tuune and Tuune Rocks shows.

All this next to a string of killer shows with Tombstones, Orange Goblin, and Valient Thorr. and festivals including Desert Fest 2012 (London), Waterfront Festival 2010/14 (Nottingham), Hockley Hustle 2014 (Nottingham), Riff Fest 2014 (Bolton) Macmillan Fest 2015 (Nottingham) and Mammothfest 2015 (Brighton).


Pic by Fiaz Farrelly

Ireland’s hottest metal export, DEAD LABEL have recently released their highly anticipated new video for ‘PURE CHAOS”, ahead of the band’s appearance at the UK’s Download Festival this coming June.

With a legacy that has already involved touring with some of the world’s most exciting metal acts, across three continents – not forgetting an impressive amount of critical acclaim from a host of respectable media outlets, DEAD LABEL have finally released their first new track since their highly acclaimed ‘Throne of Bones’ sophomore LP last June.

‘Pure Chaos’ sees DEAD LABEL capture the essence of their live sound and enhancing it in a recorded environment.

Check out the video in full here –

The video for Pure Chaos is based around a religious cult leader, who, after forcefully expanding his congregation, get’s his comeuppance. Directed and produced by Crooked Gentlemen, this marks the band’s fourth music video to date. Drummer, Claire Percival commented on the video’s concept;

“We gave the Crooked Gentleman guys (Shaun Ryan and Jeff Doyle) the track and they came back to us very excited about this concept; to which they were inspired by after hearing the track. When they pitched it to us; we really loved the idea. It’s without a doubt the darkest video in terms of subject matter that we have created.”

With the last two years being of significant importance, due to their debut North American 40 date tour, (which saw them perform in 30 states), DEAD LABEL gained significant international interest following a vast amount of European, UK and Irish dates, with the likes of Machine Head, Gojira, Fear Factory and Raging Speedhorn to name but a few. A slew of Summer shows followed with appearances at festivals such as, Bloodstock (UK), main stage billing Metal Days (Slovenia), Made of Metal and Aggressive Music Festival (Czech Republic) and Gothoom Open Air (Slovakia), eventually leading to the band’s ‘Hot New Band’ feature in Metal Hammer (December, 2016 issue) and their recently confirmed slot at this year’s UK Download Festival in June.

Dead Label have been tracking demos for the follow-up to Throne of Bones and plan to enter the studio later this year, following dates in Europe and further afield, with a prediction for 2018 release.

Catch Dead Label on Saturday, June 10th at the Dogtooth stage during this year’s Download Festival. Stage times will be confirmed closer to the date.

Outright Resistance Set For European Tour!

Hertfordshire Quintet Outright Resistance Are Set To Appear Alongside Bloodsoaked, Attila, Greves & The Unexplained!

Following on from a hugely successful year, including spots at Bloodstock and Beermageddon, Hertfordshire metallers Outright Resistance are gearing up for their first European tour this Spring alongside Bloodsoaked, Attila, Greves & The Unexplained.

Following the announcement, guitarist Michael Worsley added:

“We are insanely stoked to be able to get out into mainland Europe! it’s been a dream of ours to take our music across the channel, playing to new crowds in new countries with new cultures since we formed. We’re super pumped to be able to share this experience with the talented folks in Bloodsoaked, Attila, Greves and The Unexplainable! It looks like it’s going to be one hell of a tour, and we really can’t wait to tear it up!”

The band are set to appear on the following dates:

01/04 – Wiesenhaus -Eisleben, Germany

02/04 – Rock it – Aalen, Germany

03/04 – Ebrietas Bar – Zurich, Switzerland

04/04 – PMK – Innsbruck, Austria

05/04 – HKW – Glauchau, Germany

06/04 – Bambi Galore – Hamburg, Germany

07/04 – Alte Zuckerfabrik – Rostock, Germany

08/04 – Muggefug – Cottbus, Germany

In an interview with Team Rock last year, the band announced they were already looking at a new record.

“We’re always writing, so that when the time does come to think of the next record we’re ready to jump straight into the process of what we really have a feeling for. We do have something in mind already to be completed next though, we’ve got a few minor things to figure out to make sure it does work as an idea, but we’re beginning to put some plans in place.”

The full interview and their video for “Maimed In Chelsea” can be seen here:

Since forming in 2011, Hertfordshire based quintet Outright Resistance wasted no time erupting onto the British metal scene with their debut release “Don’t Eat My Organs”. They quickly began racking up shows across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & London. Including shows with Hacktivist and hardcore mob TRC.

Fast forward to 2015; Outright Resistance released the “Poveglia EP” to solid praise from both the media & the wider metal community. Their message of unity rang true in their video for the song “We Are Here”; a heart-warming statement from a band determined to remind people struggling that they are not alone, nor should they be forced to deal with their problems as such if they don’t want to. The band released their latest record, “Me Vs I”, last year and followed it up with a number of tours and festival dates.

New Brit Alt Metallers, PRETTY LITTLE ENEMY, Drop New Video!

Pretty Little Enemy_RingMasterReview

Fresh UK Metallers ‘Pretty Little Enemy’ make their mark with their neweye-catching new video ‘Vertebreak’.

The track, which is taken from the band’s mesmerising debut EP ‘Bitch PLEase!’ released Friday 3rd June, is out now and viewable at

Born early 2015 from the ashes of ‘Zoltar Speaks’, Pretty Little Enemy explode out of Minehead, Somerset, and pull from the riff assault and groove of Coheed Cambria and Killswitch Engage, fused with the vocal angst of Skunk Anansie. This two girl, two guy combo offer a unique take on the Alt Metal genre and are already causing a stir throughout the whole of the South West. Featuring Louise Body (Vocals), Georgia Bell (Guitar), Jason Coles (Bass) and Ben Dean (Drums), Pretty Little Enemy have wasted no time in bringing together a sound that is highly engaging, and a live show that is visual appealing. With a series of successful performances under their belts and support shows with Syren City, Embers of Eden and Chasing Cadence, Pretty Little Enemy are set to dominate this year, and will transcend from the underground with their stunning debut EP ‘Bitch PLEase!’.

The provocatively titled ‘Bitch PLEase!’ arrives this June, preceded by the foursome’s unveiling of their alluring video for ‘Vertebreak’. The track is loaded with a mammoth refrain and thoughtful guitar lines and is destined to widely hit radio; the video is also sure to frequent TV screens and highlights the band’s captivating personality. Pretty Little Enemy will undertake further shows and festival appearances throughout the rest of the Spring and into the Summer; check out their social sites announcements.


FALLEN TO FLUX  Announce Debut Album and June UK Tour

Fallen to Flux Online Promo_RingMasterReview Shot2

UK Alternative Rock crew Fallen To Flux continue their ascent with the release of their explosive debut album Transitions, which arrives through all stores on Friday 5th August. Igniting glowing comparisons to Don Broco, Avenged Sevenfold, and Mallory Knox, the Brit rocksters are destined to break out this year.

Born in 2012, Fallen To Flux swiftly dropped their debut EP Piece By Piece, which was followed with their first tour. The release and tour provided a solid base for the emerging rock combo. The quartet then spent the next two years working together on last year’s From The Outside, Looking In EP. The record, showcasing a more developed approach to songwriting fused with a widespread appeal, saw London’s O2 Academy2 completely packed out at the EP launch show. A debut festival appearance at Camden Rocks 2015, and a second UK tour shortly after, only served to expand the crew’s dedicated fan-base right throughout Great Britain.

In 2015, the band solidified their line-up with Oli Clipsham (Vocals & Guitar), Björn Gugu (Lead Guitar & Synths), Luke Walley (Bass) and Declan Brown (Drums) and began to work on their debut album Transitions. This record far exceeds the band’s earlier work. The four piece have spewed their heart and soul into this release and it’s tangibly apparent. From the magnificent Sane, which soars supremely with its colossal refrain and webbed progressive phrasing, to their recent single Anchored, with its hammering rhythms and uplifting vocal lines that hang in the air for eons, this is an album that truly makes a statement. The striking Drifting is further evidence of the band’s growing stature and genuine ability to pen a tune that is emotive, highly expressive and wholly captivating; so too is the stunning Razor’s Edge, which fantastically balances melodic hooks with infectious riffery. Transitions is a record that needs to be heard, and with a UK tour in the works for June, there’s nothing stopping the band’s infinite rise.

FALLEN TO FLUX & Once More Around UK tour:


Fallen to Flux Tour_RingMasterReview

FOXTALES release their debut single ‘Spider’ on Friday June 10th 2016 and announce UK Dates and new Video!


Manchester’s FOXTALES are girl fronted band, made up of four girls, and one boy; Amy (guitar/vocals) Cassie (guitar/vocals) Angela (mandolin/vocals) Briony (bass) and The Scoon (drums). They create a psychedelic folk pop sound woven with glittering harmonies that tell stories of lust, love and loss.

‘Spider’ is the first delicious taste of FOXTALES gorgeously folk flecked pop sound laced with entwined vocal harmonies of singers Amy, Cassie and Angela. Each couplet is punctuated by stompy uptempo beats and glistening strummed mandolins, it’s an impossibly uplifting summery tune with a bittersweet twist.

FOXTALES have been frequenting the Manchester Music since their birth early last year and can’t wait to get out on the road and share their EP with you. They are also super excited to announce they will be playing the House Party stage at Kendal Calling with their friends ‘Acoustica’.

With their self-titled debut EP to be released this summer, they have a number of gigs lined up across the country to coincide with release. 2016’s looking big and they hope to see your lovely faces amongst the crowds.

The video for ‘Spider’ can be seen @

FOXTALES lead you down a path of wonder and anticipation.

2016 is looking like a super exciting year for FOXTALES.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Saturday 7th May, Manchester, Deaf Institute w/Liam McClair

Monday 23rd May, Manchester, Sofar Sounds 23rd birthday (venue TBA)

Saturday 28th May, Manchester, Soup Kitchen w/Heavy On The Magic

Saturday 18th June- Buryfest, Chesham

Saturday July 9th- EP Launch: Manchester Soup Kitchen

Sunday 31st July Kendal Calling


 Fallen To Flux return with new lyric video!

Fallen to Flux Online Promo _RingMasterReviewShot

Brit Alt-Rock metal outfit Fallen To Flux have returned and are aiming for the jugular of the UK scene, armed with their stunning lyric video single for Anchored, taken from their forthcoming debut album Transitions, which lands this Summer. The video can now be viewed at and across all platforms. The single is a forceful state of intent which stays true to the band’s origins, as metal fans reared on Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage, and also highlights the quartet’s growing songwriting maturity and progressive technical craft.

The beginnings of Fallen To Flux can be tracked to 2012, when the band released their debut EP Piece By Piece, which was followed by their first tour. This first release and tour provided a bedrock for the young rocksters. The quartet then spent the next two years working together on 2015’s From The Outside, Looking In EP. The record, showcasing a more developed approach to songwriting fused with a widespread appeal, saw London’s O2 Academy2 completely packed out at the EP launch show. A debut festival appearance at Camden Rocks 2015 and a second UK tour shortly after only served to expand the crew’s dedicated fan-base right throughout Great Britain.

Last year, the band solidified their line-up with Oli Clipsham (Vocals & Guitar), Björn Gugu (Lead Guitar & Synths), Luke Walley (Bass), and Declan Brown (Drums) and commenced work on their debut album Transitions. The writing sessions were long and the Londoners spent the entire summer in Oli’s garden shed, sleeping between amps, keyboards and other instruments, and working day and night on the record. This Summer, Fallen To Flux will finally drop Transitions. Reaching new realms of creative expression, the album far exceeds the band’s earlier work, and truly reflects their development as individuals and a troop. The four piece have spewed their heart and soul into this release and it’s tangibly evident. This is a band and record that you need in your life.


Fallen To Flux play a special one-off show on Saturday 30th April at The Corporation in Sheffield. For details and tickets –



Suasion Online Promo Shot_RingMasterReview

Belgium metalcore crew, Suasion are turning things up a notch with the release of brand new video single ‘Horizon’

Rendering influence from a constellation of areas, from the venom of Architects and The Devil Wears Prada, to the guile of Northlane and Bring Me The Horizon, Suasion astutely merge metallic riffery and raw aggression with woven dynamics and heart felt emotion.

Born in the Autumn of 2013 and hailing from the Liège area of Belgium, Suasion combine the impressive talents of Steven Rassart (Vocals), Nicolas Pirlet (Guitar), Louis Jassogne (Drums), Nicola Marrocco (Guitar) and Julien Dejasse (Bass) into a metalcore roar. Settling in to developing their sound from the off, the band headed to Paris to record their debut EP ‘Islanders’. It was released in the Spring of 2014 to a swell of support from a number of prominent online publications throughout the whole of mainland Europe. The success of the EP sparked a deluge of offers to play alongside the likes of Animals As Leaders, Stick To Your Guns, Hundredth, Being As An Ocean, Vildhjarta and Vanna. Besides sharing stages with a host of established acts, the five-piece also racked up key festival appearances at Euroblast X Festival (Germany) and Miner Fest (Belgium).

Taking time out at the end of 2014, Suasion underwent a couple of line-up changes with Louis Jassogne (Drums) and Steven Rassart (Vocals) entering the fray. With fresh impetus and newfound energy, the quintet headed to NDSE Recordings Studio in Berlin to work on two new singles ‘Mirabilia’ and their new video single ‘Horizon’. The video for ‘Mirabilia’ ( ) was released in the Autumn of 2015 and firmly put Suasion back on the map. The band now kicks on with the release of the video for ‘Horizon’ and it’s sure to send metalcore fans to even giddier heights. Complete with juggernaut riffs, pounding rhythms and killer melodic hooks that will force your senses into surrender, Suasion are on the attack and are set to break in 2016!

Watch ‘HORIZON’ at

Raging Speedhorn Reveal Title, Artwork and Release Date for Their New Album

Raging Speedhorn_RingMasterReview
Corby sludge demons Raging Speedhorn have finally announced the release date of their long awaited new album.

The record, titled “Lost Ritual”, is set for a wide release on July 15th 2016. However, anyone who pledged on the record will receive their copy a week earlier on July 8th 2016.

Guitarist Jim Palmer had this to say on the album and its title “This album seems like a true reflection of everyone’s input, a slice of all of us, if you will. It has those typical Speedhorn, pumping rock n roll moments, and some much darker ones too. Sound wise, it’s got all the feedback, distortion, bad attitude and in-your-face antics you’d expect with a sound that should be more familiar to Speedhorn fans, but with a twist.
The title of the album, “Lost Ritual”, came initially from the artwork. It just seemed to fit perfectly with the image. Subconsciously though, I think maybe the title fits even better than that, as the mojo in the band seems to be back. Speedhorn have finally returned. We are really excited for everyone to hear the new album; you won’t be disappointed!

Fans still wanting to Pledge on the new record can do so @

“Lost Ritual”, which was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, The Wildhearts), is their first record with original vocalist Frank Regan since “How The Great Have Fallen” in 2005, the band’s first record since “Before The Sea Was Built” in 2008, and the first with their new line up.

Formed in 1998, Raging Speedhorn have released four records, the most successful being their second release “We Will Be Dead Tomorrow”, which was recorded with Billy Graziadei and Danny Schuler of Biohazard fame. The band achieved chart success with ‘The Gush’ in 2001, toured globally with the likes of Slipknot, Ill Nino, Rammstein and Will Haven, and performed at countless festivals around the world, including main stage at the inaugural Download Festival in 2004. They split in 2008 following the release of their last record “Before The Sea Was Built” and a subsequent tour of Japan, returning again in 2014.

Already this year the band has recorded a spilt 7” with Monster Magnet through Desertfest which will be unveiled the opening day of the festival on April 29th via H42 Records.

Lost Ritual Artwork_RingMasterReview

Star Dancer, the hard rock fuelled brainchild of Robert Star and Sponge main men Vinnie Dombroski and Tim Patalan, are set to release their debut album “Welcome To My World” on April 20th through Star Dancer Records.

star dancer_RingMasterReview

Recorded during the summer of 2015, “Welcome To My World” was produced by Dombroski and Patalan, with a handful of tracks mixed by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, HIM, Robert Plant, David Bowie) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Linkin Park, Def Leppard) at Gateway Studios, home to legendary engineer Bob Ludwig (KISS, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones).

Boasting a style caught between the bombastic riffs of Guns & Roses, the grit of early late 80’s circa Ministry, and the lyrical style & prowess of classic Stone Temple Pilots; the Detroit hailing Star Dancer is a must for fans of classic hard rock. Lyrically, “Welcome To My World” was created for the purposes of tapping into the light and community of rock music whilst exploring the world through Robert’s unique lens.

Coming from a Native American background, Robert ventured to the heart of Peru eleven years ago during a difficult time with the goal of reconnecting with his roots. Whilst there in the Peruvian jungle, Robert had a spiritual awakening brought about by the Ayahuasca drink, and later returned to the US with a view of creating a beautiful piece of work inspired by the things he experienced both in the Jungle and at home.

The album is a snapshot into both the world surrounding Robert and a troubled modern day America, as exampled by the Tim Palmer mixed ‘Great Sexpectations’, which explores the odd relationship we now have with love and sex.

Robert has enlisted the help of seasoned touring musicians from the Detroit area to help him bring his vision to the live arena with the goal of bringing the music to the ends of Earth and spread the good word of love, compassion and unity.

If you’re a fan of huge guitars, massive choruses and emotive music; you need Star Dancer in your life.

Star Dancer Artwork_RingMasterReview

The track listing for “Welcome To My World” is:
1. Welcome To My World
2. Earth Mother Dancer
3. Great Sexpectations (Turn Off the Lights)
4. She’s In Love With Joan Jett
5. The Weed Don’t Lie
6. High & The Mighty
7. Annie
8. Unbelievable
9. IntraVenus FlyTrap
10. Before I Die