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BABYJANE –  Make It Sick

Review by Hels Källström

babyjane pic

I have reviewed many, many albums and the key to it, is to actually listen to albums. It is once in a blue moon, that you hear an album and it actually bites you in the ass and makes you sit up and take notice. I can’t stop listening to this album by a band called BABYJANE, (not to be confused with the Swedish band, there really is only one BABYJANE, if I am honest).

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, these guys really know how to rock and rock hard. I first heard them back in 2011, when they released there blinder of a debut album “Are You Listening” with unforgettable tracks, such as ‘Demontonic’, ‘Quicksand’ and of course the hard hitting title track ‘Are You Listening ‘, this album for me was a piece of rock perfection. How on earth could they follow that one up, believe me, my fellow rocklings pretty fucking easy.babyjane

Their second album “Make It Sick” is mixed and produced once again by the legendary Michael Wagener in Nashville. This album didn’t disappoint me and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. I am going to start with my favourite track on the album and that is without a doubt is the title track ‘Make It Sick’ which features John Corabi, (Mötley Crüe, Union). The vocals by frontman Andy Smith are tight and on fire, he rocked my rocking soul, and teamed with Corabi it was musical bliss. Musically and lyrically they hit the nail on the head with this one. The start is surprising with the childlike jingle, then boom it hits ya, this is the must listen to one on the album. It is in my considered opinion that if you weren’t a fan before this is the song that would turn it around. It has everything you want from a rock song, a sexy bass line, a guitar riff to grovel for and drumming that demands attention. With vocals to die for it doesn’t get any better than this.

The second track I have chosen is ‘Underground Detention’.  I love, love, love this track, it is addictive and makes me want to keep listening. It oozes sexy, dirty Rock n’ Roll, what more do I need to say. All in all this is another album of perfection from the Aussie rockers, I can’t wait to see or hear what they churn out next, This album is a must for any serious rockers music collections. As I always say don’t just take my word for it go and have a listen for yourself and enjoy. I definitely did.

Written by and copyright  Hels Källström


by Martina Ventura

Originally founded by guitarist Owen Rees in 2005 as a songwriting project, the band Enteric camouflaged its shape several times during the years, going from a 5 members- male brutal metal band, followed by the introducing of guitarist Dimitar Ralev in 2009 and drummer Will Pickering in 2010, towards their first try as a female fronted group with the entrance (and following exit) of the singer Zul’fiya Muckanova in 2011, to their current set up leaded by the powerful vocals and strong stage presence of the singer Ruby Angelos.

After last summer tour in the most alternative and iconic London venues such as the Camden Proud, the Enterprise, the Boston Music Room and the Intrepid Fox, and the release on the 25th of July 2011 of their EP “SCARS”; Enteric faced a long period of silence and volunteer abstinence from the stage, in which it was possible for them to find the missing piece of the Enteric puzzle in Ruby’ vocals.

The new Enteric got the chance to hit the stage again on the 7th of April 2012 at the Miller Pub, followed on the 11th of the month by the Boston Music Room, the warm up for an unstoppable tour which saw the guys taking in the Retro Bar in Manchester on the 1st of June and the Camden Rock in London on the 2nd by storm, and will see them for their next gigs TONIGHT at the Water Rats (June 18th), at the Fiddlers Elbow on the 21st and on the 22th of June their return to the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, alongside Derek Trotson, Brutal Horizon, Hundred and Black Sixteen: an event that will certainly not disappoint.

Showcasing a tantalizing miscellaneous of rough guitars and melodic sounds, bound to their never ending experimentalism all combined together with unmistakable and tormented lyrics, the huge influence of bands like Karnivool, 30 Seconds to Mars and Meshuggah, guide and still Enteric on their personal path to find a definition of themselves as artists and is definitely is going to launch them as the next London based alternative metal band to watch out for.

   Enteric are currently busy with an intense recording session in the studio to edit their EP, the guys giving it an edgy feel which is said to put their mature and distinctive sound under a well deserved and long awaited shining light. An undoubted example of it is one of their 9 songs: “Credence”, which starts with the  defining and secure beats of Will Pickering’s drums. Coming straight ahead with the decisive riffs of guitarists Owen Rees and Dimitar Ralev to the initial murmuring of and then screaming from the effective voice of Ruby Angelos, the song is a desecrating visualizing of the past, a getting back to personal awareness of the distortion and blindness in which we find ourselves sometimes, from falling apart to starting to fight again to survive; a simple toast to life.

 “Fade away” is still on the wave of reflecting on how relationships tear people apart into despair and pain, brought much higher by their expectations, and on how relationships can easily expire too without leaving no trace, followed by the desire and passion, when they are coming to an end.

   “Scars” instead comes with a totally different message; it is a shaking wake- up call from a sleepy state of mind, a rebounding anthem and encouragement to fight and not hide ourselves behind our mistakes,  our scars.

It is the representation of a mixture of desolation splashed in a profound state of disillusion and turmoil that is the main topic in the lyrics of “Desolate”, which turn to a resurrection full of dignity and revenge in the end.

   “The Resolute” and “Innocent child” seem to be themed up together; even if introducing slightly different shades. The first one is an insisting warning, the second sounds much more as a declaration of defence of personal intent and integrity, but they both talk about the same escape from another’s manipulation  of our minds, revealing the undeniable truth that what others are taking from us is going to consume them first.

Last but not least, “Oblivion” and “Embers” capture perfectly the idea of the vortex in which we get ourselves sucked into between the love/hate’ border. Fading into a suffocating oblivion we fall apart sacrificing ourselves for the sake and happiness of others, completely forgetting what we are and losing the strength to live again.

For all the info on Enteric’ next gigs dates starting TONIGHT and the official release of their EP, check them out, listen to songs, and support them on:

Written by and copyright Martina Ventura

Martina Ventura from Prato, Italy, lives in London and studied at the London School of Jounalism. Bi-lingual she has a distinct insight and appreciation for music coming from the more exotic and theatrical areas of inspiration. With a varied and enthused personal music taste Martina offers us another unique and deeply appreciative view on new and upcoming artists.

Pete RingMaster

A  MASQUArade show by Martina Ventura

Since they formed in 2009 the Masqua have been seeking a unique vibe to be relocated to. Everything took place from the willing of the singer, Angela Luzi to re-create on stage the typical features of theatrical performances linked up with a never-heard-before sound that collide all together  in a compact and harmonious package of hyper-modern electronic riffs, pop and folk elements with the ancient Italian madrigal style as a closing patch.

The Masqua members have known each other since they met at the Goldsmith College and set up as a London based six-people ensemble, introducing Angela Luzi on vocals, Devid Dell’Aiera on drums, bassist Riccardo Albini-Trissino, John Atterbury on guitar, Nathan Harmer on the electro keyboard and Jasmine ScottNaele at the cello. Each of them comes from different music backgrounds giving the band a multicultural strong and effective shape:  a bit African, unequivocally British and Irish, and definitely Italian.

The band have recently had 4 gigs in March, the first on the 3rd the month at the Fox & Firkin, the second on the 14th at The Workshop, the third one at the Breakout Club-New Cross Inn on the 19th, and the last one on the 28th of March at The Regal Rooms and announced that further dates are due to be held in April and May.

Dates by dates, these guys have be able to bring to life an amazing show, increasing their electronic mood and spreading to the people- come to support them- all the emotions and vibes expressed in their music. The beginning of all their performances is a moment full of drama and pathos in which the singer, Angela Luzi, hits the stage or just turns around with her face to the people, wearing a symbolic colourful 3-faced mask, which gave the guys the idea on the name for the band.

The homonymous EP “MasQua” will be officially released at the end of April and it will consist of three tunes, Forces, Red and Blue and My Goodbye, with the lyrics of Angela Luzi and music from Angela Luzi and the MasQua, produced by John Atterbury with the MasQua, and mixed by John Atterbury.

The first track of the EP is My Goodbye. The atmosphere is rare, quite smoky; two people are ready to salute each other for the last time on a platform of a fictitious station, preparing themselves for another journey, another page of their lives. Everything is like stuck in that eternal and ideal moment in which those two are going to be and existing together, forever, but going on separate ways.

Then comes the most dramatic, theatrically speaking, of the EP’s songs. Forces is the representation of the originality of their sound; all the instruments come out one by one, starting from Jasmine’s cello to the drums of Devid until the bass of Riccardo and John, colliding with the predominant vocals of Angela, are all perfectly assembled by Nathan’s sound, the result is the coming to life of the main feeling of the song, an unavoidable and inescapable emptiness that keeps the heart beating.

Closing the EP is the demanding rhythm of Red and Blue. Here comes again the theme of the journey, this time with a different meaning; a sense and an incredible willing to realise thoughts from the mind and spread them out to all around to be re-united in the end with a careless free way of life, that has as its main aim again the keeping up of the research of the real ourselves.


For all the information on MasQua’ next gigs’ dates and the exact day of the EP release, follow them on:

Written by and copyright Martina Ventura

Martina Ventura from Prato, Italy, lives in London and studied at the London School of Jounalism. Bi-lingual she has a distinct insight and appreciation for music coming from the more exotic and theatrical areas of inspiration. With a varied and enthused personal music taste Martina offers us another unique and deeply appreciative view on new and upcoming artists. Pete RingMaster

Italian Interpreter at LANGUAGE BANK Studied at London School of JournalismLives inLondon, United KingdomFrom Prato, ItalyBorn on 4 December 1985Knows Italian, English

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