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In association with Pluggin’ Baby, The Ringmaster Review spotlights some of the exciting new tracks and releases igniting radio shows in the UK and beyond.

Set up in 2013 by Emma Scott, Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging business getting artist’s music played on the radio and helping create a much needed buzz for their brand.

Emma has 25 years radio presenting experience and knows what radio presenters and producers expect from radio pluggers. She has worked all over the country with many different radio groups in the UK including Bauer Radio and Global Radio at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM, now plugging to a lot of people that she has a professional relationship with.

Working with unsigned and signed artists and bands, specialising in indie, pop, rock and metal, Pluggin’ Baby plugs to all types of UK based radio station, large and small, as well as some stations around the world too. Music is in its heart with Emma and co working closely with their clients across their whole of the campaigns.

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Indya – If You Don’t Like It – Shove It

With every encounter with UK rockers Indya there has been something a little different to embrace in a sound proving itself increasingly distinct to the Brighton hailing outfit. New single If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is no different, a song which teases with an array of flavours and excites with its glam/alternative rock scented escapade.

With its moniker taken from the middle name of vocalist and creator Natalie Indya West, Indya has already stirred keen attention and equally potent praise through the Strip Me Down EP and singles like Harder Faster and Insane Love. Inspirations to Natalie and the band include the likes of Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Joan Jett; flavours which in varying degrees can be heard in their music but spices, as suggested earlier, in a sound finding its own individual character.

 If You Don’t Like It – Shove It grabs ears immediately with a bubbling wash of rock ‘n’ roll, a boisterous if slightly unruly sound building towards a subsequent virulent stroll which emerges to grab body and appetite with devilish tenacity. Natalie is to the fore, her vocals and presence as magnetic as they are mischievous and matched by the ska nurtured swing which fuels the quickly addictive encounter.

That devilment boils up and over in music and voice as the track continues, the song carrying instinctive punk ‘n’ roll fun in its veins and attitude loaded raunchiness in its temptation for something akin to The Runaways meets No Doubt. If You Don’t Like It – Shove It just hits the spot again and again and as things have been the trend to date, increasingly suggests and reinforces Indya as one potent emerging force within the British rock scene.

If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is released Jan 31st.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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Pyramid Park – Born to be Brave


Following on the heels of previous single The Unexplained, a song hook laden and melodically enthralling, Pyramid Park cements a growing reputation for virulently catchy and earnestly emotive songs with Born to be Brave. As its predecessor, the new single is taken from debut album Vulnerability, a release gathering rich attention and acclaim since its unveiling last September.

Pyramid Park is the brainchild of Cambridge based songwriter/musician Peter McAllen. Primarily a solo project though one unafraid to work with the talent and imagination of others, the band creates alternative/ indie pop songs bred in the heart and bound in inescapable catchiness. They are traits which openly fuelled Vulnerability, were echoed in The Unexplained, and now shine within Born to be Brave.

With its first breath McAllen’s warm vocals gently caress ears with a lone guitar alongside and in a few more the song is eagerly strolling along with summery melodies around darker hues of bass as beats dance. The accompanying jangle of guitar is just as infectious, the keen enticement carrying a Josef K like flavouring which just feeds the imagination. As with the previous song, a great eighties hue mingles with modern pop endeavour, their union enriching the instinctive bounce of band and a sound which infests ears and appetite with viral efficiency.

Having already enticed airplay on regional and national radio in the UK stretching to those in Switzerland and the US, Pyramid Park can expect plenty more attention and support with Born to be Brave, a song which has the spirit singing as loudly as the voices it also easily persuades to join in with its arousing proposal.

Born to be Brave is available now.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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