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Set up in 2013 by Emma Scott, Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging business getting artist’s music played on the radio and helping create a much needed buzz for their brand.

Emma has 25 years radio presenting experience and knows what radio presenters and producers expect from radio pluggers. She has worked all over the country with many different radio groups in the UK including Bauer Radio and Global Radio at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM, and is now plugging to a lot of people that she has a professional relationship with.

Working with unsigned and signed artists and bands, specialising in indie, pop, rock and metal, Pluggin’ Baby plugs releases to all types of UK based radio stations, large and small, as well as some stations from around the world too. Music is in its heart, is its passion, with Emma and co working closely with their clients for the whole of their campaigns.

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Pic Gwyn Williams

Making their live debut this past May at Tiny Rebel Cardiff, South-Wales based BLɅCKƎLVIS has stirred up eager attention and plaudits in swift succession and are sure to reap plenty more if new single, Gimme Ya Luv, is a true hint of the pleasures waiting within the band’s forthcoming EP, See Love. It is a multi-flavoured slice of rock ‘n’ roll as flirtatious and seductive as it is tenaciously eager,

Consisting of vocalist LEVi Tyrell Johnson, guitarist Ruben Kingman, bassist AndyExilded, and drummer C.J Collins, BLɅCKƎLVIS immediately grabbed ears with Gimme Ya Luv, bass and vocals united in captivating attention as flames of guitar subsequently spread the emerging canvas of temptation. A reggae nurtured swagger colludes with a funk bred swing as melodic rock flumes cross the song’s captivating landscape, Johnson’s voice as flavoursome and spirited to encourage listener participation.

With a just as infectious web of grooves to its enticement built body, the song quickly and persistently proved a virulent indeed addictive proposition; a teaser to an EP which if that can match the song’s imagination and flirtation is set to be one of the year’s most enjoyable offerings.

Gimme Ya Luv is out now.

Pete RingMaster 11/10/2019

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Luna Rosa – MK Ultra

As we await their new 5 track E.P, British rockers Luna Rosa have another teaser lined-up in the shape of new single MK Ultra. The successor to the well-received I In The Centre Of Pride, the Northamptonshire hailing band’s new song is a sizzling slice of psychedelic lined rock ‘n’ roll which swiftly got under the skin.

Formed in 2015, Luna Rosa has increasingly ascended the UK rock scene with an acclaimed live presence which has seen them share stages with the likes of Reef, Lightning Seeds, Glen Matlock, Twisted Wheel, Space, Bluetones, and Chris Helme and a host of singles earning strong support and airplay across a wealth of radio stations. I In The Centre Of Pride suggested another burst of invention and enterprise in the band’s sound which MK Ultra not only confirms but hints is even richer.

Heat shimmering guitars open up the song, their almost writhing threads of melodic enticement woven into a magnetic web of psych rock adventure around the as quickly emerging tones of vocalist/guitarist Rory McDade. It is a captivating affair with guitarist Aidan Furey continuing to cast alluring tendrils of melodic flame against the tenebrific hues of Charlie Thorneycroft’s bass and the crisply landing beats of Jack Connolly.

There is certain magnetism to the Luna Rosa sound with a tempestuous instinct to its imagination and in full tempting within MK Ultra, another track which suggests the band is set for busy horizons as their music and its growing prowess consumes more and more ears.

 MK Ultra is released October 11th with the full EP due the end of October.

Upcoming Live Dates:

15/10/19 – The Washington, Sheffield

16/10/19 – Craufurd Arms – Milton Keynes

17/10/19 – The Chameleon – Nottingham – This Feeling

24/10/19 – The Victoria – Swindon

01/11/19 – EBGBS – Liverpool

8/11/19 – Harveys – Luton

Pete RingMaster 11/10/2019

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Scarlet Rebels – Heal

As their last single suggested the subsequent rock prowess of debut album Show Your Colours, the new single from Scarlet Rebels echoes its qualities with an emotively fuelled slice of melodic enterprise. Heal is a song that draws ears with creative eagerness and leaves the same only wanting more of the Welsh rocker’s hard rock invention.

Formed from the foundations of V0iD, Llanelli hailing Scarlet Rebels made a potent mark with the No One Else To Blame single earlier this year lending greater anticipation for the release it came from. With Show Your Colours now luring new friends with its collection of melodic rock nurtured songs carrying bold and impassioned melodies aligned to spirit rousing choruses, its new single, the similarly emotion fuelled Heal, is poised to entice a fresh wave of attention and praise.

A tender guitar shared melody sets things off with the similarly earnest and magnetic tones of vocalist Wayne Doyle soon bearing the song’s heart. The guitar of Chris Jones continues to entice with its intimation as the keys of Josh Townshend caress the imagination, the calm rhythms of bassist Wayne Esmonde and drummer Gary Doyle courting their enterprise with matching craft before it all catches flame in a fiery roar.

Recorded with Tim Hamill (Lemmy, Girlschool, George Michael), Heal is a song embracing the familiar to spice its own individual character, a trait just as enjoyable within the first Scarlet Rebels album and one of many reasons why the band is earning a potent reputation.

Heal is out October 11th.

Upcoming Live Dates

Sat 19 Oct – Hanger 18, Swansea

Wed 23 Oct – The Waterloo Bar, Blackpool

Sat 16 Nov – Cornwall Rocks, Tencreek Holiday Park, Looe

Thurs 21 Nov – The Robin 2, Bilston

Sat 30 Nov – The Rock Den, Hatfield, Herts

Pete RingMaster 11/10/2019

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Fires of Freya – Take a Bow

It is hard not to love moments when uncertainty over something is vanquished by that very thing with sparked initial doubts; a battle between wills of sorts. The debut single from UK rock band Fires of Freya is one small example of that persuasion. Its first breath did not bring negativity but did not quite convince but as bundle of seconds eagerly came and went and we admit we subsequently found ourselves hooked on the fiery roar of Take A Bow.

Newcastle hailing, Fires of Freya embrace inspirations from the likes of Halestorm, HIM, Roxette, Evanescence, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys and Jimi Hendrix for their sound and imagination. The former on the evidence of this first release is a flaming blues rock meets broader melodic rock proposal though those in the know say there is an even richer tapestry of sound across their other songs.

A lone guitar opens up the track, its melodic invitation soon joined by a throaty bass and crisp beats. Swiftly vocalist Cheryl Reynolds joins up in the temptation, her voice a magnet in the invitation though as mentioned previously the song did not quite find the key to our full appetite. In saying that though, as guitarist Shaun Evans and bassist James Withington combined their endeavours alongside the potent beats of Dan Baldwin there was a definite catchiness which kept beckoning, Reynolds at its heart.

Equally all the while, a snarl grew in sound and voice, the emotive tones of Reynolds especially embracing it, which caught the imagination, it all leading to a chorus that had us bouncing. In turn its departure left a lingering edge of the intensity and fire that was freed to give greater power to song and temptation.

By its end, Take A Bow was in firm control of attention, the single making a strong and highly promising introduction to Fires of Freya and most importantly a very enjoyable one. If the band can find the full roar and bite in their sound they have plenty to suggest they could be a highly recognised name within the UK rock landscape.

Take a Bow is released September 21st.

Upcoming Tour dates:

 Friday 13th September – Edinburgh, Bannerman’s Bar

Wednesday 18th September – Newcastle, Head of Steam

Saturday 21st September – Slaley Live, Hexham

Saturday 21st September – Newcastle, Beyond Vinyl single launch night

4th December – Newcastle, Trillians

20th December – Stockton, Musiclounge

Pete RingMaster 11/09/2019

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Puppet Theory – Katia

Providing another potent slice of sound which draws on numerous flavours in its tapestry, UK outfit Puppet Theory have a new single poised to lure further attention the way of the Manchester based band. A fusion of indie rock, pop punk, and further eclectic melodic enticement, Katia is a prime example of what has gained the quartet a strong and eager fan base and a song with all the persuasion to earn them even greater recognition.

Formed in 2016, Puppet Theory has firmly risen through the British indie scene courtesy of a sound luring reference to the likes of The Killers, Circa Waves and Catfish and the Bottlemen and a live presence which earlier this year saw the band pack out Manchester’s Deaf Institute for their biggest headline show to date. Radio support has equally become keener and is sure to grab another keen moment with Katia such its easily infectious character.

The song gently coaxes ears as calm but choppy guitar lures align to synth caresses. Quickly the controlled but animated rhythms of drummer Paul Gallacher enhance the temptation with the similarly magnetic tones of vocalist/guitarist Chris Pickering. Their entrance brings the darker hues of Niall Musa’s bass and the melodic intimation of lead guitarist Johnny Hearldon alongside, the track blossoming in presence and charm as well as energy.

From there rock muscle and pop catchiness align with indie enterprise and emotive intensity, the song never feeding expectations but providing something familiarly infectious and openly bold. Uniqueness is probably not its strongest attribute but it does not diffuse its strongest traits, craft and temptation.

Katia is released September 13th.

Pete RingMaster 11/09/2019

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Scars of Protest – Switchblade

Given a certain platform of attention, some bands and artists use it to throw spotlights on issues that affect us all intimately and globally; exploring everything from apathy to corruption, bigotry to persecution and more. UK rap metallers Scars of Protest are one such proposition, an outfit which in their creative way provides a voice for those who are otherwise unheard and a band which writes some rather compellingly rousing songs as proven by new single Switchblade.

Formed in 2014, Scars of Protest are a Southampton bred incitement which over the years has built a potent reputation and sound. It is a praise carrying attention nurtured by a live presence which has seen the band share stages withy the likes of Crazy Town, Our Hollow Our Home, Canvas, Seething Akira, Shields, Create To Inspire, Carcer City, Aurora, Lock & Key, Empires Fade, UK:ID and numerous others.

With its successor, Weapons & Morals, already earmarked for release later this year, Switchblade immediately strides forth, thrusting its grooves and riffs upon as swiftly eager ears. Vocalist Tim Osmond rides the infectious turbulence with defiant voice and confrontational emotion, his words and diversity stoking the fires of thought as the grooves of guitarist Ash Henbrey work on the imagination; spirit and body incited by the composed yet vicious swings of drummer Harry Latter and the heavy audacity of Andy Baber’s bassline.

Together it is an inescapably rousing attack and lead; an uprising which it would be wrong to say does not have a thick Rage Against The Machine with also a touch of Powerman 5000 meets The Survival Code to it; yet it roars with an individuality which only sets Scars of Protest apart and easily commands attention.

Switchblade is released August 30th.

Pete RingMaster 30/08/2019

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Derange – Higher

With their last single impressing a mere few weeks back, a song helping suggest that 2019 could be a major year for the band if they provide more potent temptations like Divide, UK metallers Derange have done just that with its successor Higher. Ahead of their upcoming EP, Senses, both songs make powerful ear grabbing teasers for a release which if backing their prowess could be the breakthrough spark for the London outfit.

Formed in 2013, fair to say Derange has already made a thick mark through their 2015 debut album, The Awakening, and live presence. The release with its single The Thinker garnered strong praise and support from the likes of Metalhammer and PowerPlay while equally live the band has earned a potent reputation with their dynamic and varied melodic metal which this year alone has seen the band share the stage with Exist Immortal, On Hollow Ground, and Bloodywood. Ahead of a UK tour alongside Valis Ablaze, these singles and the potential of the EP they come from might just be the moment their name is naturally on a whole new expanse of lips.

Higher takes little time to suggest the reasons why. Cat Pereira’s ever captivating vocals open up the song, the guitars of Nick Crosby and Justas Brazdžiūnas swiftly by her side with their melodic wiring and subsequent sonic flames. Just as enticing is the dark snarl of Joe Macpherson’s bass, it all erupting in a melodic pyre swiped by the tenacious beats of Joe Farrel.

As the song’s imaginatively woven tempest continues to flare, Pereira spreads the diversity of her magnetic tones; the song continuing to relish the individual craft of all whilst rising in drama and adventure; a tapestry which only had ears greedier for their combined enterprise.

There are many familiar essences to the Derange sound yet with every track the freshness they are brought with is encroaching on uniqueness; another reason the Senses EP could see the band facing major recognition.

Higher is released August 30th.

Upcoming Live Dates with Valis Ablaze

September 1st – Bristol – The Lanes

September 2nd – Birmingham – The Victoria

September 3rd – Manchester – Satans Hollow

September 4th – Milton Keynes – Craufurd Arms

September 5th – Norwich – B2 Venue

September 6th – London – 229 The Venue

Pete RingMaster 30/08/2019

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Koburg – Love, Let It Rain Down on Me

As her new album looms closer it is hard not to feel a wave of really eager anticipation especially when chewing on another teaser for it in the shape of new single, Love, Let It Rain Down on Me. The track comes from Koburg, the symphonic rock solo project of Anastasia Coburg, and in a year already creatively busy for the London/Poole based songwriter/musician/ model, one which simply adds further depth to her reputation.

January of this year saw debut album, The Enchantress, released; a collection of tracks embracing the potential and imagination which fuelled Coburg’s previous guise, Jet Noir, but exploring bolder and richer musical exploration. Also acclaimed as synth player and backing vocalist with electro rock legends, Naked Lunch, she immediately grabbed attention with Koburg’s debut single Forbidden Realms which only escalated once that first album was unveiled. Just a few weeks back, the single Karma Is A Bitch set ears on alert for second album Position Of Power due in October. It was a song sharing a fresh spring of richness in  sound and craft within its captivating body, strengths shared and expanded by Love, Let It Rain Down on Me.

A track “about the overwhelming loss of power one feels when falling in love and the surrender involved when allowing oneself to be emotionally vulnerable”, Love, Let It Rain Down on Me instantly prowls the senses with a crunchy prowling intimation of sound. With electronics sizzling, the song continues to circle the imagination as Coburg’s ever magnetic tones begin sharing its heart before symphonic metal flames erupt and rock contagion ignites.

Drama soaks every subtle or vociferous note, seductive melodies sharing shadows as bold energies bring tempestuous emotions. It is a captivating mix and an enthralling encounter which, as its predecessor before it, effortlessly sparks another pang of eagerness towards the unveiling of Position Of Power.

Love, Let It Rain Down On Me is available now @

Pete RingMaster 30/08/2019

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StoneWire – FTM

As the band continue to work on their second album, UK outfit StoneWire have unveiled a new single, a track of fire and drama sure to raise intrigue and attention the way of their future release.

The roar of the band’s ear grabbing sound is a potent proposition, one bred on a blend of blues, heavy metal, southern and classic rock and already drawing strong praise within the band’s debut album, When The Crow Flies, released late 2014. Its track spawned numerous and regular airplays on stations such as TeamRock Radio, Kerrang! Radio, and XFM Rock Show and on a wealth of regional programmes and international based internet shows. If new song FTM is a hint of what to expect within its successor, StoneWire can expect further keen support, the song basking in the heat of new enterprise and dexterity and relishing a fresh flush of flavour.

FTM wraps a highly inviting blues groove around ears from its first breath, its heated shimmer echoed in further sonic company before a momentary calmness brings forth the magnetic tones of vocalist Sky Hunter.

From there blues nurtured grooves continued to lure and stir the appetite, the guitars of Gaz Annable and Duncan Greenway a perpetual enticement and arousal across the just as tenacious and persuasive rhythms of bassist Steve Briggs and drummer Rob Glasner. With Hunter’s voice a vociferous flame in the fire of craft and sound, the song burnt itself on the senses and passions; a potency sure to draw a great many into holding StoneWire a focal point as we all wait for that new album.

FTM is available now.

Upcoming Live Dates:

31st August 2019 – Herofest, Gravesend, Kent

27th September 2019 – Four Sticks Weekender – The Second Coming, London

26th October – The Audio, Glasgow with The Swamp Born Assassins

7th December 2019 – The Cavern, London

Pete RingMaster 20/08/2019

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Saints of Sin – We’re on Fire

We’re on Fire is the new single from UK rock band Saints of Sin and an apt declaration in regard to the blazing sound fuelling their latest outing.

Hailing from Christchurch, the quintet creates an infectious proposal out of a blending of classic and hard rock with numerous other flavours. Formed in 2013, the quintet has already lured eager attention through their debut album, Welcome to the Circus, of 2017 and more recently, acclaimed single Heart Attack. With their new album released this month, the latter encounter hinted at a fresh roar and enterprise to the band’s sound which We’re on Fire confirms with both making potent teasers to that self-titled Saints of Sin release and the rich adventure in their growing sound.

Straight away We’re on Fire erupts in ears, the guitars of Sparxx Jenkins and Sophie Burrell weaving a melodic invitation across just as inviting riffs as the rhythms of drummer Josh Rose bite and bassist Ash Jenkins grumble. The fiery catchiness of the track is swiftly enticing as too the potent tones of vocalist Rui Brito delivered in a heartily eager roar.

With its familiar classic roar nurturing and melodic hard rock tenacity, maybe surprises are few within the song but everything about We’re on Fire is a pleasure and rich invitation to the band’s new full-length.

Both We’re on Fire and the Saints of Sin album are available now.

Upcoming live dates:

31/08/19 – Hard Rock Hell Sleaze, The 02 Academy, Sheffield

04/10/19 – New Milton Memorial Hall

26/10/19 – Poole Zombie Festival

01/12/19 – The Fiddler’s Elbow, London

Pete RingMaster 20/08/2019

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Vix 20 – Hashtag Change /Me Gwanishi

For a pair of musicians who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry and stepped away from it for many years, the founders of Vix 20 continue to spring moments of unbridled virulent contagion with their songwriting and sound since returning. Their latest invasion of infectiousness comes through their new double A-sided single Hashtag Change /Me Gwanishi; two stomps which instinctively had the body bouncing and vocal chords hollering.

The creation of Gary Mills and CJ, Vix 20 had us, among a great many, enthusing about the duo’s return and their turn “to the dark side of pop” through previous single, Digital Age/Angel on my Jet Ski. Now ahead of a debut album also going by the name of Digital Age, the quartet has uncaged another two tracks of their eclectic power pop inspired sound to tempt right now and tease attention towards that eagerly awaited full-length.

Hashtag Change surrounds a mischievous cut-up of Donald Trump samples shaped as a love letter to his beloved Melania, a song bouncing along on a ska punk jangle as the pop antics of the band breed unapologetic catchiness. From melodies to hooks, rhythms to harmonies the track is an animated slice of contagious rock ‘n’ roll matched in zeal and energy by vocals and enterprise.

Vix 20 dips into their punk side for the just as devilish and impish Me Gwanishi. It too is an inescapable arousal of body and vocal chords, the song like a rascal mix of Radio Stars and Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias with a touch of I Am Duckeye for extra mischief. Even so and as established in previous songs, there is something truly individual to the Vix 20 sound which rides all spices and descends on ears with relish.

Both tracks only make the arrival of the band’s album hungrily awaited here and Vix 20 the place to go when needing great sounds and fun.

Hashtag Change /Me Gwanishi is out now.

Pete RingMaster 20/08/2019

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Luna Rosa – I In The Centre Of Pride

The first single taken from their forthcoming 5 track EP, I In The Centre Of Pride is the latest offering from UK rockers Luna Rosa which invites attention but not just suggests, it demands it.

With that EP scheduled for release late October, Luna Rosa has ensured it will be an eagerly awaited encounter through I In The Centre Of Pride alone. It is a swirling tempest of the band’s alternative and psych rock bred sound, a wind of power and enterprise which brews, grows, and roars like a sonic cyclone.

From Northamptonshire, the 2015 forming Luna Rosa is no stranger to attention and praise. Previous singles Fever, Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here, and recent track Mercurial Man have found strong airplay across a wealth of radio stations whilst live the quartet has shared stages with the likes of Reef, Lightning Seeds, Glen Matlock, Twisted Wheel, Space, Bluetones, and Chris Helme. Yet as the last of those trio of songs hinted at, the band has found a new depth and power to their music which is in full roar within I In The Centre Of Pride.

The song stirs on a calm guitar jangle, one soon joined by the bigger bolder beats of Jack Connolly. Their resonance in turn sparks greater intensity and drama in the guitars of Aidan Furey and that of vocalist Rory McDade as the bass of Charlie Thorneycroft strolls with a dancing throb. The psych bred sighs of guitar already spawned only become more heated and fiery as the song blossoms, the vocals of McDade equally as intense and tempting.

Everything about I In The Centre Of Pride proved addictive and with increasing potency by the play so that EP cannot come soon enough.

I In The Centre Of Pride is available now.

 Pete RingMaster 20/08/2019

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Skyfever – Burning Hands

Photo by Ray Keogh Media

Earlier this year we had the enjoyment of being introduced to Irish outfit Skyfever through the single Kings. It was a song which left a potent and memorable mark if not quite flirting with uniqueness. Recently the band unveiled its successor in the rousing shape of Burning Hands, a song which has the same depth of temptation in its sound and body but also carries a real tease of that individuality missing from its predecessor.

Having already caught the ears and imagination of Alice Cooper and found home amongst the sounds played at high profile sports stadiums including the stadiums of the New York Yankees, the Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers Liverpool FC’s Anfield and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, Skyfever are a simmering fire of attention which certainly sparked into greater life with Kings. It is easy to imagine that bubbling to further erupt through Burning Hands, a song with a heated sound emulating its title and a heavy rock ‘n’ roll instinct that demands attention.

The track sparkles into life, the sonic glitter soon bearing a fizzy thread of guitar as beats firmly set their tone. As swiftly the potent tones of Luke Lang are adding their magnetic roar, another potent lure within the cavernous lure and might of the track.

Everything about the song is pure power and though it reminds of The Ugly Kings in some ways, Burning Hands sears its own character and individuality on ears and easily found pleasure. With more encounters and bold adventures like this Skyfever will surely be a highly recognised name within the European rock scene.

Burning Hands is out now.

Pete RingMaster 20/08/2019

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Dead at 27 – Freak

Releasing their debut album, Bring In The Lights, last year South Wales heavy/alternative rock quartet Dead at 27 have had to get used to keen praise for their rousing sounds. It is a wave of attention and plaudits which is sure to continue as the Caerphilly unleash another track from that first full-length. Freak is easily our favourite track from the album and a song which epitomises the strength, prowess, not forgetting the slightly frenzied lining which makes their sounds firmly stand out.

Dead at 27 emerged in 2016 as the two man project of vocalist/guitarist Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey. It was a beast which had to grow though and soon drummer Chris Lerwell was added to a line-up subsequently completed by the addition of guitarist Dave Griffiths. Previous releases hinted at the likes of bands such as Therapy?, Foo Fighters and Reef but there has always been a certain individuality which is really vocal within the outstanding Freak.

There has always been a great feral edge to their voracious sound and the imagination which drives it but within the new single it borders the rabid; a great psychotic volatility fuelling its untamed attack and tempestuous breath even in the unexpected melodic twist which just captivated.

Throughout, Freak swings with an unhinged tenacity, creative nostrils flared and rock ‘n’ roll attitude to the fore. Every imposing rhythm is a welcome trespass, each throat rasping syllable keen incitement amidst the fiery fames of guitar. All together it makes for one thrilling track which as we said previously is easily for us the finest moment from Dead at 27 yet.

Freak is out now.

Upcoming gig dates

July 26th at Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

August 10th at Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

August 17th at Mothers Ruin, Bristol

August 25th Crownload Music Festival, Merthyr Tydfil

October 26th The Bunkhouse, Swansea

November 29th, McCanns Rock Bar, Newport

 Pete RingMaster 17/07/2019

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Desensitised – Emily

With their new album, Sister Psychosis, continuing to lure praise and attention, UK rock trio Desensitised have uncaged another ear grabbing single from its flavoursome body in the rousing shape of Emily. It is a track which needed little time to tempt, grab, and carry off eager participation in its brief but seriously virulent antics whilst simply suggesting that its full-length source just has to be the next port of call to all newcomers.

Swinging out of Nottingham, Desensitised have a sound which embraces the muscular roar of rock, the belligerent defiance of punk, and the contagious energy of pop. As Emily proves, it makes for an easily persuasive affair which only becomes more captivating by the play. There is also a strong essence which reminded of eighties British pop punk band The Photos too and that only added to the inescapable temptation and enslaving potency of a song quickly proving quite irresistible.

Straight away, the senses jabbing beats of drummer Claire Brookes ensured proper attention was stirred, the melody from the guitar of Libby Butterworth-Smith almost teasing as it wrapped the bold incitement. From its midst the bass of Charlotte Radford bounds forth, gripping those same ears as her equally magnetic vocals leap out. That in turn springs a full web of hooks and melodic adventure from the guitar, rhythms only increasing their urgency and flirtatious but forceful incitement alongside to match the creative eruption around them.

Though the song barely escapes the two and a half minutes mark, it leaves no second barren of temptation and contagion; all the while Emily declaring Desensitised a band all fans of pop punk and pop rock should take real notice of.

 Emily is out now with Sister Psychosis available on all major digital platforms with physical CDs available from official website

Upcoming gig dates:










Pete RingMaster 17/07/2019

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Sapien Trace – Precipice

Lifting off from the terrestrial climate of Newcastle upon Tyne, electro rock outfit Sapien Trace have just released new single Precipice from its earthbound moorings, a song swiftly taking ears and imagination on a Sci-Fi fuelled adventure which in turn effortlessly had the body bouncing.

Consisting of vocalist/lyricist Mark Dickinson, bassist Alex Brand, and drummer Dan Baldwin, Sapien Trace formed in late 2017. As their fusion of dubstep, electronica, and rock grew and evolved, the band soon drew references to the likes of Daft Punk, Rammstein and The Prodigy. Taking their new single alone, Precipice shares the sci-fi borne rock thrust and electro dub thump of UK’s Axis Mundi and the eighties electro pop of British Electric Foundation/Heaven 17 with Sapien Trace’s own individual character of sound. It is a mix which invites rather than seizes attention but leaves ears hooked and appetite engaged all the same.

The single soars in on an electronic wind before honing in on its concentrated flight of bold rhythmic incitement amidst radiant electronic intimation. Dickinson’s vocals are just as potent and enticing as the track continues to pulsate and vigorously shimmer; its pop instincts combining with thicker muscular temptation to incite ears and body alike.

Precipice is also a track which though it proved firmly enjoyable on its initial listen has simply become more addictive by the listen; a success which can only be lauded and recommended.

Precipice is out now.

Pete RingMaster 17/07/2019

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Koburg – Karma is a Bitch

As another highly anticipated album looms, its creator has raised the temptation with her latest single. Karma is a Bitch is a captivating teaser to Position Of Power, the new full-length from UK symphonic rock band Koburg and a song which whether a fan or new to the band just demands eager attention for itself and that forthcoming release.

Koburg is the solo project of Anastasia Coburg, UK based model and musician who had already captivated and hooked widespread acclaim in previous guise Jet Noir and as part of synth pop/electronic band legends Naked Lunch. With Koburg, Anastasia has unleashed the rock roar of her creativity, taking the previous dark electronic depths of her sound to a whole new landscape of drama and imagination. The evidence of its prowess was ripe within debut album, The Enchantress, that alone reason enough to keenly await its successor with Karma is a Bitch escalating the anticipation with its rousing incitement.

The single immediately entangles ears with a wiry guitar groove, its thick coaxing breaking for a tide of riffs and snapping rhythms as Anastasia’s powerful and alluring vocals step forward. There is an instinctive magnetism to her tones which the surrounding sounds seem to feed from, their melodic tendrils and inherent snarl an attention gripping combination to clasp her strengths.

With industrial essences at times adding to the rich tapestry of flavours making up its rich body, Karma is a Bitch simply enthralled; the song’s bite and growl as potent as its fiery seduction. It was also an encounter which just inflamed the thought that Position of Power cannot come soon enough.

Karma is a Bitch is available now @ with Position of Power due for release in October 2019.

Pete RingMaster 27/06/2019

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Indya – Gimme Ya Luv

There is one thing you can say about the sounds and releases of British outfit Indya, they come with certain predictability; an expectation which it is going to captivate and thrill which the band’s new single, Gimme Ya Luv more than proves. The most unique and multi-flavoured offering from Indya yet, the song grips ears and imagination like a predatory seductress leaving both eager in its infestation.

Formed in 2015, Indya is the project and creation of Natalie Indya West, a singer songwriter who studied music at The Brit School for performing arts & Technology in Croydon before furthering her musical training at Colins Performing Arts College in Romford, Essex with a Diploma in Professional Music Theatre the result. From the release of early single Harder Faster, Indya proved there was fire in the belly of its sound which demanded attention and a rousing breath which commanded the same. By the release it is a sound which has grown and evolved, becoming broader in its flavouring and richer in its imagination, Gimme Ya Luv openly relishing that growth.

Taken from Rebel Music, Indya’s forthcoming new album, Gimme Ya Luv instantly shimmers upon the senses, electronic activity an intrigue coated glow soon embracing the ear grabbing tones of Natalie. Already there is an industrial edge to the darkness ventured, an essence soon collaborating with metal and rock induced temptation. Throughout the guitars of Aaron King and ​​ ​Andy Basiola share raw intimation, almost taunting the imagination as the predacious prowl of Save BlackJack’s bass and the deliberate and controlled swings of Joel Day’s beats offer as much threat as seduction.

Combined it proved a seriously compelling proposition, the song a gripping incitement bordering the frenzied but deviously controlled in its touch.

Gimme Ya Luv is released July 12th.

Upcoming Indya Show Dates: ​​ ​​

29th June WILDFIRE FESTIVAL- Scotland ​​

30th June HOOK & GUN FESTIVAL- Wakefield ​​

6th July BBC LIVE SESSION with JON HOLMES BBC RADIO KENT- Tunbridge Wells ​​

6th Sept- Phoenix Bar – High Wycombe ​​

13th Sept Percys Bar – Whitchurch ​​

22nd Sept Metalworks The Monarch – Camden ​​

27th Sept RAVENFEST- Wigan ​​

26th Oct The Saddle Inn- Chester ​​

27th Oct The Hope & Anchor- Brighton ​​  ​​

Pete RingMaster 27/06/2019

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Armada Of Secrets – No Strings (Attached)

There is nothing better than coming across a sound which teases and taunts the listener to try and pin it down but evades any precise claim offered. UK duo Armada Of Secrets have that kind of sound; a blend of flavours and styles which come together for something which “the band themselves have struggled to define” but as they also suggest is “infectious once heard.” No Strings (Attached) is proof of that virulence, the song a nagging persuasion which stirred attention with instant success and only intensified its contagion thereon in.

London-based (via Slough) Armada Of Secrets is the creative union of Caroline Kabera and bassist Carl Dawkins, the pair first meeting in music school after the former immigrated to London from Ruanda. Their debut release was the Kiss and Tell EP, a striking encounter bred in the enterprising throes of post punk, alternative rock, dance, and more which received a reboot last year. A hiatus saw Dawkins tour the world with a variety of bands while Kabera worked hard for women’s care refuge charities whilst continu8ing singing locally. 2018 saw them reunite and work on new material; a collection of songs making up their latest EP which currently can only be discovered via a series of clues on their website and social media sites.

No Strings (Attached) is its first single and instantly had its claws into ears and appetite as Dawkins’ bass craft laid a web of temptation; its grooves proving swiftly irresistible. Kabera’s individual tones were just as magnetic, her voice carrying a Skin like hue to its emotive potency. As a guitar teases and drums rumble across its slim but thickly compelling landscape, the track just wormed under the skin. The post punk exploits of the bass hinted at the likes of Gang Of Four and The Three Johns whilst Kabera brought an edgy alternative/melodic rock dexterity which easily united with that steelier lure.

With No Strings (Attached) our first eager meeting with Armanda Of Secrets we took a quick venture back to that first EP and can confirm that the new single is not unique in compelling sound and character but it takes both to new heights and oh yes, it is seriously infectious once heard.

No Strings (Attached) is out 2nd August with physical copies available from 6th September while the band’s new EP is officially released on the 25th October.

Pete RingMaster 27/06/2019

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Scarlet Rebels – No One Else To Blame

With an album just waiting to reveal its tenacious body of instinctive rock ‘n’ roll, South Wales hailing Scarlet Rebels have set out a potent teaser with their new single, No One Else To Blame. Released a handful of weeks before that keenly anticipated full-length, the single provides an eager lure with its melodically fiery, classic hard rock lined roar.

Llanelli bred, Scarlet Rebels were formed from the foundations of rock band V0iD; a band releasing a trio of well-received albums before, “with the re-energised and re-imagined line-up” before us now, emerging in their current guise in 2018 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Wayne Doyle, bassist Wayne Esmonde, and drummer Gary Doyle were joined by lead guitarist Chris Jones and guitarist/keyboardist Josh Townshend, the nephew of Pete Townshend and son of The Who guitarist Simon Townshend. Released in August, Show Your Colours is that upcoming debut Scarlet Rebels album, a release produced and engineered by Tim Hamill (Girlschool, Lemmy, George Michael) which if No One Else To Blame is anything to go by will host a feast of ear grabbing rock ‘n’ roll.

The song is a track with energy and spirit in its breath and discontent in its heart, from its first melodically flamed throes casting dispute upon the world today and the protagonists guiding it. As the song sweeps in, rhythms swiftly begin jabbing at the senses as melodic threads escape the guitar, Doyle’s potent tones soon in the persuasive mix. Heightening its anthemic holler in its melodically fired chorus, the track continues to tempt and arouse as individual craft and tenacious rock ‘n’ roll shapes its magnetic character.

Not necessarily unique but as fresh a slab of rock music as you would wish for, No One Else To Blame just hit the spot with verve and enterprise; as suggested providing compelling bait for that forthcoming album.

No One Else To Blame is released July 12th with Show Your Colours scheduled for release August 9th via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.

Upcoming live shows:

Sat 29 Jun – Wildfire Festival, Wanlockhead

Fri 05 Jul – GigFest, The Old Vaults, Oswestry

Fri 12 Jul – The Iron Road, Pershore

Sun 14 Jul – SOS Festival, Longfield Centre, Prestwich

Fri 09 Aug – ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW, The Patriot, Crumlin

Sat 17 Aug – The White Horse Inn, Tiverton

Sat 24 Aug – MoFest, Melbourn Rock Club, Meldreth

Sat 31 Aug – Den Fest V, The Rock Den, Hatfield

Fri 11 Oct – The Palladium Club, Bideford

Sat 19 Oct – Hanger 18, Swansea

Wed 23 Oct – The Waterloo Bar, Blackpool

Sat 16 Nov – Cornwall Rocks, Tencreek Holiday Park, Looe

Thurs 21 Nov – The Robin 2, Bilston

Sat 30 Nov – The Rock Den, Hatfield

Pete RingMaster 27/06/2019

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The Heartland Collective – I Just Don’t Know

Pic Alex Telfer

Though the new single from Britain’s The Heartland Collective sees an artist releasing a record for the very first time you cannot help feeling that music has been his life and spirit for a whole long time as fan and creator. Indeed debut single, I Just Don’t Know, is one of those tracks which just revel in inspirations whilst finding its own individuality, and the kind of song which gets under the skin in no time.

The Heartland Collective is the creative project of North East musician Michael Johnson, a Durham hailing artist embracing the strength of the internet by using a collective of imaginative musicians from his own city, other parts of the UK, and those residing in Austria, Netherlands, Canada, The United States, and Ecuador. Main inspirations are said to include Sex Pistols, Foo Fighters, and Tom Petty, understandable influences when enjoying the old school punk and melodic/hard rock collusion within I Just Don’t Know.

Equally there is a Ramones meets seventies power pop hue to the quickly persuasive encounter, other spices just as rich and enticing within the track’s own undeniable individuality. Being just one song we have yet to hear if it represents the true heart and sound of The Heartland Collective but I Just Don’t Know just made us want to find out and hear much more.

Michael Johnson may have taken his time to finally musically step forward but his debut offering suggests the time is right for him and our ears.

I Just Don’t Know is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Pete RingMaster 04/06/2019

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The Cazales – A Certain Quackery

Stepping from the creative embrace of North Wales, The Cazales are an indie pop band which has just put the tease on real attention with the release of their new EP and its magnetic lead single.

Formed in 2015, the Wrexham hailing quintet have firmly built a strong local reputation , one increasingly spreading its wings through the band’s live presence and a debut EP in 2016, Real Emotion, soaked in potential and enterprise. This year alone has been a potent adventure for the outfit, a debut headlining show at EBGBS in Liverpool and gigs in Sheffield and Manchester backed by their first ever appearance at Focus Wales 2019 supporting Boy Azooga. Now The Cazales has A Certain Quackery keen to entice ears and attention led by its rather fine lead single, She Wants You Dead.

As its predecessor, A Certain Quackery was produced by Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp) and swiftly caught the imagination with that first single as it opens up. Apparently a “subtle tribute to Winona Ryder”, She Wants You Dead instantly caressed ears with its guitar jangle, its thick nagging just appetite sparking before the song slipped into its firm and controlled stroll. Even so there is a dark volatility to the song, an underlying tempestuousness which never erupts but certainly brings rich character and texture to the emerging body of temptation. With an alluring Editors hue to its breath, the track only proved increasingly irresistible note by note, play by play.

Kamikaze Love is next up, it too taking mere seconds to grab ears as the guitars of Josh O’Brien and Steve Jones cast a dance of riffs within its hooks loaded rock ‘n’ roll. The voice of Tom Matthias as in the opener is an equal coaxing into the arms of one effortlessly catchy encounter. With great rolling rhythms from drummer Sean Hughes and bassist Mark Griffiths, it is a captivating mix of the familiar and new, a blend just as enticing within next up Auf Wiedersehen. Its gentle invitation is potent enough but when the song slips its shackles and launches into a boisterous canter it had hips and vocal chords doing its bidding with ease, throughout rhythms again one rousing manipulation.

The EP closes up with Addiction and its Mighty Lemon Drops-esque jangle. Americana spiced flames soon add to the variety of flavouring emerging by the chord and though the track did not quite match up to its predecessors for personal taste it simply brought the release to a fine and enjoyable close.

The Cazales have a sound which is not boldly unique but it is as fresh and tasty as you might wish; EP and its excellent first single revelling in both.

She Wants You Dead and the A Certain Quackery EP are both available now across most stores.

Pete RingMaster 04/06/2019

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Gumshoe – When Things Started to Ignite

Springing from the breakups of previous bands, Gumshoe is the solo project of British musician/songwriter/producer Philip Hampson. It is an exploration said to have emerged from its creator’s “no other desire but to continue to create weird soundscapes and tales of his hometown…” and if debut single, When Things Started to Ignite, is a clue to future adventures with Gumshoe we are in for a lot of ear pleasing fun.

With an EP planned for release later this year, Hampson swiftly provides a potent introduction to Gumshoe with a lively and joyous slice of indie/electro pop rock with a host of additional flavours involved. There is a definite eighties synth pop hue to its temptation, the song reminding of Paul Haig across its infectious stroll and also of Shriekback with its unpredictable but similarly virulent rhythmic pulse. As guitars and keys align to Hampson’s magnetic tones, the song also relishes a modern almost haunting enterprise and essence just as bold in its contagious character.

From start to finish When Things Started to Ignite simply seduced, its creative teases receiving keen attention as its vibrant swing and imaginative twists worked a similar bounce to quickly receptive bodies. Every band and artist hopes for the kind of debut you just cannot ignore, in three and a half minutes Gumshoe has grabbed that success with glorious ease.

When Things Started to Ignite is available now @

Upcoming Live Dates:

Odd Frog, Barrow – 07/06/19

Another Fine Fest, Ulverston 15/06/19

Fudstock, Cavendish Park – 31/08/19

Pete RingMaster 29/05/2019

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Dig Lazarus – The Joker

Like many we have been taken with the sound and recent singles from UK rockers Dig Lazarus but it is fair to say that it has all been the build up to something bigger and bolder as hinted by the band’s new single, The Joker.

Coming just before the release of a new EP, The Joker is a rousing slab of voracious rock ‘n’ roll which puts anything from the Nuneaton outfit to date in the shade . It is some going as Dig Lazarus has provided some truly ear gripping songs but their latest track just fired up the passions from its first snarling breath like nothing from them before. Merging grunge and stoner with ferocious rock ‘n’ roll The Joker brings and revels in a new wave of enterprise and voracity to the trio’s sound.

From an opening gnarly growl from Atticus Hall-McNair’s bass aligned to the steely growl of guitar cast by Ash Tustain as drummer Jack Cotterill’s splinter the senses, The Joker had it claws into personal instincts and appetite. Its rapacious stride is just as magnetically imposing as its textures gather and spring forth tenaciously heavy grooves. Within seconds the song’s rock ‘n’ roll had ears hooked, Tustain’s vocals adding to the captivation as the song settled into a calmer trespass with a persistent volatility to it which erupts with similarly hungry catchiness throughout.

Punk irritability and metal ferocity only adds to the temptation soaked web of a song which, as already suggested, easily steps to the head of the band’s striking encounters to date. If The Joker is a sign of things to come, their new EP is going to be breaking down doors for Dig Lazarus and potentially see hordes of new fans flock their way.

The Joker is out now with the band’s new EP scheduled for release May 31st.

Upcoming live dates:

Sat 1st June – Camden Rocks Festival London

Sat June 15th – Karns – Hinckley

Sat 22nd June – The Crew Nuneaton

Sun 30th June – Wildfire Festival, Wanlockhead Scotland

Sat 20th July – The Royal Standard (Tramlines Fringe Festival) Sheffield

Mon 22nd July-  The Maze Nottingham w/ Massive

Wed 24th July – The Waterloo, Blackpool with Crobot

Fri 16th Aug Motherwell Concert Hall Motherwell w/ Foo Fighters GB

Sat Sept 7th – The Crew, Nuneaton

Pete RingMaster 29/05/2019

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Emerald Sunday – What Becomes of You

As they put the finishing touches to an eagerly awaited new album, Scotland’s Emerald Sunday has just unveiled lead single What Becomes of You; a song quickly proving itself one of those teasers which  just leads you to want to take a bigger bite of that larger morsel of sound.

Dundee hailing, Emerald Sunday was created in 2008 by guitarist Alan Hunter and bassist Scott Crawford. Initially a local cover band, it was a vehicle for their creativity which swiftly grew and evolved into its own unique proposition. Recent years have been marked by the band sharing stages with the likes of Primal Scream, Big Country, Embrace, Example, From The Jam and many more whilst a pair of singles has headed charts and debut album, Lay Down On The Highest Cloud forged its own distinct impact of the Amazon Rock Chart. With its line-up completed by vocalist Mike Martin, guitarist Matty Fleming, drummer John Morgans, and keyboardist Andrew Taylor, Emerald Sunday is now looking forward to releasing second album Willow with What Becomes of You a potent appetiser.

The new single is a gentle yet rich encounter with the band’s melodic rock ‘n’ roll. From its first guitar caress, the track lured ears, the quickly following stroll of rhythms and energy just as inviting. In turn Martin’s warm tones only add to the temptation on offer, the song blossoming with each subsequent wash of keys and melodic flame to escape guitars.

As familiarity blends with individuality What Becomes of You is little short of captivation whilst providing a magnetic lure towards that new Emerald Sunday album

Pete RingMaster 29/05/2019

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Haytor – Sirens

Leaping out of Devon, Haytor is an already keenly supported band which is set to fire up their presence and reputation within the UK music scene with the release of new single Sirens. Like its namesakes, it is a song which simply lured ears and attention but unlike their devilish intent it only rewards with energetic pleasure.

Formed in 2016, the quintet of vocalist/pianist Austin Robison, guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins, bassist Cameron Robison, and drummer Cal Verney have firmly established themselves upon the southwest music scene venturing beyond with their spirited indie pop. They draw on bands such as Panic! At The Disco, Coldplay, DNCE, Walk The Moon, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, and The 1975 for their own vibrant sound, a varied mix which is echoed in the flavoursome depths of their new offering.

Sirens initially coaxes ears with the gentle lure of guitar, Robison’s warm tones soon joining the eager invitation before similarly mellow keys and the just as composed but bouncy call of rhythms add their bait. Straight away the song firmly holds attention but truly comes alive with its lusty chorus, Robison magnetic within the radiant jangle of guitars and general hug of sound and with every eruption of that delicious chorus it simply blossoms further, the moments in between only adding to its rich allure.

Across its pop rock body the track somewhat reminds of American outfit Paper Jackets but lays down plenty of Haytor individuality which will only empower song and the band ahead and the fact we already really want to hear more from them says it all.

Sirens is out now.

Upcoming Live dates:

May 26th – Kindred Spirits Festival in Launceston

June 15th – Moorhayes Festival in Tiverton

July 14th – Grand Western Canal 10k & Festival

Pete RingMaster 01/05/2019

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Derange – Divide

Another British band which has drawn praise loaded attention and eager support since emerging a few years back is London hailing Derange and they can expect plenty more of both with the release of new single Divide. It is a commandingly powerful and fiery slice of technically shaped alternative metal which left us greedy for plenty more.

Since emerging in 2013, Derange followed up well-received first singles Ego and Unleash with the firmly acclaimed Change EP and in turn their Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Sikth, Amorphis and Evile) produced 2015 debut album The Awakening.  The high praise gathering release of the latter was followed by the band successfully striking further out live across the UK and Europe with shows and festival appearances. Last year saw the band uncage their single Runaway with Elicit Music and play alongside Exist Immortal during their UK tour. Now they have left a rich mark upon 2019 with Divide, a track which alone declares Derange one of the UK’s most potent potential loaded propositions.

An atmosphere hug lures ears first but it brings a swiftly unveiled and forceful sonic wind with it which is just as easy to embrace. Within a few breaths more Cat Pereira shares the striking power, prowess, and dexterity of her voice; melodies and throat rasping scowls no obstacle to her ability and temptation. Similarly rich enterprise springs from the guitars of Nick Crosby and Justas Brazdžiūnas, corrosive riffs and imaginative wiring cast with craft and enterprise around the rousing exploits of drummer Joe Farrell and the brooding lines of Joe Macpherson’s bass.

It all makes for a magnetic blaze of sound and emotion in a song which maybe is not forcibly unique yet has the flair and imagination to stand well away from the crowd. Will 2019 be a big year for Derange? Well if they give us more temptations like Divide we see no reason to doubt it.

Divide is out now.

Pete RingMaster 01/05/2019

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Kill The Silence – All We Are

With their looming fast new EP, Bloodlines, UK outfit Kill The Silence recently set up a rather tasty teaser in the shape of new single All We Are. A commandingly infectious slice of the band’s melodic post hardcore, the track is one of those infections where a willingness to shake it off is never contemplated.

The Leeds hailing quartet arose out of the initial creative union of songwriters Jason Walsh and Sam Rickerby, the pair meeting at Leeds College of Music late 2012. Three years later the two released a pair of EPs which embraced a sound inspired by the post-hardcore and metalcore likes of Lower Than Atlantis, Bring Me The Horizon, Gallows, and Deaf Havana. Their success transferred to the band’s live presence with sold-out headline shows and festival appearances combining with stage sharing with bands such as We Came As Romans and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. A brief hiatus was followed by a return in 2018 of the band with bassist Ian Souch and drummer John David Wallis expanding its ranks. Comeback single, You Should Know, lured potent attention and praise with Killing The Silence soon embarking on a UK tour supporting Ashestoangels.

With previous also well-received single Memories still working its temptation on new fans, 2019 has already seen the band support the likes of Shvpes and The Virginmarys and has now been given another rich success to chew on in All We Are ahead of the keenly anticipated Bloodlines EP.

The single leaps from the speakers with relish, riffs and rhythms a collusion of power and tenacity which soon transfers to the spirited vocals and melodic enterprise equally enjoying the track’s instinctive enthusiasm. The punk heart of the song easily entangles with its melodic metal dexterity and the imaginative twists and turns which only blossom greater temptation.

Featuring Mikey Lord from As Sirens Fall, All We Are is bold and muscular and as eagerly infectious as the common cold but much more fun.

Roll on Bloodlines is all we have left to say as it is sure, on the evidence of this great track and its recent predecessors, to wake up a great many more to the presence and rousing roar of Kill The Silence.

All We Are is available now with the Bloodlines EP due for release May 13th.

Pete RingMaster 01/05/2019

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Dig Lazarus – Tell Me Why

Sonically unkempt but imaginatively stylish, Tell Me Why is the new single from British rockers Dig Lazarus. It is one of those tracks you may feel you know as soon as a note bursts from the speakers yet there is nothing predictable about its rousing steps and anthemic enterprise. Like an old friend reincarnated, the track is instinctive rock ‘n’ roll driven by fresh creative winds.

Since emerging a few years back, Midlands hailing Dig Lazarus has from winning the Original Bands Showcase in Leicester gone on to earn strong praise from a live presence which has seen them share stages with the likes of The Virginmarys, The Brew, The Bad Flowers, SKAM, and Tequila Mockingbyrd and last year for the critically-acclaimed four-track EP, Outlaw. The band’s sound springs its own character from a web of inspirations ranging from Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Muse, Biffy Clyro, and The Subways; influences, many of which, that are audible in varying degrees within Dig Lazarus’ music but rich flavouring rather than the heart of a new track which leaps upon rock instincts

A song about “someone losing their way; straying from the right path”, Tell Me Why immediately grabs ears with a riff, the first of a strolling surge courted by swinging rhythms. The equally magnetic vocals of guitarist Ash Tustain add to the growing lure, he backed by the just as potent tones of bassist Atticus Hall-McNair. Invitingly raw and just a little on the dirty side, the incitement of sound soon had feet and neck muscles animated, its increasingly infectious nature working away as keenly as the flying beats of Jack Cotterill.

 As suggested there is something so familiar about the roar of Tell Me Why but a spicing only adding to its individuality and inescapably catchy and rousing antics; rock ‘n’ roll deeds which just warrant attention.

Tell Me Why is out now.

Upcoming Live Dates

Fri 10th May – The Iron Road – Pershore w/Ryders Creed, Empyre & The Rocket Dolls

 Sat 1st June  – Camden Rocks Festival – London

Sat 22nd June –  The Crew – Nuneaton

Sun  – 30th June   Wildfire Festival, Wanlockhead – Scotland

 Sat       20th July  – The Royal Standard (Tramlines Fringe Festival) Sheffield

Mon  –  22nd July    The Maze – Nottingham w/ Massive

Wed 24th July – The Waterloo – Blackpool with Crobot

 Fri 16th Aug   –  Motherwell Concert Hall Motherwell w/ Foo Fighters GB

Pete RingMaster 25/10/2018

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Brocarde – Last Supper

From performing and storytelling as a young girl, the path to the release of debut single Last Supper is a story of creative adventure, determination, and artistic exploration. It has been an increasingly striking and successful journey, to swiftly sum up its aspects embracing design in clothing and jewellery as well as the finding and bringing the true musical soul and voice to her instinctive surface. Now cinematic and captivating artistic storyteller Brocarde is ready to unveil her musical theatre and fair to say we for one are already bitten.

Born in a rural village in Oxfordshire and London-based Brocarde casts a sound upon Last Supper bred in the hungriest essences of metal, rock, and punk with plenty more besides embraced. Its tale is inspired by her personal experiences with celebrity culture yet spreading its arms to grab the expansive darkness in life waiting to devour our journeys. It comes with an equally compelling video, a warped sanguinary fairytale giving life to the song’s own visual confrontation.

Like a Tartarean nightmare emerging from the combined imaginations of Ann Radcliffe and Edgar Allan Poe amidst the musical trespass of Kidneythieves and Venus de Vilo, Last Supper devoured the senses and imagination from its first orchestral breath, a thick tease soon spawning the track’s cauldron of voracious variety and rock boldness. Brocarde’s voice is just as dramatic and striking, honestly unleashed and unapologetically forceful in its contempt and captivation.

The uniqueness of artist and sound is just as swiftly established; certainly you could find references to give a clue to the character of song and artist but mere teases to their rich, iniquitous and indeed deliciously sinful exploits.

Last Supper is a collusion of theatre, cinema, and personal nightmares; its sound a maelstrom of equally expressive styles and all together one simply irresistible debut.

Last Supper is out now.

Pete RingMaster 25/04/2019

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Your Life & Mine – Better End The Heartbreak/Remind To Remember

Ahead of their new EP set for release this summer, UK outfit Your Life & Mine have sparked eager anticipation of its arrival through their latest single, Better End The Heartbreak, with another ear grabbing proposition in the shape of its successor, Remind To Remember. Both tracks epitomise the prowess and rich sound of the band which has already seen them lure eager acclaim whilst offering a new wealth of adventure and enterprise.

Hailing from Sheffield, Your Life & Mine emerged in 2016. By the spring of the following year, debut EP Emotions Aside, had attention and praise hooked. Its success paved way to the quintet sharing tour stages with the likes of The Amity Affliction, We Are The Ocean, Shoot The Girl First, Blessthefall, Novelists and Our Last Night as well as play sell-out headline hometown shows.

The band’s current single keenly shares the established strengths of the band with a fresh maturity in songwriting and craft, Better End The Heartbreak a song impossible to ignore or forget. From its opening composed yet fiery breath, melodies caress and riffs stir, the guitars of Zak Glossop and Matt Baxter teasing and captivating with their lures. Equally the potent tones of Bill Hobson come soaked in enticement, his impassioned harmonic vocals similarly lined with an emotive edge which just taps into thoughts and appetite.

Driven by the lively rhythms of drummer Chris Ogden and bassist Josh Vasquez, Better End The Heartbreak swiftly and easily captivated; a success their new track echoes with matching energy and creative endeavour. Released in support of YoungMinds and written to help raise awareness about how bullying can affect the mental health of young people Remind To Remember is a calmer affair yet securely wrapped in emotive shadows and fuelled by intimate angst. There is infectiousness to the song’s stroll all the same which had hips swaying in no time and strength to its words which had imagination and reflection firmly engaged; the fire in its belly just as persuasive.

As ears effortlessly grabbed both tracks, eagerness for the forthcoming Under One Roof EP only escalated, Your Life & Mine as their individuality continues to blossom more than suggesting that their horizons will be rather fruitful.

Better End The Heartbreak is out now with Remind To Remember available through donations to YoungMinds @

Pete RingMaster 25/04/2019

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A Band Called Jack – Changes

As shown by previous single Kiss Me and Voices before it, the music of UK outfit Abandcalledjack has a multi-flavoured character which means expect the unexpected and assume a fresh breath with every track. It is a suggestion borne out by the band’s debut album last November and now confirmed once more by their latest track Changes.

The Manchester hailing quartet seed their music in indie folk rock but as Kiss Me proved, single and album, it is unafraid to venture into broader styles and inspirations. It has proved a potent lure on record and on stage where the band has already shared live successes supporting the likes of The Chameleons, Big Country, and Paolo Nutini. Between them, the earlier mentioned singles nurtured their lures in folk pop infectiousness and indie pop/rock respectively but Changes is solidly seeded in the folk bred side of their music.

A gentle but firm saunter drives the song as evocative melodies align with a melancholy enriched yet vibrant bassline cast by Neil Armstrong. The potent tones of vocalist Mark Caldwell soon join the mellow and catchy reflection as strings spring their intimation within the melodic enterprise of guitarists Matt Brookes and Aidy Whyatt. The folkish charm of the song enriches song and ears from start to finish but equally there is a whiff of Brit pop to the encounter which only adds to the flavoursome body serenading the senses.

Once more Abandcalledjack has provided a different shade to their sound and again they have captivated our ears.

Changes is available now.

 Pete RingMaster 15/03/2019

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The Landed – Don’t Look Up To The Stars

Together for many a year, UK band The Landed have developed a knack for writing songs which feel like a familiar friend from the off but only share a fresh and infectious breath. Certainly that is the case with their latest single Don’t Look Up To The Stars. It feels like a track already logged in the memory and pleasure banks but pretty much evades precise comparison to anything or anyone else.

Consisting of the Hale brothers, Paul and David, alongside Dan Currie and Paul Jannece, the Colchester hailing band create melodic rock which straddles indie and more anthemically bred rock ‘n’ roll. It is a mix within Don’t Look Up To The Stars which brings a punch to the song’s hand aligned to an instinctive melodic dexterity and pop vibrancy. There is also a great folkish hue to it which only adds to the rich recipe of the track and indeed the band’s infectious sound.

Don’t Look Up To The Stars initially serenades with radiant harmonies before quickly getting down to its seriously catchy canter where chords and rhythms unite in an infectious swing as vocals instil their own alluring spice in the temptation. It is the variety of flavours and the song’s natural swing which seals the deal between the appetite and the band’s craft and imagination though; a union lingering beyond the song’s presence.

Potent from the off and increasingly addictive thereon in, Don’t Look Up To The Stars is one of those songs which nags away until attention is in its hands then it simply haunts the memory.

Don’t Look Up To The Stars is out now.

Pete RingMaster 15/03/2019

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Jaz Mattu – Prisoner/The Bridge

As his previous single continues to lure people to the debut album it comes from, British singer songwriter Jaz Mattu has just released a pair of brand new tracks, a pair which openly build on the potential and prowess of his first collection of ear pleasing songs.

Kent born now based in London, Mattu is a multi-instrumentalist with a flair for melody nurtured rock songs equipped with pop catchiness. That much was in clear evidence within his first full-length, Sanguine Man, released early last year and more than cemented by a clutch of singles it shared across subsequent months. His music embraces a host of flavours including rock, funk, jazz, pop and electro in its character and voice. His last pair of singles, Gosh You Can Talk and Photo Cache proved it is a tempting mix which is now shaping the potent lures of his new songs.

 A song about “being trapped in your mind watching others achieve your dreams, then resolving to ignore them and focus on yourself”, Prisoner immediately winds a fiercely coaxing groove around ears, his guitar inescapable bait into the song’s eagerly waiting stroll. Soon punchy rhythms join Mattu’s vocal lure, each reinforcing the song’s catchy bounce as keys add a fuzzy relish to the enterprising rock ‘n’ roll recipe. Quickly under the skin and only increasing its grip on attention by the minute and listen, the song is a richly satisfying addition to and step on from the previous successes in Mattu’s songbook.

Its companion is The Bridge, a song which looks at mental health and “finding a new purpose in life, realising it’s worth living”. More controlled in its energy, the track opens with a classic rock ‘n’ roll bred invitation which is soon accompanied by the just as reserved but bold rhythms and vocals; all the while the guitar continuing to spin its web of alluring sonic temptation as new flavours emerge. Included in those is a surf rock breeze which blows as an eighties electro rock hue spreads across the resonance soaked encounter, haunting melodies only adding to its magnetism.

Both songs, especially the second, reveal a new craft and invention to Mattu’s songwriting and sound which if a sign of things to come will have us among many others paying closer attention.

Prisoner and The Bridge are out now.

Pete RingMaster 15/03/2019

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The Virginmarys – S.O.S.4.U.N.I.

The best rock ‘n’ roll is bold and raunchy with a vein of “fuck You” to it; all potent attributes which fuel the new single from UK rockers The Virginmarys. Swiftly enthralling, S.O.S.4.U.N.I. is a collusion of devious seduction and untamed snarls shaped with a sure hand of craft and imagination and alone provides all the reasons why the band is being so hungrily praised and supported.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Ally Dickaty and drummer Danny Dolan, The Virginmarys has pretty much grabbed ears and plaudits from its first breath and certainly from the release of 2013 debut album King Of Conflict. Its successor, the Gil Norton (FooFighters, Pixies) produced Divides, took the Macclesfield hailing duo to new plateaus of both though now it is fair to say that their third and current album, Northern Sun Sessions is a whole new level of maturity, songwriting, and spirited sound which S.O.S.4.U.N.I. (pronounced S.O.S for you and I) forcibly emphasises.

From a gentle melodic start cast by Dickaty’s guitar and subsequent vocal harmony, the song pounces on the senses led by the inescapable manipulative swings of Dolan. Hitting its rousing stride, the track had the body bouncing with zeal to match its own ferocious but welcoming boisterousness; its virulence, especially unavoidable in a chorus which grips like a dog with a bone, instinctively and skilfully flooding song and listener alike.

Quite simply S.O.S.4.U.N.I. is a slice of merciless and galvanic rock ‘n’ roll; the kind of tempting which makes rock music so joyously addictive.

S.O.S.4.U.N.I. is out now.

Pete RingMaster 08/03/2019

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Mallen – Pull The Trigger

A potent reflection of the goods within the album in which it lays, the new single from British modern rock band Mallen is a cauldron of temptation and creative prowess. Pull The Trigger is like an open fire of sound, its metal laced heavy rock flames licking at the senses as melodic heat and vocal intensity dances n the imagination.

 Taken from last year’s debut album Polarity, the new single from West Midlands hailing Mallen is bred on a fusion of flavours from melodic metal and hard rock to more punk and pop natured flavours. Pull The Trigger emerges as a mix of familiar and unique hues; a song never allowing predictability to make an appearance but equally at times rising up like an old welcome friend epitomising the strength and captivation to be found within the David Radahd-Jones (Heavens Basement) recorded Polarity.

Straight away Pull The Trigger had its claws in ears and attention as wiry strands of guitar enticed the company of thicker hungry riffs. Subsequently guitarists Dann Pritchard and Rhys Broomhall weave a magnetic tapestry of melodic and sonic incitement, enterprise matched with power and individuality by the brooding basslines uncaged by Joe Horton, they aligning to senses flailing but inviting beats.

If that is not compelling enough, the voice of Kelly-Jane is pure magnetism, her tones as dexterous and impassioned not forgetting powerful as the music she stands tall within.

Striking on the first listen, more impressive and enticing thereon in, Pull The Trigger is a fierce enthralling blaze alone marking out Mallen as a band to keep close tabs on as they eagerly rise towards the fore of the UK rock scene.

Pull The Trigger is available now.

Pete RingMaster 08/03/2019

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Skyfever – Kings

Photo by Ray Keogh Media

When you have Alice Cooper as a fan, eager to share praise and the music itself on his social media, you know the recipients must have something to them. Irish outfit Skyfever is that band and have just unveiled new single Kings, a song revealing plenty of reasons as to why the Dublin quintet is winning such attention and plaudits.

As well as catching the ears of a rock legend, with Skyfever also being featured on his worldwide-syndicated radio show, the band has had its music played as part of entertainment at a host of high profile sports stadiums including the homes of the New York Yankees, the Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers as well as in the UK, Liverpool FC’s Anfield and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. With numerous radio stations especially in the US also playing their music it is fair to say that Skyfever is making a mark which Kings will only reinforce.

The track is an ear friendly, spirit rousing proposition blending the familiar with the enticingly fresh and immediately had attention hooked with its soul nurtured flame of guitar across punchy rhythms. Within a few more inviting breaths the mix is a full lure of temptation with vocalist Luke Lang impressing within the incandescent web of guitar cast by Brian Clarke and Tyson Harding. There are hues of bands like INXS and early U2 to the song as it roars away, classic and hard rock spicing adding to the captivation while driven by the just as infectious union of Ciaran O’Brien’s pulsating basslines and the swinging beats of Karl Hand.

Taken from current EP, Rear View Mirror, maybe Kings is not particularly unique but it is inescapably memorable and tenaciously enjoyable s it hit the spot with its creators a band it is not that hard finding a rather healthy appetite for.

Kings is out now.

Pete RingMaster 08/03/2019

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Dead at 27 – Lights

Having grabbed a host of newly aware ears and lured them to their well-received debut album with previous single, Envy, Welsh rockers Dead at 27 are at it again with its just as enjoyable successor. Taken from Bring in The Lights, a first full-length which has earned potent praise to match that already whipped up by the band’s ferocious live presence, Lights is a tenacious and lively slice of predacious alternative rock easy to see leading a new wave of fans and attention the way of the Caerphilly quartet.

Emerging in 2016 from the link-up of vocalist/guitarist Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey, Dead at 27 quickly grew with drummer Chris Lerwell joining the duo and after a debut EP in 2017, the addition of guitarist Dave Griffiths. Last year, Bring In The Lights aroused the UK rock scene to the growing sound and potency of the band, attributes echoed in previous track Envy and now through the compelling Lights.

The single quickly gets down to dirty business, its breath composed but on the side of feral as raw inviting melody meets raw riffery. Gratton-Smiths vocals are equally a blend of textures, snarling yet harmonic simultaneously to match the sounds around him. With punchy bordering on cantankerous rhythms and open imagination to the hooks and grooves which infest the steady stroll, the song increasingly grips and trespasses the senses.

At times it relaxes and maybe loses its intensity a touch but soon picks it up again with every twist and turn of adventure which emerges and the persistent anthemic prowess fuelling the highly enjoyable track. As its predecessor, Lights impresses whilst suggesting the band’s sound is still evolving and finding its true character meaning times with Dead at 27 ahead can only be eagerly anticipated.

Lights is available now.

Upcoming Live Dates Include…

March 23rd – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

April 26th – The Doll’s House, Abertillery

June 9th – Glastonselfy Festival, Caerphilly

Pete RingMaster 08/03/2019

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Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts – Black Diamonds

It is not wrong to say that singer songwriter Matt Mitchell has been part of some of Britain’s most potent propositions over the past couple of decades, while providing the vocals and more for Pride, Colour Of Noise, and one of our favourites, Furyon. Taking his new solo single, under the name Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts, as evidence he is not likely to be just a bit player in the UK’s metal and rock landscape any time soon either. Black Diamonds is an incandescent slice of blues scented rock ‘n’ roll loaded with grooves which taunt the imagination within a melodic web that just as equally arouses the senses.

With Furyon on an extended hiatus and Colour Of Noise coming to a close in 2017, Mitchell swiftly took to exploring and casting his own solo sound; inviting guest players to bring his music to persuasive life. Bred from a “general theme of coming to terms with the inevitability of a fading relationship”, Black Diamonds has been alone a bit of a journey in creation. Inspired by the big changes Mitchell experienced around its writing, the new single started out with a different title, chords, lyrics and arrangement. As different ideas and imaginations became involved and time passed, it continually evolved to subsequently emerge one fiery slab of magnetism.

Immediately the song entangles ears in a tempting groove, a guitar almost taunting attention before being joined by the resonating boom of the bass and a Hammond bred haze of keys. As Mitchell’s familiar potent tones join the mix, the song drops its heat a touch before boiling up again for one fiery chorus. It is a seriously contagious mix which only tempts the imagination further as the track embraces its own inner enterprise and adventure as well as a host of rock hues.

Simply put, Black Diamonds is a gem of an introduction, the kind which sparks real anticipation for what comes next and knowing Matt Mitchell it will more than live up to the promise and pleasure laid out by this striking encounter.

Black Diamonds will be released January 25th.

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2019

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Mark Mathews – Down Under Girl

Down Under Girl is a tease of a song, one which gently fingers ears before seducing them as it builds its melodic roar. It is also the new single from British singer songwriter Mark Mathews, an artist who has built a rich reputation for his music and live presence, something the track only adds to.

London based, Mathews has over the past handful of years been voted one of the best artists in London by readers of the Metro newspaper, awarded first place in the Indie International Songwriting competition, and nominated for 2 Indy Music Awards for best live act. It is also a time his every busy live presence has seen him perform with the likes of Andy Fairweather-Low, Dodgy, Frank Turner, The Draytones, and Dan Le Sac alongside releasing a host of very well-received singles and EPs. Released on Australia Day, Down Under Girl is his new slice of folk infused indie pop; a song which from a serene sway soon had us eagerly bouncing.

From within a balmy sigh, an acoustic guitar initially lures ears, its melodic jangle soon joined by Mathew’s warm tones. The track’s humid air continues to embrace the song and the senses, its sultry almost muggy breath marked by a matching twang as voice and guitar stroll with a growing eagerness. With every passing chord and lyrical declaration there is an acceleration in energy and temptation, the track rising up into a lively stroll with a fiery glaze to its climate while all the time increasing its persuasion.

Taken from upcoming new EP, Fizzy Beasts, and produced by Andrea Lepori (U2, Jack Savoretti, George the Poet), Down Under Girl is an eagerly magnetic piece of intimate and wider set romance; a song which left us with a smile inside and a spring in the step.

Down Under Girl is released January 26th.

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2019

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The Nile Deltas – Life

Releasing their new EP on Christmas Eve, UK rockers The Nile Deltas have reinforced its potent arrival with a new single which simply lures ears and attention. Taken from the Life EP, Don’t Play With Me is a playful almost mischievous romp highlighting the bands tempting blues and soul soaked rock ‘n’ roll; both offerings we can only recommend.

Hailing from the Midlands, The Nile Deltas is a quintet which openly embraces inspirations ranging from Free and Whitesnake to The Black Crowes and Rival Sons; a fresh sounding union of the familiar and the band’s own individual flavours. It is led by the heart sharing tones of vocalist Craig Blencowe; an ingredient which commands attention but only matched in temptation by the prowess of his companions.

The Life EP opens up with that new single, Don’t Play With Me instantly luring ears with a smouldering flame of guitar before almost as swiftly the tantalising Hammond keys of Giles Minkley add their tempting alongside the firm bait of rhythms. Within seconds the song is into is controlled but eager swing, Blencowe adding his magnetic tones to a mix unapologetically infectious but with a knowing restraint to its stroll. The track easily got under the skin with its chorus as memorable as it is persuasive. Exposing the creative potency of guitarists Nige Thompson and Tom Lord alongside the rhythmic dexterity of bassist Bruce Hartley and drummer Damon Clarridge as the ever tempting sound of an enterprisingly played Hammond seduces, the track is a superb invitation as single and EP lure.

Lying Eyes follows; it too teasing attention with heated guitar before keys and vocals share their own humid hues. Slipping into its own infectious saunter, the song brings a bounce to its lively croon which just taunts hips to stay still before Dust Me Down launches its own individual sortie of rock ‘n’ roll enterprise. As those around it, the song is a fusion of recognisable flavours and new endeavour and though it did not quite have us bouncing as its predecessors, the track captivated with ease.

The closing pair of A Little Soul and the EP’s title track brings things to a just as pleasing conclusion. The first is another which did not quite stir the senses as forcibly as other songs but left ears enriched and keen for more whilst its successor just had them greedy with its soulful balladry courted by a catchy gait. Emerging our favourite song, Life is a compelling balmy serenade with fire in its belly and soul in its breath much as its broader namesake.

The Nile Deltas are beginning to spark a real stir with their richly enticing sound and the rather splendid Life EP reveals all the reasons why.

The Life EP and new single, Don’t Play With Me, are out now via Blue Room Records.

Upcoming live shows:

Sat 30/03/2019 – Crazy Cowboy III Festival – Facebar, Reading

Sat 27/04/2019 – Kent Bluesrockfest VII – Gravesend, Kent

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2019

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Jupiter in Velvet – Metanoia

Never one to settle into a pigeonhole sound wise but an artist which has honed an identity which even anonymously lures you to only one source, Jupiter in Velvet has just uncaged one contagion of a single in the irresistible shape of Metanoia. A unique echo of the adventure and rousing imagination found within his latest and seventh full-length, Beautiful New Day, the new single epitomises the web of flavours which make up the Jupiter in Velvet sound and the teasing magnetism it more often than not holds.

Like a creative vine, Jupiter in Velvet encroaches into the rich depths of rock, metal, and indie pop for his music, but as Metanoia shows alone it is a sound as much punk, electro rock, psych rock and more besides. The new single embraces a seventies glam sheen to its equally feral rock ‘n’ roll, breeding a character something akin to T-Rex meets The Wildhearts to try and pin it down a touch. Hooks and grooves entangle as rhythms pounce and an instinctive pop swing infests song and ears, Metanoia bouncing along with a viral swagger as the distinctive and just as alluring tones of the artist roar.

With blues hues also getting involved in many of the track’s virulent moments, Metanoia is one seriously memorable and irresistible slice of Jupiter in Velvet rock ‘n’ roll and a thick lure to Beautiful New Day which we will be exploring elsewhere.

Metanoia is out now.

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2019

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MeMe Detroit – Life in the now EP

Having been hooked on recent single Churchside Inn and being even tighter ensnared on its new successor De Moe we thought rather than just looking at the new single we would embrace the whole of the Life in the now EP which houses both ear grabbing tracks and three other equally compelling treats.

They are all the creation of British/Colombian Latina, MeMe Detroit who was raised on the outskirts of Stratford-Upon-Avon in the UK. Growing up with and inspired by a family generational box of vinyl she developed and honed her own poetic and songwriting talents which are now in rich captivating force within Life in the now. With drummer Barney Such and bassist Paris Moon Fennell alongside, Detroit springs a sound on ears as punk and grunge irritable as it is indie/hard rock contagious; attitude and enterprise oozing from every note and syllable escaping the band’s imagination.

It makes for a rousing proposal in Life in the now, a release immediately sparking attention and appetite with opener Churchside Inn. Managing to be even more irresistible by the listen, now into multi double figures since its single release a few weeks back, the track instantly grips with its bold rhythmic invitation; the swings of Such bold and tenacious. Quickly the song’s snarl launches the heart of the track, Detroit’s scuzzy guitar and seriously magnetic tones leading the surge of incitement, aligning its lures to the throaty growl of Fennell’s bass. Springing hues of L7 meets Distillers to its otherwise individual flavour, nineties riot grrrl another keen spicing, the song sizzles and grumbles like an inescapable virus carrying thick pleasure in its contagion.

The following Soc Med Junkies is just as much an epidemic of rousing sound and incitement. From its delicious opening hook and subsequent vocal seduction under swarthy sighs to its subsequent rhythmic rumble and fractious eruptions, the song ingrains its raw yet elegant beauty under the skin; only intensifying its seduction and control thereon in before making way for the band’s new single.  If the entrances of its predecessors are irresistible, the rising of De Moe (meaning the tired or weary in Dutch) was pure manna for our appetites, the gnarled stroll of the bass glorious and only reinforced by again Such’s swinging prowess. The predacious edge instantly installed is embraced by Detroit’s vocals too before melodic dexterity flames, the repeated cycle enslaving already willing passions for the adventure of the outstanding track. If you need a doorway into the magnetic realm of MeMe Detroit, there is no better invitation than that of her simply superb new single.

 The EP concludes with firstly the relatively calmer but just as lusciously untamed Will You Be My Lie?, a song which has an Stevie Nicks meets Bikini Kill hue to its siren-esque temptation and lastly Run Riot. Whereas the first has a warm if unsettled heart and reflection, its successor is an exuberant stroll of feral rhythms and frisky sonic enticement as raucously rowdy as it is pop punk bouncy; both providing the EP and ears with a mighty finale.

As much as we recommend their previous singles and vociferously the latest, we can only truly suggest going straight to their source and grabbing a slice of real punk/grunge rock goodness with the Life in the now EP. Why have one song when it has five rousing and invigorating encounters to rise up and roar with.

The Life in the now EP is out now across most online stores as too new single De Moe.

Pete RingMaster 07/12/2018

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Peter118 – Money and Lies

Continuing to prove themselves one of the UK’s most essential, rousing punk propositions, Peter118 have just uncaged their new single Money and Lies, a track bristling with defiance, attitude and spirit rousing incitement.

Since emerging in 2014 with their Make It Or Break It EP quickly enticing attention, the band initially a solo project for former Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Peter Field, Peter118 has established itself as one irresistible and irrepressible proposition. Now a trio of drummer Sam Critchley and bassist Janine Read alongside her husband Field, the Stoke based Christian punks continue their knack of unleashing singles which just make you want to rise up with Money and Lies.

From its initial lure of guitar the single gripped ears, the swift wall of anthemic enticement driven by voice and enterprise which further erupts to seal the snare. The senses scathing jangle of guitar and robustly intrusive beats just add to the captivation and inescapable incitement of its intent, Field’s mighty tones a conductor in the avalanche of hooks and riffs bringing submission to the track’s door.

A mouth-watering merger of old school rawness with modern day dispute, Money and Lies is one of those moments which makes you want to stand up and roar with it against the world.

The track also features on the band’s recent split with US punks The Bricks via Raven Faith Records, another offering only the foolish and apathetic will ignore.

Money and Lies is available now @

Pete RingMaster 07/12/2018

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Little Brother Eli – Oops

Seeing the year off in rousing style, UK outfit Little Brother Eli have just released new single Oops, a song which greedily infests the body as it connects with personal thoughts and experiences. Most of all it is an occasion which makes you want to dance with vocal chords in full flow.

Hailing from Oxford, the quartet of Alex Grew, Joshua Rigal, Adam Stowe, and Benji Page weave essences of pop electro, and rock with kinetic dance inviting beats aligned to salaciously devilish hooks. As their new single proves, it can be a boisterously funky affair with a growl to its breath and anthemic prowess to its touch.

Oops instantly beckons ears with its bold beats as eighties scented keys caress, that swiftly fuller flirtation as a guitar jangle joins with the potent presence of vocals. The track continues to enticingly simmer with the intimation of greater audacity until it erupts in a chorus which just burrowed under the skin. At this point the body was unavoidably bouncing to the lively spirit of the track as vocals and lyrics expressed the breath of someone “besotted…When you desperately, secretly want a relationship to be more than it is.”

Clever little twists and subtle but open moments of unpredictability add to the imagination and pleasure of the song, the swing of the body and lust of appetite proof to its irresistible incitement. The track in many ways reminds of another emerging proposition in US band Paper Jackets, two emerging ‘newcomers’ which on evidence of recent releases could be driving pop rock on both sides of the big blue very soon.

Oops is available now.

Pete RingMaster 07/12/2018

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DeeVer – Only Enemy

pic Tracy Kidd

After releasing a trio of ear enticing singles since emerging in 2017, UK rockers DeeVer have unveiled arguably the most persuasive teaser for their debut album with new track Only Enemy. The song is available as a free download with a pre-order of their first full-length, You Need This which is released February1st, and carries all the intimation that it is going to be an encounter to eagerly anticipate.

Hailing from the North East of England the quartet has been likened to bands such as Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Royal Blood, and Muse but as Only Enemy shows, all scents to a richer individual flavour of sound merging the familiar with the inescapably fresh. Brought together by ex-Inglorious guitarist Billy Taylor, DeeVer also carry something of a Widhearts meets The Senton Bombs breath to their latest track, a slice of muscle rippling rock ‘n’ roll with a lyrical insight which hits the spot, the song exploring the “diminished sense of self-worth, created by the need for validation through social media and the internet.”

Entangling the rousing essences of hard rock and melodic metal with a roar of punk attitude, Only Enemy throws its punches from its first breath, hungry riffs and swinging rhythms an imposing yet welcoming attack instantly laying down anthemic incitement which the subsequent flow and evolution of the track only accentuates. Taylor’s vocals make for a keenly engaging incitement backed by the band, his riffs and melodies alongside the matching enterprise of fellow string teaser Stevie Stoker easily devoured adventure.

With the bold and lively beats of Dan Higgins uniting with the equally assured and intrepid dark lines of bassist Phil Appleton, Only Enemy simply adds to the suggestion, started by previous singles Fire at Will, All Come Running, and Alright that DeeVer has all the armoury and daredevil to make a major dent on the British rock scene.

Only Enemy will be free available as a free download with the pre-order for DeeVer’s debut album, You Need This. For more info…

Pete RingMaster 07/12/2018

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Piqued Jacks – Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind


It seems that with every offering from Italian outfit Piqued Jacks the band becomes more impressive. They have just released the second single from their new album, The Living Past, a track which easily got under the skin and into the heart with its rousing emotive roar.

Hailing from Buggiano, near Florence, Piqued Jacks laid down a potent teaser of their third album with previous single Loner vs Lover but as rich in sound and temptation as it was for us it is blown away by its successor Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind. Exploring the theme of a relationship threatened and jeopardized by the judgements, differences, and scepticism of others, the song is a melodically and emotionally rich slice of alternative rock with a hint of folk and pop imagination.

Its initial melodic coaxing within atmospheric intimation easily drew ears and thoughts into the waiting charms of vocals and rhythmic shadowing. There is volatility in the calm though which ignites with graceful but imposing flames as the song builds and erupts into its vociferous chorus.  It is a glorious moment all the more striking because of that slow but determined build, it all creating a crescendo which tempts spirit and vocal chords.

Piqued Jacks is a band on a certain rise and with more tracks like the mighty Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind and indeed those within the album which embraces it, it could be a rapid ascent into some of the biggest spotlights.

Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind is out now.

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2018

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The Virginmarys – Look Out For My Brother

Pic by A Debbie Ellis

With November 16th going out to prove itself an exciting day for music, it also sees the release of the new album from The Virginmarys led by new single Look Out For My Brother. The track is a thunderous proposal, rousing rock ‘n’ roll with a roar in its heart and voice providing impossible to ignore reasons why the band’s latest full-length has to be checked out.

The duo of vocalist/guitarist Ally Dickaty and drummer Danny Dolan are no strangers of course to acclaim through their previous albums starting with 2013 debut King Of Conflict. Its successor, the Gil Norton (FooFighters, Pixies) produced Divides followed suit but if Look Out For My Brother is a sign of things aflame within, Northern Sun Sessions is going to eclipse both in sound, strength, and success; indeed Dickaty recently announced that “I’m more excited about this record than any others we’ve done. We’ve created a beast that sounds massive. There’s a lot of freedom in this record, I’ve felt liberated and closer to the spark that had me writing in the first place.”

Look Out For My Brother is an instant lure for ears; a teasing guitar leading the vocal call of Dickaty before the song hits its full rock stride. Contagion drips from every groove and rhythmic strike, erupting in a chorus roar ensuring any essence of the body not involved is full engaged.

With its blues liquor and anthemic prowess, Dickaty and Dolan echoing the new energy and fresh breath which floods the track, Look Out For My Brother is pure temptation and as suggested a command on intrigue to go explore Northern Sun Sessions.

Look Out For My Brother and Northern Sun Sessions are out November 16th

Upcoming Virginmarys live dates:

 20 Nov – BRISTOL, The Louisiana

21 Nov – LONDON, Hoxton Square B&K

22 Nov – LEEDS, Brudenell Social

24 Nov – MANCHESTER, Club Academy

28 Nov – GLASGOW, Stereo

Pete RingMaster 16/11/2018

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Toby Benson – Lonely

November 16th sees the release of Refracted Moments Volume III, the final part of a three project which has already seen keen praise and attention. British acoustic singer/songwriter Toby Benson provides a very potent teaser for the final part of three through new single Lonely, a song which had ears, vocals chords and attention in its palm in no time.

London based, Benson has been on a potent rise through the UK music scene since releasing his debut EP in 2014, a collection of songs recorded with award winning composer Xiaotian Shi. The first two parts of Refracted Moments have escalated his emergence and praise and there is no doubting such the strength and magnetism of the four songs it offers, the final piece will spark a new level of eager attention upon his imaginative music.

From its first stringed breath, Lonely is a caress on ears and thoughts with Benson’s alluring tones cradled by the melodic suggestion of guitar and similarly intimating keys. Emotion soaked, reflection driven, the track grows in sound and potency by the second, its rock heart uniting with its instinctive intimacy resulting in a great Poets of The Fall like tempting.

Some tracks instantly stick in the memory and passions, the three minutes plus of Lonely is a moment in time which certainly lingers whilst suggesting Benson as one of the truly exciting singer songwriters coming through right now.

Lonely is out now.

Pete RingMaster 16/11/2018

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Dead At 27 – Envy

Bold and ballsy, Envy is one of those singles which just makes you want to know and hear more. The new offering from Welsh rockers Dead At 27 is a feisty slice of alternative rock with a rich stock in further styles and energy, a song and sonic proposition which easily stands out from the crowd.

Hailing from Caerphilly, Dead At 27 was formed in 2016 by vocalist/guitarist Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey. In quick time the duo became three with the addition of drummer Chris Lerwell and subsequently released their first EP in 2017. The addition of guitarist Dave Griffiths that same year completed the band’s line-up. This past August, the band unveiled debut album, Bring In The Lights; a potent teaser for which comes in the shape of Envy.

The single takes little time to leap through ears with eager riffs and swinging rhythms, each enticing as they welcome the full body of the song and the potent slightly gnarly tones of Gratton-Smith. It is a great mix swiftly full of enterprise and flavour, the song something akin to Bush meets Therapy? with a healthy tinge of Reef/Foo Fighters for extra spicing. In saying that, its individuality is set early and reinforced by the tenacious rock ‘n’ roll which follows.

Envy is a song which lingers beyond its time, each memory a potent lure back and indeed into a just as enjoyable first album.

Both Envy and Bring In The Lights are available now.

Upcoming Live Shows:

25th November – Jacs, Aberdare

5th January – The Duke, Neath

19th January – The Dragonffli, Pontypool

Pete RingMaster 16/11/2018

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Van Rockman’s Honeybus – Poppy Fields

Released for Remembrance Day, Poppy Fields is the new single from Van Rockman’s Honeybus and a track which is as suitably poignant and in many ways as haunting as the occasion deserves. The track was inspired by a beautiful war time love letter which vocalist/bassist Tim Fisher found back in 1969 when he gave a friend a hand in renovating an old remote herdsman’s cottage no one had lived in for over 50 years near Earlswood in the West Midlands.

South Birmingham’s Van Rockman itself is a band which back in the day has supported Spencer Davies, The Troggs and many others. With its line-up completed by lead guitarist John Lowry, keyboardist Dave Lynn, and drummer Harvey Eggington, the band last year released their debut album, The Lost Tapes, a collection of tracks written between 1969 and 1974 which they had hoped to release 42 years ago but thanks to A&R at a major label, who took but never passed on their demo, the chance was gone. Discovery by Fisher in his mother’s attic of those tracks though has meant finally they did see the light of day and very welcoming ears.

In regards to The Honeybus, they had many hits with Can’t Let Maggie Go their greatest moment , hitting the Top 10 in 1968 and with whom Fisher played in back in 1991.

Poppy Fields rises on a sonic sigh, its radiant invitation soon met by the melodic suggestion of guitar and keys as Fisher’s magnetic tones share the evocative presence and strength of the words. They continue to be the rich captivation of the song perfectly delivered by Fisher but are potently wrapped in sounds as full of intimation and emotional density, often almost fiery. Without music the lyrics make for emotional poetry which anytime of the year would make you stop and think but with the melodic caress to its gentle serenade Poppy Fields is pure captivation.

It is impossible not to be touched by dark pasts and loss this time of year and Poppy Fields adds its own little piece of personal history to the rich tales of those who paid the biggest price for our own freedom and endeavours.

Poppy Fields is available now; check out its video here.

Pete RingMaster 09/11/2018

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The 109’s – The Pound

When everything is a purposeful and indeed resourceful lure you know you have a rather potent proposition on your hands or in this case your ears as UK rockers The 109’s uncage their new single. A slice of classic rock bred with a fresh swagger to its enterprise, The Pound is a song which manages to be simultaneously unassuming but inescapably contagious.

Taken from their current album released this past June, Hollow Point, new offering The Pound follows well-received single So Long and would not surprise if it did not match or surpass the success of its predecessor or an album which has sparked attention and radio play not only in the UK but across the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The band itself hails from Fleet in Hampshire and embraces a mutual love for late ’60s and early ’70s rock with bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who, MC5, Grand Funk Railroad and AC/DC inspiring, the latter according to the band a particular spark to their latest single but as the track reveals a rich spicing rather than a major ingredient.

Straight away The Pound sets its riffs driven stride in ears, an infectious groove casting its classic rock appreciation as rhythms tempt. Like the sounds, the lead vocals of guitarist David Gamril are far from imposing but a fully enticing element in the swiftly magnetic track, the tones of fellow string-stringer, Matty P, just as potent as too their combing sonic enterprise.

The enticing throb of Andrew Horstead’s bass and he crisp beats of Steve Collings simply add to the captivation grabbing attention, it all combined providing an old friend like but re-energised encounter which needed no more than one attempt to get under the skin.

The Pound is out November 9th.

 Pete RingMaster 09/11/2018

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A Band Called Jack – Kiss Me

Ahead of their new album Kiss Me, released November 3rd, British outfit A Band Called Jack are releasing its title track as an ear grabbing teaser. It is a song which has a calmness to it which barely disguises its instinctive catchiness and infectious enterprise; a mix sure to lead a host of new ears and breed keen anticipation towards its bigger namesake.

Manchester hailing, A Band Called Jack has already offered one potent lure this year through previous single Voices, a song highlighting their reputation and strong ascent through the UK music scene which has already seen the band share a stage with The Chameleons, play with Big Country, and support Paolo Nutini in front of 10,000 people at Castlefield Arena. Voices garnered airplay on over 100 radio stations across the UK and beyond and it is not too hard to expect its successor to spark the same eager support.

Musically, A Band Called Jack create what they call urban folk rock, a proposition nurtured with inspirations from the likes of REM, Crowded House , Talking Heads , Radiohead , Kloot, and Bryan Glancy. Voices embraced the indie pop/rock side of their sound, the song at times like an offspring of a union between REM and The Mighty Lemon Drops. Kiss Me though springs from the band’s folk leanings but certainly a song with keen pop infectiousness.

A seductive collusion of melancholy and romantic reflection, the track caresses ears with guitar coaxing initially though swiftly the magnetic shadows cast by Neil Armstrong’s bass alongside spirited beats align to the melodic flirtation and intimation cast by the guitars of Matt Brookes and Aidy Whyatt. All the while a boisterous roar brews as vocalist Mark Caldwell and the strings of a violin effortlessly captivate, a holler erupting in a rousing chorus and an irresistible roar of a finale.

Kiss Me is a song which we predict will have your body swaying and vocal chords echoing its endeavour in swift time; we can attest to that. It also makes for a tasty appetiser for Kiss Me the album and a band a great many more will surely be turning to ahead.

Pete RingMaster 25/10/2018


Jaz Mattu – Photo Cache

Whipping out another track from his debut album, singer songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Jaz Mattu sets out another reason why he is beginning to stir keen praise and attention. Upcoming new single, Photo Cache, is a ripe example of his multi-flavoured rock bred sound, a track very easy to get caught up in.

Based in Kent and London, Mattu began the year releasing his first album, Sanguine Man; a fourteen strong collection of tracks which embrace a host of flavours including rock, funk, jazz, pop and electro. A few weeks back the single, Gosh You Can Talk made a firmly enjoyable teaser for the full-length; it a late seventies/early eighties new wave/rock hued temptation earning praise and radio play. Photo Cache similarly embraces that particular time in musical adventure but springing from its more punk bred exploits and inspirations.

From its first stirrings, a prize hook teases ears; its caped crusader like groove the spark to a bold stroll alongside the untamed but compelling vocal lure of Mattu. Musically too, the song has a raw glaze inspired by a scuzz coated guitar which accentuates the eager fusion of punk, rock, and new wave tenacity not forgetting catchiness.

A song about “the Faustian pact that artists and musicians have to make with social media”, Photo Cache offers another enjoyable hook to not only Sanguine Man but to attention for one emerging potential soaked artist.

Pete RingMaster 25/10/2018

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The Survival Code -Take It As It Is


Quite simply, Hopelessness Of People from British outfit The Survival Code is one of the most irresistible and addictive albums of the year, if not the most to our mind. It hosts a collection of alternative rock bred tracks which are as animated in hooks and instinctive catchiness as they are dynamic in sonic and lyrical imagination. Confirmation and a rich reminder of the fact is now provided by the band’s new single, Take It As It Is, a song which had the body bouncing, ears greedily attentive, and thoughts exploring its knowing intimation.

Consisting of lead vocalist guitarist Gary McGuinness and drummer/backing vocalist Tom Cook, The Survival Code has simply grown in songwriting, sound, and reputation since releasing their 2015 debut album, MMXV. Inescapably powerful, dynamically bold, and relentlessly rousing, the recently released Hopelessness Of People saw all that growth coming to a head with a bang. Take It As It Is epitomises the fresh maturity and invention flowing through the release and for those still to be bitten, makes for a teaser and introduction which refuses to be ignored.

Its calm entrance is a swift coaxing of ears and attention, Take It As It Is almost nagging with its opening lure of guitar before McGuinness’ potent tones break with a throaty bass pulse and swinging rhythms for company. At the same time melodies spring from his guitar like animated wires, appetite ensnaring hooks keenly sprung from the whole web of enterprise escaping every aspect of the muscular emotion fuelled encounter.

With a great Sick Puppies hue to its plaintive roar, though just a spice to the individual voice of The Survival Code, the track needed less than a listen to get under the skin, working deeper with every subsequent meeting; success repeated across the whole of Hopelessness Of People we can declare.

Since its recording Cook has left the band to be seamlessly replaced by Simon Hartop, the band ready to burst into its next adventure and chapter, one which tracks like Take It As It Is more than suggest will be just as exhilarating.

Take It As It Is comes out October 19th.

 Upcoming Live Dates:

November 1st – Nambucca – Holloway

November 29th Dublin Castle – Camden

Pete RingMaster 19/10/2018

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MeMe Detroit – Churchside Inn

Photo credit Alberto Bernardini

As we take a kick at ourselves for not featuring, indeed noticing this artist before, we give you MeMe Detroit and new single Churchside Inn. The track is a snarling slice of dirty rock ‘n’ roll which quite simply gave us tingles alongside a slap in the face for not paying real attention to their ferociously magnetic sound previously.

Formed by British/Colombian Latina and vocalist/guitarist MeMe, the Birmingham based band also features drummer Barney Such and bassist Paris Fennell. Back in 2016 MeMe Detroit uncaged their debut album, Live to Love You’ll Love to Live, and has since earned increasing support and acclaim with their tracks and a live presence which has seen them share stages with the likes of Bad Touch, Laurence Jones, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and Asylums. Their sound is a fusion of grunge, power indie, and dirt encrusted rock ‘n’ roll though Churchside Inn just as readily revels in the punk ‘n’ roll side of the band.

 From the senses bruising rhythms of Such and the throbbing resonance of Fennell to the scuzz tempting of Meme’s guitar and her rapacious vocal tones, the track crowds and ravages ears. Simultaneously though it is also a mischievous web of flirtation and seduction with unpredictability and imagination the fuel to every twist and turn.

With a whiff of L7 joining a pinch of The Distillers in the viral infestation, Churchside Inn is the kind of song for which hunger for and stalking of sound and creator is bred. We are sure we will not be alone.

Churchside Inn is out now.

 Upcoming MeMe Detroit shows:

Sunday October 21st – The Venue – Stalybridge

Friday 9th November – Bohemian Lounge – Greater Manchester

Thursday 15th November – Middlesbrough

Saturday 17th November – Actress & Bishop – Birmingham

Friday 23rd November – The Cotswold Inn – Cheltenham

Artwork by Kamilė Stašytė – Photo and edit by Jennifer Stone

Pete RingMaster 19/10/2018

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Gun Runners – Brothers EP

A fusion blending the heart of the classic with the energy of the fresh, the Gun Runners sound, roaring through an attention grabbing debut EP, is a proposition our ears instinctively took to. The British outfit cast a weave of melodic rock which is wrapped in familiarity but has equally found its own identity as evidenced in the Brothers EP, a release invitingly merging styles seeded in the depths of hard, alternative, and melodic rock.

Hailing from Flitwick in Bedfordshire, Gun Runners was formed early 2017and have since nurtured and honed an ear enticing sound now making the most at roaring from within the Ru Cook produced Brothers EP. Mask kicks thing off, the track instantly enticing ears and imagination with its swift hooks and melodic invitation. Vocals are as quickly in the tempting mix as the song relishes its calmly and potently growing mix of ingredients. Yet there is keen energy and underlying urgency too which only escalates its contagious character. As the guitars spin their web of lures and enterprise, rhythms haunting them with their darker hued exploits, the track makes for an impressive rousing start to the release.

The following Bleed is similarly catchy but immediately reveals bigger muscles and heavier intent in its evolving endeavour. With a swagger come prowl the bass of Alex Manly strolls as Benn Davis-Gregory’s beats swing across its gait, a weighty but certainly not invasive incitement adding a thicker tone alongside the infectious canter of Sean Kennedys rhythm guitar. With melodic flames spiralling from the lead guitar of Jordan Smith and the combination of both guitarists vocals adding an earnest texture and zeal to it all, the track as its predecessor just hit the spot.

The EP’s title track follows suit in adventure and contagion but adding another shade to the EP’s sound with its alternative rock seeded dexterity and tenacity. Brothers bounds in on catchy guitar wires infectiously and invitingly barbed, all the while rhythms pounce with boisterous intent infecting hips and feet with ease. Vocals again make for extra incitement for song and eager throats; everything combined epitomising the imagination, energy, and catchiness of the Gun Runners sound.

Save Our Souls completes the quartet of temptations, the song an ear pleasing blues kissed croon of plaintive sound and emotive reflection loaded with an ever brewing intensity, the Brothers EP is one richly satisfying encounter. As suggested it is maybe not boldly unique but firmly holds its own individuality in sound and enterprise leaving ears enriched and appetite keen for more.

The Brothers EP is released October 2nd.

Upcoming Gun Runners live dates include…

6th October: Spice of Life, Soho

19th October: Club 85, Hitchin

3rd November: Tooting Tram and Social, South London

Pete RingMaster 01/10/2018

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Imperial Leisure – RRRRRollin

If life is and should be a carnival, “ska embracing punksters” Imperial Leisure have its anthem in the shape of new single RRRRRollin. With an infernal swing which within seconds had the body bouncing around like a badly controlled puppet and a mercilessly addictive melodic holler to its roar, the track is Imperial Leisure and musical contagion at their inimitable best.

Emerging back in 2008, Imperial Leisure drew on inspirations from the likes of The Specials, Roots Manuva, Less Than Jake, and Youngblood Brass Band through to Rage Against the Machine and The Streets for a sound which pretty much immediately showed its individuality; a character which has only increased over a trio of albums. It is the first, The Art of Saying Nothing, which is about to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its release, a celebration seeing the band head off on a UK tour.

With the sextet of Denis Smith (vocals), Scott Vining (drums), Ben Bridges (guitar), Jack Emmings (bass), Richard Cox (keys) and Rob O’Neale (trumpet) perpetually at its core, Imperial Leisure spark the month of gigs and fun with trombonists Steph Faulkner (Mad Apple Circus) and Russell Spencer (Ghouls) alongside trumpeters Ken Brown (Shanty), Dave Medland (Dub Pistols) and Elliot Phelps (Cut Capers / The King Blues / Lux Lisbon) there to complete the live line-up.

It all begins with one rousing spark of a new single, a brass invitation tempting ears initially as RRRRRollin springs into life, its lure singularly already seeing hips agitated. The subsequent joining of eager rhythms lets them off the lease, the song too losing any hidden inhibitions as it hits its old boisterous stroll. Smith’s vocal incitement is a barker like lure to a circus of sound by now manipulating body and spirit with no restraint, an aural shanghai simply inescapable and quite devious in a chorus which vocal chords just could not resist. There is nothing undesirable about the viral trespass of course, every note and syllable teasing and guiding lustful at times maybe nefarious antics.

Whilst bouncing around you can easily imagine the mass movement of crowds across the band’s upcoming tour, the now available RRRRRollin alone rich reason to snap up tickets to a show near you, well that and ten years of punk and ska kissed revelry from Imperial Leisure.

The tour kicks off at The Star Inn in Guildford on October 4th with following shows at…-

October 5th – o2 Academy, Oxford

October 6th – o2 Academy, London

October 7th – The Junction, Ashford

October 11th – Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow

October 12th – o2 Academy, Birmingham

October 13th – o2 Academy, Newcastle

October 14th – Hifi Club, Leeds

October 19th – The Cavern, Exeter

October 20th – The Railway Inn, Winchester

October 26th – The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham

October 27th – The Salty Dog – Northwich

November 2nd – Redrum, Stafford

November 9th – The Exchange, Bristol

Check out the video for RRRRRollin on the Video Selector

Pete RingMaster 27/09/2018

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Mallen – Polarity

British outfit Mallen may have enticed and nagged praise and attention with This Dream, their last release but if new single Polarity is a sign of things to come, it was just the prelude to a real breakthrough on the UK rock scene. The song is the title track from the West Midlands band’s debut album and a teaser suggesting that the upcoming full-length will not only be a full dose of the new imagination and tenacity emerging in the band’s sound but also one of the year’s unexpected treats.

We say unexpected but in many ways it will not be a surprise, as the EP, This Dream easily built on the presence and craft of 2015 debut EP, Ignition. It is easy to assume that Polarity, the album will do the same. Certainly its lead single suggests so.

Emerging in 2014, Mallen has been rising up the ranks with pretty much consistent success, their releases luring new fans and support as too a live presence which has already seen them perform acoustic sets on Motley Crue’s farewell tour and for 30 Seconds to Mars as well as support the likes of James Toseland and Funeral for a Friend. Musically the band embraces inspirations from artists such as Alter Bridge, Don Broco, Tonight Alive and Bring Me The Horizon but even though it has yet to maybe find true uniqueness, their sound has an individuality which uses any influences as spice rather than fuel.

As the album and the This Dream EP, Polarity sees Mallen linking up with David Radahd-Jones, his songwriting/producing prowess in many ways another keen edge to release and sound. The single simply but invitingly opens with keys and the instantly potent lure of Kelly-Jane’s vocals. It might only be a two sided coaxing but there is drama in every second that soon ignites in a tide of guitar endeavour and rhythmic rapacity.

Now in full declaration, Kelly-Jane’s voice is a beaming magnet craftily backed by the enterprise of Dann Pritchard and Rhys Broomhall, their guitars a blend of predator and melodic fire in turn prowled by the dark but inviting bass line of Joe Horton. In full roar within moments, the song reveals the new richness in the Mallen rock bred, pop lined rock sound and a fresh broadness in its character which has managed to increase the individuality of its presence. There is also an aggression to it which nurtures rather than deflects the song’s instinctive seduction, a mix which again only suggests that the new album is going to spark a greater attention and reputation to the band.

Though as mentioned, the track is not forcibly unique in some ways, it headily stands and roars bold and proud alongside anything heard from so called more established bands.

Polarity the single is released September 14th with the album having its release launch show @ The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton on September 29th.

 Pete RingMaster 13/09/2018

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Piqued Jacks – Loner vs Lover

Pic © Betty Bryce

After the potent release and emotive intensity of last single Wildly Shine a couple of months or so back, Italy’s Piqued Jacks have just released their equally evocative new track, Loner vs Lover. It is a funkier, more energetic offering than its beguiling predecessor but is also bred through emotional drama and intimacy which whether experience or observation is all imagination.

Formed in 2006 in the Italian countryside of Buggiano, near Florence, Piqued Jacks initially devoured the influence of Red Hot Chili Peppers but have over time equally embraced inspirations from the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Killers, Incubus, and The Mars Volta to a sound which has also bred its own individuality. They are spices you can hear within the lively intimation of Loner vs Lover and with each listen, the latter of the quartet seemingly more relevant but an alluring ingredient only in the song’s recipe of enterprise.

Taken from the band’s new Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) produced album, Loner vs Lover shimmers into view though it needs mere seconds for the boisterous heart of the song to ignite. With a wash of his keys quickly followed by his vocal magnetism, E-King steps forward to grab attention, the guitar of Penguinsane as boldly dancing alongside. A darker rhythmic edge escapes through the bass of littleladle and the lithe swings of ThEd0g though, shadow breeding adventure which incites equally intense emotions and melancholy within the track itself.

Flavoured with an eighties synth pop essence reminding of artists like Blancmange and Paul Haig at times, it also offers a moment of spoken declaration which wrong-footed initially and still brings a question to personal tastes yet is definitely a twist which adds to the thick heart and adventure of the song; one which has the body bouncing and imagination bounding.

Creating alternative/funk rock which seemingly finds it easier to get under the skin song by song, Piqued Jacks is on the edge of grabbing real attention, Loner vs Lover and you can only suspect their new album poised to push them headlong into its keen embrace.

Loner vs Lover is released September 18th.

Pete RingMaster 13/09/2018

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Jaz Mattu – Gosh You Can Talk

Taken from his latest album, Sanguine Man, released this past January, Gosh You Can Talk is the new single from singer songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jaz Mattu. It is a slice of boisterous rock ‘n’ roll with a pop leaning; an infectious stroll of sound and enterprise which leaves ears rather satisfied and happy for more.

Inspired to make music by seeing Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit video on MTV at the age of 13, Kent born Mattu takes essences of pop, rock, jazz, electro and funk into his weave of sound, creating a lively sound which has a contagious energy and eagerly catchy intent. Gosh You Can Talk is the evidence and proof it makes for an easily engaging proposal, that aforementioned album backing it up upon further investigation.

Instantly a spicy groove entices, its blues liquor surrounded by pop rock coaxing as Mattu’s vocals join the invitation. A repetitious chorus similarly makes for a strong lure, participation easy; it in turn sparking steelier rock enterprise from the guitar as rhythms persistently rap away on song and senses. There is also a late seventies/early eighties hue reminding of bands like The Motors and The Car; it all adding to its appeal though the song is at its brightest when Mattu uncages his eager melodic rock heart.

Maybe not boldly unique, Gosh You Can Talk is nevertheless one highly enjoyable encounter providing plenty which will more than likely make you want to know and hear more from Jaz Mattu.

Gosh You Can Talk is out now.

Pete RingMaster 13/09/2018

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Dar.Ra – Phenomenal

Taken from his current EP, Dirty Lil Secrets, the highly magnetic Phenomenal is the new single from Dar.Ra, AKA Darragh J Brady. It is a fiery slice of rock ‘n’ roll; one that proved to be slightly dirty, more than a touch scuzzy, and heartily soulful as it ignited ears and imagination.

Born in Dublin, growing up in Brighton and London, Brady is no stranger to having hits in the UK and Australia as well as writing for Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) and remixing a host of tracks from the likes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, and Savage Garden. His solo album, Soul Hours, was a well-received debut in 2010 which its successor, Planet X, due for release next year, should eclipse in sound and success, certainly if Phenomenal is any sign of things to come.

A tribute to “single mothers and the sacrifice they make to keep everything going, a roof over their heads and food on the table”, Phenomenal immediately grabs attention with its senses rapping beats, moody bassline, and electric fuzz lined guitar. Brady’s vocals quickly join the affair bringing their soulful intimation into a blend already revealing hues of desert and heavy rock in one swiftly flavoursome breath.

For all its muscle and contagious trespass though, the track is also highly catchy and at a height of infectiousness when it pushes up a gear and romps along with a virulently imposing swing. It all makes for an encounter which needed just one go at getting under the skin and arousing a hungry and just a little impatient appetite for that forthcoming Dar.Ra album.

Phenomenal is out now, as too the Dirty Little Secrets EP via Spotify and Google Stores.

Pete RingMaster 28/08/2018

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Vix 20 – Digital Age

There is something about nostalgia at times which is like honey on the tongue or in the case of music, manna for the senses.  In regard to the latter, Digital Age, the new single from UK duo Vix 20 is a lively example. Offering two tenacious tracks seeded in seventies power pop aligned to progressive rock enterprise, the debut encounter with CJ and Mills is a rousing invitation getting body and spirit bouncing.

Though we use the word nostalgia, there is plenty about Digital Age and its companion, Angel on My Jet Ski, which is borne of the now. In character though, the single romps along like a fusion of The Rubinoos and The Records with the imaginative touch of Cheap Trick and the instinctive catchiness of a Tonight or The Knack involved.

Digital Age leaps from a digital connection with boisterous riffs and tenacious rhythms, vocals soon adding their equally spirited energy and swing. Lyrically sparking thoughts of times past in the face of modern technology and the mind-sets it breeds, the song also reveals an underlining punch to the kinetic sounds strolling around vocals. Familiarity to the genres previously mentioned makes the song almost like an old friend but its modern day spikiness, if held on reins, allows it to easily sit in the now.

Alongside, Angel on My Jet Ski reveals a heavier rock tone and touch without losing its natural animated pop prowess. There is a tinge of Golden Earring to the song at times aligned to those artists mentioned earlier whilst its progressive rock tendencies simply adds another vibrant hue to its inescapably infectious presence.

Together, both songs reveal a broad palette to the Vix 20 sound holding hues to contagious times past amidst new adventure; they also just make one want to dance which is never something to ignore.

Digital Age is out now on iTunes, Spotify, and @

Pete RingMaster 28/08/2018

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Matt McGuinness and the MLC – We Are What We Overcome/Frock & Bonnet

Released to tie in with his performances at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, Matt McGuinness releases a pair of tracks which make no apology for getting right under the skin in the inimitable style which made The House of the Dearly Beloved EP such a highly praised and devoured proposition earlier this year. As that encounter, both songs reveal their own eager individuality to each other and predecessors whilst adding yet more colour to the bold palette making up the Matt McGuinness sound.

The tracks see McGuinness once more alongside the MLC, a select group of ear grabbing musicians currently including saxophonist Eileen Wright, bassist Dan Byrne, drummer Greg Rawson, and all round percussion virtuoso Jo May who is particularly adept on the spoons. Whether solo or together with his cohorts though, his “balladeering indie rock ‘n’ roll” consumes mere seconds before commanding attention and getting, on the evidence of that earlier released EP, the body rocking; the two new offerings are no different.

Handclaps immediately work their lure as We Are What We Overcome opens up; an acoustic strum of guitar quickly joining it with matching temptation before McGuinness’ vocals bring their distinct character and charm. Wright’s sax in turn seduces in the track’s rosy sky, backing vocals their own ray of light in the warmth but it is all aligned to emotive melancholy and lyrical intimacy which alone captivates. The song is pure magnetism, one which would easily beguile from its creator alone or as certainly here under the imaginative craft of all five.

Frock & Bonnet is a boisterous rocker, its classic rock ‘n’ roll hues and fifties rockabilly seeds bred to romp with folk and indie rock exploits. Hips and feet needed no persuasion to react to its bold enticements while the imagination and an instinctive rock ‘n’ roll appetite greedily threw themselves into its eager anthemic  antics. The track is superb, our favourite yet from the man and one bounding along like a feisty mix of The Reverend Horton Heat and Frank Black upon a Link Wray inspired folk laced rumble.

 Both songs have also been released with reference to World Mental Health Day on October 10th, both tracks personally themed by the subject with We Are What We Overcome also the title of McGuinness’ solo show at Edinburgh which hangs a conversation around Mental Health on a backbone of songs sharing this close-to-home subject as their common theme. His performances at The Fringe Festival are from August 19th to 21st as well as the 23rd and 24th at The Street, Picardy Place and August 22nd at the Voodoo Lounge, West Register Street.

Pete RingMaster 15/08/2018

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Concrete Kingdoms – Self Titled EP

August 17th sees the release of the debut EP from Scottish rockers Concrete Kingdoms. It is an eagerly anticipated encounter with the band which they hope will emulate the attention and high praise already lured locally across the UK. Having the pleasure to have a two track teaser for their debut come our way courtesy of our rock ‘n’ roll Queen Emma Scott, it is not hard to expect potent stirrings to arise.

From Fife, the quintet of vocalist Mark Hawthorne, guitarists Ben Fraser and Mark Faulds, bassist Douglas Fraser, and drummer Grant Duncan draw on the inspirations of bands such as Guns N Roses, Alter Bridge, Audioslave, and Led Zeppelin for their hard rock bred sound. As suggested, they have built a potent reputation around Scotland, shows with the likes of Puddle of Mudd, Diamond Head, Mitch Malloy and Nazareth alongside rousing appearances at festivals such as Rockmantic on the Road, Wildfire, and the Winter Storm Festival potent fuel. Now they are ready to nudge ears further afield with their first EP, a slice of rock ‘n’ roll which easily commands attention.

Time To Play is already leading the way to broader awareness and success as the band’s new single and it opens up their EP in tenacious style. Instantly a spicy groove entangles ears, its earthy sinews matched by crisp rhythms and a heavily set bassline. The vocals of Hawthorne just as quickly grab attention as hard rock and more grunge natured hues collude. At times there is also an essence which brings new wave outfit The Edge to mind, the late 70’s/early 80’s band which featured Jon Moss and Lu Edmonds who of course went on most prominently for recognition with Culture Club and The Damned respectively. With a blues breath only adding to its enjoyable character, the track easily grabbed ears and appetite as it had the body bouncing.

The EP’s second track is Die This Day, itself a web of grooves and enticing hooks around a rhythmic and vocal prowess which only lured a want for more. From all angles of the band, their craft and touch is a magnetic essence to their music, this and its predecessor alone a stirring intimation to the creative prowess of the band.

You cannot exactly assume from two songs that a band has the wares to make a potent impact yet you can suggest the possibility and this half of their new EP certainly inspires the thought. Yes major uniqueness in their sound is waiting to evolve but it is going to be definitely enjoyable watching its emergence. For now we eagerly await the EP’s release to checkout its other half which we are confident also will not disappoint.

Pete RingMaster 15/08/2018

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Andy Zmiko – Ready for Love

Around three years back, we as many were suggesting a right future for British alternative rock outfit Burn Down Rydell. The release of the Try Silence EP as well as singles Drowning and the rousing Fight all key in that intimation. Since then the band has been quiet, maybe has come to an end but just out of that silence has just stepped frontman Andy Zmiko with new track Ready for Love.

The singer songwriter from Wolverhampton has linked up with producer Gavin Monaghan for the single and his forthcoming debut EP from which it is taken. Ready for Love is a song which swiftly stirs body and thoughts, its lyrical and physical embracing of good times out of darker experiences carrying a seemingly personal intimacy easy to feel a connection with.

The song pokes at ears with the warm touch of keys first, Zmiko’s distinctive tones quickly joining their invitation and igniting the pop fuelled yet rock bred heart of the encounter. As rhythms firmly jab, keys continue to weave a catchy web of suggestion with a brightness which wraps a great darker underbelly of similarly tempting hues.

There is a definite punch to the track aligned to an organic seduction of infectious enterprise, its organic dance an instinctive lure but entangled with plenty in word and sound to entice the imagination and emotions.

Zmiko has a voice which makes you take notice and a deft hand in songwriting that equally stirs attention. We for one might be a touch down at the apparent demise of one great band but are already lifted by its frontman’s solo adventure and hungry to hear his first EP.

Pete RingMaster 07/08/2018

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The Survival Code – Crawl

With their new album, Hopelessness Of People, poised for release August 31st, The Survival Code offer up another rather tasty teaser in the shape of new single Crawl. Already the London based duo has sparked keen anticipation for the full length with the tracks Not Working and Along The Way and with for us the even more potent new song, our hunger for the forthcoming album is on the side of impatience.

Created by lead vocalist/guitarist Gary McGuinness, The Survival Code has grown in sound and reputation release by release, show by show. With vocalist/drummer Tom Cook alongside, the core duo has been joined by different members over the years creating a host of attention striking encounters. Second EP, Broken Strings arguably was the point the band’s presence really caught broad attention though its predecessor Everything but today and the band’s debut album, MMXV, stoked up plenty of high praise, the latter the moment Cook linked up with McGuinness.

The trio of singles this year suggest that Hopelessness Of People will be the band’s finest moment to date; certainly with the likes of Crawl involved it will be one of their most inescapably enjoyable offerings. The song instantly grabs ears with its muscular entrance, rhythms pounding as riffs growl. The established melodic prowess of their alternative rock is soon weaving its web too, the harmonies of the pair just as magnetic as the track stirs, seduces, and roars.

Inspirations to the band are said to include the likes of Alkaline Trio, Deftones, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, and Coheed & Cambria; essences you can hear within their sound yet any real familiarity is bred from their growing individuality over releases. The track continues to swing with grooves and riffs, every moment a fresh trespass as infectious as it is a resourcefully snarling incitement.

The Survival Code is one of those bands it is hard not to be excited by with Crawl a leading light in holding many reasons why, arguments which the forthcoming Hopelessness Of People, as the single hints, will surely expand upon and set in stone for many more ears.

Crawl is released July 27th.

Upcoming live shows:

August 9th – Fibber Maggees – Dublin

August 16th – Latest music bar – Brighton

August 31st – Album launch – The Finsbury – London

 Pete RingMaster 27/07/2018

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The Moods – Carnival

Pic Calder Marley Taylor

Last year The Moods was provided one of its major musical highlights with debut album Miss

ing Peace, an explosion of sound and enterprise which “relentlessly grabs body and imagination with its unique tapestry of sound and creative contagion.” Now the UK collective has stirred things up again with new single Carnival. It might only be one song but it has the body bouncing and spirit leaping like few before have and no doubt few will after.

 Formed in Manchester in 2014, the ten-strong outfit has honed a sound which has become more unique, riveting, and essential by the song as proven by last year’s Missing Peace. Fusing the qualities of an array of styles from drum & bass, hip-hop, reggae and EDM with more besides, The Moods have earned increasing acclaim and attention since emerging in 2014, their rousing live shows more than a match for their provocative and virulent songs.

Featuring Jamaican artist Tixxy Bang and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer Paul Norris (Alicia Keys, Gorillaz, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Kygo) at the world-famous Metropolis Studios. Carnival instantly has feet shuffling and hips swinging as bold rhythms lead in a thick temptation of voice and sound. Flames of brass warm ears as rhythms pop and guitars jangle, the mix of vocals alongside just as inviting and enticing as body and vocal chords are inescapably lured to join in.

Like a collage, a wealth of sounds and inventive twists come together as the track boldly strolls along with a flirtatious swagger; every individual element united in infesting and exciting its blissful victim.

We cannot deny that The Moods is one of our favourite bands right now here at The RR, Carnival gleefully offers up all the reasons why. If you were in any doubt, the summer is truly here.

Carnival is out July 20th.

The Moods are to play 3 festivals in 24 hours for their single launch party on the 20th and 21st of July @ Audio Soup in Scotland, Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, and Stampede Festival – O2 Ritz n Manchester.

Other upcoming live shows include…

AUG 18th – Edinburgh fringe Festival – StraMash – Edinburgh

AUG 25th – Moovin Festival. – Stockport

SEP 1ST -Waterloo Music Bar – Blackpool

SEP 29th – Sonderfest (FAC251) – Manchester

SEP 29th – Sonderfest After Party, (PA/DJset) – Night People – Manchester

Pete RingMaster 12/07/2018

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LEONTAS – Rhythm + Blues/Here Today

From a chance meeting between two musicians at an audition for a separate band in Camden, LEONTAS was born and now release one fiery stomp of a single in Rhythm + Blues. It is actually part of a double A-sided single with Here Today, a calmer, cool track just as mischievous at getting listeners to their feet and swinging.

The duo of vocalist/guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier quickly bonded at that meeting, finding matching musical passions and easily fitting styles. This was in 2015 and at the tail end of the next had released debut EP With Love, a potent and well received introduction. Last year saw double track single Stand Out confirm the promise and ear grabbing sound of the pair and echo the energy of their live presence which has equally earned plaudits. Now it is the dual temptation of Rhythm + Blues and Here Today beckoning attention ahead of a busy time with shows, festivals, and new material.

Rhythm + Blues has the presence and character you would expect from its title but quickly sets out its own individual persuasion as the fiery guitar of Munteanu aligns to his similarly eager vocals. Collier’s beats court their enticement with their own strong bait, fresh intensity and energy coming with each swing of his rhythmic prowess. The song’s hip grabbing stroll is a mix of tenacity and flirtation, flipping through teasing and lusty gaits with ease. The track is not especially unique but all fresh revelry and increasingly addictive.

Alongside, Here Today is all flirtation, its restrained energy turned into melodic seduction with a hint of volatility in its devilish glint. Collier provides a firm hand behind the easing caresses of Munteanu’s guitar, though it too has a flame of tempestuousness to its edge. It is a mercurial touch which is matched in the vocals, they too staying calm but with the intimation of wanting to roar their heads off. It is a mix which spices up the song’s instinctive swing creating a proposition which is controlled, almost gentle but oh so contagious and manipulative on ears and imagination.

Lyrically reflective and observationally intimate, both songs make an easy to connect with proposal in word and sound. It is fair to say that the LEONTAS roar is in full cry within their new single and it seems only just getting going with the band’s busy year ahead.

Rhythm + Blues/Here Today are released July 12th.

Upcoming live dates:

12.07.18 – Single Release Party – Black Heart – Camden, London (Scruff of the Neck)

18.08.18 – Smoke and Fire Festival – Maldon (Essex)

25.08.18 – The Half Moon – Bishop’s Stortford

06.09.18 – Dog and Whistle – Hertford

30.09.18 – The Flag – Watford

04.11.18 – Charity Festival – Nottingham

Pete RingMaster 12/07/2018

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Piqued Jacks -Wildly Shine

© Betty Bryce

Formed in 2006, Piqued Jacks is a band bred in the Italian countryside of Buggiano, near Florence which has seen their fans and live presence grow to embrace Rome, Milan, London, Glasgow, Austin, and Los Angeles. They have also just released on of the year’s most poignant singles in the fiercely emotive and elegant Wildly Shine.

The band’s early day’s saw them heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers but over the years their sound has potently evolved and grown with inspirations from the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Killers, Nothing But Thieves, and Incubus adding to its adventure. Awards and acclaims have gathered around their releases and live shows and sure to repeat their lust for Wildly Shine.

It is honest to say that the song brought a lump to the throat especially once knowing its spark. The song is about a dramatic event seeing loss evolve to “the celebration of a meaningful person…A song about the ability to let someone go like a feather to the wind, to treasure someone’s soul forever.” Back in 2015, the band whilst touring the US was hosted in Beaumont, TX by a girl called Hannah. There was instant rich friendship between both in the single day they were together with meetings in Italy promised. Two weeks later the band heard she had been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Deeply shocked, vocalist/pianist E-King sat at the piano and played, the song emerging as the band joined in. The thought was in the words of the band, “What if we could turn a person’s soul into a song? It sounds impossible, but we tried anyway. Wildly Shine is meant to embody the soul of our friend Hannah.”

Written with guitarist Penguinsane, bassist littleladle, and former drummer ThEd0g, finished with current man with the sticks, HolyHargot, Wildly Shine immediately has ears on board as vocals caress and linger on ears in the accompany of the piano’s keys and an atmospheric sigh. Its melancholic yet enticing invitation soon grows into a heart led roar which ebbs and bursts with skilled enterprise.

As the song strolls along with emotion in every syllable and note, its melody a rich vein of intimation, the track dances with the imagination enticing intimate thoughts and connection with the band’s own emotions. It is a powerful slice of sound and heart, a ballad which has you thinking, feeling, and bouncing; a more than suitable offering to honour a radiant soul.

Wildly Shine is out now @

Pete RingMaster 29/06/2018

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Gathering of Strangers – Nice Hair

As the UK is locked in the embrace of the summer sun sounds to suit its romance are the order of the day. The new single from UK outfit Gathering of Strangers certainly fits the bill with its bouncy antics and flirtation in word and sound. Nice Hair is a slice of pop infused rock with a tease of blues to its swing, a song which just drags you to your feet and lures hips and inhibitions to free their restraints.

Emerging from Manchester in 2015, Gathering of Strangers has been growing their fusion of “psychedelic bluesy rock n roll with melancholic ambience” in turn earning a potent reputation locally and beyond. Nice Hair is our introduction to the quintet and just insists on further attention upon the band as it springs its rich contagion on the senses.

From the initial call of vocals swiftly joined by a hook carrying guitar and catchy rhythms, the song is in control of body and attention. Mere seconds saw feet tapping to its stroll, hips swaying to its groove with the vocals almost directing the infectiousness invading the body with their own lively gait.

Warm keys add to the bubbling escapade, the song’s heart full of compliment and seduction but also with a melancholic lining of longing. It all makes for a track which gets under the skin. It might not be overly unique but there is no escaping its viral infection and the feel good feeling its shares, just like the sun.

Nice Hair is available now through iTunes and other stores.

Pete RingMaster 29/06/2018

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Saint Sapphire – Hurricane

It can sometimes only take a single track to fire up an instinctive appetite and intrigue driven hunger for a band and we have just come across another one for us in the shape of Hurricane, the new single from Northern Ireland band Saint Sapphire. The track is a tenaciously rousing and contagious incitement, punk infused rock ‘n’ roll to eagerly throw oneself into and fair to say we did just that.

Hurricane is our introduction to the Belfast quartet so whether the track epitomises the Saint Sapphire sound as a whole we have yet to discover but it certainly has plenty to ensure we have gained a real desire to hear more. The song stomps like a mix of The Clash and early Green Day with the hook swinging antics of eighties pop rock outfits The Quads and The Moondogs thrown in yet it is a fresh and individual as any rock tempest out there.

“A slightly “tongue in cheek” reference to the corruption and incompetence that have led to their home province of Northern Ireland being without effective Government for nearly 18 months, Hurricane instantly grabs ears in a blaze of vocal arousal as guitars blaze behind them, their chords soon luring the track’s rhythmic trespass as the song bursts into a stomping slice of punk ‘n’ roll. The lead vocals of guitarist Sam Morgan similarly firmly enticed whilst unpredictable twists led by lead guitarist Danny Martin without being over dramatic just add to the strength and adventure of the track.

It is a persuasive weight escalated by the thumping beats of drummer Adam Walker which spare no mercy in their swings but again only add to the pleasure as too the rich dark grumble of Shea McAuley’s bass. It all makes for a song which is undoubtedly vying for possible top spot as our favourite single so far this year but more so one declaring Saint Sapphire as one emerging major roar and pleasure.

Hurricane is available now.

Upcoming Live dates:

 20/6 – Voodoo, Belfast

26/6 – Night People, Manchester

28/6 – The Rocksteady, London

28/7 – Sunflowerfest, Hillsborough NI

Pete RingMaster 12/06/2018

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A Winter Project – Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing is one of those songs which would not be our usual cup of tea but is has proved so very hard to shake out of the head even just after the first stroll through its fun and boisterous antics. A fusion of eighties rock and nineties pop with rap nurtured vocals within an instinctive rock ‘n’ roll heart, the song from A Winter Project simply needed little time to get under the skin.

A Winter Project is a collaboration of a family of musicians from Bedford in the UK and the USA. Its seeds go back to the nineties the prolific song writing partnership of Richard Winter and Tommy Priakos. Their partnership was put on hiatus when Tommy returned home to the States but sparked again when he came back to the UK for a reunion, their coming together the breeding ground for Beautiful Thing.

The track is a true family creation; Richard’s son Michael and daughter Katie respectively provide the rap styled and harmonically captivating vocals and another in Tim plays drums. Chris Winter helped with all the technical stuff and with guitarists Pete Bonas and Max Milligan also involved, Beautiful Thing, inspired by the Run DMC song Walk this Way, swiftly entices.

Openly eighties inspired synths spark a manipulative rhythmic pulse from the start, their bait soon strolled through by the great vocal lure of the track. A Talking Heads like funkiness in turn infests the endeavour of the guitars between scythes of fiery fuzz, those rhythms never breaking their direct hip inciting stride as further rock guitar enticement only adds to the fun.

It is an uncomplicated song in many ways yet one with an array of individual textures skilfully united to infest limb and imagination. Beautiful Thing might not become a favourite track of your year though it just might too but it will be one of the more memorable and fun moments given the chance.

Beautiful Thing is out now.

Pete RingMaster 12/06/2018

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Methods – Fires

If you have not yet heard of UK band Methods there is a big likelihood you will especially once their new single Fires burns away at attention. The Wolverhampton/Salford based outfit blend dark electro and indie rock for their sound, a proposition which has a Joy Division meets Editors scent but as their new track proves swiftly shows real individuality in imagination and enterprise.

Methods was formed in 2015, the band taking their time to hone their sound before venturing out live and quickly earning a potent following and reputation. August 2017 saw debut single Sanctuary released, the song recorded with producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios before the band supported The Twang on their 10th Anniversary Love It When I Feel Like This Tour in the December. The quintet of vocalist Ash Bradley, guitarist Ryan Deakin, bassist Adam Hall, drummer Pete Bates, and keyboardist Jon Nash have followed up that first ear grabbing offering with a peach of a track in Fires, a song which smouldered and flamed its way into ears and appetite.

Instantly its alluring shadows and melodic intimation surrounds ears, suggesting and tempting within an atmospheric sigh as Bradley’s vocals potently croon. There is an early U2 hue to the post punk/indie seduction amongst a weave of textures which unite to capture attention and imagination with real ease. Synth and guitar similarly align their creative flavours for a web of intrigue and dark enticement, the track intense yet simultaneously radiant.

It maybe only a couple of songs so far but both have sparked the suggestion of a band with a bright future and an already great sound which can only getter bigger and richer.

Fires is released June 15th.

Upcoming live date:

Sat 21st July – Actress & Bishop – Rebel against cancer – Birmingham

Sat 18th Aug – Headline Newhampton Arts Centre – Wolverhampton

Sat 25th Aug – Peak District Gig – Reg Fest – Derbyshire

 Pete RingMaster 12/06/2018

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Katalina Kicks – Kick It

credit Andrew Cotterill

As the intoxication of summer comes closer to uniting with the fumes of your favourite long cool tipples and accompanying antics you will need sounds to complement and escalate their tantalising seductions. For that we give you the new single from British rockers Katalina Kicks; the flirtatiously swinging Kick It.

It is not that much more than a handful of weeks since, among a great many, we enthused over and devoured their last single, Waterfall. It was a song which brought new adventure and flavouring to their already spicy punk infused rock ‘n’ roll. Kick It does exactly the same, the London hailing trio teasing ears and song with a smoky blues rock scenting amidst sonic liquor which leaves inhibitions from hips and vocal chords noticeable by their absence.

The band describes the single as their “glorious two fingers up to life after a night of excess and comedowns on a bright summer morning.” It does have that morning after soothing too, no hangover in sight from the acclaim given its predecessor but just a new adventure to climb on board with night and day.

Its initial sonic line draws a melodic strum and quickly engaging rhythms, the bass of Conor Cotterill a strolling incitement invasively kissed by the scything swings of Jase Wilkinson’s equally enticing beats. The vocals of guitarist Ian George are just as inviting and persuasive; his grooves and hooks adding to the infernal temptation getting under the skin.

It seems song by song we keep saying the latest encounter from Katalina Kicks is their best yet and repeatedly they put us right. Even so we will make that same declaration with Kick It and eagerly waited to be corrected by the band next time.

Kick It is out now.

 Pete RingMaster 29/05/2018

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The 109-s – So Long

British rockers The 109’s are getting ready to unveil their new album later this June but before then they have a rock ‘n’ roll teaser to uncage going by the name of So Long. The band’s new single is a slice of flavoursome melodic rock inspired by late ’60s and early ’70s rock. It is not particularly unique but does not try to be; it is just here to rock out and get the listener grooving which it does with pleasing and fresh dexterity.

From Fleet in Hampshire, The 109-s (pronounced The One Oh Nines), released a self-titled debut album in 2017; its sound nurtured on the band’s love for the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, MC5, and Grand Funk Railroad. They have been no strangers to praise and attention across the south of England and through numerous festival performances. Hollow Point is the quintet’s upcoming Jason Wilson (Don Broco/ You Me At Six) produced full-length and So Long suggests it well worthy of future attention.

The track immediately entangles ears in its citric core groove, a lure which breaks free across the song with increasing magnetism.  Not that the rest of the song lacks similar attractions; the bass of Andrew Horstead is an enticing throb, the lively beats of Steve Collings manipulative, while the guitars of Matthew Pritchard and David Gambril weave a captivating fuzz lined blues/melodic rock web which occasionally flames as it relentlessly arouses.

The latter’s vocals are just as potent if, for personal tastes, maybe the song misses a vocal snarl to complement his calm delivery. It makes no difference to its strength and prowess though. It is great rock ‘n’ roll to have fun with and we certainly did that.

So Long is released June 1st with new album, Hollow Point, out June 22nd.

Pete RingMaster 29/05/2018

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Donegan – 1ST XI

With their new single luring potent attention and praise we thought we would go explore the album it came from, the debut full-length from UK outfit Donegan. It is an eponymous family band consisting of songwriter/vocalist/keyboardist Thomas, guitarist/vocalist Emmet, and percussionist Martin. With a couple of well-received singles already luring ears and anticipation towards its release, the band unveiled 1st XI recently again to welcoming ears and praise which new single I Wonder is looking to stir up again.

A concept album which takes the listener on a journey exploring relationships at their core before broadening the emotional and reflective landscape, 1st XI was produced by Chris Coulter.  It is tapestry of styles and flavours embracing folk, rock, pop, and more with progressive fuelled imagination embracing the past handful of decades. At times it is cinematic; at times an intricate collusion between orchestral grandeur and earthier rock textures and from start to finish a fine relationship between intimacy and the wider aspects it can allude to.

The majestic intimation of Requiem is the album’s gateway, the track a shadowed almost gothic serenade of keys and inviting rhythms awash with a chorus of warm harmonies amidst similarly radiant melodies. Its captivating presence leads into the reflection of Reminisce, an emotive caress woven with the suggestive prowess of synths and keys and shaped by the magnetic touch of guitar and rhythms. The soft touch of the vocals for personal tastes did not have the drama of the sounds around them or quite the impact yet undeniably adds to the heart of song and album.

The individual craft and imagination of the trio continued to entice as tracks like the infectious Around the World, a pop rock seeded song reminding of British indie band The Toniks, and the classically spiced Waking built on the album’s strong start. There is a definite Vangelis like progressive and electronic glaze to the song, a hue which echoes across the release to add to its allure, before the band’s new single steps forward. I Wonder is another blending pop and progressive rock with electronic enterprise, a catchy but slightly reserved proposition which has hips swaying rather than swinging and ears more than happy to regularly repeat their union.

The dark almost portentous march of next up Democracy swiftly captivated with its opening funereally gliding stroll. It is a great fusion of melancholy and lively spirit which only escalated its lure across the song’s brief but superb body, easily the album’s finest moment though the flirtatious dance of Television makes a close rival with its Riviera hue and frivolous smile. For us 1st XI is an album which blossoms and gets stronger song by song, this pair its pinnacle and the spark to a rich in sound and adventure second half.

As Falling, with its sensitive heart and celestial sounds and the pop ‘n’ roll of Human Behaviour pass through ears , the album only broadens its landscape of imagination, their successor Candles adding to that adventure with its melancholic theatre of emotion and sound. Again though there is warmth to the song, an enticing uplifting swing which lines its rising cinematic soundscape.

Closed by the melody woven expanding croon of The End, the album is a highly pleasurable encounter. Admittedly, its first listen left us a touch unsure of feelings towards it but from then on it just persuaded and pleased whilst revealing the potential of even more gripping journeys with Donegan ahead.

 1st XI is out now available from major online stores.

Pete RingMaster 23/05/2018

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Dirty Sister – Middle Class Busker

Sure to bring a grin to the face and spring to the step is the new single from Anglo-Cypriot duo Dirty Sister. Middle Class Busker is a song with an infectious bounce and mischievous heart, a melodic tease which we can keenly declare just gets under the skin.

London based, Dirty Sister is the creative union of Tom Bridle and Lorenzo Poulloura, two musicians said to have “met through a common dislike of sharing a stage with more than one person at a time.” Middle Class Busker is the third single from a pair creating their imaginative take on the likes of reality TV, their friend’s partner and of course middle-class buskers with guitars, loops, pads, synths and Greek bouzouki. Their latest song is the most irresistible yet, one as suggested which has an addictive virulence which immediately infests and just becomes more enslaving thereon in.

Like a blend of Tankus The Henge and The Radioactive Grandma with a splash of Blur, band and song swiftly tempt, Middle Class Busker stroking ears with voice and guitar, their caresses framed in a line of melody hued drama before it all swings into a catchy stroll with warm harmonies and rousing rhythms.

As the tale of hope, success, and mistaken importance escape the excellent vocals, the track sweeps up ears and appetite in its magnetic gait and tenacity; every element infection loaded, each note devilishly captivating.

As the summer looms, its soundtrack gathers Middle Class Busker makes an early potent suggestion it is ready to be eagerly embraced.

Middle Class Busker is available now @

Check out its video @

Pete RingMaster 16/05/2018

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Matt McGuinness – The House of the Dearly Beloved

There are few things which spark our spirits more than rock ‘n’ roll in its most organic form and that is exactly why the new EP from Matt McGuinness had us swinging and hollering like an infant in a ball park. Offering four slices of darkly lit, shadow lined infection, The House of the Dearly Beloved is a rich temptation bred within the old school beds of blues kissed rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, and Motown then fuelled by a raw garage punk spun devilry. It makes for an encounter which feasts upon the imagination and provokes keen involvement whether bouncing with salacious intent or simply smouldering upon the senses.

From Derby, McGuinness performs either solo or with a select group of musicians, collectively known as the MLC which currently includes bassist Dan Byrne, saxophonist Eileen Wright, percussionist Jo May, and drummer/percussionist Greg Rawson. Talking about his music, McGuinness has said “We play songs that resonate with our own genuine experience, fuelled by a positive outlook but underpinned by the environment of distrust in mainstream politics, wariness of the changes to the country’s support networks and the on-going crises that loom around the world. With that sort of subject matter, humour also plays an Essential part in the tunes, along with a healthy dose of sarcasm.”  The House of the Dearly Beloved quickly backs up his description; its mischief and heart open within a devious web of sound.

The House of the Dearly Beloved opens with its title track and an instantly rousing rhythmic incitement. An array of beats, clangs, and clips infest the imagination, all leading to a gentle but firm stroll which is in turn aligned to McGuinness’ magnetic vocals and flames of r&b smelted sax. Once the song swings away with infectious persuasion, harmonies spring up with a sixties glaze to add to the captivation, the song like a mix of Nick Cave, MFC Chicken, and  Old House Playground.

The great start continues through next up Forlorn, an instantly compelling rockabilly hook sparking a lively saunter of garage punk laced temptation as catchy as it is seductive. Rhythms again make a tenacious lure alongside the potent tones of McGuinness and Wright’s irresistible sighs of sax. At times the track reminds of eighties rocker Levi Dexter but constantly twists in its own individual creativity as its stomp unerringly hits the spot.

In a Warm Embrace is a fifties nurtured ballad which needs little time to tempt as voice and guitar collude before sax and harmonies add their melancholic hues to the easy to devour persuasion. It might not have stirred body and spirit as forcibly as its predecessors but the track just enthrals from first breath to last as too the closing joy of My Outstanding Desires. Just the vocal prowess of McGuinness, the track is an intimate lament with energy in its heart and attitude in its breath; a quite tantalising and compelling proposal bringing the EP to a masterful conclusion.

The House of the Dearly Beloved is one of those encounters which will appeal to most and be a lustful affair for a great many; we definitely falling in the latter.

The House of the Dearly Beloved is available now through

 Pete RingMaster 16/05/2018

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The Jade Assembly – Nothing Changes

To stand out within the ever rich and wide Manchester rock scene you need a sound carrying individuality and imagination, something which refuses to be ignored. It is pretty much recognised across their previous singles and shows that that The Jade Assembly has that and more. To be perpetually under that spotlight as well as breaking out upon national radars growth and evolution is essential and again the Bolton hailing quartet of vocalist/guitarist John Foster, lead guitarist Gareth Smedley, bassist Danny Hayes, and drummer Andy Watson have hit the spot; all the reasons for their continued and expanding success in evidence within their new two-track single, Nothing Changes.

Acclaimed by ex- Inspiral Carpet and XS Manchester presenter Clint Boon as “the best guitar band since Kasabian” and with a host of highly praised and radio supported singles such as One Last Time and Got my Star under their belts, The Jade Assembly has become one of the UK’s most captivating indie rock proposals. Live the band has equally stirred plaudits and ignited crowds with their rousing sound which itself has also drawn comparisons to the likes of Elbow and Doves. The band made a powerful introduction and statement of creative intent with their debut single a few years back and have not let up as Nothing Changes proves.

Already having dipped its toes into attention a couple of years back, Nothing Changes returns as an even richer proposition as the band’s new single. From its first sonic breath, it brews up a web of intrigue and tenacious enterprise. Initial melodies are quickly joined by the towering tones of Foster, his presence and power sparking the same richness in sound with his heartfelt words courted by the dexterity of Smedley’s guitar and the manipulative rhythms of Hayes and Watson. There is an intensity which fuels the song, getting under the skin as forcibly as the crafty sounds it breeds; that force a shadow wrapped incitement perfectly contrasting and complimenting the melodic tenacity uncaged.

With a thickly rousing finale the track is a thrilling and memorable temptation sure to spark richer attention the way of the band.

The track comes with B-side Peel Me Off The Ceiling, a song which instantly lures ears and appetite with its acoustic caress and rhythmic shuffle alongside Foster’s ever magnetic voice. Its blues kissed call springs a blend of melancholy and vivacity to simply captivate yet that draw is only the appetiser as half way n the track suddenly twists into a rockabilly meets indie rock stroll, a mischievous swagger and resourceful boisterousness gripping body and spirit to really set the world alike. It is a treat of a song which does frustrates at its sudden slip away but only pleasures and increasingly more by the listen, much as its companion.

The Jade Assembly is one of the band’s we always get a strong tinge of excitement for when something new is in the offering, Nothing Changes tells why…Surely time for a bigger sized release?

Nothing Changes is out now; available to download from all major platforms.

Pete RingMaster 11/05/2018

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Raising Jupiter – Idaho

It is a couple of years since we heard from Irish outfit Raising Jupiter courtesy of the band’s ear grabbing Standing in the Light EP. Now the band returns with new single Idaho, a snarling rousing slice of rock ‘n’ roll laying down a rather tasty appetiser for the band’s upcoming new album.

Raising Jupiter centres around Cork vocalist/guitarist Dave Aitken and for the new track sees him linking up again with drummer Kieran O’Neill. There are quite a few powerful rock duos of varying styles making a big impact right now and Raising Jupiter potently fits right there alongside. Since releasing debut album A Better Balance in 2014, the band has grown in sound and individuality, their Chrome EP in 2015 and Standing in The Light the following year clear evidence. Idaho reveals yet another step on in captivation amidst great irritable rock ‘n’ roll.

Instantly the heavy barracuda-esque grumble of the guitar hit the spot, O’Neil’s swings just as magnetic as Aitken’s voice quickly adds to the rich mix. Hard rock and indie rock enterprise collude with energy and aggression, heavier hues grizzling in their lining as the track strolls with a devilish swagger and attitude coated tenacity.

Raising Jupiter might be a ‘stripped-down’ proposal in line-up but create a thick and imposing sound which seduces as it trespasses, simultaneously sparking full pleasure and impatient anticipation for that new album.

Idaho is out now on Amazon.

Pete RingMaster 11/05/2018

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The Rogue Network – Supply and Demand

The release of the Binary EP early last year suggested that The Rogue Network was ready to embrace bigger and bolder attention within the British rock scene; their new single, Supply and Demand, confirms the thought with its rousing blues nurtured rock /n’ roll.

The band is centred round the songwriting and musicianship of Wales hailing, Manchester residing Gerallt Williams. Formed in 2015, his project first nagged attention with a self-titled debut EP that first year and subsequently forcibly nagged it with Binary two years later. Musically The Rogue Network infuse its modern blues rock with strains of seventies flavoured soul and blues as well as an instinctive pop rock energy. Supply and Demand, “a song about the modern day drug dealers who are taking to the internet’s dark web to sell and distribute narcotics”, proves it is also inescapably infectious and in its case seriously addictive.

The song electronically bubbles before swiftly leaping into ears with guitar cast grooves, magnetic rhythms, and that continuing electro spicing. Williams’ vocals are just as lively and catchy as the pop instincts of the song’ it’s bounce uniting eagerly with the earthier rock at its core; the union providing a tenacious stomp which may not be especially unique but is unashamedly magnetic.

Hooks and grooves continue to tempt and seduce across its boisterous stroll, electronic and poppier hues all adding to the infection loaded rock ‘n’ roll before it all fades away; the only annoying thing just from a personal dislike of fade outs.

Supply and Demand is a song which tempts and commands keen attention from start to finish while declaring The Rogue Network more than ready to enjoy national focus.

Supply and Demand is out now.

 Pete RingMaster 24/04/2018

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Bugeye – I’m Not The One

Recently garage disco outfit Bugeye unveiled their new single I’m Not The One, a song which haunts ears and psyche as potently as the nightmares it explores. It is a magnetically nagging affair which shimmers on the senses like the sunset and gets under the skin like a manipulative virus.

The London hailing trio of vocalist/guitarist Angela Martin, bassist Paula Snow, and drummer Jack Houston have been no strangers to praise wearing attention, Bugeye stirring the likes of BBC 6 Music and Steve Lamacq over the past two years with their sounds as well as drawing critical praise from numerous online press outlets. I’m Not The One, a song “about isolation, about an inner pleading for everything to be ok in the morning, but instead we’re plagued with nightmares”, is sure to follow in that success with its bold yet controlled drama of sound and suggestion; the darkest and most evocative proposal from the band yet.

A calm stroll of bass and shimmer of guitar opens up the adventure, Martin’s ear grabbing vocals soon joining their magnetism as the track blossoms in craft, imagination, and infectiousness. A fusion of indie pop, post punk, and electro rock with much more to its palatte of flavours, the track has a seventies whiff of bands like The Passions and Lori & The Chameleons to its haunting shadows and celestially lit evocation with bass and keys casting their contrasts as vocals bridge the alluring opposites.

It all makes for a masterly catchy affair which just becomes more potent and irresistible by the listen. If you have not come across Bugeye before, I’m Not The One is the perfect highly enjoyable opportunity to enter their world; the moment the trio have breached a whole new plateau in creativity and imagination.

 I’m Not The One is available now

Pete RingMaster 24/04/2018

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Norquay – Shalalala Boom

As his new EP comfortably settles in the arms of keen attention, Norquay (pronounced Nork Way) stirs up another wave of captivation its way with new single Shalalala Boom. A sonically boozy slice of blues rock, the first track from his 4 track release, creatively named EP 2, is an intoxicating shot of temptation which alone makes Norquay an easy intrigue loaded investigation.

Norquay is the solo project of Aberdeenshire hailing songwriter/musician Andrew Norquay which musically embraces inspirations ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to Muse, Radiohead, and Oasis. 2017 saw the release of the very well-received Vices EP and a diversity in sound which is more than echoed within its successor.

As mentioned Shalalala Boom is its lead song and one which immediately had ears and appetite stirred with its opening sonic shimmer. From its woozy lure strolling rhythms and a similarly lively groove emerge, the second especially magnetic with its echoes of artists such as Seasick Steve. Its lure is matched by that of a fiery harmonica and Norquay’s calmer vocals, a contrast of drama which fits so well within the bolder and rawer walls of the song.

It all comes together for a virally infectious slice of rock ‘n’ roll suggesting Norquay an excitingly emerging artist and EP 2 a must check out proposition.

Shalalala Boom and EP 2 are available now via Bubblehead Records @

Pete RingMaster 24/04/2018

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Michael P Cullen – Do You Believe

If Do You Believe, the new single from Australian singer songwriter Michael P Cullen, is an echo of his core sound, his music is a stroll through the gothic shaded shadows of life with reflective sighs of melancholy in its throat, and if the new song epitomises his overall creative adventure, it is one rather magnetic affair.

There is little we can tell you about Sydney bred Cullen, his bio pretty much only describing him as “A man in a suit, an old semi-acoustic guitar and a voice like sandpaper dipped in honey.” But it is a line which does sum up his presence, one which has seen him and his sound compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave though within Do You Believe there are many other flavours involved. Linking up with drummer Tim Powles, a long-time member of The Church, for the track, Cullen swiftly reveals himself a magnet for the ears and indeed imagination through the tale he paints.

Produced by both men, Do You Believe initially teases with Cullen’s guitar, its ear entangling lure soon joined by just as suggestive keys and his evocative tones. Tenebrific shadows slip from the bass as beats provided a metronomic pulse, their union a post punk toned, vibrantly dour temptation which alone had the appetite licking lips. Melodically shimmering, atmospherically haunting, the song is like a fusion of The Sound, B-Movie, and Stan Ridgway, and increasingly compelling by the listen.

Those dark shadowy corners of light and life can be some of the most captivating places, Do You Believe in song and intimation shows exactly why.

Do You Believe is released April 6th via Speartackle Records.

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2018

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Michael Kilbey – I Was Waiting

At the Water Rats Theatre, October 2017

Releasing a series of “raw demos” in 2015, it is fair to say that British singer songwriter Michael Kilbey has stirred up a real fervour of support which has grown into the thousands. It has been rich support which has helped propel him to the main stage of London’s biggest outdoor music festival as winner of Play On Blackheath and finance the recording of debut EP I Was Waiting, which now sees its title track released as Kilbey’s first official single.

Not that he had been a complete stranger to attention and success before then, Kilbey as an eighteen year old part of The Franks, a young band which was short-listed as finalists in Glastonbury’s prestigious UK-wide Emerging Talent Competition and subsequently played the BBC Introducing Stage. The band’s demise saw Hertfordshire born Kilbey begin working on his writing and solo career, those demos sparking the journey to the new single.

Since emerging, he has drawn references to the likes of early Coldplay, Radiohead, Elbow, and Bastille. As I Was Waiting quickly reveals though, his sound has its own individual character, the song a melancholic embrace and romance around his great gravel lined yet harmonically vibrant tones. As it saunters through ears into the imagination, there is a nostalgic new wave almost post punk gothic scent to the song amid a drama accentuated by stringed intimation and his vocal captivation which is added to by the fleeting but potent kisses of female vocals.

Drawing thoughts and appetite closer to its reflective heart, one escaping an unhealthy relationship with misgivings and relief, the song is almost siren like in its lure and captivation, and open reason why Kilbey has enticed so many to his music.

I Was Waiting is released April 6th.

Upcoming live dates:

April 6 – Oslo Hackney, London (**Sold out**)

May 12 – Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles

June 16 – Bungalow, Paisley

August 30 – Komedia, Brighton

1 November – The Exchange, Bristol

2 November – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

9 November – The Garage, London

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2018

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The Kut – Mind Games


Pic by Canz Rickman

It was way back in 2015 that The Kut stole a chunk of our passions with the Rock Paper Scissors EP, a release still haunting our weekly playlists at the RR. It has been a busy and increasingly successful time for the London based trio but maybe nothing to the attention and demands the band could find itself under this year. The reason being the highly anticipated UK release of debut album Valley of Thorns through Cargo Records on April 13th with its US release following May 18th. New single Mind Games is its first teaser and if an indication of things lying in wait for ears, The Kut will be very busy courting acclaim and eager attention.

As the album, the single is produced by James Le Rock (Skindred / Def Leppard / White Zombie / My Vitriol)and sees the threesome of vocalist/guitarist Princess Maha, drummer Diana Bartmann, and bassist/vocalist Stella Vie venturing into their most imaginative and richest adventure in songwriting and sound yet. Mind Games almost teases ears with its initial guitar lure, a coaxing soon backed by the rhythmic potency of Bartmann and Vie. Maha’s melodic tones cradle the senses with the harmonic unity of Vie’s tones just as magnetic, the sonic web cast by the former’s strings matching in gentle but ear grabbing intensity.

The track is a sublime slice of rock ‘n’ roll with the calm haunting prowess of Deftones and the punk tenacity of Spinnerette but of all songs from the band to date, the most unique and individual to The Kut as you and they would wish. It is a superb new fresh breath for UK rock and The Kut suggesting that the arrival of Valley of Thorns cannot come soon enough.

Mind Games is released March 30th.

Forthcoming Tour Dates

TBA – Mid -April Album Launch Party, London

05.05 Hashrock Festival, Derby

26.05 Strummercamp Festival, Oldham

27.05 Nice n Sleazy Festival, Morcambe

02.06 Camden Rocks Festival, London – 2pm The Monarch

30.06 Rat InFESTation 2, Facebar, Reading

06.07 Amplified Festival, Gloucestershire

07.07 The Cotswold Inn, Cheltenham

14.07 Wemstock Festival, Wem

22.07 Tramlines Fringe, The Royal Standard, Sheffield

02.08 August: Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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Katalina Kicks – Waterfall

Pic credit Andrew Cotterill

Release by release British rockers Katalina Kicks seem to offer a new shade to their punk rock bred sound, a magnetic noise which simultaneously is growing into a far more diverse and rounded rock ‘n’ roll proposition. Their album Vices, released last year, was an attention grabbing, praise luring encounter which established that evolution and a growth accentuated by subsequent singles and escalated by their latest, Waterfall.

The new track was inspired by mental health and finding strength through coping with depression; a subject the band says “is very important to us, both in terms of the meaning behind the song and the feelings that lead to the creation of the track.” It is a potent theme which the London based trio of vocalist/guitarist Ian George, bassist Conor Cotterill and drummer Jase Wilkinson match in sound and word.

Waterfall emerges from a crystaline sparkle and melody aligned to George’s ever enticing tones. Rhythms are soon adding a thicker touch alongside the rousing bass rumble cast by Cotterill. It is an engaging calm start with a slight air of unpredictability which subsequently erupts in a volatile blaze of sound and emotion. You still sense the punk instincts of the band lining the roar, but a melodic/alternative rock blend provides the fire with Brit pop scented flames adding to the creative weave.

Katalina Kicks have proven themselves no novices in arousing the senses and imagination but as Waterfall proves, like their sound it is with more adventure and expanding enterprise virtually song by song.

If 2017 was a great year for the band, its successor could be even better if Waterfall is a sign of things to come.

Waterfall is available now.

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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Scott Swain – It’s Too Late

Ahead of his new EP, due for release in May, UK singer-songwriter Scott Swain is unveiling a new single in the enticing shape of It’s Too Late. It is a captivating slice of acoustically woven alternative rock, a song feeling bigger and bolder than its gentle but magnetic caresses actually are proving the strength and agility of its creator’s songwriting.

Swain draws on Americana, Country, and Alt Indie hues for his increasingly individual sound; each adding flavour in various degrees to previous well-received singles like Oil! and Like Nothing Else and adding potent shading to the colourfully expressive It’s Too Late. Many of his songs, as those just mentioned, are inspired by movies. We have not found or worked out if It’s Too Late follows suit but its drama and evocative character is spark enough for the imagination to play.

The new single breaks like a sunrise as melodies and vocals cast their warm touch; shadows of bass and a rhythmic shuffle expanding the tale of sound. Stringed intimation only adds to the temptation as Swain melodically roars; every note and texture adding to the aural picture as it comes together across almost four minutes of captivation.

As alluring and enjoyable as his previous offerings has been, It’s Too Late eclipses all before making anticipation for that EP inevitable; something hard to think we will be alone in.

It’s Too Late is released March 2th via Resonating Wood Recordings.

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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The Thinking Men – I Wanna Be Good


It might claim that I Wanna Be Good but the new single from British alternative rockers The Thinking Men has a rather alluring dark, slightly bad side which just makes its seriously impressive and enjoyable theatre.

Hailing from Norwich, The Thinking Men is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Johnny Raspin and lead guitarist Ronnie Smith, two friends from childhood. The band after forming swelled with the addition of keyboardist/vocalist Sarah who subsequently also become Johnny’s wife and within another year through double bassist Duncan Samwell and drummer Matt Rowe who has since left and been replaced by Rob Goodwin. A few weeks back they released the Memento Mori EP, a five track gem of dark tones and seductive shadows within which I Wanna Be Good is a compelling beacon.

Johnny’s vocal’s trigger the track’s lively stroll, his tones  carrying hues of people like Nick Cave and Tom Waits as blues rock kissed guitars cast their suggestive melodies. Keys similarly add rich flavours; a psych nurtured seducing which caresses the imagination as bouncing rhythms inspire the body.

There is a touch of Japanese Fighting Fish meets The Droppers Neck to the song also but mere whispers to its individual character and mouth-watering sound. Inescapably contagious with a swing which just infests hip and appetite, I Wanna Be Good is one of those songs which demands further attention for its creators. You just need to walk its tempting shadows.

I Wanna Be Good is out now.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles – Together

Though Europe may be out of the recent big freeze, there is still a chill in the air for which a good warming up is needed and can be found in the shape of the new single from ex-Catfish and the Bottlemen founder Billy Bibby and his Wry Smiles. Together is a boisterously stomping slice of rock ‘n’ roll with infectiousness in its swing and melody in its lusty heart.

Since forming in 2015, the North Wales/Chester outfit has lured increasing attention and praise through their energetic live show and schedule as well as a very well-received debut EP and a quartet of ear grabbing singles. Together just might be the most rousing proposition of the lot, certainly it is a song which if sparking the broadest attention would not surprise.

With its line-up completed by Matty Thomas, Ailis Mackay, and Thomas Hill, Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles almost leap on the listener with the first breath of Together, the song quickly into one lively stroll. A mix of alternative rock and power pop scented rock ‘n’ roll, it bounds through ears with eager energy and a smile on its face, Bibby’s vocals matching its almost mischievous gait and character. Riffs and hooks continue to grab body and imagination, rhythms adding their anthemic prowess to the melodic shuffle which is thickly appetising and carrying something of a Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds air which itself just adds to the aggressively satisfying and contagious proposition offered.

It is not the first time Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles has had us bouncing in pleasure, but Together has sparked the most vigorous elevation yet.

Together is available now.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Toby Benson – If You Need To Go

With the second EP in his three-part project called Refracted Moments released at the closing winks of last year, UK acoustic singer songwriter Toby Benson nudges further attention to its potent presence with the release of its single If You Need To Go. The song is a gentle but firmly alluring slice of melodic charm with an underlying energy which instinctively engages attention.

The seeds to his magnetic sounds could be said to have been sown in 2008 when Benson, having moved to London met singer songwriter James Carrington. Soon becoming friends, the pair began writing together over the next couple of years, the experience and Carrington nurturing a confidence in Benson in his own writing and craft. 2015 saw the release of his debut EP while 2017 saw the first two parts of Refracted Moments unveiled.

If You Need To Go is an infectious invitation to check them out and indeed the third part due later this year. Straightaway it is teasing feet tapping with its rhythmic bait and melodic coaxing. Almost as swiftly Benson’s similarly enticing vocals join the temptation, the song blossoming by the second as guitars cast a melodic charm and rhythms bring a firmer catchier energy.

Warm and magnetic, If You Need To Go simply invites ears and involvement into its enjoyable stroll and in turn towards the fuller body of adventure it comes from.

If You Need To Go is out now with Refracted Moments Volume 1 and 2 available through iTunes.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Bad Llama – Crooked Empire

Continuing to lure acclaim stroked attention British alternative rock/metal outfit Bad Llama have just released their new single, Crooked Empire; a song already emulating its predecessor Apocrypha in garnering rich praise and radio support. As that last single, Crooked Empire comes from the Burton Upon Trent based band’s new EP of the same name and as the last, the new track encourages a keen appetite for their beguiling sound.

Formed in 2016, Bad Llama merges an array of styles and flavours in their music; nineties nurtured melodic rock and progressive drama to snarling metal and hardcore emotive suggestion, they and more collude to create one individual proposition. Inspirations such as Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Tool, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, and Bring Me the Horizon also add to the web of suggestion and temptation but mere hues in the Bad Llama tapestry as unique as it is familiar; a potent blend.

Crooked Empire instantly grips ears with Lewis Hutchings’ great gnarly bassline, its lure surrounded by a vocal melodic whispering. Dan Houlbrooke and Sam Wyatt’s guitars soon extend that melodic seduction with stronger sonic flames to embrace the expressive and dexterous tones of vocalist Kyle Jordan. It is a swiftly magnetic affair splintered yet accentuated by the snapping beats of Gaz Waddell; it all wrapped in an emotive sigh.

With metal nurtured essences accentuating the power in the heart of the vocals and the melodic enterprise there is tempestuousness to the track which only adds to its drama and lure as too the vocal union of Jordan and Wyatt when in collusion. The Poets of The Fall like scent of the track only adds to its pull as another encounter with Bad Llama firmly hits the spot.

There is a sense that the Bad Llama sound is still evolving and with the pleasure sparked by their songs and especially Crooked Empire everything about the band is exciting and its future highly anticipated.

Crooked Empire is out now.

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018

Oddity Road – Don’t Hold Me Down

Already 2018 has seen British indie rock outfit Oddity Road headline their biggest show to date at a sold out Sheffield Academy in front of 500 people and support The Sherlocks on their UK tour. Now the band continues its potent start with the release of new single Don’t Hold Me Down. It is a song which they themselves declare “Our best work yet” and it is not too hard to agree.

Formed in 2016, Oddity Road is a band young in presence and age, four 18 year olds which spent 2017 playing over 50 gigs and 25 festivals, performing an infamous BBC Introducing headline set to 4000 people at YNot festival, building their reputation, and writing a clutch of new songs. Don’t Hold Me Down is the first to be unveiled and lays a rather fine appetiser for those ahead.

Don’t Hold Me Down swiftly gets down to business with a spicy melody across rousing rhythms, drummer Ethan Lambert driving the persuasion with a rolling tenacity. Vocalist Jack Heath quickly adds his hearty melodic tones to the blossoming enterprise, he and fellow guitarist Dan Brennan simultaneously weaving a lively tapestry of enticement. As pop catchy as it is rock anthemic, the track also has a dark undercurrent brought by the compelling bassline of Joel Gilbourne, a meatiness which simply adds to the increasing captivation.

Not boldly unique yet voraciously fresh in the current landscape of melodic rock, Don’t Hold Me Down is a treat of potential and already established creative prowess and reason alone to keep a close attentive ear on the expanding adventure that is Oddity Road.

Don’t Hold Me Down is out now.

Upcoming live dates:

24/2 Leeds, Lending Room

2/3 Liverpool, Sound Basement

3/3 Glasgow, The Garage

16/3 Nottingham, Bodega

30/3 Manchester, Deaf Institute

31/3 Stockton Calling

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018


John Stamp – Knocking

As his recently released album, Franklin54, showed there is an instinctive magnetism to the music of English singer songwriter John Stamp which his new single only echoes with its boisterous swing and lively temptation.

Knocking is one of the rich enticements within that latest full-length, a slice of country kissed rock ‘n’ pop which has ears gripped and body bouncing in no time. Hailing from Derbyshire, Stamp brings a rich mix of musical experiences to his current releases; Christian folk and gospel music, tours and shows alone and with various artists across the UK and Europe, a degree in Music and Arts Therapy which he has continued to use to help others, a passion for Deacon Blue plus much more nurturing his sound and in turn album. Franklin54 has been in his thoughts for a long time, finally coming to fruition after a visit to Nashville in 2015 which saw him link up with old friend John Hartley who subsequently brought in Emmylou’s band The Red Dirt Boys and Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer for its recording.

From within its walls Knocking epitomises the boisterous fun and enterprise, a track which teases attention with its first seconds then grabs it as Stamp’s enticing vocals collude with the strokes and subsequent twang of the guitar. Rhythms saunter along perpetuating that organic swing as harmonies sway around Stamp and melodic bait which sparks the imagination in its own right.

A mischievous romance and tenacious seduction, the song is a rousing invitation to artist and album alike which is very easy to accept.

Knocking is released March 9th

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018


Imperial Leisure – Creeper

2018 sees the ten year anniversary of the release of The Art Of Saying Nothing, the debut album from UK ska embracing punksters Imperial Leisure. The band is celebrating the milestone of its acclaimed release with a special new deluxe edition featuring the original album together with bonus tracks and new mixes. Before then though, the London outfit is unleashing their new single Creeper, a song which has control of body and spirit within its first few breaths.

Stepping forward in 2008, the core sextet of Denis Smith (vocals), Scott Vining (drums), Ben Bridges (guitar), Jack Emmings (bass), Richard Cox (keys) and Rob O’Neale (trumpet) has established themselves as one dynamic and energetically irresistible live proposition on the UK music scene. With its current line-up completed by trombonists Steph Faulkner (Mad Apple Circus) and Russell Spencer (Ghouls / The King Blues) and trumpeters Ken Brown (Shanty), Dave Medland (Dub Pistols) and Elliot Phelps (Cut Capers / The King Blues / Lux Lisbon) on stage, Imperial Leisure has feverishly played and toured around the UK and into Europe, recently coming off a tour with Hot 8 Brass Band.

Musically they draw on inspirations ranging from The Specials, Roots Manuva, Less Than Jake, and Youngblood Brass Band to Rage Against the Machine and The Streets. As that list suggests, their music is a bold and adventurous affair, never predictable as evidenced by their trio of well-received albums. They are persistently tagged as ska punks but whilst firmly embracing both styles, Imperial Leisure have many other flavours open to their enterprise.

A song about “the people in life that drag you down and how we shouldn’t let them win by letting them get to us”, and a long time live favourite, Creeper makes a low key entrance, guitar and keys shuffling around with a courting of brass. Soon things become busier, building until bursting into a predatory but inviting stroll around the heavy throb of bass and the rousing lure of Smith’s vocals. In no time it is swinging along sharing an irresistible chorus, subsequently moving back through the cycle with zeal and increasing tenacity.

Impossibly infectious and inescapably manipulative of the listener’s feet and energy, Creeper is a glorious slice of melodic punk infused ska, rock ‘n’ roll for the spirit afire with the virulent flames of brass.

Truth to say we like so many had already a soft spot for Imperial Leisure, Creeper just made it a touch lustier.

Creeper is released February 9th through Indiesonics, Warners, and Altska.

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Speak, Brother – Magnesium Burn

If anticipation for their debut album was not already aroused, British outfit Speak, Brother give it another mighty nudge with their new single Magnesium Burn. The third single taken from the forthcoming Young and Brave, the track is also being released to tie in with the band’s UK dates alongside Julien Barbagallo of Tame Impala.

Formed in Rugby, in 2011 the indie outfit consisting of James Herring, Matthew Cotterill, Nathan Morris, Dan Smith, and Sam Oakes has proceeded to make a rich mark on the UK indie scene through their live presence, singles, and a couple of EPs. The autumn and winter 2017 release of the tracks Magnificent and Lions Roar has shown their rich sound has come of age; a suggestion reaffirmed by Magnesium Burn and no doubt will be in full voice for Young & Brave if the trio are anything to go by.

Straightaway the bass magnetically throbs in the ear as Magnesium Burn leaps on ears, beats matching its vibrant stride as the ever alluring vocals begin sharing the song’s intimacy which according to vocalist Herring “comes from a deep well of frustration in my life. Fear has kept me contained and depression has weighed me down. I’ve held myself from saying things, doing things or helping people through fear of not knowing what would happen.”

Hitting its pulsating stride, the song becomes a roar of energy and sound, fiery melodies and tenacious rhythms uniting with warm harmonies and the plaintive heart of voice and song. Not for the first time, Speak, Brother brings Doves like hues to their enterprise, a flavouring which caps their own individuality like cream on a mouth-watering dessert.

Speak, Brother is a band on the rise and one ready to break the biggest attention, a realm their upcoming album just might breach.

Magnesium Burn is released February 16th with the album, Young and Brave out April 13th.

 Upcoming Live Dates with Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala)

Monday FEB 12th – Borderline, London

Tuesday FEB 13th – Factory, Manchester

Wednesday FEB 14th – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Thursday FEB 15th – The Cluny, Newcastle upon  Tyne

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Edenthorn – Heart’s Still Beating

UK rockers Edenthorn are getting ready to unveil Exist, their second album scheduled for release this coming April, and to provide a rather tasty teaser for it they recently put out its first single in the shape of Heart’s Still Beating. It is a song which seduces with melodic enterprise as it arouses attention with more steely textures, an encounter which suggests its larger parent is something to keenly anticipate.

Founded in 2013, Durham hailing Edenthorn consists of two sets of siblings; vocalist Kyle and drummer Mark Tague are brothers whilst guitarist Dylan Gardner and bassist Faiba Gabrielle are brother and sister added to which Kyle and Faiba are partners. It provides an intimate closeness echoed in the band’s music and especially the emotive heart of their latest single.

Releasing their first EP, What’s On Your Mind? in 2014, led by its attention grabbing single Saviour, the band nudged real attention through their debut album The Maze the following year. A single from it, After The Storm was released as a charity single, Edenthorn teaming up with Samaritans, UMTR2ME, Rethink Mental Illness, The You Rock Foundation and If U Care Share Foundation for its outing.

Since then, in the words of Kyle about the new track, “A lot has happened in the last 2 years for both the band and ourselves personally and the song is basically a realisation that through all the good and bad that has happened in our lives, we’re grateful we still have one. We still have a heart beating in our bodies, we still get to live and breathe and we still exist in this world. It’s about the attitude that, no matter what happens, nothing is more important than that fact, that we’re still alive and still have a lot to live for.

Heart’s Still Beating instantly had ears pricked with its initial lure around a pulsating bassline, melodies stroking its infectious throb as beats land with a vibrant crispness. Rawer riffs soon burst from its calm, flaming vociferously before the song settles again into a captivating stroll which in turn ignites itself with a fiery eruption around the emotive chorus. The cycle repeats with growing enterprise and depth, the song a magnetic collusion of melodic beauty and raw intensity growing increasingly infectious by the second.

The song is a potent slice of melodic rock, with varied flavours masterfully crafted in one, maybe not overtly unique, but undoubtedly very appetising invitation to the band and their forthcoming full-length.

Heart’s Still Beating is available now.

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Indya – If You Don’t Like It – Shove It

With every encounter with UK rockers Indya there has been something a little different to embrace in a sound proving itself increasingly distinct to the Brighton hailing outfit. New single If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is no different, a song which teases with an array of flavours and excites with its glam/alternative rock scented escapade.

With its moniker taken from the middle name of vocalist and creator Natalie Indya West, Indya has already stirred keen attention and equally potent praise through the Strip Me Down EP and singles like Harder Faster and Insane Love. Inspirations to Natalie and the band include the likes of Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Joan Jett; flavours which in varying degrees can be heard in their music but spices, as suggested earlier, in a sound finding its own individual character.

 If You Don’t Like It – Shove It grabs ears immediately with a bubbling wash of rock ‘n’ roll, a boisterous if slightly unruly sound building towards a subsequent virulent stroll which emerges to grab body and appetite with devilish tenacity. Natalie is to the fore, her vocals and presence as magnetic as they are mischievous and matched by the ska nurtured swing which fuels the quickly addictive encounter.

That devilment boils up and over in music and voice as the track continues, the song carrying instinctive punk ‘n’ roll fun in its veins and attitude loaded raunchiness in its temptation for something akin to The Runaways meets No Doubt. If You Don’t Like It – Shove It just hits the spot again and again and as things have been the trend to date, increasingly suggests and reinforces Indya as one potent emerging force within the British rock scene.

If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is released Jan 31st.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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Pyramid Park – Born to be Brave


Following on the heels of previous single The Unexplained, a song hook laden and melodically enthralling, Pyramid Park cements a growing reputation for virulently catchy and earnestly emotive songs with Born to be Brave. As its predecessor, the new single is taken from debut album Vulnerability, a release gathering rich attention and acclaim since its unveiling last September.

Pyramid Park is the brainchild of Cambridge based songwriter/musician Peter McAllen. Primarily a solo project though one unafraid to work with the talent and imagination of others, the band creates alternative/ indie pop songs bred in the heart and bound in inescapable catchiness. They are traits which openly fuelled Vulnerability, were echoed in The Unexplained, and now shine within Born to be Brave.

With its first breath McAllen’s warm vocals gently caress ears with a lone guitar alongside and in a few more the song is eagerly strolling along with summery melodies around darker hues of bass as beats dance. The accompanying jangle of guitar is just as infectious, the keen enticement carrying a Josef K like flavouring which just feeds the imagination. As with the previous song, a great eighties hue mingles with modern pop endeavour, their union enriching the instinctive bounce of band and a sound which infests ears and appetite with viral efficiency.

Having already enticed airplay on regional and national radio in the UK stretching to those in Switzerland and the US, Pyramid Park can expect plenty more attention and support with Born to be Brave, a song which has the spirit singing as loudly as the voices it also easily persuades to join in with its arousing proposal.

Born to be Brave is available now.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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