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In association with Pluggin’ Baby, The Ringmaster Review spotlights some of the exciting new tracks and releases igniting radio shows in the UK and beyond.

Set up in 2013 by Emma Scott, Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging business getting artist’s music played on the radio and helping create a much needed buzz for their brand.

Emma has 25 years radio presenting experience and knows what radio presenters and producers expect from radio pluggers. She has worked all over the country with many different radio groups in the UK including Bauer Radio and Global Radio at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM, Hallam FM and now Primordial Radio and is now plugging to a lot of people that she has a professional relationship with.

Working with unsigned and signed artists and bands, specialising in indie, pop, rock and metal, Pluggin’ Baby plugs releases to all types of UK based radio stations, large and small, as well as some stations from around the world too. Music is in its heart, is its passion, with Emma and co working closely with their clients for the whole of their campaigns.

To find out more contact Pluggin’ Baby through or


Dead Reynolds – Fly Away

Dead Reynolds

As well as enjoying great pleasure through their previous tracks and an album which keenly hit the spot there was added intrigue going into the new single from UK indie rock quintet DEAD REYNOLDS. The song features the band’s new vocalist Ross Cornwell so with a change of frontman often bringing new and big implications to a band’s sound curiosity was rife as we flicked the switch for Fly Away.

Since emerging from East Anglia in late 2018, DEAD REYNOLDS has increasingly drawn attention and plaudits across their releases culminating in the success of their September 2021 released debut album, Breathe With Strangers. Their music has also seen long-standing support from the likes of Kerrang! TV, RockSound, Powerplay Magazine, and Kerrang! Radio and seen their live presence easily align with that of bands such as DEAF HAVANA, MALLORY KNOX, and NOTHING BUT THIEVES.

With Cornwell joining guitarists Luke Reid and Dom Greenwood, bassist Ben Knowles and drummer Luke Green, there is the suggestion of a new direction for DEAD REYNOLDS and going by Fly Away it should be a fruitful one. The track charms initially attention with a sonic shimmer, a firm lure sparking a fuller crescendo of guitar flames and rhythmic incitement. The fire ebbs a touch as Cornwell’s appealing vocals launch the song’s contemplation to reveal his presence as potent and magnetic as the growing tempest of sound around him.

With electronic celestial hued intimation and a driving energy to in its heart, Fly Away proved a surging proposal of imagination and anthemic inspiriting which with every listen has increasingly enthralled and drawn eager involvement.

Fair to say that the familiar sound and invention we have come to expect from DEAD REYNOLDS is as rich and bold as ever but yes there is a fresh breath to the song which if not declaring a majorly new direction certainly hints at a potent evolution in their music.

Fly Away is out now.

Dead Reynolds single art

 Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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Time of the Mouth – You’re Falling Apart Kid

06 - Time of the Mouth band

Presenting a stylish slice of their individual pop punk sound, UK outfit TIME OF THE MOUTH has just released their new single, You’re Falling Apart Kid. It is a track epitomising the multi-flavoured heart of their punk and pop aligned creativity and an imagination which has been an open book across their decade of adventurous enterprise since first forming in early 2011.

The band was founded by lead singer Chris Jones and original bass player James Chatfield and has seen numerous line-up changes until arriving at current set-up of bassist Mitch Tyler and drummer Ollie Badge alongside Jones. They draw on inspirations ranging from Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Four Year Strong to Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, and Lower Than Atlantis for a fresh sound and individuality which promises to make their forthcoming debut album, 30 Seconds which is due for release in January 2023, keenly anticipated.

A vibrant electronic coaxing surrounds crisply swinging rhythms as the track erupts, Jones tones instantly alongside sharing personal contemplation. A track inspired by personal experiences of a rough breakup, it is a fluid passage of calm thought and defiant uproar with an instinctive anthemic contagiousness to it.

Throughout, eddies of guitar and the ever flying enterprise of rhythms escalate the enlivening aspect of the track, vocals echoing the uniting contrasts with resourceful energy and adventurous imagination.

You’re Falling Apart Kid proved an increasingly commanding and manipulative slice of pop punk by the listen, ensuring our keen curiosity for the upcoming 30 Seconds is ready and waiting.

You’re Falling Apart Kid is out now.

03 - Time of The Mouth - You're falling apart kid - artwork 

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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Seeking Benjamin – Santa Leave Something for Me

Seeking Benjamin-RingMasterReview

With Christmas looming fast there will soon be no avoiding an abundance of seasonal songs which, we will be honest, generally fuel our personal instincts here to avoid such proposals (bah humbug).  But there is always one or two which actually spark enjoyment with an inspiriting touch and to the latter can be added Santa Leave Something for Me from SEEKING BENJAMIN.

SEEKING BENJAMIN is singer songwriter Benjamin Francis, an artist from Dorset who from discovering the joy song writing when he was a child and through bands, open mic nights and being involved in starting a local and ongoing music festival has grown and evolved his artistry and music to emerge as SEEKING BENJAMIN in 2021, releasing an acclaim drawing debut single earlier this year.

Santa Leave Something for Me is a song with a truly personal heart. 2013 saw the birth of Francis’ son Oscar who was born with the birth defect Gastroschisis where a hole in the abdominal wall allows the baby’s intestines to extend outside of their body. It was the start of a long medical and emotional journey for the family who were given great support by the charities COTS FOR TOTS and THE GRAND APPEAL as well as hospital staff.

December 2021 found Oscar alongside his father in the rehearsal studio writing a Christmas song together, Santa Leave Something for Me the result. A track in support of parents in similar situations and written as a thank you to all the hard working staff at ST MICHAELS HOSPITAL and THE BRISTOL ROYAL HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, Santa Leave Something for Me is a magnetic fusion of traditional and new sounds with the lyrical insight and honesty of young eyes and thoughts.

With instinctive rock energy to its contemplation, the track is also a highly infectious proposition with an inspiriting urging to its celebration and rousing presence, a track almost grinning as it proved that not everything feeds our natural musical Scroogeness. Christmas is a time for family, thanks and fun, songs like Santa Leave Something for Me the model soundtrack.

Santa Leave Something for Me is out now via Grizzly South Records.

03 - Seeking Benjamin - Santa Leave Something For Me artwork-RingMasterReview

Upcoming Live Dates:

Cherries Xmas fair – Abbotsbury – December 11th 

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids – The NeverEnding Story

Slyder Smith Oblivion Kids - promo-RingMasterReview

Not exactly a seasonal song but suiting the air and fun of festivities, The NeverEnding Story is the new single from UK rockers SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS. The track is of course a cover of the theme song for the film of the same name which was an iconic 80s pop hit and made a potent moment in the landscape of the band’s acclaimed debut album, Charm Offensive  which was released earlier this year.

The NeverEnding Story is a song which Slyder Smith has loved since its original unveiling and envisioned doing a version seeing him duet with a female vocalist. The seed to the recording came in an acoustic version Smith did on his iPhone for a birthday surprise for a friend who loved the film. For the version which graced the album, and now his new single, he drew on the vocal prowess of Nina Courson from HEALTHY JUNKIES, a move which certainly caught our imagination, being a fan of that band, as potently as his own.

In many ways, Slyder Smith & Co’s take stays true to the original but with the two pronged vocals and the instinctive rock guitar enterprise of the band it gives the song a bold and fresh breath ensuring neck muscles aligned to the instinctive urge to holler with such a well-known proposition.

There is little else new we need tell you about the song except that it is one rousing slice of pop and rock contagion which got under the skin more than expected and manipulated our participation with relish.   

The NeverEnding Story is out now via Ray Records.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Sat 3rd Dec – SHEFFIELD, Corporation (Winter Rocks Festival)

Sun 4th Dec – NEWCASTLE, Trillians

Fri 16th Dec – BRIDGEWATER, Cobblestones

Tues 20th Dec – LONDON, The Water Rats // *CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR*

Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids - NeverEnding Story artwork

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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King Kraken – Haddonfield ’78

King Kraken pic 5

Aptly released on Halloween, Haddonfield ’78 is the new single from Welsh band KING KRAKEN. Inspired by one of horror movie’s most iconic figures and musically paying homage to John Carpenter’s original theme, the track is a ferocious tempest of horror goodness but more so a mighty slab of insistent prowess from one of Britain’s emerging powerhouses.

Formed in 2018 by rhythm guitarist Pete Rose, KING KRAKEN soon whipped up praise and eager attention through a self-titled EP and their passage to the final of the South Wales Metal to the Masses competition in early 2019. The following year saw the band ignite Birmingham O2 Academy at the Hard Rock Hell Metal event before a day later entering the studio to record their Chaos Engine EP with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon). Of course it also saw Covid descend pulling them up in their live exploits though fair to say once lockdowns were a thing of the past there has been no stopping the quartet.

Now with their debut album, MCLXXX, scheduled for release in late January 2023, KING KRAKEN are in a predacious hunt for your attention and with the likes of Haddonfield ’78 and a sound which is as varied and unpredictable as it is ferocious there are few hiding places.

The single immediately taunts ears with rapaciously cast riffs, an emerging groove and stoner bent flame escalating the inherent temptation and threat brewing within. The growl bearing roar of vocalist Mark Donoghue equally made for rousing incitement as the rhythmic intent of bassist Karl Meyers and drummer Richard Lee Mears preyed on already keen attention.

With the guitars of Adam Healey and Rose escalating the drama and adventure with every hook and cranny of enterprise they ventured, Haddonfield ’78 proved bully and tempter, a tempest of multi-flavoured rock and metal as relentless and inescapable as its theme’s protagonist leaving us to say roll on January 2023.

Haddonfield ’78 is out now with pre-ordering of MCLXXX available @  

King Kraken - Haddonfield 78 artwork

Upcoming tour dates/live dates:

10th December – The Redhouse, Merthyr with Fury

28th January  – The Redhouse, Merthyr – album launch with Blak Tree Vultures and Six Sins to Sunday.

25th February – Pentrefest, Wrexham, North Wales

30th April – Station 18 Festival – Hanger 18 in Swansea

28th May – Call of the Wild Festival, main support to Black Spiders, Lincolnshire Showground

28th October – Sharkfest at The Station, Cannock 

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2022

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Attic Theory – Narrow Lines

AT Promo Image 2022 - Band Square 1

With the release of their highly anticipated debut album, What We Fear The Most, moving ever closer, British alternative groove rockers ATTIC THEORY has just released the second track from it. Narrow Lines is an evocative slice of the band’s songwriting and equally emotive sound and a song which ATTIC THEORY will be donating 100% of proceeds received from its download on their own webpage to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a charity uniting the UK against suicide, the leading cause of death among men under the age of 45 in the UK.

It is fair to say that emotive prowess and passion has been fuel to the band’s releases to date, a heartfelt spirit and energy which is married to the sextet’s bold sound with its rich flavourings and maybe no more powerful than within Narrow Lines.

Through stage sharing with the likes of TERRORVISION, TONY WRIGHT, THE SOAPGIRLS, KRIS BARRAS, FLORENCE BLACK, SAVING ABEL, PSYCHO VILLAGE, TRAGEDY, CANDLEBOX and many more to striking festival appearances, ATTIC THEORY has laid down marker after marker during their emergence, their records and songs following suit. As we said, their first album is a highly anticipated proposition and Narrow Lines will only add greater intrigue.

The song rises on a shadowy breeze to quickly wrap melodic tendrils around ears with Lewis Wright’s emotive tones soon following suit. With the guitars of Peter Donnelly, Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler casting webs of enterprise and hook bearing lures, the song only escalated in temptation and emotive energy, the rhythms of bassist Kenny McArthur and drummer Norm Walker just as welcome a trespass as words come inspired by anxiety and turbulence.

 A roar and plea simultaneously, Narrow Lines is a striking and impacting slice of alternative rock cast in the increasingly individual invention of ATTIC THEORY.

Narrow Lines is out now through THUNDERGUN RECORDS; download the track @

To get support or access CALM’s helpline, open 5pm – midnight 365 days a year, head to  

Attic Theory - Narrow Lines Cover

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2022

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The Bad Day – You

The Bad Day pic 3

This past June, THE BAD DAY released their sophomore album to a rich welcome. It was a 2 part concept album telling a tragic story of freedom and love. Now the UK band has released a new single in the shape of You, a song revealing numerous reasons why the full-length has earned high praise.

Emerging in 2017, THE BAD DAY have been described as “The Killers meet Springsteen”, their sound a mix of various rock flavours brought to the boil in their own cauldron of enterprise. The London outfit’s debut album also courted keen attention upon its release in 2021, as too the band’s live prowess which has seen them playing a host of festivals including the Isle of Wight Festival, Blackdeer, Pennfest, Love Rocks, Wildfire, Guilfest, HRH Blues Fest and many more.

Eager to spark a new wave of curiosity the way of the band, You strolls in with a confident air and a sense of drama which soon translates to infectious temptation. A bluesy flame led by Adam Rigg‘s tones equally emerges within the track, springing greater virulence and emotive prowess to which a great TOM PETTY hue adds richer flavour.

Unapologetically infectious and adventurous in its dynamics, You quickly and increasingly got under the skin and is sure to draw plenty more the way of THE BAD DAY, band and new album.


03 - The Bad Day - artwork -RingMasterReview

Upcoming dates and festivals: 

Blues at the Bay – Stockton – 11th November 2022

Hartlepool Festival – 12th November 2022

The Green Hotel – Kinross – 24th November 2022

Saltburn Blues Club – New Marske – 26th November 2022

Riverside Rhythm Club – Gillingham – 17th Feb 2023

York Blues Festival – April 1st 2023

Sharkfest – Cannock – April 15th 2023

HRH Blues – Sheffield 02 – 8th April 2023

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2022

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Fatal Vision – Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Fatal Vision pic 6

Since returning in 2019, Canada’s FATAL VISION has been more than making up for lost time with attention grabbing singles and an album in Once which has swiftly drawn keen plaudits. The first day of November saw Haven’t We Been Here Before?, set free; a single epitomising the ear grabbing sound and prowess of the Ottawa hailing band.

Originally formed over three decades ago it was the opportunity, through an unexpected birthday gift, for band co- founder Simon Marwood, to record at a local studio that sparked the return of FATAL VISION. The UK born vocalist used the moment to dust off old band songs with the chance subsequently leading  to a full return of the band with guitarist/bassist Miguel Montant, keyboardist Scottie Irving and drummer Alex Wickham completing its new line-up, with since the recording of the album bassist Andrew Burns added.

Theirs is a sound inspired by the likes of Asia, Journey, Europe, Survivor, and Van Halen; classic and eighties hued melodic rock essences which are woven into its individual character as proven by Haven’t We Been Here Before?, the song the closing track and story finale of their album.

Immediately the weave of melodic enterprise opening the track has a feel of resolution, Marwood’s tones soon reflecting the final chapter of the album’s story with rousing prowess matched by the sounds around him.

Also featuring vocalist Christine Corless, her alignment with Marwood duet alone a rich magnetic pull, the song bears Grease like theatre to it within its anthemic rock roar, before its fade out feels like a drift into an intimate sunset.

If new to FATAL VISION, Haven’t We Been Here Before? is a lively tempting to their new album and a sound which continues to spark keen attention.

Haven’t We Been Here Before? and Once are both out now via Pride & Joy Music.

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2022

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Jordan Red – Awake

JORDAN RED pic credit MARIANNE HARRIS-RingMasterReview


With their debut album looming ever closer, London based rockers JORDAN RED unleash new single Awake to urge even greater anticipation for the full-length and to deeper engrain their promise as one dynamic proposal for the UK rock scene.

Formed by frontman Dan Leigh and guitarist Dan Baker, JORDAN RED springs a contagiously rousing tempest of alternative rock and metal with punk and melodic rock inclinations. As earlier songs like their debut track, Beautiful Monsters, and subsequently Way Down alone have proved, it is a proposition which is dynamically powerful and emotively inflamed. Fired in the anger and frustration of lockdown, Awake is a roar of defiance and aggressively bred rock ‘n’ roll but equally a melodically aflame incitement cast with a galvanic roar.

Recorded as the album with studio and live collaborators bassist Conor O’Keefe and drummer Dave Fee and recorded with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon/Bullet For My Valentine/Don Broco), Awake immediately reveals its restlessness, Leigh and Baker alone sharing the song’s angst. A brief eruption is followed by a contemplating calm though that is soon afire again with sonic and melodic tension and intensity; yet uproar as rapaciously catchy as it is emotively clamorous.

Every cycle feels more powerful than the last; each also adding new twists and turns in the track’s resourceful and animated invention. Awake is a powerhouse of sound and energy with a passion to match and only adding to the impressive emergence of JORDAN RED.

Awake is released October 21st with the album, Hands That Built The World, uncaged November 11th.

Jordan Red - AWAKE artwork

Pete RingMaster 13/10/2022

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Indya – I Wanna Be The One


October 14th brings another outing with INDYA and a single which proves another ear grabbing encounter with the UK rock ‘n’ roller.

INDYA is the stage name of rock artist and songwriter Laudez Rose, a project first emerging in 2015 and going on to release acclaim noted records leading to her acclaimed debut album Rebel Music as well as earning a rich live reputation through the sharing of stages over the years with the likes of Space, EMP, Republica, Toploader, UB40, Dub Pistols, Gun, Soap Girls, Shvpes, Sonic Boom Six, and many more; indeed her debut live performance was a notable performance playing for Noel Gallagher’s after show party for his High Flying Birds tour.

The INDYA sound is a fusion of glam and electro rock with the raw edge of punk and steely breath of metal to it. It is a proposition which has evolved and grown over time and as her track from earlier this year, Little Crush, revealed again finding another new aspect and tempting in Rose’s songwriting and music. Taken from the upcoming full-length, Leather n Lace, the dextrously infectious I Wanna Be The One adds greater evidence to the statement, the song a fiery and openly emotive incitement set in creative virulence.

Featuring guitarist Andy Basiola, who makes up part of Indya’s live line-up, the track immediately stamps down its authority and ear grabbing prowess. It is a hold firmly escalated by Rose’s evocative vocals, temptress and agitator essences merging in her tones and lyrical declarations urging the action of reaching out in times of diversity.

Inspired by homelessness, I Wanna Be The One is a stomping slice of rock ‘n’ roll,  a song whilst stirring thoughts simultaneously proceeding to spark and arouse the rocker within through its developing body with melodic and sonic enterprise only adding to that manipulative invention and success.

Leather n Lace is set for a December release and after I Wanna Be The One it cannot come soon enough.

I Wanna Be The One is released October 14th.

Indya_I Wanna single art

Pete RingMaster 13/10/2022

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Marshall Potts – The Fall

Marshall Potts pic 1

Habits are not always a bad thing, especially ours for getting hooked on the songs of Canadian singer-songwriter MARSHALL POTTS. The past couple of years have seen our ears lustily take to a host of singles from the British Columbia hailing artist, with his latest album The Storm an even richer lure. Now we have new single, The Fall, to show it is a proclivity unlikely to dissipate any time soon.

With a sound which draws on a range of rock inspirations from melodic and classic to country and Americana with more besides, and seemingly inspired by artists such as Bob Seger, Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams, and Tom Petty,  Potts has that rare knack of weaving any unity of flavours into something intriguing and virulently compelling, his recent album thick in proof.

There is also an individuality which overwhelms any references offered and within his songs themselves. Previous single, The Rope was a track merging pure pop rock prowess with rock ‘n’ roll instinctiveness and now within The Fall we find him weaving a country rock scented slice of emotive rock enabled with that same inherent catchiness.

The Rope easily proved our favourite outing with Potts so far and fair to say that The Fall was not as immediate in its ultimate persuasion but from the first listen it nagging and urged the fullest attention with a reward of enjoyment as complete as that of its predecessor.

Increasingly rousing and evocatively uplifting, The Fall is simply another striking encounter with MARSHALL POTTS who, we suggest, for heart bred rock pleasure is a must.

The Fall is out October 14thvia Let’s Go Alice Records.

TheFall Single-RingMasterReview 

 Pete RingMaster 13/10/2022

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Single By Sunday – Reputation

Single By Sunday

Increasingly recognised through the host of tracks unveiled to date from there are two predictable things about the releases of Scottish rockers SINGLE BY SUNDAY. The first is that they will be energetically infectious and rousing proposal however they come, the second being that you cannot predict how that will be.

Reputation is another proving the fact, the single a cunning slice of pop punk nurtured sound with alt rock and indie pop inclinations. With every second it twists and turns in its invention and tempting, getting under the skin like an infernal itch if one you only want to scratch for more of the same.

Centred round the core of vocalist Josh Ladds and guitarist Jonny Eakins, SINGLE BY SUNDAY draw on the likes of bands such as Blink 182, The 1975 and My Chemical Romance for inspiration but as previous offerings have insisted, the band casts encounters which are thickly individual to them and so often to each other.

With bassist Joshua Clark and drummer James Madison completing the line-up, Reputation initially rumbles in the shadows, grumbling away as it swiftly moves into the open. Looking at unfounded rumours which social media give ravenous life to, the song eventually stands tall in open light, prowling thoughts with the intimacy which bred the song as flames of defiance flicker and eventually roar around the band’s ever potent mix of vocals. 

As mentioned, with every passing moment the unpredictable Reputation swung with fresh enterprise and impassioned energy; its fluid landscapes an adventure for ears and imagination alike.

Grabbing our favourite SINGLE BY SUNDAY song yet, Reputation is the gateway to modern pop punk at its freshest and most galvanic.

Reputation is out now.

Reputation Single by Sunday art

Pete RingMaster 13/10/2022

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Psyence – Nobody Understands

Psyence - c. Mark Vyse Dec 2021-RingMasterReview

c. Mark Vyse Dec 2021

With their new album poised to break, UK Alternative rock quintet PSYENCE has just unveiled another compelling teaser in the shape of Nobody Understands. It is the fourth track taken from Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E) and another suggesting that the album promises to be a creatively diverse and boldly rousing proposition.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent and growing from collaboration between school friends, PSYENCE first invited attention with their first EP in 2017 and with greater thrust and temptation through their self-titled debut album two years later. The Reality or Design EP of 2021 more than hinted at a potent growth and maturity to their sound and songwriting which their recent tracks suggest has been more than realised.

 Nobody Understands is a track which looks at mental health and the “daily battle with yourself, nobody will really ever understand what’s going on inside your head apart from you.” It is track inspired by the emotional and mental dilemma escalated by the Covid pandemic; personal and intimate aspects uniting with thought and observation, the kind of essences which we anticipate will just as potently fuel Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E).

The single looms up with raucous energy yet as instantly holds it in check as it settles in to a psych scented realm of contemplation. Already there is an alluring yet trespassing nagging to the track which is echoed in the tones of Steve Pye, his and the fellow guitar of Jamie Cartlidge equally persistent whilst casting a web of melodic dilemma amidst psych rock spirals.

With the rhythmic urging and persistence of drummer Joe Walsh and bassist Jay Bellingham driving the combustible urgency, their creative nostrils flared in the song’s subsequent uproars, the track is a tempest of emotion and anxiety with an escaping fire of hope and defiance.

 Nobody Understands is also relentlessly contagious and even in its turmoil casts a flame of beauty shaped by the captivation of Ben Nixon’s keys. Bottom line the track is superb, for us the best of the teasers for the album so far and alone enough to spark a real appetite to hungrily dive into Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E) upon release.

 Nobody Understands is out now with Lessons In Forgetting Everything (L.I.F.E) released 30th September, both through Black Belt Recordings/Mother City.

Psyence - Nobody Understands artwork

Upcoming Live Dates:

 7 Oct – Sugarmill, Stoke

13 Nov – Shiine Weekender, Minehead

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2022

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JOANovARC – Here I Go


A track ripe with defiance and surging with spirit and emotive energy, Here I Go is the new single from UK rockers JOANovARC. It is also a prize tempting towards the London band’s new album Invisible Enemy, the kind of song which simply and tightly grabs holds and commandingly steers you the way of further adventures with the band.

Initially formed in 2004 by sisters Sam and Shelley Walker with Deborah Wildish alongside soon after, JOANovARC has been a regular lure for attention with 2015 being the moment they truly ignited international awareness though singles such as Live Rock ’n’ Roll, White Trash and Seeds of Summer. Their Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies) produced debut album, Ride Of Your Life, the following year, provoked even greater recognition and acclaim, both and their reputation for heart bred rock ‘n’ roll escalated further as the band toured Europe, Japan, The Middle East, and the Caribbean over the years as well as the US with their support of HUNTRESS at The Viper Rooms in Hollywood a prominent statement of their power, craft and explosive live presence.

Written across the two years predominantly under lockdown, and the successor to their acclaimed self-titled second album of 2019, Invisible Enemy sees lead guitarist/vocalist Shelley Walker, rhythms guitarist/lead vocalist Laura Ozholl, bassist Keira Kenworthy, and drummer Ellie Daymond reaffirm their place as one of the UK and rock’s inspiriting propositions, Here I Go a potent and rousing example why.

A song Shelly describes as being “about gaining back the empowerment that had been lost and becoming a strong person again”, Here I Go immediately surges through ears with riffs and rhythms in a united cascade of temptation. Once into its stride, the song settles down yet with a sense of tempestuousness in its breath which erupts across its declaration loaded chorus.

Hungrily infectious and emotively aflame, the track is a powerhouse of instinctive heart and rousing prowess yet equally an evocative slice of songwriting and rock ‘n’ roll encouragement; a galvanic outing we have come to expect with the band but one as fresh and even more inspiriting than anything before.

 Here I Go is out now as too Invisible Enemy via JOANovARC Records, available @ album artwork

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2022

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Nightblade – No One Is To Blame

Nightblade © 2022-36-RingMaster Review

Nightblade © 2022-36

This past week or so saw Brit rockers NIGHTBLADE uncaged their new album, Hope To Be There and paving the way just days before was new single No One Is To Blame, a track which epitomises yet brings another fresh essence to the band’s heavy metal/classic rock bred sound.

Hope To Be There is the Birmingham band’s third album since releasing their 2020 debut, Ignorance Is Bliss. Take in its successor, Unknown Territories, the following year and now their new encounter it is clear that their sound has been an evolving and blossoming proposition by the record as has its growing individuality and both are no better highlighted than by No One Is To Blame. It has certainly seen an ever increasing growth of new fans and media praise towards the band and the new song and indeed album is already stirring plenty more.

No One Is To Blame is a song looking at “the breakdown of a relationship through nobody’s fault in particular”, one where “the love has sadly just dwindled away.” There is an intimacy to those words as vocalist Mark Crosby describes the track and a heart bred contemplation which is echoed in the song‘s breath.

Its entrance is firm yet slightly understated, as if it is looking for answers itself and a restraint which is matched in the presence of Crosby. Even so there is a fire in its lining which is a constant raw edge, a flame which breaks with greater intensity in the contagion loaded chorus, a moment with its own rumble of tempestuousness.

The NIGHTBLADE sound is as we said a fusion of metal and classic rock yet the single bears a certain punk essence and alt rock unpredictability which was soon under the skin, hooks best described as  pop nurtured just add to the enterprise and multi-flavoured strength of what is easily our favourite moment with the band yet.

No One Is To Blame is out now as too new album, Hope To Be There; available upon Apple and Spotify.

Nightblade - No One Is To Blame artwork

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2022

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Marshall Potts – The Rope

Marshall Potts pic 1

Increasingly developing a trend of luring out our keenest attention and pleasure, Canadian singer songwriter/vocalist/guitarist MARSHALL POTTS recently released another ear grabbing single in the shape of The Rope. It continues the success of tracks like Heaven or Home, Free and Easy, and the title track of his latest album, The Storm, in sparking a maybe previously undeveloped appetite for Americana/country rock as well as feeding a healthy one for anthem fuelled rock ‘n’ roll. Certainly in his creative hands our interest and enjoyment of the lesser explored genres has risen with The Rope another keenly devoured slice of incitement.

With guitarist Kirby Kaye, drummer Chris MacAlpine, bassist Stephen Franz and keyboardist Mitch Potts alongside, Marshall has earned a new wealth of attention and praise across the rock scene as a whole through The Storm and its lead tracks, which The Rope and its theme of survival from any aspects of life and being now thrusts greater impetus to.

The track bursts through ears with zeal and a relish for country kilned rock ‘n’ roll. Its rhythmic energy and touch proved pure manipulation of our inner instincts from the off as equally Marshall’s vocals and the melodic hooks which dangle temptation throughout the track. From start to finish, the song continues to bring a surge of animated dynamics and eventful enterprise, even in the moments allowing for a breath to be taken, only high energy persuasion.

The song is pure pop rock prowess within rock ‘n’ roll instinctiveness and a track which has for us leaves a littering of like weaved tracks this year in its pleasure embroiled wake.

The Rope is out now through Let’s Go Alice Records.

Marshall Potts - The Rope artwork-RingMaster Review

Upcoming live dates:

September 28th 2022 – Burlington Performance Art Centre, Burlington, Ontario

October 22nd 2022 – Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, Saint Leonard, Quebec.

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2022

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Time of the Mouth – RIDE (Here We Go Again)

Time of the Mouth-RingMaster Review

Pop punk comes in many shapes and styles and now adding their own choice flavouring is UK trio TIME OF THE MOUTH with new single, RIDE (Here We Go Again). As their fans can testify, they have offered certain individuality in their sound since emerging in 2011 but this new offering is ripe with fresh imagination and craft bred enterprise to stand tall and bold within the British pop punk scene.

TIME OF THE MOUTH was founded by vocalist/guitarist Chris Jones and original bass player James Chatfield and now sees bassist Mitch Tyler and drummer Ollie Badger alongside Jones. The Worcester based trio are currently finishing off their debut album, 30 Seconds which is due for release in November and fair to say, since its very recent release, RIDE (Here We Go Again) has already sparked the keenest curiosity and anticipation of that larger proposition.

The track bursts into life with rigour and sonic dexterity, relaxing a touch as synths weave their lures and hooks. Equally manipulative rhythms and hungry riffs stoked the fires of eager attention, the tones of Jones just as spirited and eventful.

By the twist and turn, the track evolves; its electronic poppiness and shadows colluding with punk bred rapacity for a track best described as Four Year Strong meets The Cure leading to a glorious finale embracing the creative adventure of a Max Raptor.

Wholly addictive, RIDE (Here We Go Again) is an early nudge upon a raucous wake-up call to the creative roar of TIME OF THE MOUTH, a song though which suggests we have heard nothing yet.

RIDE (Here We Go Again) is out now.

RIDE (HERE WE GO AGAIN)-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2022

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Seeking Benjamin – Marry Me

Seeking Benjamin pic 2

Casting a new voice and sound to contemplate from England’s South Coast, Marry Me is the debut single from SEEKING BENJAMIN, a song which taps you on the shoulder and invites keen attention with the power of the heart and a hand of instinctive enterprise.

SEEKING BENJAMIN is the moniker of Dorset singer songwriter Ben Francis, an artist who has earned his spurs and grown his craft across a decade travelling the South Coast playing open mic nights and helping start an enduring local music festival as well as a rock band before that. The past year saw Francis supporting a popular local rock covers band playing shows across the South West of England whilst working on his new EP which is scheduled for release march 2023. Marry Me is his first single and a song which wastes no time in lighting up ears while introducing his individual style of plaintive rock cored pop.

A “love song about the nervousness and excitement of giving love a second chance and asking the big question”, Marry Me gently strolls in upon acoustic guitar caresses. Even so the rhythmic pulse which shapes it is rock bred as too the subsequent drama of sound and emotive intensity which emerges. Francis’ voice similarly has an underlying power which rises throughout the track, his emotional contemplations and celebratory musings an open heart and echoed in the song’s melodic flames.

Marry Me is a powerful ear gripping first meeting with SEEKING BENJAMIN and one sure to spark keen curiosity for the continuing emergence of the artist.

Marry Me is out now through Grizzly South Records.

Seeking Benjamin - Marry Me artwork-RingMaster Review

Upcoming Live Dates:

Saturday, 24th September – Royal British Legion Marie Curie Evening, Marnhull Dorset

Sunday, 25th September – Shepton Mallet Town, Somerset Square

Saturday, October 22nd – Rocky’s Bar Gillingham Dorset

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2022

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Fatal Vision – Do You Remember Me?

Fatal Vision pic 3

Closely following their previous track, Heartbreaker, Canadian rockers FATAL VISION recently unveiled new single Do You Remember Me?, a song like its predecessor laying down potent lures inviting attention the way of the band’s debut album.

Ottawa hailing, the quintet since being brought back to life by reforming vocalist/guitarist Simon Marwood in 2019 has brought a fresh breath to their classic/eighties rock inspired sound and eager life to songs, many of which were written in their early days three decades or so ago. Heartbreaker unveiled a new invigorated appetite to their proven songwriting and invention and now the following Do You Remember Me? yet another creative colour to their melodic rock sound.

With guitarist Miguel Montant, bassist Andrew Burns, keyboardist Scottie Irving and drummer Alex Wickham completing its line-up, FATAL VISION instantly entwine a melodic wire around ears as Do You Remember Me? emerges from speakers. Its gentle enticement is matched in Marwood’s fine tones, the ballad as swiftly revealing the fire in its veins with sonic guitar cast flames aligning to the melodic contemplation of keys as rhythms place a firm hand.

Though tempestuous in its voice and gait, the track is an even tempered but lively seduction of sound and emotion, its stadium rock roar the final anthemic pull in its keen temptation and invitation to Once, the band’s debut album released this past July and the anticipation of its successor, Twice, scheduled for release early 2023, encounters which classic rock fans should not ignore.

Do You Remember Me? is out now via Pride & Joy Music.

Fatal Vision album artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2022

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Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids – Pleasure Victim

Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids pic 3

Close on the heels of previous single, When the Rain Comes, and days before the release of the band’s debut album, SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS unleash Pleasure Victim. The new track is another teaser for their full-length and if its predecessor provoked eager anticipated of the bigger proposition, Pleasure Victim has turned the same intent predatory.

August 19th sees Charm Offensive released with a US tour as the guests of ELECTRIC BOYS swiftly following. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Slyder Smith, who previously was the lead guitarist for power popsters Last Great Dreamers, the band has released four studio albums and one live album through Ray Records as well as shared stages with the likes of THE QUIREBOYS, THE WILDHEARTS, TERRORVISION, THE DARKNESS, ENUFF ZNUFF, and more around their own tours and major shows. With Tim Emery on bass and drummer Rik Pratt is arguably drawing the broadest and keenest attention their way yet courtesy of that earlier track and we can only see things escalating again through its successor and ultimately Charm Offensive.

The band’s sound is a drawn from a palette of rock ‘n’ roll flavours, this year’s two songs alone revealing its hungry embrace of styles and flavours with Pleasure Victim is a rebellious fusion of glam and hard rock with punk and power pop devilment.

Produced as the album by Pete Brown (GEORGE HARRISON, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, MARC ALMOND, THE SMITHS, SAM BROWN),  the track revs up and within seconds erupts in a rock ‘n’ roll stomp which swiftly got under the skin manipulating body and greed. As the sounds around him, Smith’s vocal bear mischief and participation involving incitement as lyrically the song surveys the hum drum of work life and celebration of weekend freedom.

With persistent rhythms  carrying almost pugilistic manipulation and guitars weaving their lures with almost cobra-esque movement and intoxication, the track only escalated in persuasion and our addiction by the second; Pleasure Victim maybe a  modern rock ‘n’ roll classic we dare to ask. 

Pleasure Victim is released August 12th with Charm Offensive out August 19th, both via Ray Records.

Don’t miss SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS on tour with the ELECTRIC BOYS this August:

 23rd Aug – STOKE – Eleven

24th Aug – LONDON – The Underworld

25th Aug – SWANSEA – Hangar 18

26th Aug – MACHYNLLETH – Y Llew Coch (The Red Lion)

27th Aug – BRADFORD – Nightrain

28th Aug – SHEFFIELD – HRH Sleaze

30th Aug – NEWCASTLE – Trillians

31st Aug – EDINBURGH – Bannermans

1st Sept – GLASGOW, Hard Rock Cafe

2nd Sept – WOLVERHAMPTON, The Robin

3rd Sept – BLACKPOOL, The Waterloo

pleasure_victim_cover-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 11/08/2022

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Indya – Little Crush

Indya-RingMaster Review

Since emerging around 2015, INDYA has increasingly become a potent fresh breath within the UK rock scene and with her new album set for release later this year she shows why it is being keenly anticipated by a great many with new single Little Crush.

INDYA is the stage name of rocker/ songwriter Laudez Rose, an artist who has from making her live debut playing Noel Gallagher’s after-show party for his HIGH FLYING BIRDS tour has toured the UK numerous times and played festivals such as Camden Rocks, Weyfest, Girls That Rock Fest, Hellfest, Musicians Against Homelessness and many more. Similarly, she has drawn the keenest attention and plaudits with her releases, acclaim gathering around singles and albums.

With INDYA’S new full-length, Leather n Lace, set for a December release, Little Crush quickly invited keen anticipation of that incoming proposition. The band’s sound has always been multi-flavoured and adventurous in its character and the single is no different; a song fusing electro and glam rock salaciousness with more classic and alt rock inclinations and emerging as one ear gripping and unpredictably bold proposition.

Greedily infectious but with a snarl to its tempting and attitude, the song is part seductress part predator and all virulent incitement with the tones of Rose a conductress in nature and enterprise.

Recorded with producer Richard Burton, Little Crush proved itself three minutes plus of rock ‘n’ roll devilment cast in INDYA uniqueness.

Little Crush is out now.

03 - INDYA - little Crush artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 11/08/2022

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Haytor – In The Morning

Haytor pic 3

Building on their reputation for boldly dynamic songs with soaring melodies and just as keen vocal roars, UK band HAYTOR have just released their new single. In The Morning epitomises the band’s emotively rousing sound but again as those before it, brings something new and fresh to the band’s creativity and our ears.

Consisting of vocalist Austin Robison, his bassist brother Cameron, guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins, and drummer Cal Verney since 2018, HAYTOR proved a crowd pulling proposition pre-Covid; playing extensively across the South West as well as many large national festivals such as BEAR GRYLLS GONE WILD. Now they are beginning to boldly stir things up again with previous single, 15 already impressing and now In The Morning repeating the success.

A track lyrically inspired by “the monotony of the daily grind, and the way it makes you feel, trudging through the 9-5 day after day with nothing to show for it”, In the Morning belies that drudgery with its spirited and bouncy character. It is almost a celebration of the freedom we do come across in our lives, pouncing on those enslaving times between with defiance and energy which fuels every note and vocal incitement uncaged.

Insistently infectious and dextrous in its textures and craft, In The Morning is a fusion of light and dark as galvanic as it is evocative and another fiercely rousing and sparkling encounter with one of the UK’s brightest emerging bands.

In The Morning is out now.

Haytor - In The Morning artwork

Pete RingMaster 11/08/2022

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CLKWRK – Poison

CLKWRK-RingMaster Review

CLKWRK is a band that which has already grabbed our imagination over previous songs, their fusion of blues and rock with electronic enterprise proving adventurous and surprising.  Recently the UK outfit uncaged new track, Poison, and no shock it continued in that intriguing vein.

Made up of vocalist/guitarist Nick Pilgrim, guitar synth/guitarist Adam Broadhurst, bassist Danny Higgins and drummer Romas Masteika, CLKWRK have drawn keen praise and a live reputation more than nurtured by a UK wide tour with US Rock Legends ELECTRIC SIX.

As suggested their sound is an ongoing adventure and evolution for band and fan alike with Poison a song which initially surprised due to its less insistent electronic side. From cradling the song’s opening sample, electronics are kind of pushed to the side lines by the track’s blues holler and rock ‘n’ roll grooves.

Guitars weave webs of temptation throughout as Pilgrim’s tones roar, a snarling breath to the song and fiery lining to its melodic enterprise equally gripping ears with increasing dexterity.

Produced by the band and mixed by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman), Poison sees CLKWRK tapping into yet another aspect of their spirited creativity with ears very happily devouring the outcome.

Poison is out now.

03 - CLKWRK - Poison Artwork-RingMaster Review

Check the band out at their Birmingham (So Called) show on 17th September.

Pete RingMaster 11/08/2022

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Anti-Clone – Human

Anti-clone -RingMaster Review

Since being tied up in the band’s Hands Sewn Together EP back in 2014, we have been glued to the endeavours of UK metallers ANTI-CLONE, devouring and ruining our throats along with their debut album, The Root of Man, two years later.  Their multi-flavoured metal bred sound simply challenged and ignited our personal instincts and appetite for extreme nu/industrial groove metal so the past couple of years or so has been empty as the band seemed to sink into the shadows. Now they are back with a new single and a closely following EP and if Human is a sign of things to come and infest, they are back more predatory and striking than ever.

With major live shows, festival appearances and those two critically acclaimed, fan hording releases under their belts, it was inevitable that ANTI-CLONE would be missed by a great many and news of their return met with excited anticipation. It was a period sparked by major line-up changes in the band but it seems equally an opportunity to embrace new ideas and explore fresh evolution in their music was embraced. Now with a line-up of vocalist Peter “CLΩNE” Moore, guitarist William “26” Richardson, drummer Drew “ALPHA” Moore and bassist Pat “KAKES” Godinho, ANTI-CLONE are back to accuse, plague and stir up the world.

As previous themes in their releases, their new David Radahd-Jones produced single looks at flawed humanity and individually its god like reverence of guns even above innocent lives. It also reveals the band bringing their melodic invention and prowess to the fore, an essence which has always been lurking but now rich fuel in their creative engine. Even so as Human proves, the quartet has not chained up the beast inside either.

Human emerges from a web of samples with a metronomic stride, almost stalking the senses as electro portent looms. CLΩNE’s harmonic incitement only adds to the threat, his calm yet corruptive tone warning and menace alike as rhythms and grooves collude in their threat and invitation. Discontent and disrespect also erupt throughout; their flumes of antipathy offering feral textures align to that inherent melodic anxiety ensuring the track is virulent in every aspect and swiftly burrowing under the skin.

It is a song that never quite tears into the senses, only keeping and escalating that tension of threat and dark commination but that too only offers and intensifies the  power and its intrusive edge.

With a MUDVAYNE meets MARILYN MANSON meets MUSHROOMHEAD hue to its still wholly individual presence, Human is a superb return and one inescapable lure to the band’s long awaited sophomore EP. Watch this space….

 Human is released July 15th

03 - Anti-Clone - Human Artwork -RingMaster Review

 Pete RingMaster 17/07/2022

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Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Get Some

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous-RingMaster Review

This past March saw the debut album from TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS get it’s long awaited and keenly anticipated release. Now offering another reason and mighty lure for its exploration, the UK rockers have uncaged new single Get Some, a prime slice of the band’s hungrily rousing hard rock incitement.

Stourbridge hailing, TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS soon made a potent impression from forming in 2014, especially upon releasing their first EP, Deal With My Evil, two years later. The Gavin Monaghan produced encounter revelled in a sound inspired by classic 70’s hard rock and bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, and ZZ Top. Even so, the release roared with its own character as it drew further styles and flavours into its enterprise, individuality further defined within debut album Tyrant Lizard King which was ready to be unveiled but hit and delayed by the Covid pandemic.

Having worked with Monaghan on the release, the band finally set it loose earlier this year; its body and themes looking at a world intimately and wholly in turmoil as well as presenting a dystopian sci-fi quadrilogy around the ‘Lizard King’. Its opening track, Get Some, looks at enduring and escaping the mundane in our lives, subsequently musically and lyrically urging an ignition of the spirit inside.

The song is a vehicle of familiarity in its influences aligned to fresh adventure, much as the album, a proposition almost teasing with its entrance before fully emerging to hit its rapacious stride. Grooves soon swing from its settled gait and lively body, alongside rhythms firm, trespassing and manipulatively inviting much as the track’s galvanic chorus.

Subsequent twists and melodic flames from the guitars of Paul Darby and Matt Darby only raise the pull of its temptation; the latter’s urging tones, as the esuriently prowling and in turn surging rhythms of bassist Lee Jenkins and James Miles, inescapable in their encouragement of pursuing ‘the dream’ and in the now, finding eager participation in a habit forming track and rousing invitation to the band’s full-length.

Get Some is out through Echoed Past Records on July 15th.

Upcoming Live Dates:

 Saturday 23rd July 2022 – The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

Saturday 30th July 2022 – The Rigger Rock Venue, Newcastle Under Lyme

Saturday 13th August 2022 – Down on the Farm Festival, Abbeydore, Herefordshire

Saturday 1st October 2022 – Percy’s Café Bar, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Saturday 10th December 2022 – Redhouse Cymru, Merthyr Tydfil

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Get Some Artwork

Pete RingMaster 17/07/2022

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The Motor Trade – Trouble

The Motor TradeCopyright RingMaster Review

Having already compelled attention and high praise through their first two EPs last year, both Animal and the following Money For Old Rope sparking similar maybe even keener acclamation and support through  their individual singles, THE MOTOR TRADE have continued the winning trend with the release of new EP, Sometimes. Unveiled just a handful of days back, the release offers four ear hungry songs amongst which is lead single Trouble, a song that epitomises the craft and adventure  in the UK band’s sound and the individuality it brings track by track.

THE MOTOR TRADE is the creation of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Del Carter, a solo project of sorts which also sees its creator call upon the guitar and producing skills of Tom Livemore and the drum and mixing prowess of Tim Trotter. Those earlier releases soon found keen praise and support from fans and media alike and especially from the late great Janice Long. The Sometimes EP is sure to bring new gaze and plaudits the way of the band with Trouble a mighty lure to lead the way.

The single dawns on ears in a heated shimmer of keys, a glaze of enticement from which a gnarling bassline and animatedly punchy beats emerge. In turn Carter’s guitar sprung jangle and vocal prowess further shape the blossoming adventure of the track, hooks and rhythmic incitement escalating by the second as infectious enterprise similarly brings greater feed for ears and appetite to feast upon.

Trouble is superb, the most irresistible outing with the band yet and a slice of cunning rock ‘n’ roll sure to spark another round of high praise and radio greed towards THE MOTOR TRADE.

Trouble and the Sometimes EP are out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 07/07/2022

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Fatal Vision – Heartbreaker

Fatal Vision pic 8

With a new album swiftly looming, Canadian rockers FATAL VISION cast a persuasive lure for its arrival in the shape of new single, Heartbreaker. It is a slice of melodic/hard rock bred in classic eighties rock and arena rock grandeur re-announcing its creators as one ear stirring proposition.

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, FATAL VISION emerged as they say, “when hard rock ruled MTV and every arena from coast to coast”, taking the inspiration of bands like Asia, Journey, Europe, Survivor, and Van Halen into their melodic rock sound. It was a venture though which was put aside as life’s twists and turns won out but revived in 2019 when one of the band’s founders, vocalist guitarist Simon Marwood, received an unexpected birthday gift to record at a local studio. Bringing out old songs from those early days of the band he with the permission of his fellow former band founding mates, took them with him into the studio opportunity which subsequently revived FATAL VISION.

Now with a line-up of guitarist Miguel Montant, bassist Andrew Burns, keyboardist Scottie Irving and drummer Alex Wickham alongside Marwood, and their debut album,  Once, on the immediate horizon, FATAL VISION prove themselves an ear grabbing proposal through the mountainous roar of Heartbreaker.

It is song with the melodic swirl and harmonic uproar of those classic artists mentioned earlier yet sets its own character in enterprise and rock ‘n’ roll imagination. Familiarity and originality unite in its hard rock steeled body, a fusion making participation and intrigue easy to come by and though surprises are not big moments within the rousing track expectations have little to feed upon either.

Heartbreaker is a potent slab of classic/hard rock sure to please old and new appetites alike, much as Once will be we suspect if the single is hint of things to come.

Heartbreaker is out now with Once released via Pride & Joy Music on July 22nd.

03 - Fatal Vision album artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 07/07/2022

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Shadow Puppet Theatre – Colour Therapy

Shadow Puppet Theatre-RingMaster Review

Hailing from Malaysia, SHADOW PUPPET THEATRE is a band making their introduction to ears with their new single, Colour Therapy. The Kuala Lumpur based quartet though have been on a certain ascent since releasing their debut album John Doe in 2018, a year after the Nightvision EP announced them to their homeland, and listening to their latest track it is easy to understand how they have grabbed attention and plaudits ever since. Now as the band works on their new full-length with an early 2023 proposed release, they are beginning to stir keen attention further afield with this new track to the fore of their persuasion.

With a series of singles sparking success and acclaim over the past couple of years, the healthcare workers dedicated Doctors which was written in honour of those who worked tirelessly since Covid hit and successor Alibi especially awakening new and keen ears to the band last year, the quartet of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dzul, lead guitarist Yazzer, bassist Chip and drummer Hazman have only increased wider anticipation of that new full-length again through Colour Therapy.

A song inspired by a little girl with downs syndrome which the band knew and saw regularly, Colour Therapy immediately coaxes ears with its calm but eager draw of guitar, a riff which invites rather than demands attention but receives keen interest all the same especially once the crisp beats of Hazman joins the potent tones of Dzul. Even as it expands its temptation through its fiery chorus, there is an unassuming character and energy to the song which is simply infectious.

With a blues inclination to Yazzer’s guitar and a reserved but nagging throb to the bass, the song swiftly and keenly got under the skin, its blues/pop rock inclinations a breath of fresh air around its smiling heart.

SHADOW PUPPET THEATRE is an emerging presence outside of their homeland and Colour Therapy can and will only draw in a new wave of fans.

Colour Therapy is out now.

03 - Colour Therapy Cover Image-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 07/07/2022

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Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids- When the Rain Comes

Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids-RingMaster Review

August 19th sees the release of Charm Offensive, the first album from SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS. It is an encounter which is described as “a chocolate box of sonic melodic rock sensations with diverse pop smarts that offers up a little something for everyone.” Time will tell if it is to live up to that imagination grabbing suggestion but certainly going by the band’s debut single, When the Rain Comes, it will be a vehicle of rock ‘n’ roll craft and temptation with an appetite to arouse the senses.

The former lead guitarist of glam-tinged power popsters, LAST GREAT DREAMERS, Smith formed SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS as, in his own words, a ‘frustrated lead singer’, enlisting bassist Tim Emery and drummer Rik Pratt to the project. His songwriting is bred from intimacy, When the Rain Comes evidence as it looks at the lure and craving of something ultimately and negatively addictive; a song finding inspiration in life’s shadows but explores the darkness with a light of hope amid inspiriting melodic and anthemic inclinations.

Produced by Pete Brown (George Harrison, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Marc Almond, The Smiths, Sam Brown), When The Rain Comes  bursts in ears with its first breath, rhythms already raising that anthemic air to the song as Smith’s just as rousing tones ride the jangle of his guitar. Similarly, there is an infection loaded lure to the bass which manipulates attention and rock ‘n’ roll instincts, a pop rock catchiness energising the track further.

In theory the feel good character and infectiousness of the song is at odds with its musing and exploration of the darkest shadows yet it all unites in one ear gripping encounter which in turn has alone made Charm Offensive one eagerly anticipated proposition here.

When the Rain Comes is out now via Ray Records.

when the rain comes-RingMaster Review - single

Upcoming Tour dates:

23rd Aug – STOKE – Eleven (w/ Electric Boys)

24th Aug – LONDON – The Underworld (w/ Electric Boys)

25th Aug – SWANSEA – Hangar 18 (w/ Electric Boys)

26th Aug – Y LLEW COCH – Mach, Machynlleth (w/ Electric Boys)

27th Aug – BRADFORD – Nightrain (w/ Electric Boys)

28th Aug – SHEFFIELD – HRH Sleaze

30th Aug – NEWCASTLE – Trillians (w/ Electric Boys)

31st Aug – EDINBURGH – Bannermans (w/ Electric Boys)

1st Sept – GLASGOW, Hard Rock Cafe (w/ Electric Boys)

2nd Sept – WOLVERHAMPTON, The Robin (w/ Electric Boys)

3rd Sept – BLACKPOOL, The Waterloo (w/ Electric Boys)

Pete RingMaster 07/07/2022

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MuddiBrooke – You Don’t Own Me

MuddiBrooke pic 1 [Andy Tatt]-RingMaster Review

Pic Andy Tatt

You Don’t Own Me is a song which when Lesley Gore first uncaged it back in the sixties stood up and spoke for women in a subtle but open and relatively gentle but firm way. It is a track which held anger or certainly dispute in its heart though it kept it relatively caged yet was a bold creative defiance at the time which has persistently inspired ever since with UK rockers MUDDIBROOKE the latest to be sparked by it.

Carrying a message sadly still as relevant today, You Don’t Own Me is as powerful as ever especially now brought up to date to the tempest that is modern day and its society by MUDDIBROOKE, the band unleashing the rage and raw defiance which the original held down in its belly with grunge fuelled voracity in one striking version.

At times like a predator the song prowls the senses before its cauldron of spite erupts in fiery exclamation and confrontation, punk rock antipathy adding to its irrepressible impact and impressive dissent.

You Don’t Own Me is an icon of a song which vocalist guitarist Brooke and bassist Anna Melidone have escalated in impact and enjoyment, every heart bred breath and organic second of the original given new energy and evocative dissension.

You Don’t Own Me is a must and available now.

MuddiBrooke - You Don't Own Me (artwork)_RingMaster Review

Upcoming MUDDIBROOKE Gigs:


25th – Uprising Festival, O2 Academy, Leicester


2nd – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (supporting JD & The FDCs)

30th – Rock & Blues Festival, Derbyshire


5th – Wroot Rocks Festival, Doncaster

6th – Savfest, Coalville

20th – Duffys, Leicester


2nd – Reconnect Regal Theatre, Bathgate

3rd – GrungeFest, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

17th – The Birds Nest, London

18th – The Prince Albert, Brighton

30th – Real Time Live, Chesterfield

 Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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Nightblade – Tell Me How

Nightblade-RingMaster Review

With their third album in three years set to be uncaged this coming September, UK rockers NIGHTBLADE are poised to free up its first teaser in the shape of new single Tell Me How.

Since sowing its seeds as a band in 2010, it is fair to say that the West Midlands outfit has increasingly gathered keen attention and plaudits the way of their releases especially for 2020 released album Ignorance Is Bliss and its successor, Unknown Territories, last year. Both encounters revelled in the richer and broader adventure and flavouring emerging  in the band’s sound which, though only one song, Tell Me How firmly suggests has blossomed again.

The single leaps upon ears with immediate hunger and dexterity, the vocals of Mark Crosby steering the incitement as the rhythms of bassist Tim Cutcliffe and drummer Rich Lawley pounce. Aggressive yet virulently infectious with the band’s instinctive snarl, the track continued to trespass and arouse as the guitars of Sam Morse and Chris Seldon wove threads and webs of nagging riffs and melodic wiring, each move further escalating the rich incitement.

With a grungy come punk hue to its rock ‘n’ roll and a spring of enterprise in its well of temptation, Tell Me How proved, for us, the most compelling and rousing moment with NIGHTBLADE yet ensuring that their September 9th released album, Hope To Be There, is already keenly awaited.

Tell Me How is released June 17th.

Nightblade - Tell Me How artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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Piqued Jacks – Sunflower

Piqued Jacks - Sunflower_Promo 2 © Aurora Cesari-RingMaster Review

© Aurora Cesari

With summer looming it is time to contemplate its soundtrack and, in a world troubled in pretty much every way possible, feel good incitements are especially needed to keep the flames of hope and fun burning. So we eagerly recommend Sunflower for consideration, the new single from Italy’s PIQUED JACKS the kind of song bred to re-energise waning spirits.

Consistency of surprise and invention has accompanied an encounter with PIQUED JACKS over the years and especially their recent exploits within their albums, The Living Past of 2018 and last year’s Synchronizer. Similarly, this year alone has seen the band spring fresh imagination within a pair of early singles and now within Sunflower, a track which the band says was literally “born in five minutes” after they decided in the studio one day they “wanted to write something relaxed and easy.”

The bass of littleladle first lured ears, it’s lone coaxing an instant tempting to which the vocals of E-King added their invitation. From the start, there is an inherent swing to the track which only grew more virulent as the rhythms of drummer HolyHargot and guitar of Majic-o spread their persuasive enterprise.

In some ways it is the most creatively unassuming track from the band in a while yet every aspect and breath to it is fresh endeavour and rousing incitement around its theme of “keeping our heads held high, to turn toward the sun, and to have the determination to be ourselves.”

Once again Piqued Jacks had ears hooked, bodies bouncing and the imagination fired up through Sunflower, three traits perfect for a lively summer and a re-kindled smile in the heart.

Sunflower is out now via INRI.

03 - Piqued Jacks - Sunflower artwork-RingMaster Review

Upcoming Live dates:

June 15th – Monsummano Terme (Italy) – Ziggy Stardust: 50 Anni Dopo (Bowie tribute show)

July 6th – Arezzo (Italy) – Mengo Music Fest

July 9th – Milwaukee (USA) – Summerfest (opening for The Pretty Reckless)

July 29th – Buggiano (Italy) – PJs House Party

August 21st – Tuzla (Romania) – Living Rock (opening for Balthazar)

 Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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Haytor – 15

Haytor band-RingMaster Review

Being keenly drawn by an offering from UK rockers HAYTOR is no real surprise any more such their prowess in casting anthemic lures amidst impassioned enterprise and emotive lyrics so it was no revelation that the band’s new single similarly revels in that strength of persuasion. 15 is a rousing slice of indie rock, a track commanding attention as it got under the skin with viral rapacity for another rich adventure with the hungrily emerging band.

Consisting of vocalist Austin Robison, his brother Cameron on bass, guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins, and drummer Cal Verney, the Devon based outfit instantly grabbed our ears with their melody sprung jangle as 15 eagerly erupted into life. A song immersing in the “nostalgia of teenage years, getting into trouble with your mates and starting a band, making plans for the future, growing up together and slowly growing apart”, it is an emotive coming of age and in sound similarly provides a new step in the band’s songwriting and temptation.

With rhythms as rousing as hooks and the vocal contemplation, it accumulating in bursts of rousing incitement, 15 proved another potent temptation and richly enjoyable moment with HAYTOR but a track suggesting even greater adventures ahead in their growth and evolution as one of the UK’s brightest proposals.

15 is out now.

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Upcoming live dates:

June 30th – Supporting Sarpa Salpa at The Louisiana, Bristol

July 9th – Jurassic Festival, Bridport, Devon

September 3rd – Shebfest, Shebbear, Devon

Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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Marshall Potts – Heaven or Home

Marshall Potts-RingMaster Review

With attention and acclaim persistently and keenly gathering around The Storm, the new album from Canadian singer-songwriter MARSHALL POTTS, his new single, Heaven or Home, provides yet another potent insight into the ear grabbing adventure and emotion sparking reflection to be found in his full-length.

From Kamloops, British Columbia, Potts merges positivity and optimism in lyrical themes looking at “moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment, and living in the here and now”, with sound woven in a mix of Americana, country rock, and classic rock. As proven by Heaven or Home  it is a relatively reserved yet powerful and resourceful mix wrapping lyrical rumination and incitement which is just as calm but bold.

The single immediately stands tall as rhythms jab and the keys of Mitch Potts engage with ears and the similarly melodic persuasion of Potts’ voice as well as his and Kirby Kaye’s guitars. As the music, there is a calm but fiery breath to the vocals which is echoed in the matching rhythmic prowess and drive of bassist Stephen Franz and drummer Chris MacAlpine.

Heaven or Home is a swiftly and increasingly striking encounter and quite simply another potent excuse to go explore The Storm.

Heaven or Home is out now via Let’s Go Alice Records.

03 - Marshall Potts - Heaven or Home artwork-RingMaster Review

 Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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Standing Like Statues – Survival

Stamding Like Statues-RingMaster Review

STANDING LIKE STATUES is another of those bands which we have come to almost expect to be impressed by with their singles and larger exploits and there has been no shift as the band unveil new track, Survival. It is a track which highlights the UK outfit’s melodic and emotive prowess in songwriting and their alternative rock nurtured sound but equally revels in a fresh breath in both and the band’s agility at creating impassioned drama with ear flirtatious catchiness.

The successor to their well-received single Truth Hurts, from earlier this year, both songs building on the success and potential of the band’s keenly received Reality Checkpoint EP and its offerings greedily embraced by fans and extensive radio play, Survival is a track epitomising the emotive heart of their music. Personal intimacy and wider observation has seemed to be the spark for many of their songs and their new offering is no exception which only adds to its spirit and impact as it suggests and urges one’s own personal reflection and action.

Survival immediately pulsates upon the senses, soon slipping into its lively stroll with an air of physical and emotional tempestuousness in its skies. That volatility erupts in crescendos of sound and emotion, a blaze of a chorus at the height of the turbulence refuelling the inspiriting declaration which drives the slice of gloriously insistent and galvanic alt rock.

It is a short sharp incitement to the system, not hanging around beyond 150 seconds but a rapacious brew of enterprise shaping one of the most striking moments with STANDING LIKE STATUES yet.

Survival is released May 20th.

Upcoming Live Dates:

21st May – Hotbox Live, Chelmsford *

22nd May – Portland Arms, Cambridge *

11th June – Strawberry Fair Festival, Cambridge

2nd July – Mad Hatters Festival, Ely

 * Headline Shows with support from Youth Illusion


Pete RingMaster 19/05/2022

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Single by Sunday – Help

Single By Sunday-RingMaster Review

The last couple of years has seen our ears warm to and nurture a firmly keen appetite for the sounds of Scottish rockers SINGLE BY SUNDAY, a host of singles alone revealing the boldness and adventure, not forgetting the variety in the band’s invention and music. New track, Help, is not one to deviate from that trait, indeed it revels in maybe being the most potent proposal from that ever flourishing mix yet.

Set around the core of lead vocalist Josh Ladds and lead guitarist Jonny Eakins with bassist Joshua Clark and drummer James Madison completing the tracks’ line-up, SINGLE BY SUNDAY again breed the new single’s character and temptation in a mix of eighties inspired pop punk and indie pop fertility but temper its urgency with a cunning fusion of physical restraint and emotive fire. Yet the spirit and liveliness of the band’s previous offerings is as virulent with the track, a growing maturity in songwriting in evidence as Help courts the emotions, incites the spirit and eventfully runs wild with one’s bullish punk instincts.

With certain intimacy in its emotional admission and an infectious roar as potent as the song’s inherent catchiness and melodic energy, Help is another highly enjoyable moment with SINGLE BY SUNDAY, indeed their most striking yet as they hint at new explorations in their music ahead.

Help is released May 20th.

Upcoming tour dates/live dates:

Lechlade Festival (Swindon) – Saturday 28th May 2022

Summer In The City Festival (Germany) – Sunday 26th June 2022

Rock For Tolerance Festival (Germany) – 9th July 2022

NATFAK Festival (Germany) – 23rd July 2022

Foodies Festival (Edinburgh) – 6th August 2022

Foodies Festival (Glasgow) – 12th August 2022

03 - Single by Sunday - Help Artwork-RingMaster Review   –

 Pete RingMaster 19/05/2022

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Miles and The Chain Gang – Love Is Blind

Miles and The Chain Gang pic 1

Providing the impending summer with an early foot stomper of a lift, Love Is Blind is the new single from UK outfit MILES AND THE CHAIN GANG. It is an unassuming yet eagerly infectious encounter from a band which maybe is still in the early days of their ascendency upon national awareness but setting an ear grabbing lure and tone for all to take into the warmth bearing months ahead.

A band whose beginnings began across 2018, MILES AND THE CHAIN GANG made the true introduction to York and beyond the following year, the coming together of Miles Salter (vocals, guitar), Billy Hickling (drums and percussion), Tim Bruce (bass) and Alan Dawson (lead guitar) unveiling their live presence and subsequently releasing a trio of singles before Love Is Blind. This year saw bassist Matt Watt, drummer Steve Purton and keyboardist Daniel Bowater join Salter in a fresh line-up, a new breath and fresh union of qualities which sees the band take as new impetus into the year ahead.

The new track immediately bursts upon ears with an eruption of melodic sound bearing an early Elvis Costello hue to its swift temptation. It soon settles into its eager, Squeeze kissed stroll; a tempting with a sense of rock ‘n’ roll volatility to pop rock nurtured catchiness. Equally there is a hint of Americana and classic rock to its body, teases which add to its cheerfully infectious and animatedly persuasive call which soon had our bodies swinging.

Love Is Blind is maybe not overtly unique in its voice yet is as fresh and spirit enlivening as you could wish for, a sure fire should check out invitation in our book.

Love Is Blind is out May 27th.

Upcoming live dates:

 Sunday, June 5th 2022 – Black Swan Folk Weekend, York

Saturday 18th June 2022 – Leopard, Doncaster

Saturday 23rd July 2022 – Arts Centre, Helmsley

Sunday 24th July 2022 – Blues Bar, Harrogate

Miles Salter artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 19/05/2022

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Avalanche – Bottle of Sin

Avalanche-RingMaster Review

Aligning the hungry essence of old school rock n roll to fresh and modern hard rock fuelled energy and spirit, AVALANCHE is a band bursting forth from Western Sydney. This is a young band which declares that they are “playing heart-racing, gut-busting, roof crashing Aussie rock ‘n’ roll for a new generation.”  As their new single, Bottle of Sin, roars from the speakers you can only say that it is an encounter living up to that description, an uproar of fiery rock ‘n’ roll inspired by legends past but striving to set its own inimitable mark.

With their recent EP, Second Hand Band, drawing plaudits and eager support, AVALANCHE openly wear influences on their creative sleeve, the likes of AC/DC, Guns N Roses, and Rose Tattoo seemingly amongst them, but embrace them in their own take on classic and newer rock styles.

Consisting of the husband-and-wife duo of lead vocalist/bassist Steven and lead guitarist Veronica ‘V’ Campbell, rhythm guitarist Arthur Divis and drummer Ryan Roma, the band immediately gets down to business as Bottle of Sin urges closer and keener attention with rapacious rhythmic incitement and subsequent flames of guitar. Once hitting its boisterous riff strapped stroll, the track had the instincts to rock inflamed, further sparked by hints of punk rock lying in its underbelly, a hue of The Saints in its belligerence simply escalating the draw.

Indeed the song is bred of and roars with the heart and passion for classic rock past but just as potently revels in the new breath and spirit which comes from modern rock, one going by the passion, energy and individual name of AVALANCHE.

Bottle of Sin is out now.


Fri May 27 – Factory Floor, Sydney NSW

Fri June 3 – Tomcat, Brisbane QLD

Sun June 5 – Vinnie’s Dive, Gold Coast QLD

Sat June 11 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC

Sat June 18 – Link and Pin, Woy Woy NSW

Avalanche single

Pete RingMaster 19/05/2022

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Koburg – Requiem

Koburg 001.1

With her new album barely out of its wrappings, British multi-instrumentalist Koburg gives the most powerful reason to go explore with its new single Requiem. The song is a rich and powerful incitement of Koburg’s symphonic rock bred heart cast sound and the ever growing and maturing character of her songwriting and imagination.

It is fair to say that London based Koburg has already established herself as one fascinating and enthralling proposition within the UK rock scene through singles and a pair of eagerly acclaimed albums, The Enchantress in 2019 and the following year’s Position Of Power. If Requiem is any guide, Fables – Part 1 will follow suit and be eagerly devoured just as its single was here.

Recorded with co-producers Dean Baker (Galahad) and Anthony Malpass (Naked Lunch) the album is already drawing keen intrigue and from its first breath Requiem give big clues as to why. The song opens with a melancholic breath, Koburg’s newly nurtured prowess on cello and violin casting an orchestrally emotive tempting which subsequently blooms into a full symphonic embrace. Her ever gripping and evocative tones soon share the song’s intimate heart with its sounds, casting observation on toxic relationships with waves of intimacy.

As a myriad of twists and turns add potent unpredictability to the song’s fiery and volatile breath, Requiem soon proved a gripping and increasingly addictive encounter; all the while piling on reason after reason why Fables – Part 1 demands exploration.

Requiem is out now through and Evolve or Die Records with Fables – Part 1 available digitally and on CD and vinyl @

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Pete RingMaster 13/04/2022

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Piqued Jacks – Particles

Piqued Jacks - Particles_Promo 1 © Andrea Liguori-RingMaster Review

Pic © Andrea Liguori

If 2021 was a big and successful year for Italian outfit Piqued Jacks, the release of a new album and a host of acclaim gathering shows across Europe amongst its highlights, 2022 is working on being just as potent if not an even greater time for the alt/rock quartet. The release of a pair of tracks alone are providing a mighty hint to that suggestion with the latest, Particles, proving just how compelling a new encounter with the band can be.

With last year’s unveiled full-length, Synchronizer, still drawing new fans and attention, Piqued Jacks opened up the year with Everything South. The single offered further rich proof of the fertile variety and imagination to the band’s sound as already confirmed by their latest album but also suggesting a new bloom of growth and evolution which Particles now endorses. A fine vein of unpredictability has equally always shaped the creative character of their music and after the lively dexterity of its predecessor, Particles revels in the atmospheric and evocative aspect to their sound.

Though the song is a calmer incitement in relation to that earlier song, if with a sense of emotive volatility which breeds a tempestuous climax, Particles also has inherent catchiness which swiftly entangled spirit and hips. The atmospheric suggestion and caress of keys is just as instant, drawing the ballad into view and into the waiting emotive tones of vocalist/keyboardist E-King. Intimacy and a worldlier contemplation merge in its ears holding embrace with that instinctive infectiousness easily drawing participation.

With the increasingly firmer and bolder rhythms of bassist littleladle and drummer HolyHargot stirring track and involvement alike by the minute, the guitar of Majic-o weaving flaming enterprise around them, the fire in the song’s belly brings its roar to the surface building to a dramatic and rousing climax.

Ethereal yet tempest like, Particles is another striking outing with Piqued Jacks and another moment in which they leave expectations only hanging around through assumption of the unexpected.

Particles is out now through INRI.

03 - Piqued Jacks - Particles artwork© Andrea Liguori

Pete RingMaster 13/04/2022

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WREX – Sleepless

WREX new pic 3

As we, like so many, await a larger outing with the British alt rock duo, WREX have unveiled a new track in Sleepless, a song which just raises the ante in anticipation.

This coming July will see the release of the Brighton hailing band’s debut EP, Paradise, and leading up to the uncaging of its five track proposal Mae Seaton (vocals) and George Donoghue (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, production) are releasing a trio of singles starting with Sleepless.

Formed in 2020, WREX has proved their sound one dextrous, virulent and aggressive incitement, its alt/electro rock breeding across a quartet of previous radio greedy singles revealing a cauldron of temptation with robust incitement and animated imagination. Sleepless continues that trait and the band’s growing invention, the song a fiery and creatively vociferous encounter which is part seduction, part trespass and all contagion.

The track is the band’s most ferocious offering yet, the pair revealing a predacious rock aspect to their music. Theirs is a sound which has been heard to be in constant evolution across their releases but Sleepless keenly caught expectations out with its hungrily heavy yet infectiously animated exploits.

A track observing the deceit and pressures of society and others on one’s mind and emotions, the song looms forward in party mood but swiftly shows its muscle and emotive roar. Equally though, their electro instincts continue to swing through ears, revolving with the songs rapacious rock inclinations to cast a greedily catchy and raucously invasive uproar.

With every listen Sleepless imposed its persuasion and prowess, the track easily the finest from WREX yet and alone the firmest reason to impatiently await that EP.

Sleepless is out now via Favour The Brave with the Paradise EP set for release on July 27th.

WREX - Paradise EP artwork

Pete RingMaster 13/04/2022

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Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Magnetar

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous-RingMaster Review

Like numerous offerings, the debut album from UK rockers Tyrannosaurus Nebulous has had to wait for its uncaging; had to show patience as the Covid pandemic brought the world to a lockdown enforced stand still. Now with the music scene heading towards the strength and opportunities previously assumed, the band recently unveiled Tyrant Lizard King and its single, Magnetar; a song which epitomises the rousing exploits to be found within it and the overall rapacious prowess of the band’s sound.

With its current line-up in place by 2014, Stourbridge hailing Tyrannosaurus Nebulous has increasingly made a mark on the British rock scene with their hard/classic rock forged sound and the likes of the Deal With My Evil EP and it’s A double A-side single, TLK/ Straight Jacket. Unsurprisingly Magnetar commands the same strength of attention from ears as it reveals a partial glimpse of the dystopian sci-fi cultured theme of their Gavin Monaghan recorded full-length.

Instantly guitar wiring entangles ears, riffs and earthy grooves soon paving the way for the passional tones of drummer James Miles. In turn within the swiftly and openly infectious proposal, the rhythms of bassist Lee Jenkins and Miles provide a firm if not invasive insistence as guitarists Paul Darby and Matt Darby weave fiery stands of melodic enticement to further catch the imagination.

The track itself is not overly aggressive but has a snarl in voice and character and an overall lure which is as much trespass as temptation; the song a slice of edacious hard rock with an intriguing tale to match its rich proposal.

With references to the likes of AC\DC, Alice In Chains, and Thin Lizzy regularly wrapped around their sound, Magnetar proves it and the band’s sound have their own rich individuality and one highly enjoyable roar.

 Magnetar is out now through Echoed Past Records as too the album, Tyrant Lizard King.

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Magnetar Artwork

Pete RingMaster 13/04/2022

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Black Water Fiend –Wish You Well

Black Water Fiend-RingMaster Review

Leaving a potent mark on radio stations and shows around the world let alone a new flood of fans in 2021 with their single Bring the Fire, UK heavy rockers Black Water Fiend look to do the same with its successor Wish You Well. The song is another rich slice of the band’s fiery high energy sound, one building on the prowess of that previous encounter and a track which you can easily see matching its predecessor’s success.

Coventry based, Black Water Fiend emerged in 2018; a university project initially which swiftly made a thick mark on the local music scene with two well-received EPs escalating their growing reputation. Pre-pandemic, the band was playing notable venues around the UK and being invited to play numerous festivals home and abroad. Bring the Fire marked their eager return and now Wish You Well is the spark primed to resume that potent ascent of the British rock scene.

The band’s sound is multi-flavoured but has a certain heavy rock/grunge seeding with bluesy inclinations and no more enticing than within the new track. Wish You Well immediately wraps a easily devoured groove around ears, it’s tempting a nagging lure which the crisp beats of drummer Aaron Sheriff and Joe Mangle’s earthy bassline more than back.

With Danny Starkey’s impassioned tones a reflection come celebration of better times post toxic relationship, the fire in the belly of the song roars around him, a power which the melodic flames of his and Sam Martin’s guitars spread and highlight with craft and imagination.

It all makes for a rousing encounter with Black Water Fiend, a band easy to see having their best year yet ahead.

Wish You Well is out March 11th.

03 - Wish You Well Single Cover-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2022

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A State of Romance – A-List Lives

A State of Romance new 1

Reinforcing the impact made by their debut single last year, UK electro rockers A State of Romance uncage its successor in the inspiriting shape of A-List Lives. It is a track which is hungrily infectious and equally pugilistic, a song which rips through ears and sows seeds which blossomed into a hunger for more.

A State of Romance is the creation of drummer Darren Rodgers and guitarist Dean Lilley, a pair who previously toured the UK and Europe and released a well-received EP and album released as part of Littlecrazy. Its demise in 2013 saw Rodgers pursue a highly successful DJ career under the moniker Damon Hess. Then Covid hit and the pandemic sparked lockdown of 2020 saw the pair reunite and set out to form a new band with a truly fresh breath, one which subsequently bred an electro metal/rock sound aligned to dance and drum ‘n’ bass essences and embracing sampled sounds.

Inspirations are stated as bands like Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, and Pitchshifter though listening to A-List Lives, a song which is “about a girlfriend that’s more interested in celebrities and famous people than their own relationship”, we found a great Rabbit Junk voracity to its contagious yet ferocious march upon the senses.

A setting of the song’s protagonist’s infatuation opens up the release and frequently breaks up the song’s subsequent trespass. It is an incitement though which is as forcibly infectious and manipulative on feet and body as its roar is aggressive, a surge of power which ensures contemplation is set in a fire of confrontation.

With vocalist Jack Walton another magnet in its accusing clamour and the united enterprise of keyboardist Kieran NG, rhythm guitarist Lewis Dennis, and bassist Wayne Lee springing another potent fume of enterprise alongside Rodgers and Lilley, A-List Lives attacked, seduced and inflamed the senses and a swiftly greedy appetite for the song’s uproar.

Two songs in and already A State of Romance is making a potent mark on the electro rock scene, and with a debut album in the works, we will be watching with many others their emergence with keen interest.

A-List Lives is released March 4th via Romance Records.

A State of Romance - A List Lives artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2022


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DVL – Eternity

DVL-RingMaster Review

The beginning of March sees Scottish metallers  DVL releasing their new single, Eternity. It comes ahead of their band’s sophomore album Hush in May through WormHoleDeath and we can say has firmly provoked a burst of anticipation for that upcoming unveiling.

DVL was formed in 2012 at the Academy of Music and Sound in Glasgow where most of its members were studying. Debut album, The Pawn That Took the King, was released the following year which helped lead the band to being nominated for Best Metal Act in 2014 at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Over time the band has shared stages with the likes of In This Moment, Jinjer, Sylosis, Act of Defiance, Breed 77, Man Must Die and many others. Now, as their new single suggests, the band is ready to step into a bigger spotlight within the metal scene, and if Eternity is a sign of things to come they will not let anything get in their way.

Eternity immediately bursts upon ears, the melodic vines escaping the guitars of Alan Graham and Mark Paterson a fiery, indeed senses singeing enticement. Ryan Patterson tones are soon in the midst of this emerging tempest, his varied attack a magnet surrounded by the rapacious rhythmic incitement of bassist Kevin Choi and drummer Lewis Templeton.

As the DVL sound is a fusion of flavours, heavy, groove and modern metal with classic rock flaming, so Eternity is a multi-faceted proposal within its skin. The song eagerly twists and turns within its contemplation of accepting the mistakes and moments in life which you cannot change, its sound echoing that tempest with a matching fluid and compelling rapacity.

Bottom-line, Eternity is a rousing slab of metal which hungrily urged our intrigue and anticipation for the forthcoming Hush.

Eternity is out now through WormHoleDeath.

03 - DVL - Eternity artwork-RingMaster Review

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2022

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Attic Theory – Tattooed Heart

Attic Theory

Once again we find ourselves checking out a new offering from UK rockers Attic Theory and once more we find ourselves almost aggressively suggesting go for it too. Tattooed Heart is a rich slice of the band’s firmly established self-proclaimed alternative groove rock sound but another moment which pushes its strengths and invention to new heights.

From its first release, the Liverpool band has pretty much ignited attention and increasing support with their critically acclaimed 2020 released EP, The Sign of an Active Mind, setting new heights in reputation and the maturity and imagination of their sound. It also revealed a richer recipe to its breath and character, the band embracing grunge, hard and classic rock essences to their grooved invention with greater enterprise. Now with their already highly anticipated debut album, What We Fear The Most, on the horizon, Attic Theory have raised the ante again with the Loïc Gaillard (Revival Black, Ashen Reach) produced Tattooed Heart.

Its calm beginning carries a sense of anxiety within its guitar spun wires; that intimation of tension soon realised as the song erupts. From thereon in, as it reflects on the scars and lingering impact of toxic relationships, the song unites controlled contemplation with fierce intensity.

The triplet of guitars of Peter Donnelly, Tim Cunningham, and Matt Lawler weave and shape that mercurial nature and tempestuousness of the track with adept craft and ferocious trespass, fuelling the fire in the belly of Tattooed Heart. Similarly the defiance in its tone is driven by Norm Walker’s solidly impacting beats and the tension loaded bassline of Kenny McArthur, every aspect drawn into and echoed in Lewis Wright’s ever compelling and expressive tones.

It all makes for another striking Attic Theory offering but one with a fresh and stylish flume of enterprise and captivation which will make the wait for the band’s first full-length experiencing some impatience.

Tattooed Heart is out now via ThunderGun Records.

Attic Theory-Tattooed Heart

Upcoming Live Dates:

 Sunday 3rd July – Wildfire Festival 2022

Friday 5th Aug – Savfest 2022

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2022

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Standing Like Statues – Truth Hurts

Standing Like Statues

Openly growing in sound and invention with just as clear boldness, UK alt rockers Standing Like Statues continue that potent trend with new single Truth Hurts. It is another ear grabbing moment with the Cambridgeshire hailing outfit as they continue their ascent of attention’s ladder.

With their 2020 EP, Reality Checkpoint, still seemingly drawing new fans, Standing Like Statues are ready to take firm hold of this year with two planned tracks, the just released Truth Hurts the first. The quintet has again united with producer Romesh Dodangoda for the new songs as they push their powerful sound in strength and maturity once more, the new single alone flourishing in that fresh fertility whilst further defining the band’s individuality.

Truth Hurts looms in from the distance, guitars weaving an enticing tempting which soon erupts in full prowess as riffs and melodic enterprise unite. It settles soon after as swinging beats align to a great gravelly bassline and Jamie’s calm tones. Even so there is a sense of volatility which soon erupts as the track and vocals rise up in impassioned energy. It is a move in stages which finally catches full flame in a rousing chorus, an impressive cycle which subsequently repeats with new invention, adventure and prowess.

Truth Hurts is a striking slice of alternative rock, every dextrous moment a captivating and resourceful employment of craft and imagination from a band which just goes from strength to strength release by release.

Truth Hurts is out now.

Upcoming tour dates and festivals:

 9th April – The Blue Moon, Cambridge (headline show)

Headline UK Tour in May, hosted by Perspective Music, with support from Youth Illusion:

17th May – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

18th May – The Cobblestones, Bridgwater

19th May – The Hobbit, Southampton

20th May – 229 The Venue, London

21st May – Hotbox Live, Chelmsford

22nd May – Portland Arms, Cambridge

2nd July – Mad Hatters Festival, Ely (Festival Slot, fest runs 1st-3rd July)

Truth Hurts art

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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Just a Ride – No Way Out

Just a Ride new band pic 5

February 25th sees the release of a self-titled debut album from UK rockers Just A Ride and alongside will be new single No Way Out, a song which easily added to a hungry curiosity to explore that larger encounter.

Just a Ride is the creation of former Violent Delight bandmates Rod Henderson (vocals) and Drew Lowe (guitar), a writing project which grew into a full band with the addition of Alex Bailey (drums) and Russ Stedman (bass). With a sound inspired by early 90s alternative rock and bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam but also drawing on punk and alt metal essences, the quartet linked up with producer Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, The Professionals) for the full-length with Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro) mixing its exploits.

No Way Out instantly stamps its authority on attention, riffs and grooves colluding in its magnetic trespass with rhythms just as commanding. Yet it is a calm and infectious aggression echoed in Henderson’s eager tones. Equally there is an edge of unpredictability and melodic flirtation which adds to the spirited proposal and a hue of classic rock to escalate the imagination heard and inspired.

Familiar yet as fresh as a new day, No Way Out is a stomp of a track which will surely lure more than a great many to the fruits of the first Just A Ride album.

Just a Ride release No Way Out and their debut album on February 25th, available @

Upcoming Live dates:

Friday, Feb 25th – The Black Heart, London (album release show)

Saturday, Feb 26th – The Rockhouse, Andover

Friday, March 11th – The Motorsport Lounge, Llandudno

Saturday, March 12th – The Dragonffli, Pontypool

Tuesday, March 22nd – The Chameleon, Nottingham (support for The Timeouts)

Wednesday, March 23rd – Trillians, Newcastle

Monday, March 28th – The New Cross Inn, London (support for The Crooked 45)

Wednesday, March 30th – Bannermans, Edinburgh

Thursday, March 31st – 13th Note, Glasgow

Just a Ride album artwork

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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The Kut – Satellite

The Kut - by Mike Gripz-RingMaster Review

Pic by Mike Gripz

Another track/release and further inescapable of how potent and impressive The Kut, artist/band and songwriter is becoming. Satellite is the new single from the London based project, an emotive contemplation and roar with an equally evocative breath in sound and enterprise.

Ahead of a new full-length, Satellite joins predecessor, Animo, in providing inescapable reason why that impending encounter should be explored though the band’s acclaimed 2018 debut Valley Of Thorns and a host of previous songs have provided more than enough to anticipate its release.

Guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist The Kut is joined by pianist/vocalist Alison Wood, bassist/vocalist Jennifer Sanin and drummer Diana Bartmann for Satellite, their established union of invention and craft providing another compelling proposal to the intimacy fuelled, impassioned songwriting of The Kut.

From its first breath, the heart and melancholy of the track is a potent caress on ears and imagination yet any solemnity comes from past experience and the track only shares thanks and hope with every creative indie rock breath it takes.

With a chorus which just seized mutual participation and an emotive lure in melody and voice which touched one’s own intimacy, Satellite proved a striking encounter; yet another in the rise of The Kut.

Satellite is out now through Criminal Records

Forthcoming Live Date:

 8th March – International Women’s Day @ The Fiddler, London

05 - THE KUT - SATELLITE (Artwork)by Mike Gripz

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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Skinny Knowledge – I Wonder

Skinny Knowledge

After last year’s impressive, acclaim drawing debut album, Don’t Turn Out The Lights, anticipation for new Skinny Knowledge encounters was a ripe hunger which the band now feeds with new single, I Wonder. It is another ear grabbing, expectation evading offering from the UK outfit, a track which bursts out with the band’s pop punk/grunge/alt rock nurtured sound but with fresh dexterity.

Building upon the success of that first full-length and a clutch of singles which saw the band supported and played upon the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock, and BBC Introducing among a great many, Skinny Knowledge plan multiple singles throughout 2022 with I Wonder leading the way.

The track instantly erupts in voice and attention coaxing guitar before swiftly and fully erupting in pop punk/melodic rock dexterity. Straightaway there is a virulent contagiousness to the track, one echoed in Andy L Smooth’s ever exuberant tones yet equally an underlying aggressiveness which breaks out now and again to escalate the uproar of the track.

It has a mercurial character though, the song slipping into flirtatious calms and excitable outbursts with unpredictable prowess as well as launching itself at ears with almost barbarous aggression, it all driven by the enterprise of Smooth, lead guitarist Max Harris, bassist Rab McGowan and drummer Kris Dzulewski.

Growing more compelling and addictive by the listen, I Wonder is another rousing and impressive outing with Skinny Knowledge, the first of many over coming months we suspect,.

I Wonder is out February 25th

Upcoming live dates

 25/02: Misfits, Cardiff

04/03: Grayshott Social Club, Hindhead

05/03/ Hardy’s, Dorchester

10/03: Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth

11/03: The Brunswick, Brighton

19/03: Anvil, Bournemouth

08/04: Winchester Gate, Salisbury

09/04: The Roundhouse, Leicester

30/04: Teddy Rock Festival, Blandford

07/05: Nozlite Festival, 1865, Southampton

I Wonder art

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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Dronningen – Theatrical Love

It has been a fair time since Italian hailing, South-East London based Dronningen gripped our ears and acclaim with their Sugarbox EP but on the evidence of their new single it is time, when in a world under pandemic invasion, they have used to further blossom and fructify an already voraciously rousing sound.

Dronningen, a moniker which means “The Queen” in Norwegian, is the creation of Beatrice Bonnano (vocals/guitar) and Vito Cerasia (lead guitar), an adventure formed in 2014 which has uncaged a trio of praise earning EPs over the following three years. Similarly, their electro-pop/rock bred sound and live shows have earned plaudits in the likes of the UK, Sweden, France and India, the band playing a host of festivals and TV shows along the away.

As mentioned they have been quiet on our radar for a while but now crash through the door of attention with Theatrical Love. Bound in their manifesto of throwing aside negativity, embracing dance as a purifying ritual and taking sovereignty of your own kingdom, the song erupts on ears with its first breath, its sonic and electronic nagging a welcome trespass. Once inside, the track relaxes a touch as keys spring their new wave tinted web and Beatrice dances in voice and character on the imagination.

Guitars and keys continue to invade with their aberrant seduction, their touch invasive and fiery but as virulently infectious as the track’s rhythmic incitement and those inspiriting rebel rousing vocals of Beatrice.

Without losing the great feral essence of earlier tracks, Theatrical Love is a warm and highly excitable slice of Dronningen devilment, the band back and ready to teach the world how to rebel, have fun and rule their futures.

Theatrical Love is out now and available @

Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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Piqued Jacks – Everything South

(© Andrea Liguori)

Italian outfit Piqued Jacks are a greedy bunch; not content with grabbing a hefty slice of last year’s given acclaim with the album Synchronizer and indeed earning plenty more with a host of releases and tracks across numerous months previously, the band is back to grab more of the same with their new single. Everything South itself is equally piggy in its character, a slab of pop rock demanding full attention and a suspected wave of early plaudits no doubt as it proved our favourite outing with them yet.

The Tuscan quartet of vocalist/keyboardist E-King, guitarist Majic-o, bassist littleladle, and drummer HolyHargot have persistently explored new aspects and adventure in their music, never providing  a platform for expectation to seed except the assumption of something ear grabbing. The proof has been on-going for years and climaxed with last year’s richly enjoyable Synchronizer. As we mentioned though, Everything South has emerged a striking incitement in continuing that momentum of imagination and experimentation in the band’s indie rock sound and if a sign of things to come will be the lead in a whole new sphere of success and praise the way of Piqued Jacks.

Merging hard rock with a disco lined pop infection, Everything South instantly sizzles on the senses, keys a fuzz clad invitation courted by skittish electronic rhythms. In no time rhythms add their robust shuffle, guitars and vocals quickly adding to the temptation and enterprise.  Melodic hooks and spicy grooves escalate the body and lure of the song, its chorus viral catchiness within excitable contagiousness.

That unpredictability of invention blossoms the further the track engages ears, every passing minute delivering greater imagination whilst confirming what feels another fresh wave of evolution in Piqued Jacks adventure and songwriting; one already breeding greed in ears and appetite.

Everything South is out now,

Upcoming live dates:

 March 20-25th, Castaway, Los Angeles (USA)

May 29th, Lechlade Festival, Lechlade (UK) – opening for The Boomtown Rats

 Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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Single by Sunday – Hey Boy!

2021 saw Scottish pop punksters Single by Sunday release a host of praise earning singles, tracks which only bolstered and pushed their growing reputation. As this year begins to hit its stride they have re-released one of those well-received offerings and in its new re-mastered, beefier guise, Hey Boy! only reinforces the notion that this is a band grabbing the future with both creative hands.

Formed in 2015, the quartet of Josh Ladds (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jack Black (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Simon Drummond (drums) embrace the inspirations of bands such as Blink 182, The 1975 and My Chemical Romance in a pop rock/punk nurtured sound which has already proved its individuality while reminding instincts of how much those influences themselves were greedily devoured. Last year’s encounters revealed the variety and enterprise in the Single by Sunday songwriting and sound and with a potential year of busy live shows ahead Hey Boy! epitomises its raucous, spirit rousing prowess.

The Glasgow foursome immediately stokes attention with handclaps and a grooved riff which scratches at attention like a beast at the door. Vocals and a burst of infection loaded adrenaline escalate the already potent incitement, a repeat cycle carrying greater participation in return with subsequent eruptions roaring in fresh enterprise and new twists.

With a great late seventies power pop catchiness to its pop punk excitement, Hey Boy! still get us bouncing after months of regular listens and with its thicker sinew and rowdier dynamics, is sure to be the first spark in a potentially very fruitful year for the band.

Hey Boy! is out now.

Upcoming tour dates:

MusExpo Creative Summit 2022 – Burbank, California – 21st – 23rd March 2022.

Global Rock Summit – Burbank, California – 24th – 25th March 2022.

Lechlade Music Festival (Riverside Park) – 27th – 29th May

 Rock for Tolerance – Open Air Festival – Hann. Münden – July 8th / 9th, 2022

Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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Marshall Potts – The Storm

The Storm is the new single from Canadian singer songwriter Marshall Potts, a track which epitomises why his crossover sound has found a keenly welcome home with fans of Americana, country rock, and those with a harder rock appetite. It also confirms the bold enterprise in his music and the life affirming lyrical reflection it bears and fair to say for ears which do not eagerly navigate the way of the styles he embraces, the track left a pleasure enriched intrigue for Potts’ new album proposed for later this year.

The Kamloops, British Columbia artist is actually planning to release a new album in each subsequent year up to 2025, a schedule which follows a successful 2021 with the particular highlight of his band performing for the Earth Day Special with artists like Glass Tiger, Gowan (Styx), The Spoons, Tommy James and host Tom Jackson. It is set to be a busy and exciting time for Potts and a sound drawing on the inspiration of artists such as Bob Seger, Tom Cochrane, Red Rider, Elton John, Queen, Elvis, U2, Tragically Hip, and Bryan Adams among many, but a proposition as The Storm shows has found its own individuality.

There is a great Tom Petty essence to the single, one which makes a firm hue once the initial and continuing country jangle it welcomes with welcomes a richer mix of flavour and rock crafted styles. There is an emotive power to the track too which relishes the calmer passages within its energetically dextrous gait.

With keys adding further texture and tempting to the increasingly infectious encounter, The Storm slipped under the skin in swift time, its emotive fire and raucous contagion quite addictive.

The Storm is out now via Let’s Go Alice Records.

Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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Just A Ride – Not Enough

Just a Ride_RingMasterReview

There is no doubt that anticipation and expectation was raised as we read through the press release courtesy of the lovely Emma at Pluggin’ Baby for Not Enough, the new single from UK outfit Just A Ride. The reason being that the band was founded by vocalist Rod Henderson and guitarist Drew Lowe who had previously more than grabbed our ears as part of Violent Delight who released the flawed but so often irresistible Transmission in 2003, indeed its single I Wish I Was A Girl still hanging around as a major sing-a-long moment in inhibition freed hours shared here. So what were we set to experience with them now…press play.

Since the demise of their previous band, the pair had stepped away from the music industry until they reunited after a “chance drunken Facebook conversation.” This led to them coming together again to write in 2015 which in turn led to the enlisting of drummer Alex Bailey and bassist Russ Stedman and the emergence of Just A Ride.

The band unite grunge/alt rock sounds inspired by the nineties with punk rock and nu-metal no doubt still instinctively harboured from the days of their previous project. The result is a sound which boasts familiarity and unpredictability in one fresh ear commanding proposal, something akin to a mix of nineties band Skyscraper, Royal Blood and Stone Temple Pilots yet arrogantly individual in all aspects.

Coming ahead of their debut album, Just A Ride immediately let Not Enough off its leash, riffs and rhythms instantly surging through ears as a fiery hook strikes up collusion with a rapacious bassline. There is an inherent catchiness just as eager to escape, and invade it does as the song weaves a web of temptation and trespass, that fusion of rock, metal and punk a cauldron of voracious persuasion.

Not Enough is a striking introduction to Just A Ride, an adventure of invention and power bound in creative drama. Henderson and Lowe may have left a lingering mark on our musical journey previously but if the single is a sign of what is come, their next chapter of creativity will surely be what they and their colleagues are most renowned for.

Not Enough is out January 14th with their Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, The Professionals) produced and Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro) mixed debut album scheduled for release February 25th.

Just A Ride - Not Enough artwork

Upcoming Live shows:

Black Heart, Camden, London – 25th February 2022

The Dragonffli, Pontypool – 5th March 2022

Just Push Play Festival, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds – 30th July 2022

Pete RingMaster 13/01/2022

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Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Deal with my Evil

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous_RingMasterReview

UK hard rockers Tyrannosaurus Nebulous have been relatively quiet since the release of their praise earning EP, Deal With My Evil in 2016 with, as for all, the Coronavirus and the lockdowns it triggered more than dampening down plans. Now they are back with a new single; a lead to what we suspect will be a potent year for the Stourbridge based outfit.

In the aftermath of the success of that aforementioned EP and its single which gathered heavy radio play and support, Tyrannosaurus Nebulous worked on their debut album with producer Gavin Monaghan. With its recording, mixing and mastering process just completed though, the pandemic hit and the release was put on ice. With the single, Deal with my Evil, now upon us the full-length is being prepared for unveiling and no finer a lead could it have than the band’s new offering.

Taken from that previous EP but now re-mixed and re-mastered by Magic Garden and cored by a new bassline, Deal with my Evil epitomises the alignment of a theme across their releases casting a “dystopian universe where a battle rages between man and extra-terrestrial forces of evil” where “Man’s only hope is to resurrect its greatest killing machine, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, modified with the best of modern killing and time travel technology” with emotional intimacy drawing on anger, heartbreak, and personal loss experienced within the band.

It makes for an ear and imagination sparking proposition sprung in a just as rousing brew of hard and classic rock drawn from their decades of potency. A melancholic guitar drawn melody opens the song, its reflection sombre but with an intensity which soon sparks the heart and muscular attributes of the track. Drama soaks every note and emotive breath shared by vocalist Matt Darby, anxiety and power matched in his and lead guitarist Paul Darby’s prowess.

Driven by the rhythmic pull and punch of bassist Lee Jenkins and drummer James Miles, Deal with my Evil gripped ears from start to finish; its fresh air and character proving a rich well of new temptation  within a track already keenly devoured yet suggesting greater things to come in the band’s first album and beyond.

Deal with my Evil is released January 14th through Echoed Past Records with Tyrant Lizard King out March 25th.

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous Deal with my Evil artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 13/01/2022

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The Roadside Bandits Project – Little Babylon

The Roadside Bandits Project pic 13

As political deceit and distrust entangle again within the governing of the UK as we endure a continually testing time for all, The Roadside Bandits Project aptly release their new single, Little Babylon. It is a track which “exposes the excesses and contempt of a government at a time when a whole nation is afflicted by the devastating effects of the Coronavirus” but a slice of blues fuelled rock ‘n’ roll which fits any decade and time of leadership no matter who is at the tiller.

The Roadside Bandits Project is the creation of London based musician/producer Santi Arribas, an artist and guitarist embracing inspiration from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Johnson and BB King as well as blues and psychedelically bred genres. As with last year’s impressive single, Wastelands, successor Little Babylon sees Arribas link up with vocalist Julian Casewell with bassist Mark Neary (Noel Gallagher, Adele, Sting and Hotei) and drummer Jon Finnigan (Gang Of Four, Bernie Marsden, Ian Gillan and Julian Perreta) also guesting.

As with its predecessor, there is a barbed tongue to Little Babylon, its potent lyrical snap aligned to a sound just as lively and incisive. From the initial arrogant stroll of the bass, the track reeked temptation, Neary’s predacious rhythmic prowl matched in lure by jabbing beats and Casewell’s disdain loaded breath.

It is a compelling start only escalated by the infectious, almost flirtatious swing of the quickly expansive blues stilled track, its body continually changing direction in imagination without filtering the inherent catchiness sown.

The track is superb, a slice of blues rock incitement attacking and inciting the senses with craft and eager temptation; for us easily the finest moment with The Roadside Bandits Project yet.

Little Babylon is out January 14th via Dharma Records.

The Roadside Bandits Project - Little Babylon artwork

Pete RingMaster 13/01/2022

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The Kut – Waiting for Christmas

The Kut

As we have often stated, we pretty much don’t do Christmas songs here at The RR but we do greedily devour great songs period and Waiting for Christmas from The Kut is one such treat. The track which was released with all profits going to Red Cross Coronavirus Crisis Fund last year has been re-released by the band again this year with once more proceeds benefitting charitable causes.

Written by band founder Princess Maha, Waiting For Christmas is an evocative piece of thought and suggestion cast by voice and piano amid rhythmic and melodic contemplation. Embracing the contemplations and experiences of those alone at this time of year, drawing on the raw lives of the unfortunate, the song equally with charm and compassion pleas for thought and more for them and invites a sharing of celebration with all no matter their circumstances.

From Maha’s vocals to her melodic sensitivity, the song is a heart-warming and thought provoking proposal embracing elements of traditional Christmas songs but employing them in its rock sensibility with craft and temptation.

The Kut - Waiting for Christmas art _RingMasterReview

Waiting for Christmas is a moment of beauty, craft and provocative sentiment to relish once again with 50p from every download and £1 from every 7” and CD sold on the official store being donated to Manchester Charity, Girls Out Loud.

Before we go we urge you also check out the band’s last single, Animo which was uncaged a couple of weeks back. A powerful roar of the band’s rock and punk inspired sound, the track leaps from the speakers with an appetite to command attention which it does with ease as riffs and rhythms sprung by bassist Jennifer Sanin and drummer Diana Bartmann stamp down their authority around Maha’s ever magnet tones. The fire in its belly fuels the controlled but unrestrained uproar, its emotive heart a blaze of defiance and intent within one galvanic roar of a song.

The Kut - ANIMO (Single Cover) _RingMasterReview

Ending the year with two great moments of Kut goodness is a no brainer for us so we leave you by returning to the newer offering and leave Princess Maha to say…

With the single, we are collectively raising a candle for all those we have lost and showing solidarity with our wider community this Christmas.

The Kut has a dedicated website for the fundraiser at with Waiting for Christmas out December 17th in three single versions (official release, radio edit and instrumental), music video and CD-singles with limited edition artwork while Animo can be grabbed right now, both through Criminal Records.

Pete RingMaster 09/12/2021

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Nova Bloom – Out Tonight

Nova Bloom_RingMasterReview

It is fair to say that the first two singles from UK trio Nova Bloom earlier this year whilst stirring our pleasure straight away only truly got their hooks in over several plays to inspire an intrigue loaded appetite for the band’s indie rock sound. Out Tonight though, their new track, has proven a true predator for the same attention and more, seizing both with barely minutes of its introduction having passed.

Those first two offerings thrust the Wolverhampton hailing threesome of twin brothers Henry (lead vocals, guitar) and Tom Richards (bass), and Kieran Shaw (drums) upon the attention and support of the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Amazing Radio, and BBC Introducing as well as to support slots for the likes of The Jack Fletcher Band and The Sherlocks. As impressive as they were those track shave been firmly eclipsed by Out Tonight and as 2022 looms we suspect major things breaking for the 2019 formed band.

The new track taunts ears straight away, the devious baiting of bass instant fodder for these ears to feed upon even before drums and Henry’s vocals join the enticement. Hungry catchiness soaks every emerging aspect and only grins with broader relish as guitar and keys add their revelry before it all unites in one flame of chorus contagion.

Post punk and pop punk hues add drama and enterprise to the Nova Bloom indie rock instincts within the Gavin Monaghan produced and mixed track, it all making with dextrous mischief one striking and almost immediately addictive proposition which multiple plays on still has us drooling in greed and pleasure.

Watch out 2022, Nova Blooms are coming!

Out Tonight is out December 10th

Upcoming Live date:

 11th December – Purity Wolverhampton supporting The Jack Fletcher Band

Nova BloomOut Tonight Art_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 09/12/2021

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The Great Leslie – Anna

The Great Leslie resized 5

With a sound which is becoming bigger, bolder and we suggest better by the release, The Great Leslie continues that trajectory with new single Anna. It is a fiery slice of alternative rock with pop inclinations in its contagion, and another striking outing with the British quartet.

It is fair to say that since forming in June 2020 amid the first throes of the COVID19 Pandemic, The Great Leslie has persistently grabbed ears and attention with a large clutch of singles and a live EP and as we say the growth and dexterity of the band’s writing and music has seemingly fed on the time with creative relish.

This year the foursome of vocalist/rhythm guitarist OllieTrevers, lead guitarist Julien Baraness, bassist Jason Boyd and drummer Ryan Lavender has sparked acclaim with the singles That’s Aright and You Lost Yourself alone. Each has been part of a new thrust forward in The Great Leslie enterprise and reputation, ear grabbing teasers to their finest moment yet, Anna.

Looming in from the distance with intrigue in its forward coaxing, the song springs a lone thread of guitar alongside the ever magnetic tones of Trevers. By the second the rest of the band and their eager instruments join the brewing romp, subsequently becoming a united surge in one rousing chorus.

Ebbs and flows in energy follow but by each turn there is an increase in contagious trespass which orchestrates the impact and manipulation of the song. Equally imagination is further stoked by those twist and turns, resulting in one stonking slab of infection loaded rock ‘n’ roll sure to bring The Great Leslie even greater and lustier acclaim.

Anna is out now with upcoming live dates for The Great Leslie on…

Friday 10th December 2021 – London – The Fiddlers Elbow

Friday 7th January 2022 – London – The Finsbury

The Great Leslie - Anna artwork

Pete RingMaster 09/12/2021

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CLKWRK is a band which, after three years exploring, writing and evolving their sound, is on a journey of releasing a new song once a month, every month for six months. Rust is a track within that undertaking, one looking to emulate the success and high praise gathered by predecessor Fractures

Produced by the band and mixed by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman), Rust proved a fascinating and compelling proposition. It is a mix of guitar and bass enterprise blended with their electronic counterparts, it all driven by the punchy rhythms of drummer Romas Masteika. It swiftly made for a magnetic proposition revealing a weave of styles and flavours within classic rock/electro rock breeding.

The vocals of Nick Pilgrim are as fiery as the sonic exploits of his and Adam Broadhurst’s guitars with the bass of Danny Higgins and earthy growl alongside, the trio equally as dexterous with their electronic adventure.

As suggested, Rust offers a mix of classic rock and electronic invention which embraces a host of other hues. It is a tapestry that, though making a potent first encounter, has grown to greater temptation the more we explored its layers and depths through each subsequent listen. It is a fascinating adventure for both band and listener which ensured that each song in their project will be awaited with intrigue.

Rust is released November 19th.

The band are supporting Electric Six on tour later this month and December, playing…

Nov 29th – Hull – Fruit

Nov 30th – York – The Crescent


1st – Manchester – O2 Academy

2nd – Edinburgh – Liquid Room

6th – Newcastle – O2 Academy 2

7th – Sheffield – O2 Academy 2

8th – Liverpool – O2 Academy 2

9th – Birmingham – O2 Academy 2

10th – London – O2 Academy Islington

11th – Newport IOW – Strings Bar & Venue

12th – Brighton – Concorde2

14th – Hebden Bridge – Trades Club

15th – Aberdare – Blowout

Rust art_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2021

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Smoking Martha – Wild & Free

Smoking Martha_RingMasterReview

The weather maybe more inclement and cold winds moving in as winter approaches over this side of the globe but the heat is still a blazing pleasure courtesy of Australian rockers Smoking Martha and their new single, Wild & Free. The song is another blaze of their varied fiery rock sound with its electro inclinations, a pyre of enterprise which has already seduced their homeland and has been weaving its lures around the UK and Europe in recent times through the lead single from a new highly anticipated offering.  Now as they prepare to unveil that new album, Universe, this December, the quartet has uncaged their latest track to add further fuel to that eager suspense.

Since the release of their debut single in 2014, the quartet of vocalist Tasha D, guitarist Mick Broome, bassist Matty Mulheran, and drummer Jordon Poynter have been racking up the successes and a reputation only fired up by the sharing of stages with the likes of Sisters Of Mercy, Everclear, Uriah Heep, P.O.D, Seether, Trapt, Wolfmother, DZ Deathrays and many more, the playing at numerous festivals and of course a host of striking songs.

With their Matthew Bartlem (Dead Letter Circus, Matt Corby) produced Universe on the near horizon the band with Wild & Free provides a dexterous invitation. Its entrance is urgent yet controlled; guitars and rhythms hungry but composed ready for the ever magnetic tones of Tasha D. Eruptions of wiry grooves and pugnacious rhythms only escalate the involvement of ears and appetite, as indeed a gnarled bassline which had us licking our attentive lips.

There is an air of Halestorm meets Stolen Babies to the song at times which caught the imagination as much as the voracious individuality of Smoking Martha and overall a song which makes Universe one compelling exploration to come.

 Wild & Free is out now via Xelon Entertainment with Universe released December 3rd.

Smoking Martha artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2021

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Single by Sunday – Cold

Single by Sunday_RingMasterReview

With the band having already more than tempted ears this year with a trio of well-received and highly praised singles, UK outfit Single by Sunday are at it again with new track, Cold. The song is an emotive ballad of temptation bred in the band’s pop punk nurtured sound but revealing another hue in its magnetic character.

The Glasgow hailing quartet of Josh Ladds (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jack Black (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Simon Drummond (drums) are currently lighting up stages around the UK, resuming where they left off pre-pandemic in  drawing new fans to their horde of existing supporters. Inspirations include the likes of Blink 182, The 1975, and My Chemical Romance as indeed a more eighties flavoured pop punk influence to their creativity yet as mentioned each encounter with them, certainly this year, has been a boldly individual adventure to the one before and that to follow.

Cold gently strokes ears initially, guitars a warm invitation quickly joined by Ladds’ as inviting emotive tones. Once involved even rhythms share a calm reflective touch yet there is a sense of fire in the track which slowly comes to the surface as Cold bears its romantic heart, a passion soaking every element of the track.

Though maybe previous singles had us more urgently involved there was no escaping the beauty and captivating light within Cold or indeed once more the creative prowess of Single by Sunday.

Cold is out now.

Single By Sunday - Cold Artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2021

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Black Spiders – Stabbed in the Back

Black Spiders  _RingMasterReview

The global pandemic as we all know saw plans and freedom thwarted and enslaved for musicians and fans alike but it also bred the spark to new opportunities and creative link-ups. It has also in rarer moments seen the return of bands once thought demised, providing the spark to new energy and passion within such projects as with UK rockers  Black Spiders.

The Sheffield hailing outfit went on hiatus in 2017 and as in such cases there was always the chance and fear that it would lead to the end for the highly thought of band. Perversely in a time of total restriction, the pandemic gave breath and want for whatever reason to the members of Black Spiders to bring life again to the band’s ear grabbing journey. Subsequently a self-titled highly anticipated album was released and gobbled up earlier this year. Now as the outfit stand poised to leap out across stages nationwide, Black Spiders have released a new single from their full-length and reminded all why they should get involved.

Stabbed in the Back is a rousing slice of the band’s alternative/hard rock bred sound, a track which from its first breath nags the senses with rapacious riffs and sparked an urge of addiction through its just as hungry groove. The song is relentless in that tempting even as a blaze of a chorus adds to the unbridled urgency and tenacity unleashed.

With vocals just as energetic and manipulative and rhythms which are almost predatory in their high flying dynamics, Stabbed in the Back is an explosive echo of the lusty rocker inside the band, within their sound and an instinctive appetite we have here for high octane rock ‘n’ roll; the latter greedily escalated by the outstanding track from a band whose return so many are shouting out over.

Stabbed in the Back is out now via Dark Riders.

Catch Black Spiders live on the following dates in November.

Sun 21st Nov – Bournemouth the Old Fire Station

Mon 22nd Nov – Oxford O2 Academy

Tue 23rd Nov – Newcastle Academy

Wed 24th Nov – Glasgow Cathouse

Thurs 25th Nov – Edinburgh La Belle Angelle

Sat 27th Nov – Cardiff the Globe

Sun 28th Nov – Wolverhampton KKs Steelmill

Mon 29th Nov – Sheffield Academy

Tue 30th Nov – London Islington O2 Academy

Wed 1st Dec – Bristol Thekla

Stabbed In The Back  _RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2021

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Stand Amongst Giants – Have You Got Soul

Stand Amongst Giants_RingMasterReview

With a sound merging classic and traditional blues rock temptation with modern day fire and passion as indeed enterprise, UK rockers Stand Amongst Giants have just uncaged new single Have You Got Soul. It is a blaze of the band’s voracious rock ‘n’ roll and sure to be another potent notch in their growing attention grabbing reputation.

Consisting of vocalist Clarke Vaughan, guitarist Ben Boswell and drummer Kyle Bartley, the search for a new bassist currently in motion, the Sheffield quartet have earned rich praise for their offerings and a stage presence which has seen them play alongside bands such as Saxon, The Dead Daisies, and Phil Campbell and the B*stard Sons among many. With a new EP planned for early 2022, Have You Got Soul is a rich example of their ear pleasing sound and imagination stoking individuality.

Straight away the single leaps upon ears with compelling tension loaded strikes, bursts of guitar and rhythmic confrontation cured to tempt attention. Soon it blends into even greater persuasion, one springing juicy grooves around the plaintive tones of Vaughan.

As mentioned, inviting familiarity with fresh enterprise and invention unite in the deviously swinging body of the song, it all soaked in a breath which itself shares a mix of angst and spirit. With a psych nurtured glaze and a scent of emotive craziness to the track, Have You Got Soul proved one delicious slice of blues rock and that Stand Amongst Giants are beginning to be one striking captivation.

Have You Got Soul is out now.

See the band live @ The Leadmill in Sheffield on November 25th

Stand Amongst Giants artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2021

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Catalysts – Sparks

CATALYSTS 2_RingMasterReview

Having lit up the past year with a host of singles, South Wales hailing outfit Catalysts give it another rich flame with the release of new track Sparks. Cast in the band’s increasingly individual and perpetually compelling sound, it is an encounter which epitomises why the Newport hailing quintet is earning great plaudits.

Though Catalysts see references to the likes of bands such as Funeral for a Friend, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Enter Shikari when being recommended to new fans it is fair to say that their sound cast its own identity from its first outing with a succession of singles including Ultimate Warrior, The Otherside, Sylvia and You Got No Soul proving the suggestion. Even so we cannot help offering The Kennedy Soundtrack as a thin comparison mainly courtesy of the familiar tones of vocalist David Challenger and guitar style of Elliot Blake, both having previously been part of that outstanding outfit.

Sparks instantly erupts on the senses, the guitars of Blake and Craig O’Connor weaving an immediate web of temptation across the rhythmic lures of bassist Paul Owen and drummer Haitham Alharden. It is a potent lure which only blossoms greater temptation as the song’s contagious chorus bursts from equally emotive passages of volatile calm and angst wired reflection.

A tapestry of sound and enterprise, Sparks is unpredictable yet fluid in its creative uproar and another potent moment in the irresistible rise of Catalysts.

Sparks is released November 5th via Dharma Records.

Catalysts - Sparks artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2021

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Jill Brown – Neverending Song

Jill Brown pic 5 - jannicaHoney_RingMasterReview

Pic jannicaHoney

Unexpected pleasures are always a moment to savour and one has just settled in our ears in the shape of Neverending Song. The track is the new single from Glasgow singer songwriter Jill Brown, an artist who started her solo exploits only around ten years ago even though coming from a music family, her father a composer/contemporary hymn writer, and having previously written songs for another artist. Her new track is our introduction to Brown and as we said an out of the blue pleasure because of that with the feeling that we have already been missing out for company such the song’s striking presence.

From playing some of Glasgow’s best known venues, Brown has also played gigs where no one else would normally play to people who can’t afford live music and those on the margins of society, places such as Barlinnie Prison and a homeless shelter in Glasgow. She has also set up a record label called Conviction Records for ex-offenders and been a TV news presenter to add to the colour of her creative life.

Right now though, she is notable for one of the year’s most captivating tracks, Neverending Song a proposal inspired by a phone call with a friend who was going through a very traumatic experience. Electronic rhythms tap attention first before Brown’s immediately alluring tones rest their thoughts and support on their invitation as keys rise up alongside.

With every passing second, the song grows in enterprise and infectiousness, each of those emotively spun in and escalating the inherent beauty of the song and its melodic radiance. As each new thread of temptation and texture of imagination was unveiled it is fair to say we fell to the seduction yet one which sparks thought and a realisation that to reach out in times of trouble can prove no one is alone.

Neverending Song is pure pleasure and we can confirm, rather addictive.

Neverending Song is out now; available @

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Pete RingMaster 04/11/2021

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WREX – Vacant

Wrex Vacant artwork_RingMasterReview

Vacant is the fourth single from British outfit WREX and quite simply, the more we hear from the Brighton based duo the greedier we have become for their dynamic sound. The song is a bubbling vat of multi-flavoured rock, another track which reveals the expansive flavouring the band’s sound is woven with and the inescapably infectious agility it bears.

Consisting of vocalist Mae Seaton and multi-instrumentalist/producer George Donoghue, WREX wrote Vacant during lockdown with its theme “about being in a weird and confusing mental space”, thought and reflection no doubt inspired by such that recent isolation and restriction of freedom.

The successor to acclaimed predecessor Typical which had us for one addicted, Vacant immediately erupts on the senses, its electronic and sonic proposal invasive yet instantly contagious. From there it continually sculpts a realm of darkness and paranoia in breath and thick temptation in enterprise and energy. Even so, it is an inherently raucous incitement; sometimes a cyclone and in other moments a calmer seduction with Seaton’s magnetic tones just as rich an enticement whilst Donoghue vocally lurks like a devilish, corruptive thought in the head.

A cauldron of alternative and electro rock, alt pop and electro punk, Vacant is another impressive engagement with WREX which we can only very loudly recommend.

Vacant is out now via Favour the Brave Records.

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2021

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Nightblade – Feeding the Reel

Nightblade _RingMasterReview

Taken from their striking latest album Unknown Territories, UK rockers Nightblade has just uncaged new single Feeding the Reel. It is a track which singes ears with the quartet’s trademark alternative rock bred sound but equally epitomises the rousing freshness and power of its larger quickly acclaimed source.

Since emerging in 2010, Kidderminster hailing Nightblade has earned new fans and critical acclaim with increasing regularity and eagerness across albums, EPs and singles; all the while their sound evolving in maturity, invention and straight forward rock ‘n’ roll temptation. It is a proposition which embraces classic and hard rock hues to its creative breast and comes no more potently than within Feeding the Reel.

Immediately riffs are tunnelling in as rhythms pounce and jab with hungry intent, grooves soon wrapping ears before the familiar tones of vocalist Mark Crosby set out their reflection upon those which prey on vulnerability.

There is certain familiarity to the track, a Nightblade presence which bears no surprise yet with its predatory rhythmic attributes and rapacious twists, the song is one fresh individual beast which had us bouncing and hollering with matching irritability.

Whether you grab the single alone or plunge straight into Unknown Territories, Feeding the Reel is a must for rock ‘n’ roll hungry ears.

Feeding the Reel is out now.

Nightblade - Feeding The Reel single artwork _RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2021

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Fear of Falling – Sunrise

Fear Of Falling Photo 1 by Jerome van Zyl_RingMasterReview

Photo by Jerome van Zyl

New single, Sunrise, is the third track to capture our ears since Fear of Falling emerged early 2021 and quite escalates the captivation we have already keenly bred for their emotive rock sound.

The new track comes ahead of the band’s debut album, Turning Point, due for release this December and alone provided a rich teaser for its eagerly anticipated adventure. To be fair previous singles, Won’t Let Go and End Of Days have equally whetted a quickly formed appetite but there is something about Sunrise that hints of even greater drama and imagination to be embraced.

South Africa hailing and consisting of guitarist Lloyd Timcke, vocalist Jack Atlantic, bassist Brendon McCaig (You, Me and The Harmony), and drummer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle), Fear of Falling has persistently found the keen attention of radio shows and stations through those earlier songs and indeed the Breaking Point EP which was unveiled this past May. The band’s sound is a fusion of alternative/hard/melodic rock but equally has tendencies for heavier and poppier elements within its invention.

Sunrise itself has a touch of Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin to it but a mere hue to the creative drama cast by Fear of Falling. Its relatively calm entrance is already fuelled by a tension and emotive tempest which boils and ebbs and flows across the song’s powerful landscape. Every second comes soaked in a mix of emotive hope and insecurity, each crafted with a passion and intensity which makes the single the finest encounter with the band yet.

It is fair to say that Sunrise only grew more compelling and addictive with every listen as indeed did the lure of the upcoming Turning Point.

Sunrise is released October 29th with Turning Point set for December 3rd.

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Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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A State of Romance – Reality

A State of Romance_RingMasterReview

We have mentioned before that the recent lockdowns have given birth to a host of striking new projects and adventures and to support that we introduce A State of Romance and their debut single, Reality.

With their first album waiting in the wings of its upcoming unveiling on the band’s own record label, Romance Records, A State of Romance make a potent lure it way courtesy of Reality and its rousing emotive roar. It is a tempest of sound and flavouring which quickly demanded attention and sparked real intrigue as to what is to come with that larger encounter.

The seeds to the band itself could said to have been sown way back with school friends Darren Rodgers and Dean Lilley who formed the band Littlecrazy with Jamie Pringle back in 1999. This was a band which went on to tour Europe and the UK with Australian outfit Tracer, play numerous headline concerts at several 02 Academy venues as well as receiving potent media coverage and radio play. After its demise in 2013, Rodgers forged a DJ Career as Damon Hess.

The isolation brought by Covid brought Rodgers and Lilley to the idea of forming a new band with a new sound, the pair’s search for a vocalist seeing Jamie Wiltshire brought in. A State of Romance was born and with an album size collection of tracks created, rhythm guitarist Lewis Dennis, pianist Kieran NG, and bassist Wayne Lee were enlisted.

As suggested, Reality is a striking first listen to A State of Romance. Instantly it is tempting ears, a nagging guitar lure soon erupting into a rich outpouring before things settle again for the drama gilded tones and words of Wiltshire. Even so there is a fire in the air and throat which soon erupts in an equally squally uproar of sound, its explosion as infectious as it is tempestuous.

With the drums of Rodgers an imposing manipulation and Lilley’s lead guitar a melodic weaver within the song’s whole imaginative and explosively emotive discourse, Reality proved thick captivation; its fusion of varied styles and their almost maelstrom like tapestry of adventure simply compelling across its magnetic three and a half minutes.

Reality is released October 22nd.

A State of Romance artwork Reality_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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Void – Talk in Your Sleep


October 15th saw the release of the debut EP from UK band Voids. The same day also saw it led into view by its first single, Talk in Your Sleep, a track which more than makes a compelling reason to swiftly check out its larger companion.

Brighton hailing and formed earlier this year out of the ashes of rather fine metallers, Fathoms, the threesome of vocalist Max and guitarists James and Sam embrace a host of artists and flavours as inspiration to their sound. It emerges as a mix of indie rock and pop with a heavier underlying course but as the Permanent EP and Talk in Your Sleep itself reveals, it is a proposition with a richer depth of flavouring.

The single has a breath of Linkin Park/Deftones to its emotively atmospheric air which magnetically aligns with their catchier enticements and metallic instincts. It is a tempestuous track too; its heart always a cauldron of reflection and emotion which translates in an equally volatile and eventful sound where tension and anxiety are boldly aflame in its intimate roar.

Talk in Your Sleep is a striking introduction to Void and has become more compelling by the listen, such so that we think you and they can expect a lot of attention coming the way of the trio ahead.

Talk in Your Sleep is out now as too the Permanent EP.

VOID single artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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The Great Leslie – You Lost Yourself

The Great Leslie_RingMasterReview

Since forming in 2020 within the grip of the Covid pandemic, UK outfit The Great Leslie has reaped praise and attention through the release of six singles and an EP of live recordings, they leading the band to earn BBC Introducing Suffolk’s’ Track of The Week acclaim, extensive radio play with support among the likes of Janice Long, Wyatt Wendels and Johnny Doom and a place amongst aired on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. With their sounds just as keenly embraced by fans and shows elsewhere too, the quartet is set to stir it all up again with new single, You Lost Yourself.

The foursome of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ollie Trevers, lead guitarist Julien Baranes, bassist Jason Boyd and drummer Ryan Lavender weave an indie pop/alt rock sound which has drawn references to artists such as Panic! At The Disco and The Police. As proven by You Lost Yourself, it is a proposition which has a familiarity which welcomes attention and individuality that as freely captivates.

The track immediately strolls in with an infectious air, guitars and bass enticing with their respective jangle and swing as beats tap out manipulative rhythms. Equally, Trevers vocals are a bright enticement, everything about the song swift persuasion upon ears and involvement. Its emotive heart though, looking at evolving relationships as people change before your very eyes, has a heat and intensity that aligns with that pop catchiness of the song and sparks heavier waves of rock sound across the eventful encounter.

It all makes for one compelling proposition which got under the skin in quick time; another greedily agreeable adventure with The Great Leslie sure to escalate further their reputation and support.

You Lost Yourself is out now.

Upcoming live dates:

Saturday 6th November – London – Water Rats

Saturday 13th November – London – Acklam Village Market

Friday 7th January 2022 – London – The Finsbury

You Lost Youself_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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Mishappenings – I Met Her in a Vape Shop


We have no idea who Mishappenings are, if a solo project, duo or band; no clue to their history though they are Suffolk hailing but we do know they have just ignited instinctive pleasure with all the devilment possible. Previously part of a two track single in 2020 and now given a burst of fresh spotlight on its own due to popular demand, I Met Her in a Vape Shop is pure manna for the mischievous and the devil inside.

A hindsight listen to that earlier single and the album Breakages of the same year revealed an unknowing but instinctive craving and fixation for the band’s sound, it a mix of punk, synth pop, and feral rock ‘n’ roll further warped in the band’s unapologetic lunacy. I Met Her in a Vape Shop itself is more raw garage rock ‘n’ roll whilst still engaging in those other flavours; a John Otway meets The Mobbs like rapscallion which has sparked a merciless addiction in our appetite.

The track erupts on ears with its raw riffs and vocal salaciousness, an alignment of temptation quickly escalated by senses clipping rhythms and devilish lead vocals with their lustful tale. With its chorus a fiery blaze of contagion upon an already inescapable virulence and a searing solo of guitar adding a final fun inducing flame, I Met Her in a Vape Shop is three minutes of esurient compulsion; an inimitable calling card the band will never use as rich credit for evermore.

 I Met Her in a Vape Shop is out now.

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2021

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The Lunar Keys – Stop This

The Lunar Keys_RingMasterReview

Following on from and backing up the potent success of their previous single Silent Ricochet, rockers The Lunar Keys release its successor, Stop This, this October. It is a track which revels in the UK band’s established mix of indie pop and alternative rock and sets another potent temptation in its growing prowess.

Based in and around Guildford, The Lunar Keys formed in 2019 with its line-up finally stabilised the following year. Taking time to build and hone their sound and songwriting, emerging with a hatful of songs, the quartet soon earned eager praise and radio support as singles emerged. Produced by The Lunar Keys and Simon Wiley and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, U2, Royal Blood), Stop This looks sure to follow in and indeed escalate the success of its predecessors such it’s rousing exploits.

It makes a relatively gentle call on ears initially, a warm caress which is soon elevated in potency by a thoughtful melody and the crisp swing of rhythms. Similarly vocals are a calm but rich draw, it all aligning with increasing anticipation for another lively and inescapably rousing chorus from the band.

Quite simply Stop This proves a captivating slice of pop rock, a track unafraid to push its boundaries around a core prime catchiness whilst emotionally firing up hope and defiance for the shadows which may frequent our lives.

Their previous single saw The Lunar Keys vow to plant a tree every time their track was played on the radio resulting in 400 trees being planted. This time the foursome has pledged to give £1.00 each time Stop This is played on the radio – up to the first 250 plays; so another good reason to jump on its fine enterprise and nag your favourite radio show for its inclusion.

Stop This is out now.

The Lunar Keys - Stop This - ARTWORK_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2021

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Vix 20 – Orla the Octopus

Vix 20_RingMasterReview

Since returning to creating music in 2019 after a fair while away having been disillusioned with the industry, a hiatus which was meant to be a permanent decision, music veterans Gary Mills and CJ, together as Vix 20 have been providing a regular dose of rousing surprises posing a singles. What was initially a creative reunion just for fun has grown to be a rich pull on ears and acclaim and each track from them has seen the pair embrace a diverse tapestry of sound around a power pop breeding. New single, Orla the Octopus, is no exception, a slice of creative revelry that is pure contagion.

With its live line-up completed by bassist Kill and drummer Rich, Vix 20 was pulled up in its performance plans like all by the Covid pandemic but the core duo kept busy and has now returned to action with the irresistible Orla the Octopus. Previous tracks have seen the band embrace synthwave, pop punk, classic rock and other flavours to as we said a power pop nurtured breath. Their new incitement leaps on ears like a mix of Tankus The Henge meets Squeeze but with still that inimitable Vix 20 mischief in full roar.

The song swings in on a confident swagger, guitars and bass rich bait which synths soon hug with their own infectious call on ears. That instinctive pop catchiness is soon in full hunger as the song grows to full devilish height, its siren call greedily addictive and finding a richer temptation as the backing vocals of Michelle Ward catch full flame.

Orla the Octopus is one of those perpetual joys that no matter how many times it grabs ears it lifts the spirit out of the shadows and into fertile pleasure; something Vix 20 have made a knack of doing come to think of it.

Orla the Octopus is out now.

Vix 20 - Orla Octopus art_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2021

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TJ Walker & The Long Game – Small Town Bar

TJ Walker_RingMasterReview

An early preview to his next album, Halfway to Somewhere (released early 2022), Small Town Bar is the new single from British Country/Americana singer, guitarist, and songwriter TJ Walker. It is a song that brings the lively energy and busy fun of its title landscape to the speakers and sets down a creative draught of infectious liquor for ears.

Based in Shoreham by Sea, Walker has drawn the attention of fans and radio stations across the UK, Europe, Australia, and the US since releasing his debut album, The Long Game in 2019. The global lockdown allowed him to concentrate on his third full-length Halfway to Somewhere, a release which also sees for the first time his full live band involved, they also going by the name The Long Game and consisting of keyboardist Mike Drinkwater and drummer Ralph “Ginger” Millington.

As mentioned Small Town Bar is the first temptation from his forthcoming album and in quick time the song had feet tapping and body moving to its country spiced Americana bred stroll. It would be fair to say, that they are not flavours we instinctively gather around here but in no time the highly infectious song had us warming to its potent catchiness and hooked on the piano and guitar woven revelry.

With Walker’s vocals similarly highly engaging, indeed infectious, Small Town Bar is one feel good playground of craft and fun.

Small Town Bar is out now.

TJ Walker - Small Town Bar_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2021

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The Motor Trade – Money For Old Rope

Earlier this year certain attention and praise was found by the debut EP from The Motor Trade, the Animal EP an impressive four-track introduction to the band headed by ear gripping single Vandals. They were releases which certainly lured our keenly attentive and now the band has done it again with greater dexterity through new track, Money For Old Rope.

The Motor Trade is the creation of Birmingham based Del Carter who has supported his songwriting by working as a professional driver for artists such as Madness, Paloma Faith, Everything Everything, Miles Kane, JLS, The Selector, Ella Eyre, Sinead O’Connor, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Wombats over the years as well as playing in a host of bands over the years. Though stemming from the creative heart of Carter, The Motor Trade is not quite a solo project, the vocalist and principal songwriter embracing the craft and invention of guitarist and co-producer Tom Livemore and drummer/mixer Tim Trotter.

His new track is inspired by “the cynicism, anger, and sense of disillusionment and despair at the status quo and the big decisions that shape our lives which we have no control over”, and instantly Money For Old Rope tempts almost taunts the listener with its punk riff; a solitary riff soon joined by the broader lure of rhythms. It is a richly magnetic coaxing which only escalates with Carter’s potent tones as the song carries an air of predacious scrutiny. The throat of the bass proved especially delicious to personal tastes but with the melodic wiring of the guitar and the anthemic catchiness of the chorus and the lead up to it, the track had ears and attention in the palms of its hands.

Indie rock relishing a rich vein of contagious enterprise, Money For Old Rope is one of those tracks which has you swinging and hollering in no time and sets a whole new richness of temptation and invention for Carter and The Motor Trade to build upon.

Money For Old Rope is released Sept 17th alongside the Money For Old Rope EP; both available @

Pete RingMaster 17/09/2021

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INDYA – Love Like Champagne

For a fair while we have felt that pretty much each song and release emerging from the creativity of British rocker Indya has been a new blossom of her songwriting, music and imagination. The release of new single Love Like Champagne more than cements the suggestion and indeed fact, the track a fertility of adventure and dexterity fuelled by the instinctive rock ‘n roller within.

Indya is Laudez Rose with its live body completed by guitarist Andy Basiola, bassist Josh De Mita and drummer Joel Day. Having studied music in Croydon and Romford, her writing already beginning to blossom, Rose formed Indya in 2015 with the band since its first show playing for Noel Gallagher at his after-show party for his High Flying Birds tour at the O2 in Liverpool going on to share stages with the likes of Toploader, Republica, Shvpes, Skarlett Riot, Sonic Boom Six, EMF, Space, Joanovarc, UB40 and The Duallers as well as play a host of notable festivals. Equally increasing radio play and support has accompanied that growth in a sound and songs which have always proven welcome to these ears, and we can only suspect Love Like Champagne will be no different.

The single is Indya’s most striking and compelling offering yet in so many ways. Recorded with producer Dave Needham it taps into the rhythmic and mystical breath of Indian music whilst weaving a captivating web of melodic rock, each of its strands a fiery but seductive tempting. Similarly the pop rock hue enriching the track is a vibrant enticement only escalating the potency of song and Rose’s just as dextrous vocals and delivery.

With a tease of hip hop and sniff of progressive rock to it too, Love Like Champagne had us bouncing around like no one’s business. We will be honest that reading, before listening, that Rose had experimented with effects and additional use of her voice. Intrigue was accompanied with uncertainty as a result with having already bred a strong appetite for her bold rock sound but swiftly the song revealed it was an adventure only enriching it and its equally pure tempting, in turn sparking a while new curiosity and anticipation for things ahead.

Richly recommended, Love Like Champagne is out now.

Upcoming Live Dates:

 Oct 31st – Girls Wanna Rock Fest – London

Nov 5th – The Moon – Cardiff

Nov 8th onwards – Scotland tour dates TBC

Pete RingMaster 17/09/2021

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Dead Reynolds – Not My Place

As their debut album rapidly looms on the near horizon, UK rockers Dead Reynolds unveil the second single taken from it in the rousing form of Not My Place. The track is an emotive firehouse of the band’s persistently growing and enterprising sound, an anthemic roar which ignites the senses and evokes intimate thoughts.

East Anglia hailing, Dead Reynolds emerged in 2018, its members bringing experiences of previous acclaim earning bands to a new adventure. Soon they were drawing keen attention and again plaudits for their creativity through a host of singles over the past three years and a pair of ear grabbing EPs. Anticipation for that first full-length, Breathe with Strangers, has increased over time and only further stoked by its first single, Bring it Down released this past June and sure to be intensified further by the uncaging of Not My Place.

The new track immediately erupts on the senses, the guitars of Dom Greenwood and Luke Reid a controlled melodic inferno aligned to the feisty but controlled rhythmic prowess of bassist Ben Knowles and drummer Luke Green. With the familiar tones of vocalist Callum Waterfield bringing their own emotive fire to the heart and roar of the song, it all makes for a compelling and inescapably contagious experience.

The more you listen the more you discover the layers and depths in the Dead Reynolds sound and indeed a drama which almost alone fascinates. Not My Place epitomises that and is another simply fine outing with the band and reason enough to get rather keen for the release of that highly anticipated debut album.

Not My Place is out September 3rd via The Fort with Breathe with Strangers released September 17th.

Upcoming live dates:

Sept 16th – Dukes Head Ballroom, Kings Lynn (album launch night – with Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison and Kingdom Keys)

Sept 17th – The Junction, Cambridge

Sept 18th – The Met Bar, Peterborough (supporting LeBrock)

Oct 1st – Voodoo Daddy’s, Norwich

Oct 2nd – The Joiners, Southampton

Oct 9th – Pint Shot Riot, Birmingham

Oct 30th – The Rock Den, Hatfield

Nov 13th – Off the Record Fest, Brighton

Nov 27th – One Fest, Norfolk

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Coastal Fire Dept. – What Do I

Our introduction to Coastal Fire Dept. came with last year’s brilliant I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand single and the devilish video which accompanied it, both memory grabbing addictions. Simplistic in some ways and deviously creative in many others, the track sparked acclaim and an intrigue to hear more far and wide. The exploration of other releases soon revealed there was an even richer depth and diversity to the band’s sound and new single What Do I revels that potent enterprise.

Guernsey hailing, 2013 formed, Coastal Fire Dept. draws on nineties alt rock and grunge inspirations for their sound but it is soon clear that the band only casts its own guise in sound and creativity. It is a proposal constantly in evolution and feels like it has found another corner to explore with What Do I.

From the opening rhythmic jabbing and its weaves of guitar, the song had ears entangled in its intrigue and growing presence, vocalists/guitarists Ollie Goddard and Bobby Battle casting their magnetic prowess in voice and melodic inducement. Equally the rhythmic bait of bassist Saad Frihmat and for this track Kellii Scott (Failure, QOTSA, Veruca Salt) held court on ears and appetite as the band sprung their guitar driven trap.

There is a touch of Foo Fighters meets Skyscraper to the song but as we suggested it is enveloped in the inescapable touch and invention of Coastal Fire Dept., and whereas our first encounter with the quartet was a punk lined slap around the ears this is a rousing rock seduction with matching captivation.

What Do I is released September 3rd via L’islet Records.

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Fear of Falling – End of Days

Though officially formed early 2021, Johannesburg hailing Fear of Falling has quickly drawn eager attention and plaudits primarily through debut EP Breaking Point which came out this past May. Now for those yet to come across their potent sound, the band unveils new single End of Days, a slab of rock prowess which suggests all praise has been well earned.

The band is the creation of guitarist Lloyd Timke who during South Africa’s first hard lockdown decided “to use his time away from his busy business life, to get back into his first love of music.” With more than a handful of instrumental rock songs ready he reached out to bass player and mixing engineer Brendon McCaig from the band You, Me and The Harmony, the pair recording ten tracks which would later form part of the band’s debut EP. After a prolonged search lyricist/vocalist Jack Atlantic was enlisted and subsequently producer and Prime Circle drummer Dale Schnettler brought on board to record the EP.

First single, Won’t Let Go, was a rousing incitement sparking an appetite to hear more which Breaking Point more than appeased and now End of Days cements as a standalone moment from the release. Instantly it erupts upon ears, a wall of sound squirming with sonic tendrils. It calms a touch as Atlantic’s potent tones bear their earnest reflections but still that inherent power bears its intensity, one increasing as the track’s roar grows bolder.

Though described as a hard rock/alternative band there is a certain melodic metal gravity to the track which gives it the definite edge over its predecessor and is sure to draw a broader range of attention, one ready for the band’s debut album proposed for an October release.

End of Days is out September 3rd.

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Catalysts – You Got No Soul

The past two months has confirmed Welsh outfit Catalysts as one ear grabbing proposal. July saw the release of the single Sylvia, a song which demanded attention and now in the final days of last month its successor, You Got No Soul, was freed to have its persuasive fun.

To be honest, both songs are in an increasingly lengthening line of potent offerings which are earning the Newport band a strong reputation in sound and songwriting with their newest maybe their most compelling and certainly amongst their most addictive offerings so far. It took no time to worm under the skin either, ear coaxing riffs calm bait but with an edge echoed in the controlled but firm jabs of drummer Haitham Alharden.

Soon the fire in the song’s belly is aflame though, the guitars of Craig O’Connor and Elliot Blake shaping its flaming. It is a blaze that simmers around the alluring tones of vocalist David Challenger but lustily erupts as his tones in a feistily contagious chorus, the whole time the bass of Paul Owen bringing a darker brooding to the whole affair.

As previous tracks have indicated, Catalysts’ sound is a fusion of flavours, You Got No Soul mixing melodic and post rock drama with pop punk/alt rock intensity and emerging as one infectious incitement which only stirred a want of more.

You Got No Soul is out now via Dharma Records.

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Smoking Martha – Liquid Sunshine

A smouldering slice of rock with a fire in its roar, Liquid Sunshine is the new single from Australian outfit Smoking Martha. It is a song fitting the band’s name, a heated proposal which should ensure plenty of intrigue for the band’s new album later this year.

As well as forging a potent reputation in their homeland, the quartet of vocalist Tasha D, guitarist Mick Broome, bassist Matty Mulheran, and drummer Jordon Poynter have been making their name across Europe too, sharing the stages with the likes of Sisters Of Mercy, Everclear, Uriah Heep, Seether, Trapt, Wolfmother and a host of other notable headliners since their debut EP came out in 2014.

This year saw the band link up with producer Matthew Bartlem (Dead Letter Circus, Matt Corby) to record their forthcoming second album Universe and as it’s recently released first single, Good Girls, the captivating Liquid Sunshine insists it will be an encounter worth exploring.

The new song firmly steps forward with riffs and rhythms a strong pull on ears before a subsequent calm hugs the introduction of Tasha B’s magnetic tones, her voice emotion and power combined in one compelling lure. As she ebbs and flows in her roar so the track simmers and erupts, a union which is as warm yet powerful almost perilous as the sea the track reflects.

A thick tempting on the first listening and growing even more captivating by the play, Liquid Sunshine is a fiery seduction to their Universe.

Liquid Sunshine is released September 1st.

Upcoming Australian dates:

 26th of Sept at The Zoo, Brisbane – Bed by Nine

3rd of Oct at Mos Desert Club House, Gold Coast supporting The Poor

23rd of Oct at Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane for Halloween Hysteria Festival w/ Spiderbait, King Parrot

20th of Nov at Mudgeeraba Showgrounds for Wallapalooza fest w/ Grinspoon, The Butterfly Effect

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Wrex – Typical

Having found a strong appetite for their last single, there was definite anticipation awaiting the release of Typical a couple weeks back by UK outfit Wrex and all we can say is if Wide Eyes held your ears than its successor will truly have them gripped.

Brighton hailing, Wrex consists of Mae Seaton (vocals) and George Donoghue (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, production) and create a sound which embraces the forceful roar and heart of rock and the instinctive catchiness of indie pop. The duo met early 2020 at a local show and soon connected in a love of making music resulting in the birth of Wrex and music which, certainly across their first two singles, demands attention.

Typical gentle caresses ears initially, the stroking of guitar warm alongside the instantly magnetic tones of Seaton. Some voices instinctively draw the imagination and for us hers is a captivation matched in persuasion by Donoghue’s creative prowess. As the track increasingly haunts the senses its tempest erupts in an emotive blaze, again voice and sound in unison with the track’s energy and emotion even within the part of the uproar which is almost cyclonic.

Typical is superb, revealing greater depths and drama by the listen which in turn drew a greater relishing of its presence in these ears.

Typical is out now via Favour The Brave Records.

Pete RingMaster 02/09/2021

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Muddibrooke – Liverpool Guy

MuddiBrooke13 [Jason Bridges]_RingMasterReview

Pic Jason Bridges

With the band fast approaching the release of their debut EP this October, UK trio Muddibrooke add to the temptation for it already offered by previous tracks with new single, Liverpool Guy. It is a potent slice of the band’s earnest rock ‘n’ roll but with a fresh and certain punk edge and grittiness to its drama.

As shown by this year’s previous single from the band, Straight Jacket, the threesome of lead vocalist/guitarist Brooke, bassist/vocalist Anna Melidone, and drummer Mary Prince align emotive and earnest feelings, experiences and observations with equally earthy and attention commanding sounds. Liverpool Guy is from the same template of incitement, the track the fight and rising up from darker times to forge new beginnings. It is a reflection which fits any experience we have all felt and endured whether intimate and broader and especially fits the now as the light at the end of Covid’s tunnel grows all the brighter.

Straight away there is a snarl in the throat of Brooke, a defiance swiftly fuelling the sounds around her and the song’s lyrical stand. Equally a new aggressive lining erupts in the band’s creative character and the music rippling within Liverpool Guy, that punk essence a rebellious texture in the song’s rock ‘n’ roll roar.

As boldly infectious as it is openly confrontational, the single marks a new striking moment in the rise of Muddibrooke, indeed standing as their finest involvement of ears and hungry attention yet.

Liverpool Guy is released on August 27th with the Lunacy EP available on CD, Limited Edition vinyl and on all digital platforms on 22nd October.

Muddibrooke - Liverpool Guy artwork

Upcoming Live Shows:

 27th Aug – The Venue, Derby

29th Aug – Nestival, The Birds Nest, London

2nd Sep – Drummonds, Worcester

10th Sep – Uprising Festival, Firebug, Leicester

1st Oct – Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield

2nd-16th – Supporting The Virginmarys on Tour – Dates TBC

21st Oct – The Hairy Dog, Derby

2nd Nov – West Street Live, Sheffield

14th Dec – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Pete RingMaster 26/08/2021

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Single by Sunday – Give it To Me Now

Single By Sunday - resized pic

Making the plea to Give it To Me Now, the irrepressible Single by Sunday unveils their new single this month. It is another slice of their pop infused indie rock earing yet another aspect to their antics encouraging sound and a song that confirms the Scottish band as one rousing spirit lifting proposition.

 Formed in 2015 and drawing on the inspiration of bands such as Blink 182, The 1975, and My Chemical Romance, the quartet of Josh Ladds (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins (lead guitar/backing vocals) Jack Black (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Simon Drummond (drums), has persistently surprised expectations with their recent singles; each pushing the envelope in adventure and imagination not forgetting fun. The band embraces a fresh host of flavours for each release it seems and Give it To Me Now is no exception, the song drawing on eighties pop and pop punk for its lively character.

The single instantly lures ears with its opening jangle, the beckoning guitar soon joined by the band’s  just as warm and inviting vocals led by Ladds’ grinning tones and unrequited needs. With essence of eighties disco and that previously mentioned pop/punk mix soon erupting around the voices, the track hints at the likes of The Tom Tom Club and Thompson Twins in certain ways but just as readily establishes its individuality soaked  in the already established and familiar Single By Sunday contagion and imagination.

With the band just seeming to grow more inventive and compelling by the record it is hard to refuse their new request.

Give it To Me Now is out August 26th.

Single By Sunday - Give it to me now_RingMasterReview

Upcoming Live UK Dates – All standard tickets free entry. VIP/Meet & Greet £30

5th Sept – London – New Cross Inn

12th Sept – Birmingham – o2 Academy3

18th Sept – Glasgow – Classic Grand

29th Oct – Manchester – Aatma

19th Nov – Inverness – Mad Hatters (All tickets free entry)

20th Nov – Newcastle – The Globe

Pete RingMaster 26/08/2021

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Nova Bloom – City Lights

Nova Bloom_RingMasterReview

With their previous single, Heavy Hitter, having already given 2021 a potent moment to embrace, UK outfit Nova Bloom provide another memorable encounter with its successor, City Lights. A song bred from the confines and frustrations of the pandemic, it is an emotive insight into and rousing uplift from the past eighteen months.

Wolverhampton hailing, the trio of Henry Richards (lead vocals, songwriter, guitar), Tom Richards (backing vocals, songwriter, bass), and Kieran Shaw (drums) often draw on reflections of life and the issues it offers in their songs and as suggested City Lights is the offspring and defiance of the times we are all experiencing.

From its initial sonic wire, there is an anxiety and drama to the track which fuels the song’s whole character. Rhythms are a lively incitement and vocals an emotive call on thoughts within the rousing tapestry of sound. Hope for the future and irritation of what has been missing equally drives City Lights in its anthemic roar, both aligned to the celebration of those experiences once felt and nearing real possibility again.

Though City Lights certainly had us on board from its first listen it is a grower which sparked only greater appetite for its affirming holler and anticipation for those freedom bearing live adventures once again.

Nova Bloom - City Lights artwork resized

City Lights is out August 27th.

Upcoming live shows:

1st October – Codsall Beer Festival

13th November – The Victoria, Birmingham

Pete RingMaster 26/08/2021

The Dan the D – Dang, the Robots

DAN THE D _RingMasterReview

With his new album having just leapt upon the world, The Dan the D uncages one mighty teaser in the shape of new single Dang, the Robots. It is a track which harries and nags the senses whilst treating them to one virulent incitement.

The Dan the D is the solo moniker of UK rocker Dan Donovan whose musical adventure first made its mark with grebo-goth rock outfit Tribe of Dan in 1990. It has been a journey embracing an eclectic mix of escapades and sounds bringing us to the now and the blues courting, alternative bred rock ‘n’ roll of new full-length, Bat Beats.

As suggested, Dang, the Robots provides a potent invitation to that album, the single a garage rock reflection on our reliance on automation. It has a great feral breath which nags and captivates like a mix of Iggy Pop, Powersolo and Frank Black; a mix hugging a just as gripping pleasure burrowing guitar slung hook.

It is a fuzzy affair, its character and roar organic but underpinned by a mechanical rhythmic march to reflect the world today. Captivating on the first listen, increasingly addictive thereon in, Dang, the Robots is another richly enjoyable moment with The Dan the D and a potent invitation to that new album.

Dang, the Robots is released August 13th with Bat Beats out now.

The Dan the D Dang the Robots artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 05/08/2021

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Black Water Fiend – Bring the Fire

Black Water Fiend_RingMasterReview

Having already earned strong attention and praise through previous releases, UK heavy rockers Black Water Fiend raise the ante with new single Bring the Fire. It is a roar and confrontation that commands attention with anthemic prowess and sets real anticipation for seeing the band back in full swing as we all hopefully fully emerge from the pandemic.

Formed in 2018 originally as a trio, Black Water Fiend quickly had ears hooked with debut EP Black Water that October and even more so with its successor, Catacomb, a year later. Similarly their live shows have drawn keen support, a growing presence which has seen them support Pop Evil at their 2019 sold-out Birmingham O2 Academy Show and play many high profile festivals.

Bring the Fire is the next step in the rise of the Coventry based quartet and fair to say that Danny Starkey (vocals/bass) Sam Martin (guitar) Tom James (drums) and Alan Lewis (bass) hit the spot dead centre. The track instantly slips into its groove, one quickly burrowing under the skin as rhythms bite with matching temptation. Starkey’s tones are just as eager, a defiant edge aligning his infectiously fiery roar; a mix just as rich in the sound and energy of the song.

Hard hitting but addictively virulent in infectiousness and drama, Bring the Fire proved swiftly irresistible as it and the band uncage a rock ‘n’ roll cauldron.

Bring the Fire is out now.

Black Water Fiend - BRING THE FIRE artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 05/08/2021

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TBelly – I Never Want To See Me Again

TBellyPic 5 - Dennis Dunaway

This coming October sees the release of a new album from UK rocker TBelly but before then he has more than whetted the appetite for that moment with its lead single and title track, I Never Want To See Me Again.

Brighton based TBelly was formed in 2013 and released critically acclaimed debut album, Dead Men Don’t Pray, two years later. The solo project of Russell Keefe springs a rock bred proposition upon ears with a rich blues rock nurturing though the first of three proposed singles before the next album’s forthcoming unveiling, I Never Want To See Me Again bears a more classic meets alternative rock breath; it a grooved proposal which needed mere moments to get under the skin.

From snarl loaded vocals to an addiction forging bass groove provided by guest Dennis Dunaway, the original bass player with the Alice Cooper group, the track had attention gripped and pleasure aroused. It is a song which prowls with a flirtatiously lively intent around the listener, inciting their own participation in its animated and fun driven escapade.

I Never Want To See Me Again is superb, a lingering mischievous incitement which has alone sparked keen anticipation of TBelly’s upcoming album.

I Never Want To See Me Again is out now via 49 Records; available @  and all major digital outlets.

TBelly - I Never Want to See Me Again ARTWORK_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 05/08/2021

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Dead Reynolds – Bring it Down

Dead Reynolds pic 1 resized

It is no surprise that UK band Dead Reynolds is becoming such a regular to our pages as elsewhere with the quality of their songs and the growing maturity in their sound and here they are again with new single Bring it Down,  a track which surges through ears and appetite like an aural virus whilst luring the body to do its bidding.

With their new album, Breathe with Strangers, coming closer on the horizon, the band’s new track is the first teaser of what it has to offer and fair to say anticipation is loaded. Hailing from East Anglia, Dead Reynolds are becoming no strangers to acclaim, hungry radio play and quite simply attention courtesy of their releases and a sound bred in a mix of alternative rock, pop punk and indie pop which seems to grow and find new layers and nuances to hail by the outing. It constantly evolves and making use of the one slight positive of the Covid lockdowns, free time to creatively explore, is now revealing further new essences and dexterity.

Bring it Down initially beckons with a spirited jangle, guitars calmly tempting before quickly escalating the bait with energy and dexterity. Similarly rhythms soon swing and bite with a keenly enthused appetite, one further matched by Callum Waterfield’s lively tones.

In no time the track is one anthemic roar, one that is raucous bordering on clamorous but equally calmly seductive at times as it steps back to build another of its voracious crescendos. It all comes together to be another mighty fine encounter with Dead Reynolds and a suggestion of major things to come in their upcoming album and beyond.

Bring it Down is out now.

Dead Reynolds - Bring It Down Artwork

Pete RingMaster 08/07/2021

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Gravity Machine – It’s Summer

Gravity Machine: photo credit Tanya Kuztnetsova_RingMasterReview

photo credit Tanya Kuztnetsova

As their 2020 album Red continues to lure new fans and high praise and they work on its successor and new material, Gravity Machine has just re-released its striking opening track, It’s Summer. It is a song which is shamanic in breath and totemic in presence, a tale inspired by its creator’s “very long road trip years ago” and a quite glorious incitement for ears and imagination.

Britain’s Gravity Machine consists of multi-instrumentalist Niall Parker, drummer Bob Shoesmith and guitarist Harry Duns, the latter joining the duo in 2020, and casts a sound which is a fusion of heavy and progressive rock with electronic and ambient bred adventure. Yet that description does not truly reveal the full character and breath of the band’s music or indeed the individual adventures found within Red. Certainly though It’s Summer provides a fertile representation and equally of the emotive and cinematic aspect to the band’s music.

Within a heated landscape, tribal-esque rhythmic coaxing rises; it’s ritualistic air celebratory and increasingly wrapped in blossoming swarthy melodic warmth. As the single blooms, Parker’s equally alluring tones begin their own emotive painting, his intimation weaving a visual as much as an emotional picture in a journey only further defined by the kaleidoscopic adventure of sounds and styles making up the track.

As summer approaches and the world appears to be on a path to opening up for us all again, It’s Summer is the perfect company and inspiration to go explore in life and travels.

It’s Summer is out now through Zyse Records.

Gravity Machine - It's Summer artwork resized

Pete RingMaster 08/07/2021

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Catalysts – Sylvia


As a new EP edges ever closer, Welsh outfit Catalysts unveil a new single and teaser in the shape of sonic siren, Sylvia.

Emerging in 2018, the South Wales hailing band firmly drew praise and attention with their debut release, Alive, in the May of 2020; its success and acclaim matched and more by The Otherside five months later. Now the band unleashes their third single, and fair to say that Sylvia only builds on the lures and strengths of its predecessors.

Catalysts features previous members of Panz Agenda, Under Crimson Skies, and The Kennedy Soundtrack and the latter is an essence easy to hear within the new song especially through David Challenger’s familiar and potent vocals. Catalysts also infuse electronic and melodic winds to their rock cored, post hardcore tinged sound but as tracks have revealed to date, it has its own individual character and dextrous roar.

Sylvia itself rises upon an electronic breeze, crystaline dew glistening along its ascent before it all erupts in a cauldron of temptation and emotive force. The guitars of Elliot Blake and Craig O’Connor increasingly create a warm tapestry aligned to the former’s synth fertility, it a seductive persuasion which caresses as it sizzles.

That fire in the belly though cannot retain a mere simmer, bursting with esurient appetite and driven by the cunning and often rapacious rhythms of drummer Haitham Alhardan and Paul Owen’s darkly edged bass, its grumble a constant coaxing to personal tastes.

As we say, that is a kind of familiarity to the song but only adds to its success and halos a freshness in sound and imagination that continually brewed even richer pleasure even as it feistily hugged our ears for the umpteenth time. Now we eagerly anticipate the band’s first EP later this year.

Sylvia is out now via Dharma Records.

Catalysts - Sylvia artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 08/07/2021

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Gordon Taggart – Footsteps

Gordon Taggart Colour resized 4

Having making a potent introduction to himself with debut single Be the Ones earlier this year, a track hungrily played across hundreds of stations across the world and receiving national radio play in the UK, Gordon Taggart puts a hop and bounce into the summer with its successor, Footsteps.

As its predecessor, Footsteps sees Taggart create and self produce every aspect before passing it to William Robertson (Mick Jagger/ Frank Turner) to mix and Pete Maher (Rolling Stones/U2) to master. It is a song fuelled by hope and optimism, its lyrical fillip and smile matched in the energetic swing and creative animation of the sounds it bears as well as South Manchester hailing, London based Taggart’s vocal energy. Musically it draws on decades past for its sounds with a sixties/seventies rock hue colouring its more modern indie rock verve and vitality.

From its initial rhythmic tempting, the track also proved unapologetically infectious; that mix of flavours egging on the liveliness of the track and the spring in its step. Though around for less than three minutes, the track is a bundle of anthemic spirit and equally lively catchiness which had ears and vocal chords as eager as feet to more than cement Taggart’s highly enjoyable solo emergence.

Footsteps is out now.

GORDON TAGGART Footsteps_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 08/07/2021

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Nightblade – Wake Up!


Providing an apathy challenging jab upon ears and awareness, Wake Up! is the new single from British rockers Nightblade and also the first track taken from their swiftly looming new album, Unknown Territories. It is a roar which commanded attention and poked at thoughts whilst uncaging another potent slab of the band’s dextrous rock sound.

Kidderminster bred Nightblade has continually and increasingly earned a rich reputation and praise across their previous trio of albums and releases, with the last in the rousing shape of full-length Ignorance Is Bliss last year marking a new level in prowess and acclaim. Equally their live presence, which has seen the band share stages with the likes of Snakecharmer, Wolfsbane and Diamond Head, has only reinforced their growing presence within the UK rock scene.

Wake Up! resounds with their familiar alternative rock seeded sound mixed with voracious ingredients and is swiftly into its stride, grooves winding round ears as rhythms pounce and trespass with matching contagion. Similarly Mark Crosby’s vocals have an energetic and infectious edge to their growl, lyrically provoking the consciousness to be alert to political governance whilst being matched in esurient trespass by the rhythms of bassist Tim Cutcliffe and drummer Rich Lawley.

Wired by the resourceful and captivating threads of Sam Morse’s guitar, Wake Up! is a rousing slab of rock ‘n’ roll which quite simply demands attention.

Wake Up! is out now.

Nightblade Wake Up Cover resized

Pete RingMaster 08/07/2021

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The Motor Trade – Vandals

The Motor Trade_RingMasterReview

A captivation which bred slightly obsessive attention in us is the new single from The Motor Trade. The deviously virulent Vandals is a song which teases, taunts and twists around like a kaleidoscope in the imagination, the kind of proposal which devilishly manipulates the senses.

In many ways, The Motor Trade is a solo project created by Birmingham based songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Del Carter, an artist who has financially supported his creativity by working as a professional driver for artists including Madness, Paloma Faith, Everything Everything, Miles Kane, Joey Bada$$, JLS, The Selector, Ella Eyre, Sinead O’Connor, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Wombats over the years but one also rich in experiences through a host of bands he has played in. Within his latest adventure though, he is more than assisted by Tom Livemore (co-producer and extra guitars) and Tim Trotter (drums and mixing wizardry). This past March saw the release of the well-received Animals EP, an encounter sure to seen fresh praise and attention once its latest single, Vandals is uncaged later this month.

Vandals coaxes ears with an initial steely strum of guitar; a lure with an almost punk nurtured predation that is soon joined by equally rapacious but controlled rhythms. Hitting its stride with Carter’s tones another magnet, the song uncages hooks and melodies which similarly taunt as they tempt. Every twist and turn of the song is a skilled manoeuvre in persuasion, the ebb and flow of its energy adding to the infection loaded character of the track.

Rousing and addictive, Vandals is a prize slice of rock ‘n’ roll which draws ears and attention like moths to a flame; indeed you will surely hear the flutter of intrigue’s wings towards the Animals EP once the single is upon us.

Vandals is released June 25th with the Animals EP available now.

The Motor Trade Animal EP artwork

Pete RingMaster 17/06/2021
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Crostpaths – Plain Sight


It has been eighteen months for UK metallers Crostpaths which would have seen the demise of many bands. From emerging in the autumn of 2019 and the subsequent release of a well-received debut EP to their inaugural live performance on Valentine’s Day 2020, opening for Seething Akira in Canterbury, it was an attention grabbing start for the band. Then in the next breath Covid 19 hit and like for all, things were brought to a halt. The Kent band kept busy though, evolving their alt-metal/crossover sound and releasing the raucously acclaimed Mutated EP towards the close of last year. Now as it looks like things will finally open up to some form of normality for all, the band is back with a new single to more than invigorate all the promise, striking presence and anticipation of things to come already established.

Plain Sight is a beast of a song, one which in its original presence was our favourite moment within the impressive Mutated EP, roaring under the guise of Hiding In Plain Sight. With guest appearances from Hessian Renegade, Adam Ramey of Dropout Kings, and Jot Maxi of Hacktivist, the track has stepped into a new light of hungry incitement, demanding attention with every sinew of its sound and new vocal cauldron.

The original version had a feral breath to its explosive surge and Plain Sight has kept that edge but lured the full mania of its heart and intent to the fore. Like releasing all the pent up aggression and frustration that has brewed in all during the pandemic, the track explodes on the senses, electronic and sonic incitement almost menacing as it easily drew ears into its gripping web.

Every twist and turn continues the thick tempting, the array of vocal prowess amidst aural persuasion with its own provocation proving increasingly addictive, accumulating in a hellacious finale which hit the spot.

With Crostpaths returning to the stage this August to open for Danish post-hardcore heroes, Siamese, things look like they are on the way back to normality though there has been nothing normal about this band to date, only thrilling.

Plain Sight is out now.

Crostpaths - Plain-Sight (Cover Art) resized

Pete RingMaster 17/06/2021

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Nova Bloom – Heavy Hitter

Nova Bloom 7681 resized

Another relatively new band making a strong lure on ears with a new single is UK trio Nova Bloom. They have released a song which makes few demands yet is a magnetically imposing proposition proving so easy to find a greedy appetite for.

Wolverhampton hailing, Nova Bloom was formed in 2019 by twins Henry and Tom Richards; its name inspired by a love for Oasis’ Champagne Supernova and as an ode to a clothing store that their parents took them to from a young age. With drummer Kieran completing the threesome, the band has spent the last two years breeding and honing their indie rock/heavy rock infused sound as too their craft in making it a stirring proposal as proven by Heavy Hitter.

The single nags at ears initially, riffs taunting before rhythms and vocals join the tempting. There is a psych rock fluming to the song straight away, its character controlled yet fiery and in some ways a subdued incitement but a cauldron of energy and aggression that is pure rousing manipulation.

Heavy Hitter is also a grower, a track which certainly made a great first impression but has become a bit of an addiction for ears since…a good sign for any release or band.

Heavy Hitter is out now.

Nova Bloom Heavy Hitter Artwork resized

Pete RingMaster 17/06/2021

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Stand Amongst Giants – Broken

Stand Amongst Giants_RingMasterReview

In all forms of life, making a good first impression goes a long way to breeding success and that is certainly what UK rockers Stand Amongst Giants do with their debut single, Broken. It is a fiery slice of blues rock that commands attention of ears and thought from start to finish and leaves a certain appetite for what comes next.

Sheffield-based, the quartet of vocalist Clarke Vaughan, guitarist Ben Boswell, bassist Chris Daughton, and drummer Kyle Bartley are not exactly at the beginning of their creative journey. Stand Amongst Giants formed back in 2014 as a 5 piece alternative rock band though within two years they had discovered a passion for riff fuelled blues-rock and their sound evolved in tandem. A four piece from 2016, the band has supported the likes of The Graveltones and played HRH festivals and last year, with producer Martin Smith (Bombay Bicycle Club, Gomez, Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker), set about rewriting and re-recording their original songs they wrote for a proposed 2021 released album.

Broken is the first taster; a song about a young boy struggling to cope with the people around him in his life, exploring his mental health, and fair to say it needed scant time to impose its presence on attention. From its lone guitar and Vaughan’s dusky tones accompanying start, the song sowed seeds of persuasion. Swiftly it becomes aflame with sonic and emotive intensity, as the fire in its belly erupts with grooves a searing tempting.

Indeed like a flickering fire, the track proceeds to flare up and settle; emotional unrest and calm united in its uproar as the band’s individual craft similarly unites in tempestuous and stirring fashion.

Broken is a fine debut track from a band you can expect to hear a lot and equally enjoy more of.

Broken is out now.

Stand Amongst Giants - Broken artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 17/06/2021

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Fear OF Falling – Won’t Let Go

Fear of Falling pic 2 resize

With their six track debut EP released on the same day, South African rockers Fear Of Falling make the strongest invitation and teaser for it with new single Won’t Let Go. Embracing a familiar hard rock sound and energised with their own character and individuality, the song proved a rousing incitement destined to lead us to the subsequent exploration of its bigger companion.

Johannesburg hailing, Fear OF Falling is a band which rose up during the first lockdown of last year, though officially formed 2021, when guitarist Lloyd Timcke returned to his love of music as his business life was forced on hold. In time he had a thick collection of instrumental rock songs looking for full birth so he approached bassist and mixing engineer Brendon McCaig from You, Me and The Harmony and together they recorded ten as instrumental demos. After a long and difficult search for a lyricist and vocalist that would fit the vocal vision Timcke had for his songs, he hooked up with Jack Atlantic (Kelvin Alston), frontman for CherryKab and holder of numerous Number 1 and Top 40 Singles. Subsequently recruiting producer and drummer for South African rock giants Prime Circle, Dale Schnettler, to play on the recordings, the Breaking Point EP was born and now on the eve of its release.

Won’t Let Go epitomises the breath and invention of the EP, the single instantly a force of sound and temptation as riffs and rhythms collude in a rowdy turning compellingly controlled stroll. From thereon in the track increasingly commanded thick attention, its enterprise fertile and breath raucously rousing but equally there is that control and calm which gives greater impact to its anthemic uprisings.

Similarly there is also a certain edge and emotive shadow which equally makes for an imposing but compelling aspect to the track, it all combined making for a richly enjoyable first meeting with Fear OF Falling…now to that EP.

Both Won’t Let Go and the Breaking Point EP are released May 28th.

01 Fear of Falling - Breaking Point EP Cover _RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 26/05/2021

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Wrex – Wide Eyes


With a spirit and boisterousness to it that simply got under the skin, Wide Eyes is the new single from UK duo Wrex, an introduction to the Brighton band for us which suggests a long term friendship.

It is only one song heard so far from the twosome of vocalist Mae Seaton and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer George Donoghue but one which calmly works away at the listener even within lively infectiousness to, as we found, stir up an addiction habit for its galvanic incitement. The band itself was formed after the pair met at a River Becomes Ocean gig early 2020, Wrex growing out of a “mutual love for making music and having fun while they do it.” Embracing the inspirations of bands such as Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, and The Cardigans, the pair soon found, as the single proves, their feistily captivating sound.

That individuality and passion is a ripe breath within Wide Eyes, a song encouraging the embrace and joy of being and remaining oneself even in the face of other’s disapproval. From its first seconds there is a swagger to its stroll, one which even as the track relaxes into a calmer gait as Seaton’s magnetic tones step forth has attention and body hungrily stirring.

That more animated dynamism returns as keys and guitars shape its melodic incitement, the track establishing its mix of pop rock and pop punk with a broad smile and dextrous endeavour. At times there is something slightly familiar about the song but it only adds greater colour to its captivation, character and swinging twists and turns.

Wide Eyes had us hooked from the first listen and with a lustier grip by each return so now we can only eagerly await and anticipate our next meet up with Wrex.

Wide Eyes is out now via Favour The Brave Records.

WREX - wide eyes artwork

Pete RingMaster 26/05/2021

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Single By Sunday – Hey Boy!

Single by Sunday pic 4

Having had us bouncing with previous single Helter Skelter just a couple of months back Scottish outfit Single By Sunday, with new track, Hey Boy!, are at it again. There was an edge and dark drama to the previous encounter fitting its subject matter which the new single misses out on, though it too has an almost gang like pugilistic air at times, but replaces it with thick fun and creative mischief for a just as magnetic proposal.

 Hailing from Glasgow, Single by Sunday creates a rousing incitement of sound from a fusion of pop rock and late seventies/ early eighties inspired pop punk. Influences to the quartet include the likes of Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The 1975, essences which can be heard and enjoyed within the new song and its swinging rowdy revelry. Theirs is a sound which takes no for an answer as it draws you to your feet and manipulates energy within, and eagerly so in the new track, and is crafted with a touch and flair which makes the foursome of Josh Ladds (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jack Black (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Simon Drummond (drums) one lively recruitment.

Hey Boy! lured attention and intrigue in with an eager invitation of hand claps initially, they soon joined by Ladds’ smiley vocals and a nagging of hook steered riffs. That punk instinct adds to the controlled clamour and tempting before it all erupts in a sonic and melodic contagion. The cycle repeats to escalate the persuasion, spirals of classic rock nurtured guitar subsequently winding around the animated rhythms driving the tenacious track.

As it blossoms, there is a touch of Fall Out Boy meets My Chemical Romance with dare we say a Bay City Rollers like catchiness to the track which simply made Hey Boy! one highly enjoyable and infectious incitement.

Hey Boy! is released May 27th.

Single by Sunday - Hey Boy Artwork resized

Pete RingMaster 26/05/2021

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Skinny Knowledge – Sayonara

Skinny Knowledge _RingMasterReview

With their debut album still drawing plaudits and new fans the way of the band, Skinny Knowledge have just uncaged new single Sayonara to up the ante of temptation and their swiftly growing reputation as one of the UK’s exciting newcomers.

Founded by vocalist/guitarist Andy L Smooth last year, the seeds for the band were really sown the previous year when following the ending of previous endeavours he began working on new songs and created a first home demo. The Bournemouth band’s line-up was subsequently completed by guitarist Benjamin Parker, bassist Fenge Davies and drummer Charlie Kenny, with the latter pair since replaced respectively by Rab McGowan and Kris Dluzewski, though the majority of first full-length Don’t Turn Out The Lights was written and created in lockdown by Smooth and recorded with renowned rock and metal producer Lewis Johns.

The band’s sound is a rousing and imaginative fusion of alternative rock, pop punk and indie rock, one at times echoing the inspiration of bands such as Foo Fighters, Green Day and Feeder but quickly stamping down its own character and a variety of flavouring and mischief by the song as proven across Don’t Turn Out The Lights.

Sayonara draws on more stoner rock bred instincts for its thick tempting, fiery grooves quickly wrapping a senses jabbing rhythmic pulse. By the movement fresh flavours emerge within the groove wired beast, its lures melodically seductive and physically imposing and all manipulating the senses and neck muscles as easily as its more power pop nurtured catchiness.

The drama and dextrous enterprise of the song seems to escalate by the twist and turn as did the addiction to its incitement, Sayonara one prize moment in already one of the year’s most striking and rousingly enjoyable exploits; both single and album thick in suggestion of major things for Skinny Knowledge and us all ahead.

Sayonara is out now.

Sayonara Single Cover _RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 13/05/2021

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Haytor – Comatose


With a light being glimpsed in the lessening of the Covid pandemic’s grip on our freedom and in turn the long awaited reunion with live music, the stirring of artists is becoming a distinct rumble of hope, planning and activity. Indie rockers Haytor are one who has set the seeds to a hopefully fertile year with the release of new single Comatose, a song as lively in sparking real eagerness in their fans and newcomers as the band for their return to stages.

It is a track which was originally set to be released alongside previous single, the acclaimed Growing Pains, last year but unable to back it up live, the Exeter quintet held it in check until a couple of weeks back. So long awaited it maybe but after a year away Haytor’s new surge of contagion has left the absence an old memory.

Rising up on a melodic spring jabbed by firm rhythms, Comatose soon reveals its full infectious bloom, the vocals of Austin Robison leading the incitement. In swift time, the song hits its catchy stride, bubbly keys aligning to the melodic dance of guitarists Jonny Lewis and Ryan Hawkins and the rhythmic swing of bassist Cameron Robison and drummer Cal Verney.

There is a bright familiarity to the track which hints at the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco but as previous encounters, Comatose soon stamps down its own captivating individuality amidst an anthemic prowess which quickly burrows the skin.

Eager and bold, rousing and magnetic Comatose confirms Haytor as one bright spark on the indie rock scene and a big invitation and lure to catch them live when allowed.

Comatose is out now.

Comatose Single Art

Pete RingMaster 13/05/2021

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The Lunar Keys – Silent Ricochet

The Lunar Keys_RingMasterReview

Formed in 2019, UK outfit The Lunar Keys used last year to perfect its line-up and concentrate on writing and recording. With previous singles having already drawn keen attention and radio support, the seeds for future bolder adventures were already in bloom and as new track Silent Ricochet shows with that time spent now bearing creative fruit to captivate the senses.

Hailing from Guildford, The Lunar Keys fuse their melodic and anthemic prowess with lyrical reflection and emotive drama. Silent Ricochet epitomises that alluring mix with its anger at the world breath, the song initially enticing ears with the classically melancholic hues of piano. Shadows wrap their intimation but are soon enveloped themselves in the catchy appetite and sonic light of the track; melodic hooks and an instinctive swing to its gait adding to the increasing contagion.

It is a mercurial landscape that Silent Ricochet increasingly weaves; shadows and infectious light engaging with a slightly portentous but rousing air, that a combination as anthemic as it is dramatic and increasingly compelling.

Pledging to get a tree planted in return for each time Silent Ricochet gets played on the radio up to 1000 plays, The Lunar Keys are already digging deep into their pockets as the superb single racks up the outings and no doubt in turn draws a host of new eager fans their way.

Silent Ricochet is out now across all major platforms.

01 - The Lunar Keys - Silent Ricochet - Cover square

Pete RingMaster 13/05/2021

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Muddibrooke – Straight Jacket

As summer looms closer bringing the anticipation of the debut EP from UK rockers Muddibrooke, the band provides a potent teaser in the shape of new single, Straight Jacket.

Emerging early 2020, the Derby hailing trio quickly drew keen attention and praise through their two singles to date, each luring increasing support and play across radio shows and stations globally. With 30 years of experience between them playing live in front of many large audiences and supporting bands such as The Beautiful South, Scouting For Girls, Dr and The Medics and more, the threesome of vocalist/guitarist Brooke, bassist Anna Melidone, and drummer Mary Prince have bred a sound embracing a fusion of alternative rock and grunge. It is a proposal proving as feral as it is radiant and fuelled by personal and observational experience. There is deep intimacy to the lyrical power of the band’s songs as epitomised by Straight Jacket, a song bedded in the anxiety all three members of the band suffer in their individual ways and lives.

That cathartic release you imagine the song brings the trio adds even richer depth to Straight Jacket which from its first breath is ripe with tension and unease as riffs and rhythms prowl the senses. With Brooke’s honest tones quickly aligned to that tempting, the song took a firm grip in attention and sealed the deal with its fiery eruptions.

The cycles as they repeat seem to gain even greater urgency and emotional desperation, sound and word increasingly soaked in tempestuousness and psychological disruption. Quick simply, Straight Jacket is a storm of impassioned and rousing rock ‘n’ roll and sure to follow its predecessors in thrusting Muddibrooke towards the biggest radars.

 Roll on the summer and the release of the Lunacy EP, Straight Jacket suggests it will be some adventure.

Straight Jacket is out April 30th with the Lunacy EP scheduled for release August 2021.

Pete RingMaster 28/04/2021

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Matt Peach – Crush

Providing another dextrous reason for anyone to check out his latest album Epiphany, UK rocker Matt Peach has just released new single Crush, a song which has only one intention, to get under the skin and lead the listener on a course of fun filled animation.

Derbyshire hailing, Peach has already roused eager attention and just as keen praise with his latest full-length and its singles. The release revels in the new maturity and adventure in his songwriting and rock bred sound, declaring itself easily his finest moment yet; a ‘statement’ boldly echoed in Crush and its predecessor Cut Our Teeth, released earlier this year.

Peach’s sound is a mix of folk, punk, and rock but keen to embrace any flavours and hues igniting the writer’s imagination as epitomised by Crush, a song inspired by a love for glam rock re-ignited when Peach had the chance to play with one of his favourite childhood bands, The Darkness, on stage in soundcheck.

The track has a Prince meets unsurprisingly The Darkness breath to its presence but just as potently that Matt Peach individuality which makes his songs robustly stand out. Its dextrous eruptions breed an additional power pop hue to the infectiousness, the track drawing on numerous decades of pop and glam rock yet breeding a freshness soon manipulating limbs and vocal chords with viral success.

If Epiphany has yet to hit your beach of attention, the highly addictive Crush gives inescapable reasons why any rock fan should explore its rich adventure.

Crush is out now.

Upcoming Live Dates.

June 5th – Dubrek Studios, Derby (Acoustic Solo)

June 25th – The Castle Inn, Castle Donington (Acoustic Solo)

August 20th – The Castle Inn, Castle Donington (Full Band Electric)

Pete RingMaster 28/04/2021

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Stoneside – History of Violence


For all the isolation and loneliness, the darkness and grief that the covid pandemic has brought us it has also provided the moment for new adventures to rise up and bring some light to the world. One such adventure is Texas hailing Stoneside, an independent music project poised to release its new ear gripping single, History of Violence.

Stoneside is the united creativity of a duo consisting of writer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Crane and drummer/co-arranger Wheeler, two musicians who have previously played alongside the likes of Sevendust, Karnivool, Cold, Unearth, Awolnation, Ill Nino, Sick of it All, Nonpoint, Saliva, Black Light Burns, Jeremih, and Victor Wooten. Emerging mid-2020, Stoneside as a “project is focused on bringing into this world the stories of those who have passed from it”, a theme inspired by Crane’s loss of a beloved family member. The music the twosome creates is a bold mix of alternative rock, progressive metal, and electronic enterprise wrapped in ambient and atmospheric imagination.  As their new track proves though, it is a tapestry of sound far richer in flavour and styles again which leaves a lingering tempting.

With a debut EP scheduled for later in the year, each Stoneside song “reflects on a particular person’s life and death journey – the ups and downs, highs and lows, triumphs and regrets” with History of Violence in particular inspired by the Prison Farm Cemetery in Texas where inmates were made to work sugar cane fields after slavery was abolished; the song centring on the internal dialogue of a prison guard and an inmate, both who perished.

The track is a haunting affair but equally an imposing figure upon the senses. Straightaway electronic coaxing entices with intrigue and temptation, a gentle but animated invitation into the tide of metal bolstered sound soon consuming the senses. Riffs and infernal grooves flood ears, each though a stalking rather than incursion as electronics continue to entice. Calm returns as the outstanding tones of Crane grip their own slice of attention, his tale just as magnetic within the brewing and subsequently erupting tempest.

Across and around it all though, even in the tumult, there is an ambient air which suggests and evokes as too compelling imagination in the songwriting bringing twists and turns to feast upon. Quickly compelling and increasingly so by the minute, the track is often as untamed as it is elegant, as ravening as it is seductive and a riveting proposition  from its first breath to last as it has equally been from first listen through every play since.

It is merely one song but History of Violence suggests thrilling times and captivating adventures ahead with Stoneside and their haunting, tempestuous enterprise.

History of Violence is released April 16th.

Stoneside - History of Violence artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 15/04/2021

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Sirocco – Be My Saturday

Sirocco _RingMasterReview

Hailing from the UK, Sirocco recently released their new single, Be My Saturday. This is a band which embraces a host of flavours to create their lively sound and their latest track relishes the eager mix to provide four minutes of infectious rock ‘n’ roll.

The Newcastle outfit have found rich support and left potent moments across their local venues such as Think Tank, Think Tank Underground, The Globe, and Surf Café. Pandemic allowing they are preparing to venture further afield around the UK later in the year and their new track as the band’s well-received 2020 album, A Day In The Life, offer plenty to entice eagerly returning audiences.

As Be My Saturday suggests, the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Lewis Armstrong, guitarist Josh Thurlow, bassist Will Turner and drummer Aaron Tait draw on a fusion of eighties pop punk, indie rock, seventies power pop and Britpop for a sound which is still more varied again. The song immediately lays down an enticing rhythmic invitation before unveiling that flavoursome mix of sound, a melodic web wrapping a rhythmic compulsion on feet and body.

The track continues to lay out its thick temptation with lively energy and eager enterprise. That merger of decades in its ingredients continually proved as strong a magnet as the modern twist the band puts on its character with each hook cast and sonic wire spun resonating in temptation and every rhythmic strike arousing the senses just as the breath of the song itself.

Unique it may not be but individual Be My Saturday certainly is and a good reason to go enjoy the night with Sirocco when circumstances allow.

Be My Saturday is out now.

Sirocco - Be my Saturday artwork

Pete RingMaster 15/04/2021

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Gravity Machine – She’s Calling Me Home

Gravity Machine- LR Niall Parker Bob Shoesmith photo credit Harry Duns  _RingMasterReview

Last year saw the released of Red, the striking album from UK outfit Gravity Machine. It was an ear gripping and imagination stirring encounter which soon found itself acclaim covered. Now as the band write and begin work on its successor, they have released She’s Calling Me Home, a final temptation to draw new fans and attention to the atmospheric and adventurous realm of the album and Gravity Machine.

Gravity Machine is the creation of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Niall Parker who from sadly losing his wife to cancer in 2016 and drawing inspiration from Neil Peart’s book, Ghost Rider, began songwriting again and in abundance. With Pete Miles (Martin Grech, Bring Me The Horizon, Canterbury, Architects) offering to produce an album after hearing demos of his songs, the band and Red subsequently emerged. Performed primarily by Parker but also seeing drummer Bob Shoesmith, vocalist Kat Marsh (Bring Me The Horizon, Choir Noir, We Are The Ocean), Miles and bassist/engineer Chris Edney involved, the album and its singles courted eager plaudits from media and fans alike, the fusion of heavy rock, progressive rock, electronica, and acoustic intimation which go to create the band’s distinctive sound in full captivation again within She’s Calling Me Home.

Deep in the sounds of a humid African landscape, the song steps forward with temptation and atmospheric intimation. Seductive melodies soon embrace ears, acoustic guitar enterprise as suggestive as the air around them and just as quickly Parker’s magnetic tones are in the midst of the scenic enterprise. Keys and a rhythmic pulse instantly add to the temptation and the increasing drama courting the imagination, further rich textures and craft held instruments uniting in the emerging almost tempestuous adventure.

With its increasingly epic breath and intimacy sharing heart, She’s Calling Me Home proved pure captivation within Red and with just as much command does so alone, the single eager to lure any yet to explore the compelling world of Gravity Machine.

She’s Calling Me Home is out now via Zyse Records.

Gravity Machine - She's Calling Me Home artwork  _RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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Gordon Taggart – Be The Ones

Gordon Taggart_RingMasterReview

Be The Ones is the debut solo track from Gordon Taggart, a song which makes an infectious introduction to the singer songwriter/actor and a highly promising hint of things to come.

Originally hailing from South Manchester and now London based, Taggart has already graced ears and roused live audiences as frontman of Yassassin. Subsequently with his own songs emerging, he has ventured down the solo route and in tandem forged a potent songwriting team with guitarist Tony Kubik, Be The Ones one of their collaborations.

With bassist Jon Clements and drummer Brad Brunsdon alongside Taggart and Kubick for its recording and being mixed by William Robertson (Mick Jagger/ Frank Turner) and mastered by Pete Maher (Rolling Stones/U2), the Taggart produced Be The Ones immediately hits its stride with a bluesy hue lining its indie rock saunter. Quickly warm bordering on fiery, melodies and an infectious demeanour united to swiftly hook ears, Taggart’s vocals just as magnetic in the midst of the resourceful sound.

All the elements together make for a song which grabbed attention and caught the imagination in quick time with a sense of familiarity of nostalgic hues only adding to its appeal though the freshness in songwriting and sound roared the mist as the song embraced a sixties/seventies inspired tempting.

So watch this space, Be The Ones suggests rich times with Gordon Taggart ahead.

Be The Ones is out now.

Gordon Taggart - Be The Ones artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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Psyence – Dirty Gonzo

Psyence. Photo credit Mark Vyse 2020_RingMasterReview

Bounding in like the caped crusader to incite the body to do its bidding, Dirty Gonzo is the new single from UK rockers Psyence and a rousing teaser to the bands recently released EP, Reality or Design.

Recent singles, Tusk and Retrospect, easily set the Stoke on Trent outfit as one seriously promising and compelling proposition as well as providing their own potent tease to the new EP each also grace. To be fair the band had already earned a fine reputation and following through their live shows and debut album, but the new songs saw new boundaries in sound and imagination breached which Dirty Gonzo has also pushed.

A vocal union makes the first invitation, the keys of Ben Nixon providing an atmospheric landscape before the song quickly erupts in a lively saunter of rhythmic hooks, sonic riffs and spicy grooves. The nagging of each subsides after a while, though Jamie Bellingham’s bass continues to keenly tempt, with every element casting new endeavour and manipulation before that wonderful infernal hounding returns behind the potent tones of vocalist/guitarist Steve Pye.

From start to finish, the song is a riveting slice of alternative rock, Pye and Jamie Cartlidge’s guitars spinning a web of addictive hooks and enlivening grooves as the swinging beats of drummer Joe Walsh spring their own prime incitement.

Every element and moment of Dirty Gonzo proved habit-forming and every second of its body emerged the finest from Psyence yet. If the EP’s first singles suggested the band’s potential, their new successor roars it and firmly confirms that the foursome is one exciting proposition.

Both Dirty Gonzo and the Reality or Design EP are available now via Black Belt Recordings.

Psyence - Dirty Gonzo artwork_RingMasterReview

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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Piqued Jacks – Fire Brigade

Piqued Jacks pic 1

A part of the fun and pleasure of exploring Piqued Jacks releases is the unpredictability you almost expect to find. Recent singles alone have proven it an element as potent as the open craft and bold imagination in the Italian band’s music and recently released track, Fire Brigade is no different.

The song is from the band’s also just released new album, Synchronizer, and adds a rich lure to the invitation to explore the bigger outing laid out by previous tracks, Every Day Special and Golden Mine. It is fair to say that the Buggiano in Tuscany hailing outfit has never been short on imagination with the eager diversity to their music and songwriting truly evolving in recent times but it has breached a new peak in recent releases which has made Synchronizer eagerly anticipated among a great many.

With their album produced by Julian Emery (Nothing But Thieves), Brett Shaw (Florence + The Machine), and Dan Weller (Enter Shikari) Piqued Jacks ensure Fire Brigade immediately tempts attention with an electronic and rhythmic coaxing, a funk spiced invitation which soon courts the band’s distinctive vocals and melodic enterprise. Its gentle sway is just as alluring as the creative and emotive animation which aligns to that thoughtful calm; it all uniting in an infectious slice of the band’s individual rock sound.

If Fire Brigade hooked ears swiftly it has only grown in grip and captivation by the listen, that another aspect to the Piqued Jacks temptation which will surely fuel the lure of their new full-length.

Both Fire Brigade and Synchronizer are available now.

Piqued Jacks- Fire Brigade artwork

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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Amongst Liars – Black Days

photo credit Andrew Cotterill

2020 will go down as one of the most destructive and life changing years in world history but there were plenty of other striking and far more positive aspects to its time. One such entry to the latter was the emergence of UK rockers Amongst Liars. The year not only saw the quartet form and make a potent debut but also take the underground by the scruff of the neck through the release of three ear gripping and spirit rousing singles. Each attention and acclaim gathering release built on the previous, adding greater and richer depth to the band’s sound and it continues as the band now release their new single, Black Days, a song which suggests 2021 will be even more fruitful and potent for the Brighton/Eastbourne-based foursome.

Amongst Liars entangle the formidable essences of punk, metal and grunge into their alternative rock bred sound, a fusion driven by imagination which has ensured each song so far has offered a fresh adventure unlike one from the band before. Black Days is no different, its muscular touch senses shuddering and contagious energy rebel rousing as various hues of rock and metal unite for another individual anthemic assault. Even so, all tracks carry a distinctive voice and character particular to the band as well as a certain enterprise which has found another level again within their new track.

From its first breath Black Days had us hooked, the drama soaked electronics and the senses alerting strikes of drummer Adam Oarton portentously gripping. Within seconds there was no turning away, Ian George’s vociferous holler and government assault syllables quickly adding to the compulsion before the song quickly erupts into its full bodied confrontation. Fiery grooves burst from Leo Burdett’s guitar, swiftly consuming the air as rhythms prowl and pounce within their flaming, with Ross Towner’s bass almost predatory.

As Amongst Liars take the country’s leaders to task, other flavours emerge to shape the track’s thunderous and seriously infectious defiant uproar, Black Days stamping down authority and enterprise amidst the intimation that 2021 will make the band’s striking first year seem pale in success if not importance.

To confirm that thought, the single’s B-side uncages its own ear thrilling presence with just as strong fertility. Developed from an acoustic track, Oceans Apart greedily relishes its full-bodied growth, gathering classic rock hues to its eagerly swinging rock ‘n’ roll. Again rapacious grooves vine a track which easily entices focus and participation, its touch and insistence less aggressive than its predecessor but just as aflame in sonic and melodic persuasion.

With a blues rock scenting only adds to the tempting again Amongst Liars find a way to get under the skin and manipulate body and spirit and with the songs united, once more Amongst Liars breach greater adventure in their sound and in Black Days, simply their finest incitement yet.

Black Days is released March 5th.

credit Pierre Englebrecht

Pete RingMaster 02/03/2020

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Single by Sunday – Helter Skelter

Since emerging in 2015, Scotland’s Single By Sunday has made their mark far afield with a sound which instinctively just makes you want to bounce. Their highlights so far include opening the prestigious Scottish Music Awards, headlining the Boston MA ‘First Night’ celebrations (at the request of NBC10 Boston) to 50k+ people and playing the Vans Warp tour in Buffalo, NY alongside Sum 41 and The Story So Far. Their pop punk bred sound has also fuelled a host of well-received tracks to which new single, Helter Skelter, makes a rousing addition.

Consisting of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Josh Ladds, lead guitarist Jonny Eakins, bassist Jack Black, and drummer Simon Drummond, Glasgow hailing Single by Sunday take from the inspirations of bands such as Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The 1975 for their eager sound. As Helter Skelter shows it has a mid-eighties influence which sets a swift and recognisable friendship for ears and a seventies power pop audacity which is just as rousing. The song also brings a firm hand of individuality which sets the band away from the crowd past and present.

With Helter Skelter taking a biographical look at Charles Manson and what happened from Spahn Ranch to  Cielo Drive in 1969, there was intrigue and maybe slight doubt as how the band would marry their animated sound with such grim events yet quickly the track with its punk rock tenacity and punchy rhythms set a tone which potently works. Melodies entwine and ignite the drama with a fiery zeal and there is an earnest infectiousness to the vocals which is respectful and questioning.

With samples and imagination adding twist and turn to the song, Helter Skelter weaves a fusion of intensity and manipulative contiguousness with rousing success, Single By Sunday adding another memorable incitement to pop punk virulence.

Helter Skelter is out now.

Pete RingMaster 02/03/2020

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Dead Reynolds – Bright Lights

As anticipation rises for the release of Dead Reynolds’ debut album later this year, the British rockers keep attention busy and that suspense eager with the release of new single Bright Lights. It is a track which first featured as part of their acclaimed Frontier EP but now reimagined the song more than whets the appetite for that forthcoming adventure.

Emerging from the ashes of Phoenix Calling and The First in 2018, East Anglia’s Dead Reynolds has stamped their inventive presence on the UK rock scene with their fusion of alternative rock and pop punk. Their releases though have proven their sound has a richer mix of flavours and ingredients than that tagging suggests, with the Frontier EP especially striking in its enterprise and creative drama.

The quintet of vocalist Callum Waterfield, guitarists Dom Greenwood and Luke Reid, bassist Ben Knowles, and drummer Luke Green linked up with producer Jack Murphy to bring a fresh breath and character to the Greenwood written Bright Lights, their re-imagining embracing the essences of broader flavours around its stronger beating rock heart.

There is a new anthemic drama to the song which already relished an emotive strength that easily hooks ears, from the gnarly bassline to Waterfield’s heart bearing vocal intensity, Bright Lights roars. Its aggression is more intense, melodic tempting a brighter fire yet it is as contagious as ever and as emotively provocative.

As Dead Reynolds work in completing Breathe with Strangers, their first album scheduled for released in August, they have provided an epic teaser in the shape of Bright Lights and the fresh direction in their striking sound which the album will further explore.

Bright Lights is available now.

Pete RingMaster 18/02/2021

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Standing Like Statues – Skylines

With a sound which draws on the inspirations of bands such as Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds To Mars and Biffy Clyro but one which has firmly found its own individuality, UK outfit Standing Like Statues have just released a new single to confirm their potent presence within the alternative rock scene.

Since forming in 2015, Cambridge hailing Standing Like Statues have made their mark live, sharing stages with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Decade, Fort Hope and Courage My Love along the way and earning eager support and radio play  for their releases. Last year saw the release of the Reality Checkpoint EP, a well-received slice of their enterprising sound recorded with award-winning producer Romesh Dodangoda. Skylines provided a striking opener to the encounter and now as their new single offers a powerful invitation to their increasingly fertile songwriting and drama fuelled sound.

The single makes a relatively gentle entrance but straight away there is an emotive edge to vocals as melodies bear a fiery breath. It is a seduction and emotive draw which intensifies for the song’s powerful chorus, the build repeated as imaginative verse leads to epic uproar. Each note and syllable offered seems to intensify the emotional impact of Skylines, the band’s craft uniting in its drama and passion to be almost aggressive and relentlessly compelling.

Skylines is a great way to join the ascent of Standing Like Statues and for fans to once more relish the power and essences which has made the band so keenly followed and praised.

Skylines is out now.

 Pete RingMaster 18/02/2021

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Matt Peach – Cut Our Teeth

As already beleaguered grassroots music venues are under even more immense threat through the Covid pandemic an inescapable roar highlighting their plight comes in the shape of Cut Our Teeth. The new single from British rocker Matt Peach is a rousing protest at the increasing closures of the crucial homes of music yet equally a celebration of their history, importance and support of all artists. They are the life blood breeding all corners of music and can have no better a battle cry than that of Cut Our Teeth.

Derbyshire hailing, Peach springs an anthemic union of folk, punk, and rock for his latest track; they the seeds for his previous endeavours but maybe no more organically alive and bullish than within Cut Our Teeth. The track is pure rock ‘n’ roll, an incitement which was under the skin from its first breath sparking and manipulating thought, spirit, and endeavour thereon in.

Peach’s full lungs uncage the first temptation, an enlivening call soon surrounded by just as lively riffs and animated rhythms. As the track takes ears around a landscape of crumbling hopes and desolate buildings, the song scoops the listener up like an old friend and by the first burst of its chorus had us hollering in tandem. By twist and turn as new flavours of sound join the boisterous stroll, each moment echoing the vitality of venues to every style of music, Cut Our Teeth quite simply had body and imagination bouncing.

Taken from his current album, Epiphany, the unapologetically virulently contagious Cut Our Teeth will have you on your feet throwing inhibitions to the wall, much like is seen in the must be protected venues it celebrates.

Cut Our Teeth is out now.

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2021

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The Survival Code – Magnetic

Without doubt for us one of the most exciting bands within the UK rock scene over the past three years or so has been The Survival Code. They are a duo which seemingly breeds hook ridden tracks and riff driven songs as easily as the rest of us take to breathing but entangle each song created in a web of individual craft and rousing unpredictability which springs the imagination like a trap. That is no better epitomised than within new single Magnetic, a song which coaxes and teases before erupting in manipulative temptation and anthemic gusto leaving ears and pleasure brimming.

The release of their outstanding 2018 album, Hopelessness Of People, saw the band evolve into the potent guitar and drums duo of Gary McGuinness (guitar / vocals) and Simon Hartop (drums/ vocals). The following year brought increasing success with two UK tours and the release of the Matt Hyde produced/mastered Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill EP. As with all artists 2020 saw Covid strangle all endeavours and aims for the year but did not stopped the pair concentrate on writing new songs for their next album, one thanks to the likes of Magnetic is already highly anticipated.

The fourth and final single from the band’s current EP, Magnetic initially beckons ears with a lone melodic strand and the warm harmonic tones of McGuinness. Quickly firm rhythms and Hartop’s voice joins the tempting, the song more tempestuousness yet still controlled by the second. Drama continues to coat every subsequent note, hook and melody, the vocals equally more intense and emotive by the syllable as the song boils up in anthemic persuasion and gripping volatility.

It is another compelling encounter with The Survival Code, one revelling in their fusion of instinctive alt rock catchiness and mature imagination. Magnetic does not rush ears with unbridled but craft woven energy like maybe previous singles but presents a more intense and intriguing proposal which is just as much a draw to echo the song’s title and confirm the duo as one of the most captivating propositions within the UK rock scene.

Magnetic is out now.

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2021

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The Mojo Slide – To Kill A Monkey

As their latest album continues to recruit new fans and accompanying acclaim, British blues rockers The Mojo Slide place another slab of tasty bait upon its persuasive trap in the shape of new single, To Kill A Monkey. It is three minutes of the mischievous goodness which has made the band’s sound and releases so greedily devoured by fans and brought them new support by the song.

 To Kill A Monkey is taken from current album, Manic Panic, and surely set to join its predecessors in enticing eager airplay across the likes of Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio and BBC Wales. Consisting of vocalist Mark Wilks, lead guitarist Mike Fenna, rhythm guitarist Matt Legg, bassist Dan Savage and drummer Michael Graham, the Cambridgeshire-based quintet, as always, get straight down to business on the new track with a sound which though “filthy blues rock” bred is quite simply devilish rock ‘n’ roll.

A fiendishly tangy groove opens up the encounter; its lure instantly addictive in a draw only escalated once the just as eager tones of Wilks leads a surge of rhythmic and sonic temptation. With flames of harmonica adding to the intoxication, the track had us swinging to its own grooved movement in no time; manipulation coming from every quarter.

As we say The Mojo Slide quite simply cast out rousing rock ‘n roll which has persistently got under our skins and no more hungrily than with To Kill A Monkey, a song which in some ways embraces essences of the likes of The Pirates and The Rolling Stones but in its relatively brief moment revels in the individual creative rascality of The Mojo Slide.

To Kill A Monkey is released via Nub Music on February 12th.

Pete RingMaster 04/02/2021

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Skinny Knowledge – Keep Me Out Of It

If anticipation for their debut album was nudged by their first single, it will be fully ignited by the follow-up. Skinny Knowledge is an alternative rock band from the South of England and Keep Me Out Of It their new track surely destined to provoke that keen attention.

Skinny Knowledge is the creation of vocalist/guitarist Andy L Smooth, a musician no stranger to making potent sounds through previous bands and projects. Recording his first home demo led to the one man writing and recording of first full-length Don’t Turn Out The Lights; its production seeing Smooth alongside renowned rock and metal producer Lewis Johns while since then, ready for the album’s release this coming March, the band has expanded with the addition of guitarist Benjamin Parker, bassist Fenge Davies and drummer Charlie Kenny.

As its last November released predecessor, Imagination, the unapologetically rousing Keep Me Out Of It is a teaser for that debut full-length, a song which commands attention as it manipulates body and spirit with merciless ease. From its first breath the track teases, riffs coaxing ears before rhythms swiftly pounce with muscles flexed. As grooves scythe across the senses and the bass snarls alongside the magnetic tones of Smooth, contagion soaks the air; the track a devilish mix of pop, rock, and pop punk.

It also recalls late seventies power pop bands like The Motors and Tonight in its breathless energy and catchiness, the song a fusion of flavours and raucous enterprise which will burrow under the skin whether you try to resist or not whilst no doubt igniting anticipation for that bigger offering.

Keep Me Out Of It is released on January 15th with Don’t Turn Out The Lights out on 5th March.

Pete RingMaster 12/01/2021

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Puppet Theory – Two Left Feet

If you have checked out their recent singles alone, you will know that UK outfit Puppet Theory have a habit of creating songs cast in a dextrous weave of varied flavours. It has resulted in sound increasingly proving individual to them and one which continuingly explores new aspects and their new single is no exception.

Two Left Feet is maybe their darkest moment yet, its emotive heart bred in the depths of a confusing, unsteadying relationship and it is certainly their heaviest slice of sound yet it is as fresh in infectiousness and adventure as one has come to expect. An indie rock driven song with the pop punk tenacity the band embraces so dextrously, it proved an ear gripping, imagination evoking encounter.

Drama soaks its every breath, from its initial march and the twines of guitar which bound it Two Left Feet taps into a theatre of emotions and song relating memories we have all felt in some way. Electronic and vocal prowess brings a light to the crepuscular proposal and that pop catchiness yet that drama and intrigue continues within and around, rhythms adding to darker intimation.

All together it makes for a striking moment with Two Left Feet amongst Puppet Theory’s finest offerings and without doubt their most fascinating so that anticipation of new things to come has been keenly aroused.

Two Left Feet is out now.

Pete RingMaster 12/01/2021

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Taller Than (Feat. Mike Ross) – Nicotine Placebo

The Covid pandemic has brought so many things to a halt but also opened up new opportunities to be enjoyed by artists and fans alike. One such event comes in the forthcoming shape of a 12 track album from Taller Than and a new single which seriously whets the appetite for the former’s exploration.

Taller Than was the band of blues rock ‘n’ roller Mike Ross who released acclaimed solo album, The Clovis Limit Part 2, towards the rear of last year. He is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter/producer who has ignited ears over the years through southern rockers RHR and other projects. Taller Than recorded their album over two decades ago but for various reasons, was never mixed or properly finished. Since its recording in 1998, the original 2″master tapes were hidden away but Covid lockdown gave Ross the chance for a revisit to his ‘tape vault’. In turn “a decision was made to reach out to the public to help restore, remix, and release the forgotten Taller Than classic” via crowd-funding, which duly deployed in early January reached 35% of the £4000 target in just the first two days.

Nicotine Placebo is the teaser to the album and crowd-funding campaign and instantly had ears gripped as guitar wires wound around ears, their melodic intoxication a woozy coaxing quickly joined by growl kissed vocals. With thick compelling swings from Mike Kelly (latterly of The Mission) and the bass vines of Mike’s brother Graeme, the track commanded keen attention and a quickly matching appetite. As the track further blossomed, the bass proved especially addictive for personal tastes but the fire in the belly of the song and its dextrous enterprise fully proved a potent magnet.

As to when the Taller Than album finally sees the light of day time will tell but the richly enjoyable Nicotine Placebo will surely spark greedy anticipation of its arrival.

Pre-order packages of the Taller Than album along with a selection of other merch and memorabilia items are available from

Pete RingMaster 12/01/2021

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Monster Eats The Pilot – Burst My Bubble

George Donoghue is no stranger to music and acclaim but as his solo project Monster Eats Pilot, the single Burst My Bubble is his debut and what a striking and rousing introduction it proved to be.

 Monster Eats The Pilot, a name emerging from the imagery of when depression consumes an individual, has only stepped into the light in the past weeks and as mentioned is the new singular adventure with Donoghue. The Brighton hailing musician has been a part of alternative rockers River Becomes Ocean and is also a renowned producer working with the likes of The Rocket Dolls, River Becomes Ocean, After, Graces Collide, and more. His reputation has gathered pace by each project he has undertaken but, and ok we know it is only one song, such the striking impact of Burst My Bubble it is easy to suspect that his biggest successes might be found through Monster Eats The Pilot.

A track inspired by a mix of isolation in lockdown and reflection on the poisonous presence of certain people in our lives, as Donoghue states, “a middle finger up to toxic personalities, people who step on others to get ahead”, Burst my Bubble is a roar in the ears as it provokes defiance in the throats of its listeners.

Immediately as beats rap the senses, guitars push a wave of bait loaded riffs through ears, Donoghue’s just as alluring vocals soon in their midst. There is a contemplative restraint to the incitement initially but the shackles are off in a chorus which rushes the senses and provokes eager participation, the track’s alt rock instincts a rich holler as passion flows through its veins.

With each second offering a myriad of unpredictable nuances and twists within the rock ‘n’ roll trespass, Burst My Bubble burrowed deep and incited as fully with relish and by the departure of its ravenous three minutes our lone digit was raised in unity as ears basked in thick pleasure.

Yes again it may only be a single track but it is one of the year’s most riveting debuts from a band destined to greedily devour the limelight.

Burst My Bubble is out now via Favour The Brave Records.

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2020

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Coastal Fire Dept. – Coco

For us here easily one of the year’s best singles came in the shape of I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand, a nagging slice of sonic irritancy from Coastal Fire Dept., with a lyrical content so easy to learn, which had us bouncing and roaring in unison.  Now the Guernsey hailing band has backed it up with another passion harassing treat, new single Coco doing the trespass and enslaving.

Coastal Fire Dept. uncage a sound which though described as grunge rock bred is as rich in punk and noise rock and more besides, a mix openly proven by the band’s aforementioned previous single and its predecessor You Are Stuck. Even with their success and radio support as the band recorded their second album, Connected, there was word and indications that their very individual sound “didn’t quite fit some radio station expectations.” You know just Coastal Fire Dept. is not going to be a band which cares for fitting in yet exposure is a vital inspiration so the quartet of guitarist/vocalist Ollie, lead guitarist/vocalist Bobby, bassist Saad, and drummer/vocalist Gareth took four favourite songs from the new collection and with long-time producer Mikey Ferbrache put them through a “radio-friendly” process with the Radio EP the result and teaser for the bigger outing to come, Coco its lead single. Some songs were shortened, some had lyrics tweaked and one has a guest vocalist (Tyler Edmonds of Last Of The Light Brigade) and all four will be on Connected in their original unique glory.

 To be honest thick individuality hungrily soaks Coco in its radio friendly presence, the song rising up amongst sinister whispers, climbing a sonic vine before springing calmly clangourous riffs. Trespass and contagion fuel their incitement and that of the track as it exposes its full strengths and enterprise. The likes of Foo Fighters and The Pixies are often lent the way of the foursome and it is easy to understand yet swiftly and firmly Coco declares that inescapable individuality with an imposing hand.

Swiping rhythms, stabbing riffs and rousing vocals all add to the forceful temptation, the track virulently catchy and aggressively invasive as it explores the Freemasons and the likes, digging into their secrets, shadows and the conspiracies that spring up.

Coco is superb and we can share that the Radio EP is just as compelling so much so that Connected is impatiently awaited here.

Both Coco and the Radio EP are out now via L’Islet Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2020
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Gravity Machine -Standing Stones

photo credit Harry Duns

A tapestry of heavy and progressive rock within a compelling electronic weave, Standing Stones is the new single from UK outfit Gravity Machine and a compelling introduction to newcomers and reminder to fans of the band’s powerful, dramatic and enthralling sound.

Gravity Machine consists of multi-instrumentalist Niall Parker and drummer Bob Shoesmith and emerged as the former set about recording a canon of material he had written after the sad death of his wife from cancer. Inspired by Neil Peart’s book, Ghost Rider which dealt with the Rush drummer’s journey through grief, Parker became prolific and varied in his songwriting and contacted producer Pete Miles (Martin Grech, Bring Me The Horizon, Canterbury, Architects) at Middle Farm Studios about recording the songs. With Shoesmith enlisted, the album Red stepped forward, its release earlier this year on the band’s own Zyse Records imprint soon earning eager praise.

Standing Stones is the fourth single from the album and sure to match the success of its predecessors in acclaim and radio support. The track comes as a special remix by Miles and instantly envelops ears and the imagination in a thick breeze of sonic intimation. Quickly Parker’s potent tones are aligned to rich melodies and electronic atmospherics, the track simultaneously imposing and seductive. Appetite entwining grooves, electronic shimmers and rhythmic manipulation all add to the weighty persuasion of the song, craft and enterprise soaking every aspect including its infectiousness.

Standing Stones is superb and an insistence that the exploration of Red is a must.

Standing Stones is out now via Zyse Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2020

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The Kut – Waiting For Christmas

For everyone this Christmas will be like no other but for some it will be the most devastating in loss, loneliness and financial hardship. Charities like the Red Cross provide the most vital support at all times, right now especially supporting those affected by poverty, grief and loneliness as a result of the pandemic. This has been recognised by UK girl-grunge trio The Kut who are releasing a Christmas Single with 100% of the profit from sales and streams being donated to the Red Cross Coronavirus Crisis Fund. We have to say Christmas singles are not generally on our menu of goodness at this time of year but then again few are as captivating as Waiting For Christmas.

Written by band founder Princess Maha, Waiting For Christmas is a provocative piece of temptation, lyrics and melody alone without the trimmings an evocative incitement and with the familiar musical essences of the festive season a rousing spark to contemplation and unity with the cause. Within its first minute the ballad was under the skin, the compassion in its voice as potent as the passion in its belly and united makes for a track that in itself is a damn fine song.

The Kut has a dedicated website for the fundraiser at and the track comes in three single versions (official release, radio edit and instrumental), music video and CD-singles with limited edition artwork through Criminal Records on Friday, December 18th.

With the single, we are collectively raising a candle for all those we have lost and showing solidarity with our wider community this Christmas.

Artwork by Daniella Batsheva

Pete RingMaster 14/12/2020

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Dead Reynolds –Voices

With the Frontiers EP still arousing new fans and high praise since its release barely a handful of months back UK rockers Dead Reynolds have uncaged another fresh slice of distinct goodness in the shape of new single Voices.

The track is a brand new offering written during the country’s first lockdown, one inspired by the impact of the pandemic on mental health as isolation in its varied dimensions engulfed the world. It is also a song relishing a new aspect to the band’s sound. Their songs have always been equipped with a mighty roar, their fusion of power pop, pop punk and alternative rock organically anthemic but Voices is a physical and emotional gale of a track which sweeps ears and the imagination up in its epic cry.

Voices rises up amidst celestial like sighs as a piano equally coaxes attention; vocalist Callum Waterfield’s emotive tones soon by their side. It is a restrained yet powerful start which soon gathers pace and intensity, the rhythms of bassist Ben Knowles and drummer Luke Green fuelling a contagious stride as the guitars of Dom Greenwood and Luke Reid weave their entangling strands of melodic and sonic enterprise. From vocals to melody there is an emotive intimation which soaks every second of the track, one only adding to the infectiousness of the creative holler which easily had us leaping into its midst.

The first taster of a debut album planned for release April 2021, one to be accompanied by a Rockumentary book captured by World-renowned Rock photographer Nick Elliott, Voices is Dead Reynolds at their mightiest and most rousing but also the purveyor of a new aspect in their compelling evolution.

Voices is out now.

Pete RingMaster 14/12/2020

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Attic Theory – The Sign Of An Active Mind

Pic by SJM Photography

This November sees the release of the new single from UK outfit Attic Theory and at its end their highly anticipated debut EP. Initially we were to cover the potent exploits of that new track, Cold Hard Reality, but such the power, drama and sheer captivation on offer within The Sign Of An Active Mind EP we had to merge the two.

Since emerging late 2017 from the demise of Liverpool’s Matchstickmen, Attic Theory has become one of the most attention grabbing propositions rising up the British rock landscape. With vocalist Lewis Wright and guitarist Peter Donnelly from that previous band linking up with guitarist Tim Cunningham formally of Rain May Fall, bassist Kenny McArthur, and Matt Simon from Limehawk, the band quickly stirred heads and support, earning high profile support slots with the likes of Candlebox, The Soapgirls, Saving Abel, Psycho Village, Tragedy, and Derange.

This past year has seen everything escalated through the band’s singles, songs which had been snapped up by radio shows and stations as acclaim has increasingly gathered. We can assume and expect that anything before will be eclipsed by Attic Theory’s new track and EP, both moments which devour expectations and rigorously feed that earlier mentioned anticipation of the latter’s release.

The EP opens up with Marionette, the track looming out of the shadows with lungs full and riffs hungry, a mighty groove swiftly entangling eager ears. The song holds back its assault initially, sizing up its target with vocals and melodic temptation before erupting in a fiery tempest just as infectious and compelling. The track is superb, prowling and invading the senses with dextrous craft and keen enterprise before bursting into the kind of anthemic blaze and holler the band has earned a major reputation for.

The band’s new single is next up, Cold Hard Reality coaxing ears with a wiry melody and Wright’s hearty tones before erupting in its own individual roar, one emotional tempestuous and physically rousing. Repeating its cycle of relative calm to explosive crescendo, the song only escalated in force and captivation, a surge of anger seemingly its fuel as Attic Theory again reveal the sheer power and emotive intensity in their music let alone the creative drama.

Your Light follows, guitar caresses stroking ears first as Wright’s evocative tones reflect. The darker shadows of the bass only add to the draw, crisp beats bringing a hint of agitation which soon consumes all sides, the track becoming an emotional uproar. It is attention gripping within moments and only reinforces its hold as a return to the calmer contemplation sparks another rise into emotive and sonic tempestuousness, the song twisting and turning with matching enterprise.

Rousing rock ‘n’ roll ignites the senses next as Doesn’t Matter bursts from the speakers, riffs and rhythms a hungry infestation with a glorious nagging as vocals and melodies respectively holler and enflame across the track’s tenacious landscape. Though alternative rock nurtured, Attic Theory cast a sound which is multi-flavoured and diversely textured, this song boldly epitomising the fact and also the emotive intensity and passion which drives their music, they clearly echoed in the song’s final breath alone.

The following My Own Design draws a big breath before launching a tide of rapacious riffs and swinging beats, Wright again centre in its robust and magnetic call before an even more voraciously fiery chorus burns the air. Muscular and emotively aflame, the track is Attic Theory at their most creatively pugilistic and emotively aflame, every note a searing touch and syllable an outpouring of the heart yet all soaked in the most virulence of contagiousness.

Completed by Saints Amongst Us, a track which maybe is less intense and forceful than its predecessors yet breeds its own potent strain of melodic captivation and muscular persuasion to capture equally rich attention. Not for the first time there is also a Poet Of The Fall-esque hue to the band’s sound which with everything else captures an ever welcoming imagination. There is also a great sense of theatre to its evolving body which only adds to the pleasure and helps create one stirring finale to one thrilling encounter.

Listening to The Sign Of An Active Mind you get the sense that there is so much more waiting to be unleashed within the band and that is just as exciting as a debut EP which will surely thrust Attic Theory towards much thicker attention and acclaim.

Cold Hard Reality is out now with The Sign Of An Active Mind EP released via the band’s own label, ThunderGun Records and distributed by Nova Music Distribution UK LTD on Friday 27th November; available on all major music streaming services and on CD from Attic Theory’s website @

Pete RingMaster 19/11/2020
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Piqued Jacks – Every Day Special

Pic © Marika Miniati

It always feels an event when Italy based Piqued Jacks announce a new offering whether an album or lone single, the anticipation of something rather tasty on the horizon constantly rewarded to date. Every Day Special does not buck the trend, a release slim in songs, ok it is a single, and thick in pleasure and yes another celebration of the band’s increasingly unique and striking creativity.

2021 will see the release of a new album from the Buggiano in Tuscany hailing outfit and fair to say thanks to Every Day Special alone the wait for Synchronizer is already gaining a touch of impatience. A keenly supported proposition across their homeland and the UK, Piqued Jacks have been no strangers to acclaim and with increasing strength as EPs and albums have revelled in and explored new depths in the blossoming craft, imagination and maturity in the band’s sound. The past couple of years have embraced a host of striking singles and earlier in 2020 the quartet released maybe the most fascinating and gripping result of their evolving invention through the single Safety Distance.

Like its predecessor, Every Day Special was recorded with Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence + The Machine) and immediately gripped attention as keys coaxed ears with a disquieting but alluring, slightly off kilter tempting. Swiftly rhythms and vocals are alongside, they too carrying a compelling slight oddness which only escalates the fascination. As rhythms strengthen their touch and guitars graze the air, it all comes together in a rousing roar, emotion and reflection the fire in its earnest holler.

Drama coats every note and syllable, imagination soaks every twist and turn as passion drives the song’s powerful call, a tapestry of enterprise and intensity which simply consumed thought and emotion alongside the senses.

It seems that Piqued Jacks get bolder and more impressive by the song, the outstanding Every Day Special confirmation of our suggestion.

Every Day Special is out now through INRI.

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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Standing Like Statues – Stupid Love

As their new EP, Reality Checkpoint, stands on the precipice of release British alt-rockers Standing Like Statues have cast another rich teaser in the shape of Stupid Love. The song is taken from within the forthcoming encounter and backs the rich temptation of the EP’s first two singles, Skylines and The Best Kind Of Anxiety, all suggesting the upcoming encounter will firmly have attention and acclaim on board.

 Formed in 2015 and drawing on the inspirations of bands such as Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds To Mars and Biffy Clyro, Standing Like Statues have earned a potent reputation through releases and the sharing of stages with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Decade, Fort Hope and Courage My Love. The band linked up with producer Romesh Dodangoda on their new batch of songs written after a year-long hiatus, their intimacy a reflection of the impact of mental health and as we continue to feel lingering grip of the current pandemic easily transferable.

 Stupid Love reflects on the end of a long term relationship, again intimacy a thick part of its emotive heart shared through the vocals and words of Jamie Wiltshire. An inescapably alluring melodic beckon brings the song into view, guitarists Nigel Ferguson and Meitar Blumenfeld thickening its hook as the rhythms of drummer Effy Dalton open up their specific coaxing alongside the shadow wrapped presence of Chris Kontos’ bass. It is a potently tempting mix which only escalates in persuasion as song and vocals build their roar in a fiery chorus, emotion and passion colouring its intensity.

As thickly infectious as it is boldly imaginative, Stupid Love swiftly got under the skin, the band’s sound a mix of the familiar and distinctively fresh and just as compelling as the untethered emotions within.

Standing Like Statues have now given a very healthy glimpse of the incoming Reality Checkpoint EP and it is easy to expect it making a major impact.

The Reality Checkpoint EP is released 13th November.

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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Jack J Hutchinson – World on Fire

Pic Credit Rob Blackham

Another song which though written before the world was overwhelmed provides an echo of the emotions it has inspired perfectly, World on Fire is the new single from British guitarist/singer songwriter Jack J Hutchinson. It is also a teaser for his next studio album, The Hammer Falls, and a spark for keen anticipation of its future release.

London based, Hutchinson has triggered keen praise and support through two solo albums and a live presence which has scorched stages supporting the likes of Monster Truck and Kris Barras Band and at festivals alongside artists such as Bad Company, ZZ Top, Rival Sons and Blackberry Smoke. British Blues Awards nominated Hutchinson has enriched his reputation further through international tours, playing shows across Spain, Russia, France, Germany and Brazil. It was the last of those where World on Fire was recorded, in the middle of a remote forest to be exact at the renowned Estúdio Versão Acústica with producer Lucas Sagaz.

The single immediately sizzles in the ear, Hutchinson’s blues rock seeded sound dirty and fiery yet melodically warm and instinctively catchy. A choice groove spears its persuasion, band mates Lazarus Michaelides and Felipe Amorim aligning on bass and drums respectively bearing rhythmic prowess and attitude.

The track is a gripping slab of rock ‘n’ roll; its blues blood spicy and aggressive catchiness inescapable with Hutchinson’s dexterity radiant and put all together the song is a galvanic spark in these current times.

World on Fire is released 13th November via Psychedelic String Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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Psyence – Retrospect

Photo credit Mark Vyse 2020

Though no strangers to critical acclaim courtesy of their 2019 debut album, the release of the single Tusk earlier this year brought Psyence a rich wave of new fans and support. Now the UK outfit back up its success with Retrospect, a song easy to feel will be gathering its own rich rewards upon release.

From Stoke on Trent, Psyence emerged from the creative union of four schoolmates and now revels in the craft and imaginations of Steve Pye (lead vocals and guitars), Jamie Bellingham, Joe Walsh (drums), Ben Nixon (keys and synths) and Jamie Cartlidge (rhythm guitar and vocals).  Alongside a growing reputation for their live shows, the band’s self-titled album pushed them on the map of the UK rock scene with Tusk and now its successor stamping new indelible marks on its landscape and that of their alternative rock bred, contagion loaded and groove driven sound.

An electronic bubbling and subsequent infectious wash leads to a muscular stroll as Retrospect rises up, one hungrily catchy and eagerly nagging incitement quickly and easily devoured. There is an echo of eighties synth pop to the track though its underlying muscle and rapaciousness is pure modern rock ‘n’ roll and erupts with additive prowess throughout.

 As it expands its temptation and imagination Retrospect bears its tapestry of sound and flavouring, Psyence uniting decades and diversity of sound in one individual adventure which again proves the band as one of the UK’s more exciting prospects and their sound one addictive incitement.

Retrospect is out now via Black Belt Recordings.

Pete RingMaster 30/10/2020

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Muddibrooke – Devil

As demons come out and play on Halloween in their annual way so another Devil makes its entrance courtesy of UK rockers Muddibrooke. The track is the trio’s new single, a song bred in personal intimacy and a release of emotions and one which revels in the passion drenched power of their sound.

Derby hailing, Muddibrooke consists of Brooke’ Harriet McDonnell on lead vocals and guitar, bassist and backing vocalist Anna Melidone and drummer Mary Prince; a threesome united in bold enterprise and potent musical experiences. Emerging January of this year, the band quickly drew keen attention and plaudits with the release of debut single Turn To Dust. The song was as notable for its honest intimacy and intensity as it was for the band’s collected craft. Devil is an echo of those potent traits as it too bares the heart of its writer and the realisation and fallout of being in a toxic, twisted experience.

From its first breath, the track is emotionally intense even in its initial single caress of the senses. Soon though, the band’s grunge coated alternative rock cored sound erupts, the blazes around earnest reflection ripe with anger and defiance. Musically and vocally, Muddibrooke are a fire of emotive fervour, riffs and rhythms as blemished and undiluted as the experiences fuelling the lyrics.

The praise afforded their first single is sure to be repeated and escalated for Devil, further reward for what feels like a truly cathartic moment for the band.

Devil is released October 30th.

 Pete RingMaster 30/10/2020

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As Sirens Fall – The Wide Awake Club

Pic Credit To RockSeen

For us one of the most exciting prospects within the UK alternative rock scene over the past couple of years or so has been As Sirens Fall and increasingly so these past twelve months with the releasing of striking single after striking single not forgetting an ear gripping EP. The West Yorkshire based outfit has just unveiled their latest offering in the shape of The Wide Awake Club, another single which stirred ears and appetite without mercy.

The Neil Kennedy produced and mixed track is taken from the bands third EP, L’appel Du Vide (Part 1) which came out last month; a release epitomising the evolving character of their sound and the power in its presence and voice. Previous singles this year in Holy Water and Puppy Squad revelled in the new fertility in the band’s songwriting and rousing sound and The Wide Awake Club is no different, though like its predecessors it is boldly individual to its EP companions.

A poetic guitar melody tempts first, Adam Doveston gently winding it around ears. Swiftly its warmth is joined by shadows cast by Jason Doveston’s bass and as quickly the ever compelling tones of vocalist Mikey Lord. It is a blend of dark and light but with an inherent energy and sonic smile which once Bailey Roper’s animated beats join the affair is eagerly strolling along.

Lyrically and in Lord’s voice there is a sense of personal intimacy where again shadows openly play yet as in the darker hues of the surrounding sound it cannot diffuse the rousing infectiousness uncaged and provocative incitement conjured by the band.

As Sirens Fall are really beginning to really make their mark on the UK rock scene and The Wide Awake Club gives fine evidence as to why.

The Wide Awake Club is out now.

Pete RingMaster 15/10/2020

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Skyfever – Americana Fame

With their recently released album, Is This The End of The World, increasingly drawing eager attention the way of the band, Irish outfit Skyfever adds another rich temptation the way of ears through new single Americana Fame. The band’s full length in many ways suits and echoes the turbulence mankind is currently enduring though much of its body was  written last year and Americana Fame provides its own “another worldly experience” while proving just as captivating as its parent and previous siblings taken from the album.

Through those earlier singles from Is This The End of The World alone Dublin hailing Skyfever have found strong radio play and it is easy to suspect that Americana Fame will earn the same support. The song was inspired by a visit to the Palace of Versailles on a lost weekend in Paris and the feeling which envelops the senses of anyone “who has walked the famous Hall of Mirrors or got lost in the gardens during twilight hours will have felt the power and memory of the place.”

From its initial crystaline shimmer of keys swiftly followed by emotion carrying vocals, the track calls on the imagination. It is an evocative introduction which only escalates as the track opens up its musical arms, sturdy rhythms and melodic caresses of guitar adding to the shadows and elegance shaping the increasingly striking song. Emotion equally soaks voice and heart of the encounter, its every move provocative and roaring sigh empowering. Even the relative calm which emerges is bound in drama and rich enterprise, the song beguiling, rousing and just a touch haunting as it immersed ears and thoughts in its intimation.

Track by track Skyfever are declaring themselves ready to break major national and international attention, Americana Fame another reason expectations are that it is coming soon.

 Americana Fame is out now via Graft Records.

Pete RingMaster 15/10/2020

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Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – Unavailable

Released to accompany World Mental Health Day on the 10th Oct and to further raise awareness for mental health, Unavailable is the new single from Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts. It is a magnetic slice of the British singer/songwriter’s potent classic rock nurtured sound and a song which it is hard to get too much of.

Unavailable is taken from the former Pride/Furyon/Colour Of Noise frontman’s debut solo album released in 2019 and has been given a radio remix by Brighton based producer Chris Daniels who has earned rich plaudits for his mastering of releases from the likes of Slow Readers Club, The Blinders, The Lottery Winners, Red Rum Club, No Hot Ashes and The Lathums. It is a song which “tells a story of someone who is trying to find themselves in a world of fast living and artistic lifestyle and ending up amongst people that all seem to be trying their luck, at doing the same thing” It is a premise which centres on the darkness, dissatisfaction, and emotional indisposition which can expose itself but within a track which strolls through ears with pure infectiousness.

The song proved one of our keen favourites within Mitchell’s first album and still gets attention and appetite animated with ease. Its manipulative grooved nagging, rhythmic swing, and Mitchell’s alluring tones, they carrying a Bowie-esque hue within the track, are only accentuated by the fiery breath and a dextrous weave of enterprise spun textures.

If new to Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts, the outstanding Unavailable is the perfect introduction as well as a great doorway to find and give support to Mental Health organisations.

Unavailable is out now via MMRecordingworks.

Pete RingMaster 15/10/2020

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Mike Ross – Don’t Say a Word

October 30th sees the release of The Clovis Limit Part 2, the new album from blues rock ‘n’ roller Mike Ross. Ahead of its highly anticipated unveiling the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter/producer has uncaged Don’t Say a Word and one of those songs which just burrows under the skin.

Following on from The Loser and None of Your Business, the first two singles from the upcoming full-length and already potent sparks to that already waiting excitement for its arrival, Don’t Say a Word swiftly hooked ears in sound and word. Themed by the kind of person “who’s so blind to their own hypocrisy that even when they’re exposed as a liar and fraud, the message just doesn’t get through” and hungrily fuelled by a blues bred saunter, the song took merely as few breaths before it had heads bouncing and feet pouncing.

Immediately its rhythmic swing and blues swathed grooves are at play, both controlled yet keenly catchy and quickly matched by Ross’ just as eager tones. Keys similarly bring infectious enterprise to the temptation, warmly enveloping the challenge and confrontation at the heart of a song already entangled in magnetic guitar wiring.

Don’t Say a Word is pure contagion, a track which in its skilled way nags attention and manipulates from start to finish whilst adding further suggestion that The Clovis Limit Part 2 should be checked out at the end of the month.

Don’t Say a Word is out now on Taller Records via CARGO Distribution.

Pete RingMaster 15/10/2020

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Foxer – The Cult Of Perfection

As they prepare to unveil a debut album within the near future, UK rockers Foxer offer up a teaser which pretty much had us drooling from its first breath. The Cult Of Perfection is one of those songs which seemed to know what ignites our personal fires and proceeded across its handful of seconds over two minutes to finger every particular trigger for real lust.

 Even before 2020 took a turn for the restrictive worst, Foxer’s journey to the release of first album, The Throwaways, had thrown up obstacles and drama. With six years of growing support around them, their debut EP alone a potently acclaimed moment in time, the band were eagerly preparing for their first full-length when two thirds of the outfit fled the coop. This left band founder Chris Peace to contemplate the future, one which seemed to maybe not exist for Foxer. But in time his passion and defiance led the way to a calling on friends and Foxer returning with the first single from The Throwaways in the shape of Don’t Leave a Scar.  It was a song which, like for so many, hit the spot as it revealed a new breath of invention and maturity in the band’s sound and songwriting. Even so we can now declare it has been simply eclipsed by its stunning successor, The Cult Of Perfection.

Sometimes it takes just one ingredient of a song to inflame ears and the passions and though for sure the new single offers numerous greedily devoured lures, the wonderfully crusty bassline from Roy Ludford bringing the track into view was an instant seduction of instincts and appetite. In no time Peace is right there wrapping the irresistible bait in a sonic guitar mesh and subsequently entwining it in a groove which similarly got under the skin in quick time. With the forcefully infectious beats of Sean Kenneally adding a prowling stroll, the track soon exposes itself as a contagious slice of alternative rock with a grunge lining.

Around that perpetual core mix of temptations, the song erupts in fiery enterprise and unapologetic catchiness with Peace’s vocals just as manipulative on one’s inner roar and brief though it is, the track, which is produced by Tom Wells from Fast Trains, arranged by Lo of the brilliant Patrón/Loading Data fame, and mixed by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell), is packed with rousing adventure to ignite greater anticipation for that first album, one which is already irritable in its wait.

 The Cult Of Perfection is released September 18th.

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2020

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After – Hollow

Formed pretty much as 2020 first stretched its waking limbs, After fully announce their arrival on the UK post hardcore scene with debut single, Hollow. The track is a rousing, in your face roar which is unafraid to embrace a catchiness which is almost pop tinged but just as forceful and potent as the muscular tempest it springs from.

Brighton based, After emerged this past January from the ashes of Crownhouse and Evertim and quickly their sound, which embraces inspirations from early Underoath and the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Dance Gavin Dance, and Palm Reader, sparked local attention. As Hollow soon proves, the band casts a proposition which also has an unmissable individuality and a sense of  enterprise which sets it apart from the crowd, familiar hues entwined in After’s own character in songwriting and imagination.

Hollow is their first declaration of intent and quickly the track devours ears, a distantly unleashed vocal provocation a spark to a full on tempest of confrontation. It is an attack driven by senses biting rhythms and bound in grooves which simply seduced within the hostility. It is soon evident that a mercurial breath fuels the song though; its moments of relative calm a great twist in the unbridled yet skilfully controlled bedlam and chaos descending on the listener.

Equally the snarling, gnarly tone of the bass is another thick aspect to a quickly compelling proposition with vocals a raw, often almost cancerous incitement, equally a rich and diverse ingredient in the feral catchiness of the track and its subsequent melodic caresses.

Hollow is a treat from start to finish, unpredictable yet with a slight familiarity which instantly captivated allowing the real drama and adventure of the song to rise and prove the thick individuality of After.

Hollow is released September 18th through new Brighton-based label, Favour the Brave Records.

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2020

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Attic Theory – Your Light

As UK outfit Attic Theory line up their new EP for release this coming November, they offer a powerful taster ahead of it in new single Your Light. It is a track which revels in the rich and bold groove woven rock the Liverpool band has earned strong praise and attention for but equally reveals a new depth and power in all aspects to spark keen anticipation for the upcoming release of The Sign Of An Active Mind EP.

Rising out of the ashes of Matchstickmen, through vocalist Lewis Wright and guitarist Peter Donnelly, and Rain May Fall with guitarist Tim Cunningham, Attic Theory has quickly lured plaudits and eager support; a UK/European tour with American rockers Tantric and sharing stages with the likes of Candlebox and Terrorvision among numerous successes escalating their growing reputation. It is fair to say that anticipation for the new EP has been increasingly growing within a great many and with its line-up completed by guitarist Matt Lawler, bassist Kenny McArthur, and drummer Matt Simon (Limehawk/ Guns2 Roses), Attic Theory are sure to inflame those appetites yet again with the unveiling of the Loïc Gaillard (Revival Black, Ashen Reach) produced Your Light.

A lone guitar caresses ears first, its touch melancholic yet magnetic and soon joined by further melodic radiance courted by darker bass bred shadows. Wright’s ever alluring tones are soon alongside, his breath emotive and words reflective as a livelier aspect frees itself courtesy of the tracks rhythmic enticement. There is an underlying almost hidden volatility though which suddenly erupts as the song breaks into its emotional roar, a tempestuousness which soaks and enhances every subsequent throe and sinew of the encounter.

The calm returns with even richer angst in its tone, the cycle ventured again with intensity and passion to enthral and arouse. Your Light is a gripping encounter, a song which seems to reveal more depth and craft let alone drama by the listen and with a slight Poet Of The Fall hue to its cry simply beguiled.

Your Light is released September 25th via the band’s own label, ThunderGun Records with pre-ordering of The Sign Of An Active Mind available now from

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2020

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Everyday Heroes – The Crow

A track which already has become a true fan favourite, The Crow is the new single from British rockers Everyday Heroes and the kind of song which inspires a hungry want to know and hear more.

The fourth single taken from debut album, A Tale of Sin & Sorrow, the new release is a powerful and emotive slice of the Newport hailing band’s blues toned hard rock. It is a sound which soon saw the quartet earned a potent reputation and following in and around South Wales and took them to winning a Cardiff based “Battle of the Bands” show which secured them the opening slot at Steelhouse Classic Rock festival in 2016. In turn success there saw them break attention further afield with visiting fans and spark real demand further afield for shows, that leading to relentless touring around the UK across 2017.

A pair of EPs has only added fuel to the fire of attention as too numerous festival appearances with A Tale of Sin & Sorrow, released this past June, a new spark in their rise. The Crow is a striking taster of that encounter, the song a weave of melodic and emotive rock with an underlying power and muscle which simply gripped the senses when it erupts. Melancholy and reflection soak the tones of vocals and the enterprise woven by the guitars yet as suggested there is a fire to it all which springs a roar very easy to devour.

With its rhythms a strolling almost trespassing incitement, The Crow is one seriously memorable and enthralling encounter. Sure, there is a familiarity within it which reminds of bands such as Nickelback and Black Stone Cherry but still a potent hue in the unmissable individuality and freshness of Everyday Heroes and a song we suggest just has to be heard.

The Crow is out now.

Upco0ming Live Dates

16th October 2020 – Leos Red Lion, Kent

23rd January 2021 – Crazy Cowboy Festival 6, The Facebar, Reading

13th February 2021 – Hangar 18, Swansea (w/ Revival Black, Cancel the Transmission & Static Fires)

30th April 2021 – Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend, The Globe, Glossop.

1st May 2021 – Rockforce Festival, Waterloo Pub, Blackpool.

3rd July 2021 – SOS Festival XIII, Manchester

Pete RingMaster 15/09/2020

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Dead Reynolds – P.S. (I Loathe You)

With their new impressive acclaim gathering EP released just a few weeks back, UK rockers Dead Reynolds prove a point we made about it that “every track within Frontier could be an attention grabbing single” with the release of P.S. (I Loathe You). The song is a rich and rousing slice of their alternative rock bred sound which not so much commands attention but demands it.

The East Anglia hailing band rose up from the demise of two striking bands in Phoenix Calling and The First and from its first steps Dead Reynolds has quickly stoked keen support and praise through shows and singles. The quintet of guitarists Dom Greenwood and Luke Reid, bassist Ben Knowles, drummer Luke Green and vocalist Callum Waterfield have nurtured a sound which has firmly found its own identity and presence within the British indie and rock scene and as with their latest track eagerly lured plaudits.

P.S. (I Loathe You) is a track which calmly coaxes ears initially but soon bursts into the kind of melodically fuelled aggressively delivered roar which made the Frontiers EP so striking. It is a mix of rock ferocity and pop punk infection united in a mercurial and ever resourceful landscape of enterprise and contagion; a fusion of adventurous imagination and anthemic incitement which whether melodically seductive or a fiery uproar had us bouncing and hollering.

Dead Reynolds is rising up the rock ranks like Usain Bolt and like the sports legend leaving numerous contemporaries in their wake.

P.S. (I Loathe You) is out now.

Pete RingMaster 03/09/2020

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Piqued Jacks – Safety Distance

Since releasing their acclaimed album in 2018 and a host of striking singles around it Italian outfit Piqued Jacks has seen a change in line-up and a world under siege by the covid pandemic. They return though with a new single in hand, a song inspired by current events but one which can also be related to in additional emotional intimacy.

From Buggiano in Tuscan, the 2009 emerging band has released a host of acclaim gathering encounters and forged a live presence which has seen them eagerly supported across Italy, the UK, and further afield. The release of second album, The Living Past, pushed the stature of the band to another level, one reinforced by the impressive singles it spawned yet with the shift in personnel last year certain intrigue awaited the release of Safety Distance and we can now declare that Piqued Jacks are back and just as potent and creatively captivating as ever.

Produced by Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence + The Machine), Safety Distance initially breaks crystaline sparkles upon the senses as darker shadows hold court in the lure of the bass. As a rhythmic shuffle brews though shimmer wrapped vocals bear the melancholic yet radiant heart to the song; light and dark uniting in its rapture even as a slight tempestuousness accompanies the growing drama of the magnetic encounter.

Across previous singles alone Piqued Jacks have proven skilled at casting unpredictable and rich imagination, Safety Distance shows that has not changed, in fact both aspects may have gained greater potency as in deed the band’s sound as a whole.

They return bolder and better than ever and quickly igniting a hunger for what comes next.

 Safety Distance is out September 4th.