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In association with Pluggin’ Baby, The Ringmaster Review spotlights some of the exciting new tracks and releases igniting radio shows in the UK and beyond.

Set up in 2013 by Emma Scott, Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging business getting artist’s music played on the radio and helping create a much needed buzz for their brand.

Emma has 25 years radio presenting experience and knows what radio presenters and producers expect from radio pluggers. She has worked all over the country with many different radio groups in the UK including Bauer Radio and Global Radio at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM, and is now plugging to a lot of people that she has a professional relationship with.

Working with unsigned and signed artists and bands, specialising in indie, pop, rock and metal, Pluggin’ Baby plugs to all types of UK based radio stations, large and small, as well as some stations from around the world too. Music is in its heart with Emma and co working closely with their clients for the whole of their campaigns.

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Michael P Cullen – Do You Believe

If Do You Believe, the new single from Australian singer songwriter Michael P Cullen, is an echo of his core sound, his music is a stroll through the gothic shaded shadows of life with reflective sighs of melancholy in its throat, and if the new song epitomises his overall creative adventure, it is one rather magnetic affair.

There is little we can tell you about Sydney bred Cullen, his bio pretty much only describing him as “A man in a suit, an old semi-acoustic guitar and a voice like sandpaper dipped in honey.” But it is a line which does sum up his presence, one which has seen him and his sound compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave though within Do You Believe there are many other flavours involved. Linking up with drummer Tim Powles, a long-time member of The Church, for the track, Cullen swiftly reveals himself a magnet for the ears and indeed imagination through the tale he paints.

Produced by both men, Do You Believe initially teases with Cullen’s guitar, its ear entangling lure soon joined by just as suggestive keys and his evocative tones. Tenebrific shadows slip from the bass as beats provided a metronomic pulse, their union a post punk toned, vibrantly dour temptation which alone had the appetite licking lips. Melodically shimmering, atmospherically haunting, the song is like a fusion of The Sound, B-Movie, and Stan Ridgway, and increasingly compelling by the listen.

Those dark shadowy corners of light and life can be some of the most captivating places, Do You Believe in song and intimation shows exactly why.

Do You Believe is released April 6th via Speartackle Records.

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2018

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Michael Kilbey – I Was Waiting

At the Water Rats Theatre, October 2017

Releasing a series of “raw demos” in 2015, it is fair to say that British singer songwriter Michael Kilbey has stirred up a real fervour of support which has grown into the thousands. It has been rich support which has helped propel him to the main stage of London’s biggest outdoor music festival as winner of Play On Blackheath and finance the recording of debut EP I Was Waiting, which now sees its title track released as Kilbey’s first official single.

Not that he had been a complete stranger to attention and success before then, Kilbey as an eighteen year old part of The Franks, a young band which was short-listed as finalists in Glastonbury’s prestigious UK-wide Emerging Talent Competition and subsequently played the BBC Introducing Stage. The band’s demise saw Hertfordshire born Kilbey begin working on his writing and solo career, those demos sparking the journey to the new single.

Since emerging, he has drawn references to the likes of early Coldplay, Radiohead, Elbow, and Bastille. As I Was Waiting quickly reveals though, his sound has its own individual character, the song a melancholic embrace and romance around his great gravel lined yet harmonically vibrant tones. As it saunters through ears into the imagination, there is a nostalgic new wave almost post punk gothic scent to the song amid a drama accentuated by stringed intimation and his vocal captivation which is added to by the fleeting but potent kisses of female vocals.

Drawing thoughts and appetite closer to its reflective heart, one escaping an unhealthy relationship with misgivings and relief, the song is almost siren like in its lure and captivation, and open reason why Kilbey has enticed so many to his music.

I Was Waiting is released April 6th.

Upcoming live dates:

April 6 – Oslo Hackney, London (**Sold out**)

May 12 – Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles

June 16 – Bungalow, Paisley

August 30 – Komedia, Brighton

1 November – The Exchange, Bristol

2 November – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

9 November – The Garage, London

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2018

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The Kut – Mind Games


Pic by Canz Rickman

It was way back in 2015 that The Kut stole a chunk of our passions with the Rock Paper Scissors EP, a release still haunting our weekly playlists at the RR. It has been a busy and increasingly successful time for the London based trio but maybe nothing to the attention and demands the band could find itself under this year. The reason being the highly anticipated UK release of debut album Valley of Thorns through Cargo Records on April 13th with its US release following May 18th. New single Mind Games is its first teaser and if an indication of things lying in wait for ears, The Kut will be very busy courting acclaim and eager attention.

As the album, the single is produced by James Le Rock (Skindred / Def Leppard / White Zombie / My Vitriol)and sees the threesome of vocalist/guitarist Princess Maha, drummer Diana Bartmann, and bassist/vocalist Stella Vie venturing into their most imaginative and richest adventure in songwriting and sound yet. Mind Games almost teases ears with its initial guitar lure, a coaxing soon backed by the rhythmic potency of Bartmann and Vie. Maha’s melodic tones cradle the senses with the harmonic unity of Vie’s tones just as magnetic, the sonic web cast by the former’s strings matching in gentle but ear grabbing intensity.

The track is a sublime slice of rock ‘n’ roll with the calm haunting prowess of Deftones and the punk tenacity of Spinnerette but of all songs from the band to date, the most unique and individual to The Kut as you and they would wish. It is a superb new fresh breath for UK rock and The Kut suggesting that the arrival of Valley of Thorns cannot come soon enough.

Mind Games is released March 30th.

Forthcoming Tour Dates

TBA – Mid -April Album Launch Party, London

05.05 Hashrock Festival, Derby

26.05 Strummercamp Festival, Oldham

27.05 Nice n Sleazy Festival, Morcambe

02.06 Camden Rocks Festival, London – 2pm The Monarch

30.06 Rat InFESTation 2, Facebar, Reading

06.07 Amplified Festival, Gloucestershire

07.07 The Cotswold Inn, Cheltenham

14.07 Wemstock Festival, Wem

22.07 Tramlines Fringe, The Royal Standard, Sheffield

02.08 August: Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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Katalina Kicks – Waterfall

Pic credit Andrew Cotterill

Release by release British rockers Katalina Kicks seem to offer a new shade to their punk rock bred sound, a magnetic noise which simultaneously is growing into a far more diverse and rounded rock ‘n’ roll proposition. Their album Vices, released last year, was an attention grabbing, praise luring encounter which established that evolution and a growth accentuated by subsequent singles and escalated by their latest, Waterfall.

The new track was inspired by mental health and finding strength through coping with depression; a subject the band says “is very important to us, both in terms of the meaning behind the song and the feelings that lead to the creation of the track.” It is a potent theme which the London based trio of vocalist/guitarist Ian George, bassist Conor Cotterill and drummer Jase Wilkinson match in sound and word.

Waterfall emerges from a crystaline sparkle and melody aligned to George’s ever enticing tones. Rhythms are soon adding a thicker touch alongside the rousing bass rumble cast by Cotterill. It is an engaging calm start with a slight air of unpredictability which subsequently erupts in a volatile blaze of sound and emotion. You still sense the punk instincts of the band lining the roar, but a melodic/alternative rock blend provides the fire with Brit pop scented flames adding to the creative weave.

Katalina Kicks have proven themselves no novices in arousing the senses and imagination but as Waterfall proves, like their sound it is with more adventure and expanding enterprise virtually song by song.

If 2017 was a great year for the band, its successor could be even better if Waterfall is a sign of things to come.

Waterfall is available now.

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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Scott Swain – It’s Too Late

Ahead of his new EP, due for release in May, UK singer-songwriter Scott Swain is unveiling a new single in the enticing shape of It’s Too Late. It is a captivating slice of acoustically woven alternative rock, a song feeling bigger and bolder than its gentle but magnetic caresses actually are proving the strength and agility of its creator’s songwriting.

Swain draws on Americana, Country, and Alt Indie hues for his increasingly individual sound; each adding flavour in various degrees to previous well-received singles like Oil! and Like Nothing Else and adding potent shading to the colourfully expressive It’s Too Late. Many of his songs, as those just mentioned, are inspired by movies. We have not found or worked out if It’s Too Late follows suit but its drama and evocative character is spark enough for the imagination to play.

The new single breaks like a sunrise as melodies and vocals cast their warm touch; shadows of bass and a rhythmic shuffle expanding the tale of sound. Stringed intimation only adds to the temptation as Swain melodically roars; every note and texture adding to the aural picture as it comes together across almost four minutes of captivation.

As alluring and enjoyable as his previous offerings has been, It’s Too Late eclipses all before making anticipation for that EP inevitable; something hard to think we will be alone in.

It’s Too Late is released March 2th via Resonating Wood Recordings.

Pete RingMaster 21/03/2018

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The Thinking Men – I Wanna Be Good


It might claim that I Wanna Be Good but the new single from British alternative rockers The Thinking Men has a rather alluring dark, slightly bad side which just makes its seriously impressive and enjoyable theatre.

Hailing from Norwich, The Thinking Men is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Johnny Raspin and lead guitarist Ronnie Smith, two friends from childhood. The band after forming swelled with the addition of keyboardist/vocalist Sarah who subsequently also become Johnny’s wife and within another year through double bassist Duncan Samwell and drummer Matt Rowe who has since left and been replaced by Rob Goodwin. A few weeks back they released the Memento Mori EP, a five track gem of dark tones and seductive shadows within which I Wanna Be Good is a compelling beacon.

Johnny’s vocal’s trigger the track’s lively stroll, his tones  carrying hues of people like Nick Cave and Tom Waits as blues rock kissed guitars cast their suggestive melodies. Keys similarly add rich flavours; a psych nurtured seducing which caresses the imagination as bouncing rhythms inspire the body.

There is a touch of Japanese Fighting Fish meets The Droppers Neck to the song also but mere whispers to its individual character and mouth-watering sound. Inescapably contagious with a swing which just infests hip and appetite, I Wanna Be Good is one of those songs which demands further attention for its creators. You just need to walk its tempting shadows.

I Wanna Be Good is out now.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles – Together

Though Europe may be out of the recent big freeze, there is still a chill in the air for which a good warming up is needed and can be found in the shape of the new single from ex-Catfish and the Bottlemen founder Billy Bibby and his Wry Smiles. Together is a boisterously stomping slice of rock ‘n’ roll with infectiousness in its swing and melody in its lusty heart.

Since forming in 2015, the North Wales/Chester outfit has lured increasing attention and praise through their energetic live show and schedule as well as a very well-received debut EP and a quartet of ear grabbing singles. Together just might be the most rousing proposition of the lot, certainly it is a song which if sparking the broadest attention would not surprise.

With its line-up completed by Matty Thomas, Ailis Mackay, and Thomas Hill, Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles almost leap on the listener with the first breath of Together, the song quickly into one lively stroll. A mix of alternative rock and power pop scented rock ‘n’ roll, it bounds through ears with eager energy and a smile on its face, Bibby’s vocals matching its almost mischievous gait and character. Riffs and hooks continue to grab body and imagination, rhythms adding their anthemic prowess to the melodic shuffle which is thickly appetising and carrying something of a Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds air which itself just adds to the aggressively satisfying and contagious proposition offered.

It is not the first time Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles has had us bouncing in pleasure, but Together has sparked the most vigorous elevation yet.

Together is available now.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Toby Benson – If You Need To Go

With the second EP in his three-part project called Refracted Moments released at the closing winks of last year, UK acoustic singer songwriter Toby Benson nudges further attention to its potent presence with the release of its single If You Need To Go. The song is a gentle but firmly alluring slice of melodic charm with an underlying energy which instinctively engages attention.

The seeds to his magnetic sounds could be said to have been sown in 2008 when Benson, having moved to London met singer songwriter James Carrington. Soon becoming friends, the pair began writing together over the next couple of years, the experience and Carrington nurturing a confidence in Benson in his own writing and craft. 2015 saw the release of his debut EP while 2017 saw the first two parts of Refracted Moments unveiled.

If You Need To Go is an infectious invitation to check them out and indeed the third part due later this year. Straightaway it is teasing feet tapping with its rhythmic bait and melodic coaxing. Almost as swiftly Benson’s similarly enticing vocals join the temptation, the song blossoming by the second as guitars cast a melodic charm and rhythms bring a firmer catchier energy.

Warm and magnetic, If You Need To Go simply invites ears and involvement into its enjoyable stroll and in turn towards the fuller body of adventure it comes from.

If You Need To Go is out now with Refracted Moments Volume 1 and 2 available through iTunes.

Pete RingMaster 10/03/2018

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Bad Llama – Crooked Empire

Continuing to lure acclaim stroked attention British alternative rock/metal outfit Bad Llama have just released their new single, Crooked Empire; a song already emulating its predecessor Apocrypha in garnering rich praise and radio support. As that last single, Crooked Empire comes from the Burton Upon Trent based band’s new EP of the same name and as the last, the new track encourages a keen appetite for their beguiling sound.

Formed in 2016, Bad Llama merges an array of styles and flavours in their music; nineties nurtured melodic rock and progressive drama to snarling metal and hardcore emotive suggestion, they and more collude to create one individual proposition. Inspirations such as Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Tool, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, and Bring Me the Horizon also add to the web of suggestion and temptation but mere hues in the Bad Llama tapestry as unique as it is familiar; a potent blend.

Crooked Empire instantly grips ears with Lewis Hutchings’ great gnarly bassline, its lure surrounded by a vocal melodic whispering. Dan Houlbrooke and Sam Wyatt’s guitars soon extend that melodic seduction with stronger sonic flames to embrace the expressive and dexterous tones of vocalist Kyle Jordan. It is a swiftly magnetic affair splintered yet accentuated by the snapping beats of Gaz Waddell; it all wrapped in an emotive sigh.

With metal nurtured essences accentuating the power in the heart of the vocals and the melodic enterprise there is tempestuousness to the track which only adds to its drama and lure as too the vocal union of Jordan and Wyatt when in collusion. The Poets of The Fall like scent of the track only adds to its pull as another encounter with Bad Llama firmly hits the spot.

There is a sense that the Bad Llama sound is still evolving and with the pleasure sparked by their songs and especially Crooked Empire everything about the band is exciting and its future highly anticipated.

Crooked Empire is out now.

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018

Oddity Road – Don’t Hold Me Down

Already 2018 has seen British indie rock outfit Oddity Road headline their biggest show to date at a sold out Sheffield Academy in front of 500 people and support The Sherlocks on their UK tour. Now the band continues its potent start with the release of new single Don’t Hold Me Down. It is a song which they themselves declare “Our best work yet” and it is not too hard to agree.

Formed in 2016, Oddity Road is a band young in presence and age, four 18 year olds which spent 2017 playing over 50 gigs and 25 festivals, performing an infamous BBC Introducing headline set to 4000 people at YNot festival, building their reputation, and writing a clutch of new songs. Don’t Hold Me Down is the first to be unveiled and lays a rather fine appetiser for those ahead.

Don’t Hold Me Down swiftly gets down to business with a spicy melody across rousing rhythms, drummer Ethan Lambert driving the persuasion with a rolling tenacity. Vocalist Jack Heath quickly adds his hearty melodic tones to the blossoming enterprise, he and fellow guitarist Dan Brennan simultaneously weaving a lively tapestry of enticement. As pop catchy as it is rock anthemic, the track also has a dark undercurrent brought by the compelling bassline of Joel Gilbourne, a meatiness which simply adds to the increasing captivation.

Not boldly unique yet voraciously fresh in the current landscape of melodic rock, Don’t Hold Me Down is a treat of potential and already established creative prowess and reason alone to keep a close attentive ear on the expanding adventure that is Oddity Road.

Don’t Hold Me Down is out now.

Upcoming live dates:

24/2 Leeds, Lending Room

2/3 Liverpool, Sound Basement

3/3 Glasgow, The Garage

16/3 Nottingham, Bodega

30/3 Manchester, Deaf Institute

31/3 Stockton Calling

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018


John Stamp – Knocking

As his recently released album, Franklin54, showed there is an instinctive magnetism to the music of English singer songwriter John Stamp which his new single only echoes with its boisterous swing and lively temptation.

Knocking is one of the rich enticements within that latest full-length, a slice of country kissed rock ‘n’ pop which has ears gripped and body bouncing in no time. Hailing from Derbyshire, Stamp brings a rich mix of musical experiences to his current releases; Christian folk and gospel music, tours and shows alone and with various artists across the UK and Europe, a degree in Music and Arts Therapy which he has continued to use to help others, a passion for Deacon Blue plus much more nurturing his sound and in turn album. Franklin54 has been in his thoughts for a long time, finally coming to fruition after a visit to Nashville in 2015 which saw him link up with old friend John Hartley who subsequently brought in Emmylou’s band The Red Dirt Boys and Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer for its recording.

From within its walls Knocking epitomises the boisterous fun and enterprise, a track which teases attention with its first seconds then grabs it as Stamp’s enticing vocals collude with the strokes and subsequent twang of the guitar. Rhythms saunter along perpetuating that organic swing as harmonies sway around Stamp and melodic bait which sparks the imagination in its own right.

A mischievous romance and tenacious seduction, the song is a rousing invitation to artist and album alike which is very easy to accept.

Knocking is released March 9th

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2018


Imperial Leisure – Creeper

2018 sees the ten year anniversary of the release of The Art Of Saying Nothing, the debut album from UK ska embracing punksters Imperial Leisure. The band is celebrating the milestone of its acclaimed release with a special new deluxe edition featuring the original album together with bonus tracks and new mixes. Before then though, the London outfit is unleashing their new single Creeper, a song which has control of body and spirit within its first few breaths.

Stepping forward in 2008, the core sextet of Denis Smith (vocals), Scott Vining (drums), Ben Bridges (guitar), Jack Emmings (bass), Richard Cox (keys) and Rob O’Neale (trumpet) has established themselves as one dynamic and energetically irresistible live proposition on the UK music scene. With its current line-up completed by trombonists Steph Faulkner (Mad Apple Circus) and Russell Spencer (Ghouls / The King Blues) and trumpeters Ken Brown (Shanty), Dave Medland (Dub Pistols) and Elliot Phelps (Cut Capers / The King Blues / Lux Lisbon) on stage, Imperial Leisure has feverishly played and toured around the UK and into Europe, recently coming off a tour with Hot 8 Brass Band.

Musically they draw on inspirations ranging from The Specials, Roots Manuva, Less Than Jake, and Youngblood Brass Band to Rage Against the Machine and The Streets. As that list suggests, their music is a bold and adventurous affair, never predictable as evidenced by their trio of well-received albums. They are persistently tagged as ska punks but whilst firmly embracing both styles, Imperial Leisure have many other flavours open to their enterprise.

A song about “the people in life that drag you down and how we shouldn’t let them win by letting them get to us”, and a long time live favourite, Creeper makes a low key entrance, guitar and keys shuffling around with a courting of brass. Soon things become busier, building until bursting into a predatory but inviting stroll around the heavy throb of bass and the rousing lure of Smith’s vocals. In no time it is swinging along sharing an irresistible chorus, subsequently moving back through the cycle with zeal and increasing tenacity.

Impossibly infectious and inescapably manipulative of the listener’s feet and energy, Creeper is a glorious slice of melodic punk infused ska, rock ‘n’ roll for the spirit afire with the virulent flames of brass.

Truth to say we like so many had already a soft spot for Imperial Leisure, Creeper just made it a touch lustier.

Creeper is released February 9th through Indiesonics, Warners, and Altska.

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Speak, Brother – Magnesium Burn

If anticipation for their debut album was not already aroused, British outfit Speak, Brother give it another mighty nudge with their new single Magnesium Burn. The third single taken from the forthcoming Young and Brave, the track is also being released to tie in with the band’s UK dates alongside Julien Barbagallo of Tame Impala.

Formed in Rugby, in 2011 the indie outfit consisting of James Herring, Matthew Cotterill, Nathan Morris, Dan Smith, and Sam Oakes has proceeded to make a rich mark on the UK indie scene through their live presence, singles, and a couple of EPs. The autumn and winter 2017 release of the tracks Magnificent and Lions Roar has shown their rich sound has come of age; a suggestion reaffirmed by Magnesium Burn and no doubt will be in full voice for Young & Brave if the trio are anything to go by.

Straightaway the bass magnetically throbs in the ear as Magnesium Burn leaps on ears, beats matching its vibrant stride as the ever alluring vocals begin sharing the song’s intimacy which according to vocalist Herring “comes from a deep well of frustration in my life. Fear has kept me contained and depression has weighed me down. I’ve held myself from saying things, doing things or helping people through fear of not knowing what would happen.”

Hitting its pulsating stride, the song becomes a roar of energy and sound, fiery melodies and tenacious rhythms uniting with warm harmonies and the plaintive heart of voice and song. Not for the first time, Speak, Brother brings Doves like hues to their enterprise, a flavouring which caps their own individuality like cream on a mouth-watering dessert.

Speak, Brother is a band on the rise and one ready to break the biggest attention, a realm their upcoming album just might breach.

Magnesium Burn is released February 16th with the album, Young and Brave out April 13th.

 Upcoming Live Dates with Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala)

Monday FEB 12th – Borderline, London

Tuesday FEB 13th – Factory, Manchester

Wednesday FEB 14th – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Thursday FEB 15th – The Cluny, Newcastle upon  Tyne

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Edenthorn – Heart’s Still Beating

UK rockers Edenthorn are getting ready to unveil Exist, their second album scheduled for release this coming April, and to provide a rather tasty teaser for it they recently put out its first single in the shape of Heart’s Still Beating. It is a song which seduces with melodic enterprise as it arouses attention with more steely textures, an encounter which suggests its larger parent is something to keenly anticipate.

Founded in 2013, Durham hailing Edenthorn consists of two sets of siblings; vocalist Kyle and drummer Mark Tague are brothers whilst guitarist Dylan Gardner and bassist Faiba Gabrielle are brother and sister added to which Kyle and Faiba are partners. It provides an intimate closeness echoed in the band’s music and especially the emotive heart of their latest single.

Releasing their first EP, What’s On Your Mind? in 2014, led by its attention grabbing single Saviour, the band nudged real attention through their debut album The Maze the following year. A single from it, After The Storm was released as a charity single, Edenthorn teaming up with Samaritans, UMTR2ME, Rethink Mental Illness, The You Rock Foundation and If U Care Share Foundation for its outing.

Since then, in the words of Kyle about the new track, “A lot has happened in the last 2 years for both the band and ourselves personally and the song is basically a realisation that through all the good and bad that has happened in our lives, we’re grateful we still have one. We still have a heart beating in our bodies, we still get to live and breathe and we still exist in this world. It’s about the attitude that, no matter what happens, nothing is more important than that fact, that we’re still alive and still have a lot to live for.

Heart’s Still Beating instantly had ears pricked with its initial lure around a pulsating bassline, melodies stroking its infectious throb as beats land with a vibrant crispness. Rawer riffs soon burst from its calm, flaming vociferously before the song settles again into a captivating stroll which in turn ignites itself with a fiery eruption around the emotive chorus. The cycle repeats with growing enterprise and depth, the song a magnetic collusion of melodic beauty and raw intensity growing increasingly infectious by the second.

The song is a potent slice of melodic rock, with varied flavours masterfully crafted in one, maybe not overtly unique, but undoubtedly very appetising invitation to the band and their forthcoming full-length.

Heart’s Still Beating is available now.

Pete RingMaster 31/01/2018

Indya – If You Don’t Like It – Shove It

With every encounter with UK rockers Indya there has been something a little different to embrace in a sound proving itself increasingly distinct to the Brighton hailing outfit. New single If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is no different, a song which teases with an array of flavours and excites with its glam/alternative rock scented escapade.

With its moniker taken from the middle name of vocalist and creator Natalie Indya West, Indya has already stirred keen attention and equally potent praise through the Strip Me Down EP and singles like Harder Faster and Insane Love. Inspirations to Natalie and the band include the likes of Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Joan Jett; flavours which in varying degrees can be heard in their music but spices, as suggested earlier, in a sound finding its own individual character.

 If You Don’t Like It – Shove It grabs ears immediately with a bubbling wash of rock ‘n’ roll, a boisterous if slightly unruly sound building towards a subsequent virulent stroll which emerges to grab body and appetite with devilish tenacity. Natalie is to the fore, her vocals and presence as magnetic as they are mischievous and matched by the ska nurtured swing which fuels the quickly addictive encounter.

That devilment boils up and over in music and voice as the track continues, the song carrying instinctive punk ‘n’ roll fun in its veins and attitude loaded raunchiness in its temptation for something akin to The Runaways meets No Doubt. If You Don’t Like It – Shove It just hits the spot again and again and as things have been the trend to date, increasingly suggests and reinforces Indya as one potent emerging force within the British rock scene.

If You Don’t Like It – Shove It is released Jan 31st.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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Pyramid Park – Born to be Brave


Following on the heels of previous single The Unexplained, a song hook laden and melodically enthralling, Pyramid Park cements a growing reputation for virulently catchy and earnestly emotive songs with Born to be Brave. As its predecessor, the new single is taken from debut album Vulnerability, a release gathering rich attention and acclaim since its unveiling last September.

Pyramid Park is the brainchild of Cambridge based songwriter/musician Peter McAllen. Primarily a solo project though one unafraid to work with the talent and imagination of others, the band creates alternative/ indie pop songs bred in the heart and bound in inescapable catchiness. They are traits which openly fuelled Vulnerability, were echoed in The Unexplained, and now shine within Born to be Brave.

With its first breath McAllen’s warm vocals gently caress ears with a lone guitar alongside and in a few more the song is eagerly strolling along with summery melodies around darker hues of bass as beats dance. The accompanying jangle of guitar is just as infectious, the keen enticement carrying a Josef K like flavouring which just feeds the imagination. As with the previous song, a great eighties hue mingles with modern pop endeavour, their union enriching the instinctive bounce of band and a sound which infests ears and appetite with viral efficiency.

Having already enticed airplay on regional and national radio in the UK stretching to those in Switzerland and the US, Pyramid Park can expect plenty more attention and support with Born to be Brave, a song which has the spirit singing as loudly as the voices it also easily persuades to join in with its arousing proposal.

Born to be Brave is available now.

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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