Fighting Sides – Haven’t Scored Yet EP

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A band for less than a year, US quartet Fighting Sides has already risen to be a prominent presence within the Atlanta music scene. Now the band is looking at nudging bigger attention and recognition with the release of their captivating new EP, Haven’t Scored Yet. Offering four tracks of alternative rock meets melodic/pop punk; the EP is a lively and magnetic introduction to the band for many of us whilst potently building on the potential of its well-received predecessor.

Emerging April 2015, Fighting Sides was formed by vocalist Robbie Hiser after the “implosion” of his previous band. Calling on friends, Hiser quickly completed the band’s line-up with guitarist Alex Downtain, bassist Arafat Patwary, and drummer Sheppard Martin. That May saw the release of their debut offering, Demo MMXV, an encounter sowing the seeds and groundwork for the vivacity in the band’s sound which now fuels Haven’t Scored Yet.

Recorded with Jason Andrews (Go Radio, Holiday Parade) and mixed/mastered by Sam Pura (Basement, The Story So Far), the new EP opens with This Is Our Night. The first lure of guitar is enough to awaken ears though they really come alive as the warm tones and harmonies of Hiser and band further offer the imagination their bright prowess. Never breaking from its relatively restrained stroll, the song soon reveals its pop punk tenacity as hooks and riffs unite with robust rhythms for an infection loaded romp.

Fighting Sides Art_RingMasterReviewThe following Stand Tall is similarly bred but swiftly shows a grouchier edge to its intensity and rhythmic textures as well as richer emotive hues in its fiery melodic enterprise and vocals. As its predecessor, the song has ears and thoughts fully engaged with a nicely brewing appetite for more in tow. That gets healthily fed by the poppier exploits of One More Day, though it too has a potent line in emotional shadows within its galvanic canter. Though the song, as its companions, is not a full on roar, it has an anthemic quality which only adds to a successful persuasion and recruitment of listener involvement.

Let Me Be brings things to an equally enjoyable and convincing close; its accomplished and boisterously melodic rock ‘n’ roll a highly satisfying and engaging incitement to the wanting to know more about Fighting Sides.

Right now it is fair to say that Fighting Sides is still trying to find something majorly distinct in their music to set them apart but in providing a thoroughly enjoyable time they have hit the nail square on the head with Haven’t Scored Yet.

The Haven’t Scored Yet EP is released March 18th and available @

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Kirsten Adamson – New York Girl

Photograph by James Glossop.

Photograph by James Glossop.

Taken from and backing up a thoroughly captivating debut album, New York Girl is the new irresistible single from Scottish singer songwriter Kirsten Adamson. It is one of those songs which though thoroughly fresh you feel you already know and have an affinity with, a lively romp to raise the spirit and get those feet leaping around to. The summer might not quite be here yet but in sound Kirsten Adamson brings it to your doorstep with New York Girl.

If the name has a tinge of familiarity to it that is because Kirsten is the daughter of ex-Skids and Big Country songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Stuart Adamson. As hinted at by her self-titled album released last December and the new single, plenty of his talent has transferred in the genes. With influences from the likes of Kate Bush and indeed Big Country a major part of her formative years, the summers spent in Nashville where her father relocated to in 1998, have equally left a potent impression on her invention and quirky pop sound. Pinning her down with comparisons is a tough thing such the refreshing distinctiveness which flows through voice and music but imagine a mix of Rachel Sweet and Fay Fife with Lene Lovich for occasional company and you get closer.

New York Girl instantly leaps upon ears as throbbing rhythms collude with the energetic and spicy coaxing of keys and guitars. It is a lively entrance which only continues to invite participation as Kirsten’s voice dances amongst the jangly strands of guitar and the bold rhythms which still bound around within the melodic seducing of keys. There is a definite eighties alternative pop scenting to the magnetic encounter, so much so that if Kirsten was around back then you could easily see her being swooped up by Stiff Records.

Continuing to twist and swing with an inescapable pop contagion, New York Girl leaves a spring in the step and a satisfied smile on the spirit; much as the album it comes from which maybe is an even better way to get the song because then you get to bask in the feisty revelry of tracks like Robot Girlfriend, The Calling, and Valentine alongside the beauty of others such as Like This, Feel The Same, and Time To Be Afraid amongst many other impressing proposals.

New York Girl is released Match 18th whilst the Kirsten Adamson debut album is out now @

Upcoming UK tour dates:


22nd The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

23rd The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden London

24th The Vic, Derby

26th Gullivers, Manchester

27th The Cluny. Newcastle

30th Stereo, Glasgow

31st Cafe Drummond, Aberdeen


2nd Mad Hatters, Inverness

3rd Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Pete RingMaster 18/03/2016

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Tess of the Circle – You Take Me Out Of My Head

Tess of the Circle pic_RingMasterReview

Following a pair of rather tasty teasers already, Tess of the Circle provides another slice of pure enticement for their upcoming album with new single You Take Me Out Of My Head. Their new full-length, Amplify, has become an eagerly anticipated proposal already, thanks to those previous singles, and now the new track just cements that eagerness and the growing reputation of the UK band as one rather exciting rock ‘n’ roll incitement.

Amplify_RingMasterReviewA British independent collective based around the songs and music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Tess Jones, Tess Of The Circle has already made a potent impact with their sound and debut album Thorns, a collection of lyrically biographical songs from Jones bred from a mix of 70’s electric rock riffs and acoustic guitar enterprise. A project starting in 2013 with Jones and a group of live and album musicians within his circle of friends, the band has found greater and closer attention over time, especially since the release of Face the Changes and the outstanding Love Is The Drug That You Crave, the first two singles from the impending Gavin Monaghan produced Amplify.

You Take Me Out Of My Head is sure to only add to that focus with its galvanic rock ‘n’ roll stomp. Straight away it has ears attentive as strokes of guitar and riffs collude with the throaty throb of Ben Drummond’s bass. Quickly the enjoyable stabs of sound become a rolling stroll of jangly enterprise and feisty riffery as the guitars of Lee Clifton and Jones engage in a bluesy hard rock lined persuasion of the imagination. Hooks and grooves are frequent bait within the track, the latter wrapping around the excellent vocal prowess of Jones and the tenacious rhythms of drummer Paul Stone.

Great rock ‘n’ roll has the spirit as engaged and aroused as ears and with consummate ease You Take Me Out Of My Head finds that success whilst reinforcing that the arrival of Amplify cannot come soon enough.

You Take Me Out Of My Head and Amplify are released April 22nd with pre-ordering available now on Amazon and iTunes.

Upcoming Live dates:

Saturday 26th March Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Tuesday 29th March The Jam House, Birmingham

Wednesday 30th March Century Club, Soho

Thursday 7th April First Thursday Club, Thame (Oxfordshire)

Wednesday 25th May Servants Jazz Quarters, London N16 (acoustic Set)

Friday 10th June Music At The Northcourt, Abingdon, Oxford

Saturday 18th June Party In The Park, Adderbury

Sunday 17th July Roots Festival. Birmingham

Saturday 6th August Green Gathering Festival

Pete RingMaster 18/03/2016

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Sixty Minute Man – You Made Me Say Please


It was a busy and successful attention poking 2015 for UK band Sixty Minute Man and it looks like it will continue to be so in this with the release of their debut single, You Made Me Say Please. It is a rousing and boisterous slice of rock ‘n’ roll bred from alternative rock seeds but showing far broader character and dynamics to its ear grabbing roar.

The band itself comes from Salford, Sixty Minute Man formed in 2014 and soon showing the invention and qualities which have seen them breed a cult following in and around the Salford/Manchester area. The sextet unveiled their first release, The Ten O’clock Curfew EP in the May of last year to very strong and positive reactions. Unveiled at a sold out launch night at Manchester’s Sound Control, the five track introduction was followed by Sixty Minute Man headlining a stage at Blackthorn Music Festival and twice playing support to Alias Kid amongst their own host of shows locally and further afield.

art_RingMasterReviewNow it is the turn of the Gavin Monaghan produced You Made Me Say Please to wake up broader awareness of the band, and such its lively incitement, the spark to national recognition is certainly a possibility.

The song instantly leaps on ears with bold melodies and arousing rhythms led by the throaty bass tempting of Dan Hamnett. As singer Daz Beasley reveals the narrative and his vocal prowess, the keys of Adam Lyons unite with the sonic enterprise of guitarists Lee Fox and Sean Duffy, between them casting magnetic melodies and a radiant celestial hued hook that just grabs the imagination as a Scott Beesley led rhythmic tenacity seizes the body with anthemic feistiness.

As mentioned, the single is a hungrily lively proposal with an infectiousness which escapes from every aspect of its highly charged character. On its own, the track shows why the band is beginning to create a buzz, and even alone there would be no surprise if You Made Me Say Please brings the band under closer scrutiny in the coming weeks and months.

You Made Me Say Please is released April 4th through Blue Eagle Records with an accompanying video. Pre-ordering is available now @

Upcoming Live Dates:

Fri 25th March at The Live Rooms, MANCHESTER

Thurs Apr 7th at The Packhorse, LEEDS

Fri Apr 8th at The Rocking Chair, SHEFFIELD

Fri Apr 15th at The Blind Tiger, WIGAN

Sat Apr 16th at The Brewhouse, WARRINGTON

Sat Apr 30th at Club Academy, MANCHESTER (supporting Alias Kid)

Sat May 14th at Gorilla, MANCHESTER (supporting Space Monkeys)

22-24th July – Blackthorn Festival

Pete RingMaster 18/03/2016

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Fahran – A Thousand Nights


Giving another potent nudge on attention for their excellent and increasingly impressive second album Chasing Hours, British rockers Fahran release the track A Thousand Nights with another slice of the album in Take This City Alive for company. Both tracks epitomise the creative and rousing qualities to be found in the full-length and the Nottingham hard rock band’s sound as a whole.

Formed in 2012 out of the ashes of Toxic Federation, Fahran soon made a potent impression with their self-titled debut album which embraced inspirations ranging from the likes of Queen, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Shinedown, Alter Bridge, and Black Stone Cherry into an expressive and dynamic hard rock sound. With a just as attention grabbing live presence which has seen them successfully play Bloodstock and Download, the band made a bigger and bolder statement with the 2014 released Chasing Hours, again a success backed by their tenacious live exploits.

Now the single gives a potent reminder of album and the Breaston quintet’s enticing sound with one of its highlights. A Thousand Nights wraps ears in a sonic seducing straight away, riffs and rhythms collecting around the sonic coaxing before springing fiery grooves and classic rock bred flames around ears. Inspirations are an open colouring to the classically honed encounter, the guitars of Chris Byrne and Jake Graham a snarling captivation alongside the impressive vocal tones of Matt Black. Major surprises are not a bold element of the song but more than covered by the melodic seducing and rhythmic intimidation shaping it. Within Chasing Hours, the song was one which took longer to convince to the same stature as others but persuade it did and now seems to shine even more as a lone temptation.

Alongside it, Take This City Alive is a far more ballsy and hungry offering, a slice of rampant rock ‘n’ roll with delicious grooves entwining JR Windsor’s anthemic beats and bassist Josh Ballantyne’s throaty lures, not forgetting that powerful vocal prowess of Black. Inescapably infectious with a creative and physical swagger to match, the track roars with sonic endeavour and rhythmic aggression, teasing and pleasing ears with its boisterous swing and lively hard rock vivacity.

Both tracks provide all the best reasons to check out Chasing Hour, if it is not a friend already, but more so to give yourself the best kind of night out by seeing Fahran live.

A Thousand Nights is available now.

Upcoming Live Dates:

March 24th – Grand Central, Manchester

March 27th – The Prince of Wales, Kettering

April 16th – The Cellar, Oxford

May 1st – Dementia Aware Fest, Birmingham

May 21st – The Woolpack, Doncaster

June 5th – The Rock Bar, Tamworth

June 25th – The Birdwell, Barnsley

July 14th – Carnfield Hall, Alfreton

September 10th – Redemption Festival, Wakefield

Pete RingMaster 18/03/2016

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The Rogue Network – Milk and Honey/Lowland City


Having heard a buzz was brewing around the UK band, healthy intrigue went with a look at a pair of tracks being released this month by The Rogue Network. The band’s debut EP, which was released last year, sparked plenty of the attention beginning to crowd around the trio, and with the pairing making up their latest single being taken from it, reasons why are easy to hear.

The band’s sound is a tenacious blend of alternative rock with rich blues and soul attributes. It also has an infectiousness to it which adds to the magnetism of rousing riffs, bold rhythms, and compelling grooves. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Gerallt Williams, bassist Jameson Bell, and drummer Danny Hughes, the band’s inspirations lie in the blues/soul sounds of the seventies but equally it relishes the adventure of modern rock ‘n’ roll. An electronic essence only adds to the inventive and genre varied weave they conjure; a tapestry which now enticingly shines in the band’s new offering.

Milk and Honey opens on a sonic shimmer which is quickly aligned to a bulbous throb of a bassline and a catchy guitar jangle. As vocals join in, a rock pop essence emerges to infest ears and hips; it colluding with lively hooks and a resonating collusion of bass and keys. There is something familiar to the song yet nothing particularly definable as it strolls along with a garage rock meets blues ‘n’ roll swagger amidst a contagious melodic and harmonic smile.

In contrast, Lowland City has a scuzzier air and voracity to its sound and character though it too reveals a virulence which soon has body and spirit fully engaged. William’s vocals continue to entice and incite, leading the anthemic essence of the song whilst the bluesy liquor flowing through his grooves takes care of the imagination as the addictive rhythmic prowess of Bell and Hughes has the listener bouncing.

Both tracks leave thoughts and appetite loaded with satisfaction and finding a hunger for more, which a dip into the EP they originally came from feeds courtesy of the sultrily toned emotive balladry of Again and the fuzzy delta blues tango of A Killer’s Song.

Milk and Honey and Lowland City already stand as favourites and are sure to whip up fresh attention and eager ears with their recent unveiling whilst the band work on and record a new clutch of songs. 2016 is looking like being another potent year for The Rogue Network.

Milk and Honey/Lowland City is out now.

Pete RingMaster 17/03/2016

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The Wonder Stuff – 30 Goes Around The Sun

Wonder Stuff_RingMasterReview

We all have particular releases which sparked the beginnings of a lustful affair with music, encounters which provided the ignition and others which more than most re-ignited and kept the fierce flames of emotional involvement burning ever since. For us The Eight Legged Groove Machine was certainly one of the latter; an album which simply gripped ears and spirit and gave a lust for music another mighty booster shot. That was 1988, and now thirty years after taking their first creative steps, The Wonder Stuff unveil their eighth studio album in the magnetic shape of 30 Goes Around The Sun.

Some have said that the band will probably never see a hit single again to match those escaping the likes of Hup and Never Loved Elvis; more than likely not make the same kind of impact as they did in those early successful years. They might be right, time will tell, but listening to 30 Goes Around The Sun, its title a reference to the life span of the band so far, they have the potential of coming damn close. There are moments within the twelve track romp which are prime Wonder Stuff majesty and other moments which captivate like the first touches of the creative sun on a cold rock pop landscape, and fair to say from start to finish the album has ears and the imagination grooving with the band’s finest effort in a while.

30 Goes Around The Sun saw the band return to “revisit it’s old stomping ground of Stourbridge” to record the album for its making and the persuasion of renowned heavy metal and hard rock producer, Simon Efemey (Paradise Lost/Napalm Death/The Wildhearts), to come back home to produce the record too. With a welcoming acoustic Intro to first catch attention, band and album instantly leap into ears with the feisty exploits of Don’t You Ever. Straight away engaging riffs offer a smile with their bait whilst the warm lure of Erica Nockalls’ violin adds emotive suggestiveness as rhythms begin their catchy tempting. Swiftly the song becomes an infectious canter, the guitars of Miles Hunt and Dan Donnelly romping along with sonic enterprise matched in alluring kind by the darker hues of Mark McCarthy’s bass. Once the distinctive and reflective tones and words tones of Hunt join the affair, the robust attraction has commandingly gripped ears and appetite. The track does mellow out a touch as it evolves and maybe loses a spark or two of its initial blaze though that is more than compensated by the melancholic strings and backing vocals of Nockalls as well as the anthemic swing of Tony Arthy’s rhythms.

cover_RingMasterReviewThe following In Clover offers another eagerly catchy and emotionally evocative slice of rock pop with violin and melodies alone, a tapestry of folkish seducing. There is a scent of Construction For The Modern Idiot days to the enthralling song, a fresh echo within something soon revealing its own masterful character before For The Broken Hearted shares its celebratory swing and melodic sunshine with the senses. Again folk and rock pop collude to infest hips and emotions, the track one of a great many within the album which has the listener’s instincts to move and grin firmly in its contagious hands.

Good Deeds And High offers a gentler moment for a breath to be taken though the imagination is busy with its melodic smoulder and sultry temptation. The unity of guitar and violin is certainly impossible to resist with a success more than matched by the pairing of Hunt’s and Nockalls’ vocals. Helped by springy rhythms, the song’s vivacious serenade gets right under the skin with a web of persuasion matched and reshaped by One Day On as it parades its own evocative lyrical and pop prowess for ears and pleasure to indulge in.

A sturdier bulk comes with The Affirmation as bass and riffs cast an imposing incitement from the off, though it still acts as an invitation rather than a demanding proposal. Within it, Hunt as ever provides an emotion seeded lyrical exploration and reflection, another aspect of band and songwriting which has only matured and blossomed over the three decades. It is a potent and increasingly compelling track but one quickly and persistently outshone by the glorious Last Days Of The Feast. Some tracks just hit the sweet spot and this is definitely one. It has all the youthful adventure and mischief which marked early Wonder Stuff songs but equally a modern snarl and imagination that hungrily hooks ears and thoughts. Physical involvement in the track is as swift as an emotional one, its place as a pinnacle of the album certain, but quickly crowded round as tracks like The Kids From The Green treats ears to further infectious proposals, this one with a perky croon with similarly spirited melodies around vocal memories.

Swarthy hues flood the funk coated Weakened next; its mix of textures and flavours another ridiculously magnetic drama and contagiousness whilst Misunderstanding Burton Heel is one of those tracks which seems to know what personal loves in a song are and provides them wholesale with a Wonder Stuff twist. Jaunty shadows cloak rhythms and emotions whilst animated melodies and racy hooks built a kinetic trap for ears and by now a very greedy appetite. The track is superb; a rock ‘n’ roll siren which, if not matched, is potently backed by the album’s title track. The final offering from 30 Goes Around The Sun, it is a slice of English Americana, a last turn in the multi-faceted aspect of the album and a highly enjoyable end to a rousing encounter.

Past successes always means high anticipation and expectation for new propositions, something The Wonder Stuff seem to easily take in their stride and with 30 Goes Around The Sun go on to create new memorable and at times momentous experiences.

30 Goes Around The Sun is released March 19th via IRL Records across most online stores.

Pete RingMaster 17/03/2016

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