Dominanz – As I Shine

With an air of oppressive finality Norwegian band Dominanz unleash a dark imposing and consuming soundscape with their debut album As I Shine, inspiring images and feelings of a stark, bleak and desolate industrial wrecked world. The dark smothering shadow… Read More ›

Sister – Hated

Since their beginnings in 2006 Stockholm glam metal punks Sister have gained much notoriety for their impressive live shows, and with the added release of demos have fuelled a growing anticipation for a full length album. The release of Hated… Read More ›

Strangers – EP2

London dark pop trio Strangers are one of the new bands igniting the genre of electronic pop with music that carries emotions which are impossible to ignore. Their music has deep rooted echoes of 80’s electronic pop fused with a… Read More ›