About The RingMaster Review

Music writer/reviewer and band/release promo/bio writer.
Artists previously worked with include:
Japanese Fighting Fish, The Hostiles, In Vain, Solar Halos, The Capsules, Centre Excuse, Crashgate, Able Archer, Fahran, Seneron, Soul Fire Saints, Evanstar, Kerry Kelley, White Pigeon, and many more…plus working with various pr and radio plugging companies including Pluggin’ Baby, FFR UK, and Engraved Ritual.

For any required bio/promotion/written needs or simply reviews of your releases get in contact at ringmasterreview@live.co.uk

Dark poet at The Carnivale of Dark Words and Shadows http://carnivaleofdarkwordsandshadows.webs.com


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6 comments on “About The RingMaster Review

  1. Seance says:

    Great site! Just found it now I´m going to explore it!

  2. Trying to contact you via the contact@ringmasterreview@live.co.uk email but it’s coming up as an invalid email address. I run a US-based label and wanted to send you a letter of introduction and news of two new releases for review consideration on your site. Is there another email address I can use?

  3. […] The Ringmaster Review has described the album in the superlative, opening their review with the following words: “There has always been an inescapable magnetism to the creativity and songs of UK singer/songwriter/producer James Cook, and the release of second solo album Adventures In Ausland certainly does not lose any of that imagination sparking prowess. In fact it takes it to new levels with tracks which are bred from even greater maturity and inventive expression in sound and lyrical enterprise.” […]

  4. Eistein says:

    Thie best review site is here! Another hit made in UK!

  5. Brett says:


    Would you be interested in receiving digital promos from Cardinal Fuzz?

    We are a UK based label that specialises in Psych / kraut / garage / drone / spacerock etc

    We have released albums by The Myrrors, White Manna, The Heads, Cult of Dom Keller, Dead Sea Apes, Lantern, The Cosmic Dead, Shine Brothers and Kikagaku Moyo& loads more.

    Drop me a line at


    If you would like to receive digital promos from us.

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