The Self Titled – In Your Fire

Since emerging in 2010, THE SELF TITLED has given us and so many more, plenty of choice moments to feast upon and hit the floor with stomping feet. Their reputation as one of the UK’s most inspiriting rock bands has grown as their heavy rock/metal bred sound has matured and evolved. Now the quartet is in full roar again with the In Your Fire EP, four tracks which have yet again forged a new aspect to their ferocious sound and cast a fiery flame for ears to be enjoyably singed by.

Hailing from Kent, THE SELF TITLED has released a host of well-received and increasingly acclaimed albums and EPs, all aligning with an adrenaline fueled equally lauded live presence which over the years has seen the band share stages with the likes of STATUS QUO, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, ONE MACHINE and THE DAMNED as well as numerous performances at some of Europe’s largest independent festivals such as BLOODSTOCK where they headlined the NEW BLOOD stage.

Tagging the band’s music as heavy rock/metal bred only hints at its established individuality and ever anticipated adventure, the quartet of vocalist Tom Procter, drummer Paul Brander, lead guitarist Phillip Hall and  bassist Charles Lancefield weaving rich essences of grunge, groove metal and blues rock into its roar within their new offering. Indeed, In Your Fire is the most richly flavoured and contagiously rounded proposal yet and for us a must exploration for all fans of rampaging muscular riffs, entrapping grooves and soulful vocals not forgetting rapacious rhythms.

The EP opens with Dust Devils, a track which instantly had ears gripped and rock instincts aroused with its initial flaming riff which comes wrapped in a flesh scorching groove. It is a delicious invitation which opens the way for a contagious trespass of riffs and punchy rhythms around Procter’s ever involving and emotively forged tones. The track is superb; whether circling the senses with predacious enterprise, seducing with melodic intimation or burning air with unbridled ferocity, the song proves one of the finest moments greedily enjoyed with the band yet.

Not that it is alone in stirring the passions, the EP’s title track soon unveiling the fullest captivation with its multi-genre tapestry of sound and intimation. Its first minute alone is glorious seduction and an addiction which only escalated as warming harmonies, soulful sonic flumes and a cauldron of heavy rock and grunge teased enterprise enclosed the imagination. With hints of bands like SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS heard in its lusty winds, the track simply enthralled.

Transfuse rises on a melodic contemplation, the emotive strains of guitar soon joined by a potent union of vocals again soaked in musing as intimate as they are uplifting in observation and support. The increasing urge and manipulation of Brander’s rhythms spring the track’s heart into a greater roar of sound and emotion, the groove cast by Hall’s guitar as potent and encouraging as the swing of Lancefield’s bass. Yet there is volatility in the heart of the song too which adds another layer of drama and adventure to what by the second is another striking moment. 

The release is completed by Serpentine Towers and in echo of its title, the track instantly wraps around ears with snake like sonic wiring but a sinuous lure weaving a dance of temptation. It is a fiery proposal which continues to raucously burn with a blues meets heavy rock ‘n’ roll intensity and ferocity, the excellent trespass bringing a striking release to a powerful  close.

We have enjoyed many impressive moments with THE SELF TITLED over the years but we boldly suggest that In Your Fire is their finest assault and engagement yet, its demand of your attention we suggest not to be ignored.

The In Your Fire EP is out now on all streaming sites including Spotify.

Pete RingMaster 17/05/2023

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