The Real J Israel – Forever Man

Naturally our instincts here at The RR lead to the unrestrained, raucous and rapacious aspects of music more often than not but at times thankfully there is no escaping the captivation within less explored styles and avenues. One such moment comes with the new single from singer-songwriter THE REAL J ISRAEL.

St. Louis born, Atlanta based, THE REAL J ISRAEL has been described as one of the hottest names in R&B and soul. He is an artist who spent most of his early life in and around gospel choirs, growing up singing in church with the inspiration of his multi-instrumentalist father alongside. The past three years or so has seen his music and songwriting, which started at the age of 18, move towards and explore a soulful fusion of modern R&B, a nineties embracing of the same genre and elements of hip hop as well as other flavours too.

2022 saw the release of the two-track Glass Half Full EP to strong praise and since it’s unveiling a few weeks back, Forever Man has followed suit. Nurtured in that mix we described, the song also has a country shimmer to its guitar radiance; a blend adding to a swiftly captivating presence led by the emotive and soulful tones of THE REAL J ISRAEL.

A romance of emotion and thought echoed in its rich and chilled sounds, Forever Man proved a highly compelling proposition; sharing with us a captivating calm before once again we dived into the hostile storm of other adventures.

Forever Man is available @ and to stream on Spotify and others. 

Pete RingMaster 30/03/2023

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