Vincent Christ – Galore EP

Having drawn a fair amount of attention and praise with the single, Heart On A Chain, last year, UK’s  VINCENT CHRIST is looking at a far larger landscape of recognition with his debut EP, Galore. Offering five instinctively contagious yet invasive tracks, the release is a fuller introduction to an artist hungry to share emotionally visceral and sonically kaleidoscopic prowess.

His sound is seeded in the breeding grounds of post punk, dark/gothic rock and new wave but casting keen individuality whilst embracing other rich hues. As proven by Galore, it is a melodically fiery and boldly infectious proposition wrapped, sometimes almost swamped, by clamorous noise and intensity which in itself is a contagion soaked tempting.

Primarily a solo recording but also featuring drummer Louis Clark and guitarist/mix engineer Monty Carlos, Galore opens with Gymnastics. Immediately the track lures ears with steely bait before within a couple of breaths more it uncages a jangle loaded stroll courted by Vincent’s harmonic tones. That instinctive raucousness is as quickly enclosing ears yet only seems to highlight the sonic vining and hook lined invention within. With the thick pull of its bassline and a magnetic weave of guitar cast enterprise within the tumult, the track had ears and appetite gripped in no time.

We mentioned the array of styles taken in by VINCENT CHRIST and they come with a varied decade embracing essence, the opener and the following Mirrors for Thieves for example carrying hues and flavours harkening back to classic seventies/eighties goth rock and post punk inspirations. It is a sense of nostalgia though revitalised and employed in modern day trespass and imagination, the second track electronically moving in whilst raw sonic flashes break across its invitation. Eventually its inherent tempest is swirling but also dissipating throughout for evocative calms which drew the imagination further in.

With animated and eager energy Love Song Conspiracy is next up, its fusion of the infectious and concussive springing fresh uniqueness and invention to the release with Midnight to Midnight uniting the celebration of life and hope with darker dilemma. Both songs envelopes ears in rapacious catchiness and noise bred trespass, the second of the two especially esurient in both as it manipulated involvement and emotions.

The EP concludes with Bodies, an emotion woven ballad but a contemplation aligning eager pop catchiness with heartfelt intimacy. With its inspiriting hug and melodic mist around an unpredictable character, the song brings the EP to an absorbing and thickly enjoyable close.

And that is the Galore EP, a collection of darkly cast, colourfully lit tracks. It is a simultaneous shimmer and tumult on the senses from one of rock’s new potential and prowess loaded artists.   

The Galore EP is out now; available @ 

Pete RingMaster 20/02/2023

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