Dudes – Eternal is the Fruit

Pic Simen Falck Evensen

Every week there seems to be a major incoming storm somewhere in the world with far reaching intent. There is one furore though which we are sure will be most welcomed and that is Eternal is the Fruit, the new album from Norwegian noise mongers DUDES.

Not to be confused with a host of similarly named outfits, the Oslo quintet unleash a tempest of hardcore, punk and noise driven rock ‘n’ roll; a riff fuelled incitement regularly drawing references to the likes of THE HIVES and TURBONEGRO but, as their new release insists, with an inescapable cyclone of individuality and an enterprise as forceful as the aggression driving it.

241 flies from the traps first, surging riffs and punchy rhythms accosting ears but a rapacious trespass courting indie punk fertility. In no time, Nicolai Codling’s throat rasping tones are accelerating into the mix, attitude and mischief soaking their incitement to match the driving force of guitarists Jonas Falck Evensen and Tore Krohg-Sørensen. There is something of a THE GHOST OF A THOUSAND meets MAX RAPTOR essence to the song and indeed the DUDES sound, an easily devoured scenting which the following Uncommunicative similarly hinted at within its infernal turbulence of punk and hard rock ferocity. Again riffs are an incessant and welcome incursion as the band in voice and pugilistic intent batter the senses, though the bassline of Robin Gaarder Reese and jabbing beats of Håvard Bakk are maybe less intensive than it’s the first track but no less impactful.

Ice Cream Cone is a brief sample of POISON IDEA drummer Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford urging one’s wake up to the world, a piece wrapped in a brewing portentous sonic mist which introduces emotions to the uproar powered fruits of next up Horns Out. It is a smog of sound within which textures duel and webs of enterprise tempt, a call to arms urging as much involvement in its thoughts and deeds as wider things proving thickly irresistible as did the manipulations uncaged by Seven Seagulls. A bird attack of heavy metal and hardcore fused invention, and as virulent as any pop punk classic, the track is superb; its tension and irritancy honed into one hellacious clamour raising a middle finger.

Crimson Nectar proved an intoxication of punk and alt rock, its twists and turns creative inebriation creating a turmoil of sheer pleasure. With its predecessor, the song gripped favourite album moment though next up No Trouble soon stated its claim with its shanty-esque swagger and demented folk punk swing. A roar to lose oneself in whilst grabbing the undefined familiarity it also teases with, the song left us breathless in lung and body.

The last pair of tracks on the album welcomes guests with Waterpark enjoying the guitar solo of Gildas le Pape’s (ex-SATYRICON/HOT CLUB DE NORVÈGE). From the great gnarled bassline and Bakk’s flying beats the track instantly held court, its animated shuffle soon joined by choppy riffs and sonic tendrils as its tide of punk ferocity broke. The track’s liquor soaked groove is emulated in Codling’s vocals, an enlivening aspect of calms which soon break into further adrenaline drenched chaos and creative disorder, the senses perpetually feeling like they are flying headlong into tumult.

Final song, Situation, features Kristopher Shau (THE DOGS) and immediately descends in a sonic dust up. A slab of rock ‘n’ roll pandemonium, the song is an addiction forging holler and orchestration of one’s own dispute bearing uproar but mayhem spun with the sharpest hooks and most viral enterprise.

Gloriously anthemic, the track epitomises the force, attitude and organic magnificence of Eternal is the Fruit. Throughout DUDES allow no rest and give no respite from feral but cunningly woven incitement, leaving the listener taking on the world with bellow bursting lungs. What could be better?

Eternal is the Fruit is out now via DUDES MUSIC.

https://www.facebook.com/dudesno  https://www.instagram.com/Dudesband/

Pete RingMaster 20/02/2023

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