Zebedy – Waiting For The Tide

Though it was name we had heard shared in keen terms, especially courtesy of a pair of praise earning albums, we had not really ventured the way of ZEBEDY until the release of the Set The Pace EP in 2017. It was a record which potently put the band before the radar of future intrigue and towards the strength of attention now demanded by the band’s new album, Waiting For The Tide. It is a striking and mercurial tempest of melodic, progressive and heavy rock voracity; a record we can only see thrusting the quartet towards the broadest spotlights and into  the clutches of a new fan tsunami.

ZEBEDY’S sound draws on inspirations from the likes of SIKTH, DREAM THEATER, FIGHTSTAR, KARNIVOOL, and BIFFY CLYRO, but as their new encounter proves, a proposition drawing on their own creative essences rather than any direct comparisons as certain individuality hungrily fuels enterprise. A swift backward listen revealed that the seeds to Waiting For The Tide were sown in those early albums, Exist and Marionette, and as we found blossoming in the Set The Pace EP. The new Dan Weller (SikTh, Enter Shikari, Young Guns, Bury Tomorrow, Holding Absence) produced encounter is a full bloom and more of that potential, a release which immediately had us fascinated and more impressed and indeed involved by the listen.

Well Being electronically shimmers into view first, closing in wearing melodic threads as atmospheric dilemma hints from beyond. Swiftly the bass of David Harding-Smith offers alluring shadows as a guitar continues to weave its intimation within a growing picture of sound; one soon sharing further suggestion and insight to the waiting heart of the release, it an instrumental which firmly drew us into the waiting arms of Building Sandcastles.

As the second track’s scenario ripples another melodic coaxing takes hold, the guitars of Ben Chamberlain and keys of Jonny Harding-Smith soon aligning with the latter’s lead vocals as rhythms sauntered. It is shadowy proposal they bring to the radiance, a testy tone to the bass joined by the magnetic trespass of Tom Dyson’s beat and if not in exact sound, the emotively and atmospherically crepuscular air of the track reminded of THE SOUND yet as mentioned earlier,  ZEBEDY have a drama and invention to their music which is theirs alone.

That uniqueness is as bold within next up This City Is Ours too. It strolls in with instinctive catchiness in its gait and moves, melodic hooks and rhythmic jabs proving as magnetic as its melodic radiance and vocal warmth. Embracing alt rock within its fertile imagination, the song shares a varied creative outlook of enterprise and tempting before the brief and evocative Thrive leads ears through an increasingly tempestuous landscape to the cyclonic turbulence of Bloom. This is a kaleidoscopic encounter though and soon revealing its tender and melodically poetic side before revolving through stormier and more angst powered aspects. As with all tracks, drama lines every texture and craft nurtured moment, intimacy and broader anxiety feely shared.

My Name Is Forever is equally emotionally and physically tempestuous but revelling in a land of unpredictability and varied enterprise as styles and flavours clash and unite. Soon a relentlessly firm favourite, it is quickly rivalled by the colossal clamour and predacious incitement of Forget All That You Know, it too a body of sonic twist and creative turns to keep ears and imagination enthralled.

With its rhythmic shuffle and wiry guitar cast vines, Revelations needed mere breaths to get under the skin while Mask The Sky from dancing with eager attention to challenging and almost bruising the senses with its volatile and invasive but enlivening waltz left a real greed for the band’s progressive instrumentation and imagination. Both tracks in word and sound, the instrumental second the latter alone, share an inner turmoil as powerful and compelling as their melodic flames and emotive storytelling.

The final pair of Set The Pace and We Collide, only left the urge to go again. The first is agitation loaded, an uproar of voice and sound with a matching emotional dispute while the second is a tapestry of sonic event and emotive anxiety cast in a spiralling yet revolving drama of imagination; again a pair of tracks rich in surprise, trespassing enterprise and viral tempting.  

Fair to say that as a whole Waiting For The Tide soon and increasingly declared itself a striking pleasure. It is the coming of age of ZEBEDY and we can only expect a new stature of attention similarly coming forth; certainly we will not be ignoring them anymore.

Waiting For The Tide is released February 3rd and available digitally and on cassette and CD @ https://zebedy.bandcamp.com/album/waiting-for-the-tide

https://www.facebook.com/zebedymusic/   https://www.instagram.com/zebedyuk/

Pete RingMaster 02/02/2023

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