Renée Ruth – Ren​é​e Ruth EP

Ok, our ears at The RR are certainly inclined to keenly embrace some of the rawest, imaginatively imposing and invasive sounds; holding an instinct to devour voraciously uncompromising encounters but they do like a warm caress at times too. One of the warmest captivations to come our way recently, courtesy of our friend Rhonda at WHIPLASH PR, was the new EP from singer songwriter RENÉE RUTH. Released this past week, it is a four track proposal uniting three self-penned songs with a striking cover; a collection of tracks which highlighted what so many before us already knew; that its creator has a presence in voice and songwriting which mesmerises.

Toronto born and Lynchburg, Virginia living, former university communications professor and acclaimed megachurch worship singer, Ruth, began her musical journey by recording a self-penned six song EP in a small studio in North Carolina in 2011. Though the tracks were never released, it was a first step in realising a long-time carried musical dream. Over the next decade, she established herself as a renowned and eagerly sought premiere wedding singer with her individual take on the covers audiences wanted to hear. Over time though, realising she was not being satisfied creatively, Ruth set her sights on exploring and sharing her own creative character and compositions, heading into a studio in 2019. Jump forward to now and with her new EP she has stepped forward to tempt a greater landscape of attention, sharing a release which given the luck and opportunities it deserves, could bring a new light for ears and emotions to embrace.

The EP opens with We Are One, a piano and voice hearted song cast with emotive contemplation and warm radiance. It is a track though equally woven in drama, it’s slowly building presence creating an evocative fusion of spirited rhythms and melodic reflection as intimate as it is broad in its observation on a world in turmoil. A spark for thought and imagination as much as ears, it is also wrapped in the haunting atmosphere of stringed suggestion to enrich its involving presence, one magnetically guided by Ruth’s tones and words.

Following is another captivation in the shape of Ruth’s version of the RADIOHEAD classic, Creep. From its first breath she brings a different light of intimacy to the song, not one which explores a new realm as such but an interpretation which offers a different, crepuscular incandescence. Again drama lines it’s every breath as inner angst glows, the song soon proving a perfect vehicle and emotive spotlight for her beguiling voice.

Here to Stay comes from a similarly deep and impassioned place, a track as soulful and emotionally open as it is melodically radiant and atmospherically confidential but a secret shared in the romance of word and breath. As its predecessor, the track simply bewitched before the EP closing, Lose My Breath, takes the listener hand and leads them into a mellow but lively stroll eventually sharing movement and spirit with Latin scented inclinations and passion.

It is a fine dance inducing end to an increasingly irresistible release. The Renée Ruth EP maybe our introduction to its creator but we only foresee it being the first caress upon ears in a new and certain romance with the creative beauty of the singer songwriter for us and so many others.

The Renée Ruth EP is out now and available @ 

Pete RingMaster 03/02/2023

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