Dog Of Man – Everything Is Easy

Taking another moment to catch up on releases which lit up the tail end of 2022, we fiercely recommend Everything Is Easy from UK outfit DOG OF MAN. It is a collection of freak rock/psych punk sprung tracks taking ears and the imagination into a world of atypical rock ‘n’ roll and sanity and, as we soon found out, one sparking a matching individuality of pleasure.

Actually we are catching up in more ways than one as though their new album is our introduction here at The RR to the Brighton band a swift exploration revealed a host of previous releases, including two weird strung EPs and a sound warping debut full-length. They soon showed that the band from its noise flustering start has persistently cast a striking temptation come confrontation. Everything Is Easy though is easily their finest moment yet, the release a noisy, clamorously contorted and sonically virulent slab of freaky garage rock.

From the moment opening track, Turpentine, sends its sonic squirts through ears it is fair to say that Everything Is Easy was reeling us in. It is a trespass of dextrous rhythms and seductive keys set across a landscape of flirtatious calms and noise fuelled uproars with magnetic vocals adapting to and egging on the evolving tempest of temptation. It is a glorious start to the release but just the start of its voracious exploits.

The following Accidentally Honest strolls in on eager rhythms, they soon wrapped in an exotic web of guitar. There is a concussive atmosphere to it though which vocals embrace in their keen and rabid delivery. The track is as much harassment as infectiousness and soon deep under the skin sparking further lusty attention with its spicy spiky hook heading the addiction while straight after Meatcure saunters in with a cunning swing and twisting body of hook catchy enterprise. Psych and punk rock collude, crash and burn in its magnetic turbulence to continue the impressive start to the album.

Strouditis is equally as warped and bracingly unpredictable yet fluid in its tempting and persuasion as rhythms shuffle and guitars jangle. Its noise punk frenzied eruptions only added to the captivation of its calmer teases, the track another voracious surge of aberrant tempting with additional gypsy punk suggestiveness while Lurking In The Overnight Bag brings that same wanderlust flavour forth with pugilistic voracity and punk rock esurience.

Through the garage punk fervour of Hello MI5!, and its bare feet on a hot tin roof gait, and the more tranquil but always restless Headonastick with its sixties psych and new wave woven seeding, we found ourselves only deeper entrenched in the pull of the release; Sorry Thanks Bye in turn sparking keen bouncing with its multi-flavoured espionage and its tensely jumpy moves.

The anomalous antics of Unsung Hero 55 thickly added to the addiction already brewing for Everything Is Easy. Hungrily it’s twisting and twisted stoner/hard rock nurtured body and melodic serenading hit a deranged spot with 3rd Eye dancing on the exposed addiction cured tenderness with unhinged majesty. Like 12 STONE TODDLER losing sanity in the company of THE BARRACUDAS and SYD BARRETT, the track took a firm grip on favourite track honours.

Taxi completed the fun, teasing and luring with accordion led revelry and swivel-eyed rhythmic incitement, the devilment of both more than echoed in the imagination courting guitars and voice. Energy frenzied and psych mania bound it sprung an outstanding end to an album which, with unapologetically crazed prowess, lit up the air and an instinctive passion for the unique.

Everything Is Easy is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 19/01/2023

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