This Twisted Wreckage – The Way Ahead Is Clear

As rapacious shadows and thickening pessimism seemingly gather around the world, there are moments which persistently remind that hope and positivity can equally shape the destiny of our well-being. One such moment is The Way Ahead Is Clear, the new album from THIS TWISTED WRECKAGE. It is a collection of songs which explore and expose the darker aspects of life and the world but adventures shining the brightest light of optimism and an encouragement of confidence in brighter times.

Released as the tail end of 2022 wagged, The Way Ahead Is Clear is an adventure in sound. Within, THIS TWISTED WRECKAGE weave a rich tapestry of flavours and styles across nine tracks which together provide a highly enjoyable and unpredictable experience. The band itself describes their sound as one which “…doesn’t sound like anyone else but it is strangely familiar, and that’s what makes This Twisted Wreckage such entrancing and unique listening.”  It is a statement which indeed perfectly sums up their new album, its encounters bearing what seem well-known aspects yet all are thickly bold in individuality and creativity.

THIS TWISTED WRECKAGE itself consists of vocalist/lyricist Luke ‘Skyscraper’ James and multi-instrumentalist Ricky Humphrey. James will be familiar to a great many as the front man of seventies UK post-punk/punk outfit FÀSHIÕN which shared stages and tours with the likes of THE POLICE, SQUEEZE, THE B-52’S, THE RAMONES, and JOY DIVISION. Now San Francisco based, he continues to provide imagination stirring incitements including recently being involved with the outstanding new album from art rock outfit THE PULL OF AUTUMN as too was Humphrey whose creative history include bands such as THE OPEN HAND, RISE and NATURE KILLS.

Produced by the pair with Pete King, who is almost like a third member of the band and previously the manager of STEEL PULSE, The Way Ahead Is Clear needed little time to provoke thought, inflame the imagination and drawn us into keen involvement. Its title track is the spark, the song rising up from tenebrific depths to uncage a galvanic stroll wrapped in electronic lights and fueled by electro punk esurience. Just as quickly James’ thickly magnetic tones are sharing its encouraging contemplations, a synth pop catchiness adding to its instinctive tempting.  

 It is a rousing start to the release which Safe For Us more than cements with its brooding breath and haunting resonance. Gothic punk nurtured and dark rock spun, the superb track is nine minutes of craft and drama as disturbing as it is hungrily infectious. It also epitomizes that mix of indefinable familiarity and rich uniqueness to the band’s sound and soon gripped our favourite moment within the album with its twist and turn of flavours and invention, though admittedly it is constantly challenged for the acclaim across the release.

Never Coming steps forward next with vigorous intent to provoke and question, its punk ferocity and electro dispute honed into another striking rock ‘n’ roll incitement keen to infest body and thought alike while Hiding From Myself boldly, almost arrogantly, strolls in with confidence and contagion. Intimacy lines every breath while a Black like hue only adds to its emotive strength and striking presence.

They both echo that the kaleidoscopic prowess of the band’s sound is as much in revolution within songs themselves as across the record as a whole with next up Embrace seducing attention with its emotional and creative intimacy as it rises from ethereal and atmospheric rumination to rousing revelation and enlivening celebration. It is another track which left ears and pleasure truly alive placing its own keen hand on best track choice though straight away matched in success by the voracious and soulful  rock ‘n’ roll of Always Arriving and The City with its funk kissed, alt rock kilned Talking Heads-esque shuffle. 

The final pair of Don’t Look Back and We’re All Gifted bring the release to a sharply impressive conclusion. The first is another which calmly enters but with liveliness in its intent which drives every part of its heart bred musing and spirited endeavor. Virulently catchy and emotionally aflame, the song simply stirred our keenest participation and connection before its successor had us just as eagerly involved with its infectious enterprise and exploits. Both songs epitomize the dark musing and inspiriting drama and prowess of The Way Ahead Is Clear, each equally as thick in their echo of its magnificence.

The Way Ahead Is Clear may have been released in the embers of 2022 but a release, as it is further discovered, setting sets its successor off in impressive style. It is a stunning release truly stirring a spark of hope and fire of pleasure within, it lyrically pulls no punches and creatively lights inner flames; THIS TWISTED WRECKAGE a companion we can only recommend for your dark moments and joyful times.

The Way Ahead Is Clear is available now @

Pete RingMaster 12/01/2023

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