Frenzee – Self Titled EP

Thrusting seven tracks of belligerence fuelled punk ‘n’roll upon the senses, the self-titled debut EP from FRENZEE is an unapologetic take it or leave it incitement. It is an instinctive and organic no frills slab of cantankerous rock ‘n’ roll which, whether you find yourself liking it or not, demands attention.

As for us, we were swiftly hooked on its uncompromising prowess and attitude, its mix of old school punk rock and raucous untamed rock quickly under the skin with certain individuality which makes you take notice. FRENZEE itself consists of three Australian siblings, the trio of Apollonia, Adonis and Nick who were born in Melbourne but raised and based on the island of Crete in Greece. Growing up in a musical environment the three have been influenced with a varied landscape of bands and sounds, the likes of AC/DC, NIRVANA, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PRODIGY, MOTÖRHEAD, HOLE, JON SPENCER’S BLUES EXPLOSION, BIKINI KILL, FUGAZI, DINOSAUR JR, GREEN DAY, and many of their parent’s records colouring their own imaginations and creativity, a wildness of diversity and inspiration which can be heard in their music.

Abort Mission kicks the EP off, the band launching at ears with relish from its first breath with the confrontational tones of Apollonia at the heart of the challenge. Biting rhythms and esurient riffs drive its attack, punk hooks and heavy rock trespass in tow as sonic flames erupt throughout.

It is a great start which Fire In My Gut elevates further, a boozy groove initially drawing in keen ears before an equally intoxicating mix of riffs and nagging beats. Twists and turns add to its magnetic blues punk prowess, vocals again as vociferous and dynamic as the melodically entwined sounds around them.

Our favourite track emerges in Backstreets, its thickly coaxing entrance a prowl of rhythmic incitement which soon evolves into menacing punk predation, Apollonia’s vocals similarly preying on ears and punk instincts.    The fire in its belly is soon ablaze, scorching the senses before the cycle repeats with greater intensity and sonic hookery.

 The following Frenzy bears a nostalgic classic rock breath as grooves wind around senses clubbing beats and rapacious vocals, all the while the track keeping expectations at bay with its inspiriting dynamics before the excellent Sane To Insane dips into seventies punk with its voracious rock ‘n’ roll. With its anthemic prowess and urgency in command, we were soon flinging limbs and vocal participation at the air, keeping enough breath back to do the same with Say What You Say. It too has great rock variety to its body, it all embraced by punk virulence and an agitation cured attitude.

Things I Hear completes the release, the punk ‘n’ roll uproar courting the imagination with its weave of mixed flavours and nostrils flared energy. With feral attitude adding to the thrilling finale, it encapsulated an EP which only left the urge to press play all over again.

FRENZEE is a band hard to imagine any punk or feral rock fan being able to ignore, all the evidence for the thought in their impressive first EP which is out now via Ouga Booga and Mighty Oug Records; the release available @

Pete RingMaster 12/01/2023

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