Talking Cerebral Extinction

The Ringmaster Review had the pleasure to recently chat with Italian extreme metallers Cerebral Extinction and we started off with the simple request of an introduction for our readers…

Hi everyone I am Michele guitarist of the band and main composer. The birth of the band happened almost by chance in 2012 from the meeting at a concert of Aborted with Malshum already singer in some Brutal / Death bands of the area and from there our started path.

Our sound over the years and the three albums produced are characterized by the word “evolution” as we never wanted to release an album like the previous one. Let’s say that I give inputs with riffs or ideas that could be interesting and then the everything comes…amalgamated, modified, arranged by the whole band.

We say that we all come from the world of Death Metal some more or less. The musical experiences of all have allowed us to be the musicians we are today with different ideas and tastes of each of us in the extreme and non-extreme metal field.

(We moved on to songwriting next)…as previously mentioned the process starts starting from the guitar riffs and from there we develop the whole instrumental arrangement path with bass lines and drum patterns up to the end with the vocal lines and the lyrics. After this initial phase we will record a demo and listen to all the components we are able to evaluate at 360 ° if everything suits us or if some changes need to be made.

The new album is called “Escape From Illusion” and was released by Amputated Vein Records on July 15th. For this work several stylistic changes have been made starting from the new logo, to a new designer with a completely new style compared to the past and above all to the music. From three years to this part we have turned to a much more modern and technical Death Metal with the use of much more melody and insertion of piano and synthesizer to create a different atmosphere all surrounded by an excellent varied drumming, by majestic bass lines and much more varied vocal lines…and multifaceted.

(Inspirations?)  I could mention bands like Archspire, Inferi,Rivers of Nihil, Beneath The Massacre who are doing amazing things. Their sound has always fascinated us and I think it is a right mix of influences that you will hear in the new album. The lyrics are written by the singer and represent the moods in the period in which they were written. He is a lover of Lovecraftian horror and on the lyrics there is a lot of gothic noir base.

(Looking at how the band choose track order in their release…) We listen to the tracklist to the utmost, but I believe that for everyone the choice of the order is strictly personal taste.

(Next we talked about the live realm of the band…and the experience fans will have) …the most fun part of all is doing concerts while the least enjoyable part is making everyone coexist with different thoughts and mentalities…To hurt yourself (hahaha) Very intense, powerful and engaging show. An experience to try.

(Favourite show) …undoubtedly the festival we did in Barcelona last July, the Move Your Fucking Brain. Very hot audience, fantastic circle pit and an excellent response from the people under the stage and compliments received post show especially because it was the first time in Spain and I don’t believe it .We would love to play there again, we made new friends and saw amazing places, so see you soon Spain.

(Talking inspirations…) …too many people to mention, for his guitar taste Ralph Santolla, for his genius and for having helped make Death Metal Chuck Schuldiner level.

Listening to Death’s Individual Thought Patterns led me to say, ok I want to play this kind of music.

(And last thoughts…) …first of all I would like to thank you for this great opportunity to talk to you and the people who will read this interview. Before saying goodbye I would like to point out our social channels where you can stay updated and follow us, see you soon!!!

Pete RingMaster

The RingMaster Review 11/01/2023

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