The Pull of Autumn – Beautiful Broken World

Pull of Autumn Photo by Matthew Darrow

Cast within their fourth full-length, Art rock outfit THE PULL OF AUTUMN present a Beautiful Broken World, an adventure and contemplation in sound which certainly aroused ears and imagination alike. It is a release which explores the world around us, drawing on its beauty and grandeur whilst equally assessing the changes and turbulence that recent times have especially brought to bear on us all; a collection of tracks which only further seduced by the listen.

THE PULL OF AUTUMN is a collective, in a way a ‘supergroup’ centred by Daniel Darrow of JOHANNA’S HOUSE OF GLAMOUR, the Rhode Island based artist drawing on an array of friends and talent to cast his tapestries of sound. As Small Colors, the new album’s predecessor in 2020, strikingly proved, the project creates a sound which evades particular genres and flavours but embraces a rich web of a great many in its landscape yet, as within Beautiful Broken World, a diversity managing to create a singular and unique voice.  

As mentioned, Darrow unites with a host of musicians across the album including the likes of Philip Parfitt of THE PERFECT DISASTER, Stuart Moxham of YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, FASHION’s Luke Skyscraper James, bassist Doug Wimbish (LIVING COLOUR, TACKHEAD, THE ROLLING STONES, SUGARHILL GANG), Mark Stewart from THE POP GROUP, and John Neff, who has contributed to multiple David Lynch films and is also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob. It is a collective of enterprise which gives Beautiful Broken World a multi-faceted character across fifteen tracks of perpetual enterprise. 

The album opens upon the fanfare of its title track, a dawning of sound and vision as the world in the eyes of the release is revealed. Orchestral intimation soon sparked another wave of thought within the imagination again, the track sharing an overall grandeur before the release searches deeper intimacy and depths.

Featuring Leigh Gregory, She Writes The Words shares a folkish contemplation, its pastoral radiance around an organically catchy stroll soon bound in alluring yet melancholic strings. There is a rich pop rock essence to that song too, its crepuscular infectiousness reminiscent of THE MISSION while Come Winter offers its own contagion of touch and enterprise with indie suggestion and atmospheric rock elegance. Both tracks are outstanding, each swiftly and easily uniting enterprise with personal instinct.

FAMILY BAND guest in the psych/shoegaze lit Moonbeams, the song an emotive breeze yet one rhythmically skittish across the senses before Lost Guitar shares a heat shimmering instrumental for thought and imagination to weave with. It has a psychedelically nurtured heart, its saunter through an autumn of intimation and meditative brooding mesmeric before John Clare weaves ethereal scintillation around personal rumination, electronic and guitar brewing keen fascination.

Already the release echoes the diversity and richness of our global surroundings in its touch and sound, the following Outlaw Empire pushing that prowess further with its electro funk/dub sprung invention. Kaleidoscopic in its electronic veils and busy travelogue of invention, it is like a sonic newsreel of recent times and quite glorious though quickly rivalled by the contrasting inner intimacy of Little Hands and its appraisal of innocence and calmly shared beauty.

Through the jazzy atmospherics of Never Swayed with Julius Manning and the comfy acoustic considerations of Moukie seeing Mina Norouzi sharing dual language bred thoughts, the album continued to keenly fascinate with the Matthew Darrow featuring Images of Light adding its tantalising sonic light show to again accentuate the album’s rich tempting as too next up Funhouse which sets another peak in that tempting with its atypical and unsettling yet irresistible evocation of emotive sound.

The closing trio of songs more than captivated too; You Will Live Again with Julius Manning an echo chamber of radiance and acoustic consideration with Live Today, bearing a similarly resonating breath, setting melodic musing coruscating around ears while aligning with the ethereal seducing of  Tokyo dreamgazers ONCE GRACE FOREVER,

In Silence completes the encounter, a shadow weaving encounter with Ricky Humphrey which explores a realm of intrigue, suggestion and multi-flavoured wonder within its ambience involved instrumental. It is an absorbing end to an equally enthralling release, a record which by the listen sparks new thoughts and fresh pleasure, an adventure for ears and imagination making for a rich escape in these times of turmoil and reminding of the beauty we all share.

 Beautiful Broken World is out now via RBM Records; available across most online stores and streaming platforms and @

Pete Ringmaster 03/01/2022

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