The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Disquisition on an Execution

Taking prisoners has never been on the agenda of THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE sound but we would suggest the past year has seen it more brutal and creatively compelling than ever. The evidence comes with the Pennsylvania-bred band’s self-titled album of earlier this year and now their new EP, Disquisition on an Execution. It offers four tracks of TLTSOL’s deathcore mercilessness but a quartet of songs which infested and ignited the imagination like never before.

Disquisition on an Execution also sees the first outing of new frontman Tyler Beam (ex- Promise Breaker) as he joins Dylan Potts (drums), Andrew Petway (bass) and Wyatt McLaughlin (guitars) to complete the EP’s creative line-up and from the first captivating yet portentous breath of EP opening Dreams of Extermination, the foursome gripped ears and appetite. Chamber-esque vocal lures are courted by a sonic fizz initially, the former continuing to haunt and resonate in the skies of the song as the track and band explode with vicious insurgency upon the senses. There is thick drama and threat to the unpredictable landscape of the track yet also a virulent contagion even in its destructive eddies and emotive scorching.

Fair to say by its close, the senses felt like they had been violently mugged yet invigoratingly aroused by the track’s energetically resourceful and provocative landscape before the following Retribution raced in with its own sense of urgency in brutality and invention. As rhythms punished so Beam’s vocals accosted and incited, again an angelic grace and harmonic bewitchment lying in wait to calm the tension before it all explodes once again in the track’s lyrical, emotive and physical tempest.

Liberation unleashes a predatory intrusion next, the darkest intent gathered within its turbulent but initially controlled body. Animated beats contrast the heavy weight intrusion of the track as similarly group outcries counter the bestial tones of Beam yet equally all aspects align as the song builds its menacing swing and destructive contagion.

The EP is completed by Annihilation Phenomena and its creative theatre of sound and implication. It too is a barbarous affair but also a realm of intrigue set within evocative and melodic veils which are revealed as the track relents in its senses singeing trespass. Talking favourite track honours, the song is as haunting as it is debilitating; a drama of sound and atmosphere which simply ignited the imagination.

2022 has been a mighty year for THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE with a US tour alongside CATTLE DECAPITATION adding to their striking exploits and the band has ensured it ends as successfully as it began with Disquisition on an Execution, the seriously striking EP maybe the biggest highlight of it all. 

Disquisition on an Execution is out now via Unique Leader Records.

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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