Black Nite Crash – Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash

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The anticipation of being Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash was rife courtesy of a couple of singles taken for the album prior to its release but it has to be said they barely hinted at the fascinating landscape of sound and adventure which soon emerged. It is a record which took a few plays to explore all its nuances and inclinations but every play added to its resourceful persuasion and enjoyment.

Seattle hailing, BLACK NITE CRASH weaves their sound around a fusion of psychedelic and indie rock but as their new offering reveals there is plenty more to its mix of styles, flavours and imagination. The band was created by vocalist/guitarist Jim Biggs twenty years ago and has experienced a continuing change of personnel but that being more of an embrace of new experiences and imagination than any instability in its make-up. The line-up upon the album consists of Jasun Hadaway (bass/keys), Sharim Johnson (guitar), Matt Brown (organ/ keys), Tony Zuniga (drums) and Claire Tucker (guitar/vocals) alongside Biggs and all in full enterprise within Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash.

The album opens up with The Take, its rhythmic opening a hailing of attention and announcement of something momentous to come and so it proved as the track unveiled its guitar vine and psych gaze shimmer. Once in its temptation loaded stroll, the song walking firmly through its ethereal realm with the tones of Biggs an earthly connection, it only enveloped the sense and imagination with greater temptation. Tucker’s voice equally lights up the track, another appetising texture in its haunting persuasion and physical manipulation.

 S.P.M.U. follows, initially gathering its lures in electronic smog before breaking into an energetic swing again led by the ever dramatic and athletic rhythms of Zuniga. Their inescapable orchestration of feet and hips is matched in persuasion by the tones of Biggs and the tapestry of sonic and. melodic enticement cast by the guitars, echoes of bands such as JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and THE UGLY KINGS adding to the creatively colourful and emotively enthralling incitement.

The opening sonic winds of In Time cast an air of dark shadows and sinister drama from which the throaty tone of Hadaway’s bass brings a similarly scented yet sublimely infectious lure. It is soon entangled in melodic guitar wire as the smouldering tones of Biggs contemplate and spark the virulent uproar which persistently breaks out. The track is superb, another firm favourite and continuing the rich and impressive start of the album which next up Tie Me Down prolongs with its sonic scintillation and harmonic radiance. It too is a track with an inherent energy and catchiness which rises to the fore in sound and the ever captivating voice of Tucker.

There is a whiff of early U2 meets BIRDLAND to NY Animal, a slice of fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll greedily devoured before the unbridled magnetism of Sugarwave descended on ears. Its unassuming entrance is soon a summery stroll of enthusiasm and enterprise vocally danced along by Tucker, a crystalline web of guitar glistening around it as rhythms and harmonics shine pop rock vitality to the ever evolving proposal. With climatic eruptions bursting from its mercurial presence, an energetic body of arousal which hungrily swarmed under the skin, the track marked another peak in the landscape of the album.

Stupid Games resonates with the nostalgic psych rock sound the band embraces, its hooks and eventful gait easy involvement for enjoyment and movement with both as keenly offered towards Something About You immediately after as its rhythmic shuffle went to work. Swarthy electronic lights and melodic coruscation only added to the growing invention and temptation of the track and if it did not burrow as deep as other songs around it, it easily had attention and pleasure alive to its mellow seduction.

The album finishes off with Failure, an emotive ballad within a thick climate of melodic musing and sonic tension which shimmered with an almost palpable haunting breath; a physical tempestuousness which does arise in the sounds around its dilemma.

It is a memorable and provocative conclusion to a striking and rousing release, their fifth album in twenty years proving that BLACK NITE CRASH only get bolder and better with age, Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash their without doubt their finest adventure yet.

Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash is out now via Neon Sigh; available @

Pete RingMaster 08/12/2022

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