War Panties – Loving the Sunshine Dream

Loving Sunshine Dream is the title of one of the recent singles from US outfit WAR PANTIES but it is also a great summing up of the eclectic heart of the band’s sound which has alone been proven over the quartet of tracks that they have released over the past three months.

With a moniker which echoes the moment of and spark to standing firm and tall against life troubling trespasses, Louisville hailing WAR PANTIES emerged in 2012 and have released a host of offerings including the albums Celestial Warfare and the Forever Sandwich and Deuce on Parade and more recently their 2020 EP, In the Year of Zuul MMXX.

As we suggested the quartet of songs over recent weeks reveals the adventurous intent and sound of Phil Impell (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Pat Matheny (vocals, guitar, drums), Bob Hart (bass, saxophone, flute), and Phil Gatton (drums, percussion) and also the mischievous enterprise they breed it in.

Loving Sunshine Dream is seeded in the inherent funkiness of the band’s sound, a song also drawing on Motown-esque flavourings for its lively stroll. Living up to its title, it is a warm and enlivening encounter, a song twisting and turning with invention whilst keeping a smooth flow to its smile bearing saunter.

Following its release, the band has unveiled Ready 2 Git Ready and Fire Mountain Love. The first is an earthy slice of funk ‘n’ roll but with its own warmth of temptation and energy of catchiness which simply urged instinctive movement. There is a devilment to the band’s sound and songwriting which is no better epitomised than within the song and its evolving landscape of brass flames, guitar revelry and vocal incitement while the second of the two highlights the diversity of the band’s music. Latin hued with flamenco enterprise to its breath and drama, the track is superb, our favourite of the four and increasingly so with its cinematic intimation and animated imagination and craft.

The past week or so saw WAR PANTIES release their latest track, Free Ophelia’s Boy; a dynamic and energetic track with a gospel-esque nature to its raucous fertility and catchiness. As those before it, the song ensures it is difficult to describe the band’s sound with clarity and ease but also confirms that it is a compelling incitement of resourceful endeavour and inspiriting adventure.

From the summer sounds of Loving Sunshine Dream to the almost imposing enlivening clamour of Free Ophelia’s Boy, they and the two between all rich introductions to the band for us, WAR PANTIES have emerged a fertile source of devilish enterprise and highly enjoyable sounds to which we now invite you to join us in the pleasure.

All four singles are available now @ https://warpanties.bandcamp.com/

https://www.facebook.com/WarrrPaaanties https://twitter.com/warpantiesrock https://www.warpanties.com/ 

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2022

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