Vernons Future – Aquaplaning

photo by Andy Harding

Originally known as The Vernons when first forming in Liverpool in the early eighties, British rockers VERNONS FUTURE recently released new album Aquaplaning. It is effectively the successor to their well-received debut, Smithdown Road which was released in 1990 under that original moniker, and a new offering revealing that the band’s individual style of indie rock is as fresh and fascinating as ever.

Reincarnated as VERNONS FUTURE in 2015 with original members in vocalist/guitarist Simon Burchill, guitarist Andy Harding, keyboardist/vocalist Jon Fiber and drummer Tom Le Bas being joined by bassist Simon Hooper, the outfit unite their collection of singles released from late 2019 onward together with two new tracks for the new full-length. With members now split between Oxford and London, the band has continued to lure eager plaudits and all the reasons why nestle keenly within Aquaplaning

The album opens with Call To Arms, a song revolving around an enticing melodic jangle with enterprise and energy. It’s urging upon the world and all within to amend their ways amidst its decaying state is equipped with eventful hooks and galvanic calls, the track, led by Burchill’s encouraging tones and words, a pop fuelled slice of indie rock as manipulative as it is infectious.

It is a great start swiftly backed up by Just Can’t Help Myself. Slipping in from the distance with an eager swing aligned to the floral draw of keys, the love affair proved pure infectiousness. Lively vocals and its rhythmic saunter only added to the virulence before Holy Joe, with a whimsical jaunt cast within the firmer embrace of creative shadows, takes a look round at the beauty of religious architecture whilst contemplating with uneasiness the nature of religion itself. It is an alluring mix and encounter adding to the already flavoursome variety of the release.

 In turn, Honeysuckle Love adds further adventure with its warm contemplation, a flirtation of sound with a SMASH MOUTH meets LIGHTNING SEEDS captivation cradled in the cheerful lures of keys and the chippy keenness of guitar. It is another track which had us swinging and adding our involvement, much as Lights Have Changed with its low key but richly tempting amble, a natural sway sweeping song and body as Burchill muses.

The cinematic drama of B Movie set out its declaration for favourite track next, its fifties sci-fi inspired breath and intimation around a rock ‘n’ roll saunter a feast for the imagination. The contagion loaded instrumental proved a canvas for fun and suggestion while Waiting At The Station presented an electrified romance of “unfulfilled desires and ambitions” bound in equally stimulated and stimulating sound. It too slipped under the skin with ease and urged involvement, especially in emotion and voice with its chorus.

Seek Shelter Now brings the anxiety and dilemma of an apocalyptic scenario to ears and thought, it too predominately an instrumental embracing nostalgia and samples and rich in story and intimation through its atmosphere loaded breath and invention woven sound; another major favourite moment set down.

The album is brought to a close by firstly followed by Just Can’t Help Myself (Lazarus Mix), electronic adventure added to the original to bring a new kaleidoscopic vision to the song, and lastly a live cut of Disco Oasis recorded in Leeds to highlight the stage prowess of the band being equally as resourceful and magnetic.

From its first second to its last Aquaplaning was persistent enjoyment and captivation, VERNONS FUTURE looking at the darker moments of love, life and our world yet brewing the warmest feel good energy to ride upon from within those shadows.

Aquaplaning is out now via VF Records; available @  

Pete RingMaster 24/11/2022

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  1. Cheers for the nice review, Pete! Vernons Future😘

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