The RingMaster Review Interview – Deep Pocket Thieves

Hi and thank you for sparing time to chat with us!

Could you first introduce the band and tell us how it came to be?

JIMMY AYERS “The current line-up of the band is:

Larea Edwards – vocals and violin

Jimmy Ayers – guitar and keyboards

Mahlon Hawk – bass

Seth Bennett – drums and percussion

Taylor Marvin – slide guitar

We met coming from various bands, and decided this combination works great for us. Many different musical styles combined to make our ‘Deep Pocket’ soup. “

How would you define not only your sound but the creative character of the band?

(JIMMY) The sound is a mixture of many different styles, coming from our different influences and attitudes about music…Everything from full gospel, blues, soul, hard rock to Latin and diverse drumming influences. You can hear the different influences all through our music. The ‘Deep Pocket’ or groove is always the focus of what we do though. If it’s not moving people, it’s not working for us.

You’ve got some Grammy winners on this record. How did those collaborations come to be?

MAHLON HAWK here, I have an Emmy (not a Grammy) with the Sound Cellar Band for the sound track on a documentary for PBS.

#8. The Beatles “Hard Days Night” & Led Zeppelin “The Lemon Song”, and the bass work of Jack Bruce & Jack Cassidy

Is there a particular process to the band’s songwriting?

(JIMMY) We usually have individual musical ideas that each of bring to the table. The end result is a true collaboration of everyone adding their input to the original idea. From living in the Desert in Arizona, to the High plains of Eastern Colorado and then a few residents of the big city, we come from different climates…..physically and musically. Putting it all together is the magic.

We’d love to hear more about the inspiration behind new single “What Was I Thinking”. What inspired this song?

(LAREA) I had a close friend let me down in a big way. As I started to complain I asked myself why I expected a different result. Why did I trust them in the first place? What was I thinking? Then I couldn’t get the melody out of my head. So I wrote the verses cleaning the toilet…LOL

It’s really a homage to personal growth. It says evaluate and elevate your decisions but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do you have any new material coming in the final weeks of 2022, or are you looking ahead to 2023?

(JIMMY) New material….all of us have ideas for songs stacked up ready to be put through the Deep Pocket mill. We will release more this year and then more in early 2023. There is no lack of material, but it does have to be put through the writing/arranging process. 3 or 4 new songs will be finished and recorded this year, 2022. The basic songs have already been written.

What has been your most thrilling moment on stage to date?

(JIMMY) We have had a few memorable moments since we have started this project. Seeing our songs consistently charting high is thrilling, with one of our songs rising to #1 on the charts. That’s very exciting, and gives us fuel to produce even more.

And finally what song or release would you say was the spark to your passion for music?

(JIMMY) It’s hard to name one release, or one album that was the spark for me. My fire for all music started when I was 2 or 3 years old, attending outdoor musicals with my Grandmother. Jimi Hendrix and his release of ‘Electric Ladyland‘ probably sealed my current passion…Pure genius.

Pete RingMaster

The RingMaster Review 20/11/2022

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