Starfounder, Shadows and Mirrors – Snake Blood

A handful of weeks back saw the release of Starfounder, an album resulting from the Russia/US collaboration of STARFOUNDER and SHADOWS AND MIRRORS. The pair also dropped lead single Snake Blood, the type of track sure to more than whet the appetite of attention and deeper exploration.

From Russia, STARFOUNDER is sound producer and synthwave/electronic musician Danila Ermolaev and SHADOWS AND MIRRORS the electronic project of Illinois hailing Brian Diamond. Both are artists earning rich acclaim across a wealth of releases and came together when the latter reached out to the former with the idea of the album inspired and dedicated to Brian’s late brother, Eric.

As we said, Snake Blood is the first single from it and a song openly aligning nostalgic hues to the fresh invention and enterprise of the pair and the emotive lyrical and vocal prowess of Diamond.

The track firstly flutters with electronic lures with a rhythmic pulsation soon alongside. It is a restrained yet lively beginning which soon embraces Diamond’s emotive tones, the electronic mesh cast by Starfounder a weave of electronic veils and rapacious enterprise.

There is definitely a breath of Nine Inch Nails meets Gary Numan to its shadows while the song’s chilled catchiness has a touch of John Foxx to it yet everything about the song is unique to the pair as ears and imagination quickly found and swiftly devoured.

Snake Blood is a track which pleasured and left a definite itch to go explore the pair’s full-length union, and we will not be alone we suspect.

Snake Blood is out now via Electric Dream Records; available as too Starfounder the album @

Pete RingMaster 18/11/2022

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