New Jacobin Club – Empire of Dis

As a world hell-bent on destruction, on others and itself, finds new ways to seduce darkness there comes a vehicle to highlight our destructive intent in the shape of the new album from NEW JACOBIN CLUB. Whether deliberate or by coincidence, Empire Of Dis echoes our grave trespasses in its own post-apocalyptic fantasy world, a concept album drawing the listener into a realm of theatrical adventure and ferocious enterprise.

Already beloved of Western Canada’s independent scene and across their homeland and the source of cultish lust here in the UK, NEW JACOBIN CLUB is a band which has persistently embroiled attention and the lustiest of captivation whether through their releases or a live show which burns the senses. Their fusion of classic gothic and 70’s rock with power metal has been a story of adventure and evolution across five previous albums and a host of Lovecraftian inspired tales aligned to Oscar Wilde scented mischief. Numerous moments and encounters have certainly hooked our own imaginations like it has so many others but it has to be said that nothing before, even in their impressive adventures, has breached the magnificence of Empire of Dis. The band has been away, release wise, for a fair while but are now back with a vengeance and one slab of rock ‘n’ roll to seriously envy.

The new album sees the band add greater strains of steampunk and art rock to their ever evolving sound, essences which bring greater colour to the band’s inimitable storytelling. The release opens with In Crimson Snow, chilled winds instantly bringing in the lure of guitar and senses rapping beats. As his riffs coax, so The Horde’s distinctive tones are soon tempting ears, the track’s instinctive rock ‘n’ roll heart in eager swing before erupting in full NEW JACOBIN CLUB individuality and energy. The ever alluring Theremin caresses of Poison Candi add light and eeriness to the incitement as equally her harmonic tones. With the snarl of The Ruin’s bass and Ratking’s menacingly swinging beats, the track was swiftly under the skin and pumping our participation with relish.

The anthemic roar of the track had us breathlessly ready for the lures of The Priestess within which, as in its predecessor, the keys of Mistress Nagini ethereally seduced as the cello of The Luminous gripped the theatrics of song and imagination alike. Poison Candi’s powerful and striking tones lead the storytelling this time, a magnetic narrator for the drama within a track just as infectious and ear grabbing as the first.

 The Hunter is next, a song embroiling seventies glam rock in its rapacious rock ‘n’ roll, The Sweet-esque hue of its rock hook as rich an incitement as its nagging twang and unpredictable landscape of twists and turns. It too had us doing its bidding like a puppet before Behind the Veil saw feet stomping and throat participating in its raucous uproar. The song epitomises the palette of flavours making up the Canadian’s sound and especially their new release, the track a predacious clamour of enterprise and passion in a cauldron of rock, punk and metal endeavour.

Just as irresistible, Lord Henry Steps Out strolled through ears next; the track a mischievous stirring of the imagination and one’s instinctive groove with its Creature Feature meets Wolver animation around a psych breached steampunk saunter beautifully strung out on the strings of The Luminous and wrapped in the sinister siren lures of Theremin.

The majestic yet portentous realm of Gloriana Engine follows; every second and breath of its arrival and ever rising heights ominous before launching a voracious symphony of sound and emotive clamour again burrowing deep. Its tempest leaves air and spirit tempestuous but both are soon soothed by the acoustic beauty of What is the Night, its guitar caresses tranquil and Poison Candi’s voice restful though there is still an edge at the melancholic heart of the song. Eventfully that volatility rears its influence as the addiction forging track cast its emotive fire and metal tinged dynamics.

Through the dark carnival of Slenderman with its eldritch swing another creative and enthralling page within the tale of Empire of Dis is turned, the instrumental a lively spark for the imagination while the album’s title track springs classic rock meets gothic punk theatre to twist sanity. As all songs, it casts a landscape of styles and flavours woven into webs of temptation, each here searing incitements as menacing as they are captivating.

The album goes out with a bang courtesy of Blue Serpents, another rebel rousing slice of rock ‘n’ roll brewed in the band’s unique merge of styles.  Its fifties inspired elements simply add to the tapestry of classic, fresh and twisted flavours the NEW JACOBIN CLUB entwine in a track and indeed album which persistently and urgently urges an immediate reach for the replay button.

As we suggested NEW JACOBIN CLUB are back larger than life and with a record which majorly raises the already lofty bar for the band and a year of essential explorations.

Empire of Dis is released November 4th digitally and on CD, vinyl and a SPECIAL EDITION 6 panel CD digipak with a set of very spooky sexy prints with lyrics printed on the back; all available for pre-ordering @

Pete RingMaster 27/10/2022

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