The Skinner Brothers – Lonedon EP

Every year essential moments fire up personal tastes, there are encounters which you only feel the need to share as must listens for the world around you, they in turn hopefully inspiring the same in others. For us the Lonedon EP is one such proposition. It is the new outing with THE SKINNER BROTHERS, a band which if you are still in the dark about right now will soon be unavoidable as they surely breach the biggest spotlights with offerings like this.

To be honest, the EP is only following on from the impressive and striking antics of the UK outfit’s Soul Boy II album released earlier this year but equally it builds on its prowess with a quartet of the most virulently infectious and soulfully bred indie pop songs. THE SKINNER BROTHERS sound is a fusion of variety, essences of indie rock, Brit Pop, soul and punk belligerence wrapped up in its individuality and in no greater enthrallment and rousing prowess than within the Lonedon EP.

The EP opens with its title track, the song calmly strolling in on guitar cast wires with an instinctive swing already in its body and similarly alive in Zac Skinner’s distinctive tones. With every masterful step and melancholic vocal contemplation, the track wields anthemic manipulation; its uproar in a spirit enlivening chorus inescapable even while retaining the song’s melancholy lit breath. It is a stunning moment of incitement and enterprise, one of the year’s finest songs simply burrowing deeper by the listen.

Its companions within the release quickly reveal just as potent tempting, the following Mellow another with an instinctive groove to its body and melodic casting. There is a psych rock shimmer to its melodic winds at times too, the band’s pop instincts irrepressible even within its more clamorous musing in emotion and sound.

Loaded Gun is a dance floor hungry incitement, a funk fueled indie punk stroll with quick footed rhythms and just as rapacious dexterity in its sonic and vocal contagion; an inherent breath of defiance and inner strength fueling its enlivening presence before Make It Count brings the release to a close as glorious as its beginning. It too is a song which is viral in its catchiness and magnetic in its character and individuality urging breath, the band cunning in their invention and enterprising in its delivery.

Quite simply the Lonedon EP is superb, a pleasure and incitement we have only become, like so many, greedier for; something you should not allow yourself to miss out on.

The Lonedon EP is out now across usual stores. 

Pete RingMaster 17/10/2022

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