Ree-Vo – Dial ‘R’ For Ree-Vo EP

Without doubt for us one if this year’s most essential listens has been All Welcome On Planet Ree​-​Vo, the debut album from UK’s REE-VO. It was a record of hip hop, rap and electronic experimentation and creative virulence which has nagged our attention from the first listen back in July. Its limited turquoise-blue vinyl release also came with a 10” orange vinyl EP featuring four remixes. That offering was made digitally available a few weeks back and like the album has nagged our pleasure so much so that  even after the event we felt it would be amiss to leave it be and not urge you to go explore.

Bristol based duo of rapper T. Relly and DJ/producer Andy Spaceland (a.k.a. Andy Jenks) have an unerring knack of provoking thoughts, emotions and imagination as they take bodies on a fevered escapade. Their first album was unmistakable proof and it continues with the Dial ‘R’ For Ree-Vo EP where a host of artists bring their individual invention and imagination to the band’s original incitements.

THE BUG remix of Protein is first up, the British musician/producer Kevin Martin bringing his acclaimed prowess to a track of defiance and creative individuality. He draws forth a raw edge to every essence of attitude and finger raising discord within the track. It is almost predatory in its dispute yet the instinctive virulence and galvanic incitement of the original is as keen and manipulative as ever and finding our swinging reactions just as eager.

OBJECT OBJECT remix We Go next; an interpretation which leans back on the energy of the original to uncage deeper raptorial instincts. The track prowls the senses, electronic pulses and crystalline scintillation adding sinister yet flirtatious aspects to the compelling dilemma before ears. It too grips pleasure, its otherworldly and arcane hues irresistible as it lures addictive tendencies as firmly as the song’s album outing succeeded in.

Groove With It (Deadverse remix) is provided by New Jersey’s DÄLEK (Will Brooks, Deadverse) and rubs away the surface sheen to reveal the dirty, paranoia filtered core of the song. It is an eldritch view of the track, a disturbing yet seductive slice of sinister and creative interpretation which as those before it brings a whole new realm of alternative persuasion to the encounter.

In between those two tracks lies REE-VO’S own remix of Automatic, the classic track from NØiSE (the musical collective of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, Merritt Lear, and John Goff). Earlier this year the US outfit provided an ear grabbing remix of the Bristolian’s Spacebox and subsequently got in touch for a similar favour.

The track is much more than a remix though, a collaboration which sees the bands merging in an encounter bred in a fusion of the street earthiness of REE-VO and the ethereal breath of NØiSE, a psych and dub envisioned world around them. Threat and beauty unite in its soundscape, menacing shadows and crepuscular lights rising up from the original to cast a whole new sphere of imagination and suggestion which by the minute offered novel captivation and intimation to devour.

It is a superb track and adventure which with the equally compelling ventures of its companions makes the Dial ‘R’ For Ree-Vo EP another vital moment for these ears and any appetite for creative incitement.

The Dell’Orso Records released Dial ‘R’ For Ree-Vo EP is available digitally @

Pete RingMaster 19/10/2022

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