The Persian Leaps – Machines For Living


Rich enjoyment of their previous offerings meant there was no reticence in exploring Machines For Living, the new EP from US band THE PERSIAN LEAPS. It was a keenest further stoked up by recent lead single Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget, song which hinted at a release which would keep ears busy in pleasure. You never know though and so it is with Machines For Living, a proposition which was promising to be notable but instead went for the thickly memorable and hungrily infectious.

It is a collection of songs which swing with pop virulence and contemplate with rock gravity; the Minneapolis band’s fusion of power pop and indie rock, to slim down its flavouring a touch, as potent and ear grabbing as ever but there is a richer depth to its character which further fuels its striking presence.

THE PERSIAN LEAPS is the creation of principal songwriter, vocalist /guitarist Drew Forsberg, originally a solo project which grew into a full band around 2012 and proceeded to release a host of attention and acclaim luring encounters with last year’s Drone Etiquette album a certain pinnacle in sound and plaudits. Machines For Living shares its peak in the creative landscape of the band, taking no time to acclimatise to and expose the underwhelming level of expectations.

Latest single, Alright Alright, sets the release off, striding in with a stamping rhythmic foot and just as eagerly harassing riffs. Almost as quickly Forsberg’s melodic tones are adding warmth and further temptation to the swiftly addictive track, his musing on a social world held online embroiled in a mix of power pop, punk and garage rock, rapacious incitement which has constantly urged our regular company.

The following Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget is a cover song by THE COACHMEN, a band which featured folk/rock superstar Dan Fogelberg and Forsberg’s uncle Jon Asher. Their only release saw the track as its A-side and it is a song which majorly inspired Forsberg’s music inclinations and now gets its respect and thanks in a version which strolls in with an instinctive swing and a flirtatious catchiness, an increasing of both found  with every revolving cycle of verse and chorus. With its organic sixties breath merging with the angular jangle and inspiriting energy of THE PERSIAN LEAPS, the track is another moment of lustful attention and participation where intimate melancholy and shadows alongside summer memories and lights dance. 

 Lipreader Dyslexia is another with a punk nurtured aggression to its hungry catchiness, a track which burrowed under the skin in no time and sparked the imagination with its new wave webbed rock ‘n’ roll while Beautiful Inside had no hesitancy in offering its own flirtation of power pop incitement with hip swinging dexterity and almost clamorous drama. As with all tracks, there is a great raw edge to the song too, that untamed punk essence eagerly uniting with Forsberg’s adventurous songwriting within a familiar but never expectation feeding sound.

The release is closed up by The Nicest Way, a calmer saunter through ears laying a melodic hug upon the senses as again a tempestuous like, certainly restless, discord brews. It is a richly pleasing end to a superb outing with THE PERSIAN LEAPS, one persistently encouraging the thought it might be the finest yet and certainly one sitting on the frontline of enjoyment.

 Machines For Living is released October 7th through Land Ski Music; available @ and across online platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.    

Pete RingMaster 06/10/2022

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