March of the Shameless: Step 1

At first the rumble was a murmur but closer it came the louder and more compelling the roar and very soon an invading horde of goodness was at our door. Unsurprisingly, the herdswomen was our friend Shauna from the band Ummagma and of Shameless Promotion PR and this time she had brought a truck load of new singles she had discovered and wanted to share. Such the weight and quality we are splitting our look at the tracks which especially stirred us up, taking three steps into their midst across this month with the first offering up…

    This November, CHRIS CONNELLY releases EULOGY TO CHRISTA: A TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC & MYSTIQUE OF NICO, an album which was originally planned as a collection of Nico cover songs but evolved into a mix of that and the Scottish-born, Chicago-based singer-songwriter’s own compositions inspired by the artist and her work, often with other notable artists. More than that, it is a record seeing Connelly embracing and channelling the presence and personas of Nico and associates like LOU REED and JOHN CALE; a sense powerfully epitomised by its lead single.

Eulogy to Lenny Bruce is a song written by TIM HARDIN and appeared on Nico’s Chelsea Girls album. It is a feast of curiosity and fascination towards the upcoming EULOGY TO CHRISTA, a haunting echo of its writer, its central protagonist, Nico and Connelly himself in one.

Gently stroking ears with its guitar cast melody, the song simultaneously looms up in tension and anxiety. Its breath is angst taut and climate a weave of consternation and claustrophobic melancholy yet also a moment of intense beauty. Connelly’s tones as the music are emotion and tension personified, leaving his own mark on the song whilst equally bringing forth an evocative and as we said haunting reverberation of its original creators.

Eulogy to Lenny Bruce left ears, emotions and thoughts richly involved as too a keen intrigue for Connelly’s forthcoming SHIPWRECKED INDUSTRIES / EASY ACTION released album.

      Rich artistic inspiration has also bred the new album and single from gothic electro-rock trio DISPEL. The band has just released new single, Flames of Greed, itself a striking teaser for their upcoming full-length, Inferno.

The Cleveland based band’s second album is a conceptual engagement based on Dante’s literary masterpiece, with each track representing a layer of sin existing in the infernal realm. In their way, the trio of vocalist Ravensea, vocalist/bassist Sean Gallows and drummer/keyboardist Scott Dispel (a founding member of FACE VALUE and former drummer for TEXTBEAK) similarly cast the personas, in presence and intimation, of the protagonists courting the journey through the Nine Hells in their new release; Flames of Greed a striking moment in that passage.

The song emerges in an electronic darkwave fog, its shadows a vibrant host of gothic hues which soon forge an irresistible senses numbing hum. The tones of Ravensea soon light up the crepuscular scenery and the imagination as rhythms simultaneously lay a tenebrific courting of the darkest threats and anxieties with every subsequent moment brining new dark and light bred intrigue and temptation.

Theatrical yet earthly intimate, Flames of Greed enthralled and aroused with every contagion loaded second, a spark to the senses and imagination in a web of infernal temptation.

       In mere days Aquaplaning will be upon us all courtesy of VF RECORDS; the release another album finding keen anticipation waiting especially with its lead single, Call To Arms, laying down potent tempting in advance. Track and full-length come from UK indie rockers VERNONS FUTURE, another band which has helped forge the ever-individual character and pro

wess of the Liverpool music scene since emerging in the eighties, originally as The Vernons before the band was “reincarnated as Vernons Future” in 2o15.

Indeed, Call To Arms has an alluring breath of that eighties indie scene, its melodic jangle an echo of the indie side of the decade with the song itself bearing a Lloyd Cole-esque hue to its infectious stroll and earnest attitude. Looking at the state of the world and calling on all to amend their ways, the single is a rock and pop song rolled into one with the encouraging vocals of Simon Burchill at the lyrical helm.

From the first second we found the track burrowing under the skin, that collusion of nostalgia and openly fresh invention conducting our increasingly lustier attention and participation with craft and spirit enlivening enterprise. It may be only two and a half minutes long but brief time of the most rousing and manipulating incitement this year perfectly setting up the album and forthcoming shows at the Fiddler’s Elbow, London (Oct 22nd) and Pavilion Bar – Ormeau Road, Belfast (Oct 29th).

     Finally, October 28th sees the release of the new FRENCHY AND THE PUNK album, Zen Ghost. It is a date to put in the diary if the lead single from the NYC base duo’s seventh full-length is anything to go by. Mon Souvenir is an inspiriting slice of post punk hued, new wave nurtured rock ‘n’ roll, a track which was under the skin and hungrily stirring the imagination in a flash.

Consisting of vocalist, percussionist and lyricist Samantha Stephenson and guitarist-composer Scott Helland, who was co-founder and bassist of DEEP WOUND (along with future Dinosaur Jr. founders J Mascis and Lou Barlow), as well as OUTPATIENTS, the duo weaves a cabaret-influenced sound bred in dark folk and post-punk, a proposition which is as lively in character as it is in adventure. Mon Souvenir more than suggests that it now comes with no greater appetite for both than within the forthcoming EA RECORDINGS released Zen Ghost.

A track looking at those experiences which linger in their haunting, Mon Souvenir immediately entangled ears in acoustic spun grooves and rhythmic nagging. Every subsequent breath brings creative insistence and an inherent catchiness which belies the shadows of its theme yet equally harries and nags as the same in a very welcome trespass.

 The track just had us rattling along with more zeal by the play, all the while intent freeing up plenty of hours ahead to share with that new FRENCHY AND THE PUNK album, though before then join us right here for Step 2 in the March of the Shameless…


Oct 08   Poughkeepsie, NY – Gallery 40

Oct 15/16 Shepherdstown, WV – Shepherdstown Fae Festival

Oct 22   Nyack, NY – Prohibition River Live

Oct 28   Baltimore, MD – FaerieCon

Dec 2   Camden, London – Black Heart (with Beyond Victoria & Flesh Tetris)

Dec 10 Exeter, UK – Yule Ball

Feb 4/5 Manchester, CT – Stupid Cupid Steampunk Festival

Feb 18/19 Gettysburg, PA – MythiCon Festival

April 01   Galveston, TX – Galveston Steampunk Festival

April 8-9 Baltimore, MD – Between The Worlds

April 15/16 Chicago, IL – Chicago Steampunk Expo  

Pete RingMaster 05/10/2022

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