Tokyo Lungs / Feral State Split 7” E.P.

Surging through the senses like a remorseless splenetic cyclone comes a new 7” split from two of the UK’s finest quarrels, TOKYO LUNGS and FERAL STATE. It is a limited edition release which is going as fast as the thirteen track onslaught is brief but a record no hardcore noise mongers should ignore.

TOKYO LUNGS offer up eight slices of their uncompromising ferocity, a fury centred round the venom fuelled tones and songwriting of James Domestic (PI$$ER, KÖRD VÄRLD, HAZARD PROFILE, BRING THE DRONES) and drummer Simon Battery (CASUAL NAUSEA), the band a ‘side project’ from their combined dispute as part of THE DOMESTICS.

Merciless and exacting, the band’s sound unleashes a rabid hardcore which from the first breath of the EP Side 1 opening Totally Fucked is relentless and allows no breath to be taken between barrages. The track blisters the senses as it furiously accosts, lyrically and sonically scalding the world and air in punk rock fury yet as proven in their own previous releases, with twists of cunning hookery and grievous unpredictability which even within the wilting tempests stand firm.

Gambler proves the potency again, its rock kilned invention an expectations defeating flurry of intent as it follows the straight forward but no less rousing animosity drenched rock ‘n’ roll of Hate You Now. It is the impressive mix in design of their trespass which brought rich acclaim the way of the first TOKYO LUNGS album, Soul Music in 2021, and fuels the predatory irritancy of The Axeman and the wrathful bruising set uncaged by I’m A Ghost.

Eat Your Brain lives up to its title in its hunger to devour the senses, its harassment and sour observations an all-consuming rabidity in sound and emotion taking no prisoners while Fucked Up Disease simply sweeps the same with choleric intent and resourcefulness, its nagging swing and rhythmic incitement earning favourite track of that the record’s first side though Livin’ on Crumbs swiftly made its declaration in one raucous and unforgiving scorching.

Side B of the record starts with matching impact and untamed prowess. FERAL STATE creates a cyclone of d-beat/hardcore brewed argument, a proposal as untamed and individual as their companion’s on the Split. Featuring members of bands such as CONFLICT, KITTIE SHITTER, HAZARD PROFILE, BOTCHED TOE, BILE CASTER, and more, the Leicester hailing band batter and abrade the senses from the moment opener Lost All Hope shares its first gasp of bile. There is also a nagging aspect to the band’s sound which fuels its antipathy and fury, a creative propellant as inescapable and ravening with the punishingly persistent Cause of Death, it taking best song honours from the band’s side.

Keep Your God is drama and acrimony united, whether prowling or rabidly launching itself as a compelling abuser while Sent to Suffer is a grudge of flirtatious hooks, unscrupulous enmity and vocal bullying, both ear gripping pleasures before the outstanding Sick completes the band’s five tracks with its predatory stalking and caustic abrasion.

Together, TOKYO LUNGS and FERAL STATE have forged a record which the accompanying press release calls “an absolute ripper of a split” and subsequently “A raging 7” of UKHC at its very best.” Both understatements we can assure you.

The TOKYO LUNGS / FERAL STATE SPLIT 7” E.P. is out now via KIBOU RECORDS (UK) / URINAL VINYL (UK) / TOXIC WOTSIT (UK) / NO TIME (USA) / MASS PROD. (FRANCE); the vinyl release limited to 500 copies worldwide, it and its digital version available @  and

Pete RingMaster 22/09/2022

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