Industrial Puke – Where Life Crisis Starts

INDUSTRIAL PUKE has only one intention and that is to go for the jugular. It is an instant impression as their new EP, Where Life Crisis Starts, launched itself at the senses with the Swedish band targeting the throat of the world, society and listener alike with voracious appetite for one painfully thrilling experience.

The seeds of the band were sown in 2017 when guitarist Jens Ekelin (Rentokiller) “called out for comrades sharing a love for Disrupt and Dismember to start a new band.” He was soon joined by vocalist Linus Jägerskog (Burst) and guitarist Marko Partanen (Rentokiller), the band emerging with no doubt nostrils flared.  Even so, INDUSTRIAL PUKE concentrated time to write and complete its line-up initially, drummer Mattias Rasmusson (Obstruktion/Blessings/Gust) and bassist Erik Harald (Rentokiller) subsequently enlisted. With a debut album’s worth of tracks recorded, the release of Born into the Twisting Rope scheduled for late spring 2023, the Gothenburg-based quintet self-released their first single, Mental Taxation, this past June which led to Suicide Records linking up with the band.

Where Life Crisis Starts is the first offering from their union; a striking full introduction to the band and a sound which they describe as “crust, death metal and hardcore minced down” and as the four-track release, erupts as an uncompromising proposal which is violently individual and punishingly exhilarating; a proposition which cannot be precisely pin downed but a furious fit to those base genres.

With a theme of being failed by people, authority and oneself, Where Life Crisis Starts immediately unleashes its vitriol with Mental Taxation, the track initially and menacingly poking at the senses before hounding and harassing them with predacious voracity. It is predator and rabid assailant in one; riffs and rhythms devouring the air as vocals scorn with a certain control in attack yet only escalating the threat and impact.

It is the kind of track which instantly incites keen compulsion for a band and is swiftly backed up and matched in creative ferocity and barbarity by Banished and Constant Pressure. The first stalks the listener first but quickly uncages its full animosity and vicious craft, never relenting in its rhythmic barbarity and vocal accosting within a sonic tempest. As with all songs, every listen reveals a new aspect to the persuasion, its successor just as dextrous and ruthless, maybe even more so in regard to the latter as it vehemently surges through ears spewing emotive intensity and ear gripping prowess while ravening extremes and textures entangle.

The track Industrial Puke completes the release; the song is like a wild dog, snapping at the senses before bearing its full weight of ferocity and malice upon the senses. Again though, within the cyclone sonic and melody seared enterprise boils, a toxic texture which just courted the imagination as the body suffered.

Where Life Crisis Starts is simply superb, a swift addiction forged within a single listen and an impatient anticipation for Born into the Twisting Rope brewed soon after.

Where Life Crisis Starts is out now via Suicide Records.

Pete RingMaster 08/09/2022

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