James Domestic – Holiday

James Domestic – Holiday

 With his debut solo album, Carrion Repeating, continuing to excite praise and new fans, JAMES DOMESTIC releases the newest single from it in the striking shape of Holiday. Coming in a three track package, the song epitomises the unique and bold songwriting and invention of its creator, taking ears and body on a hypnotic dance of art punk pop.

As you probably know by now from this site, James is the inimitable frontman and songwriter for UK punk outfit THE DOMESTICS as well as numerous other projects and bands such as PI$$ER, TOKYO LUNGS, HAZARD PROFILE, BOTCHED TOE and many others. His appetite for a diversity of styles and flavours within his punk exploits is an open book and was taken to a whole new field of exploration within Carrion Repeating, an album best described as a kaleidoscope of eclectic sounds and imagination. Within its body so many moments forcibly stood out, Holiday loftily among them.

 The track is an accusing look at the insular attitude and ignorance of their surroundings within certain countrymen, indeed anyone, when on their travels and breaks in new exciting cultures. As always his words go straight for the point with humour and observation yet shape further suggestion for thoughts to contemplate. It is a prowess which takes no prisoners yet is unafraid to smile at itself across his various ventures outside and within the album and will soon provide further adventure within a new poetry book he has co-penned and which we explore elsewhere.

Holiday swings in straightaway, a kind of rueful breath shared by its keys and rhythmic stroll which embraces a ska cured bassline as James tones share word and observation. His is a calm scathing but a telling one framed by guitar wiring and the harmonic radiance of Clare Gillett, that rhythmic manipulation continuing to orchestrate instinct and appetite.

Though a nagging simmer on the senses the track has a fire within which escapes in sonic flames throughout, scorching but never deterring or defusing the pure magnetism of the track’s magnetically monotonous rhythmic pull.

As compelling alone as it is within the album Holiday loses none of its sharpness and strength within the GMPMSK Dub Remix which follows. GMPMSK is the alias of Dave Ellesmere (ex-DISCHARGE, DR & THE CRIPPENS, DISGUST, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS etc.) who has been making electronic music under many different aliases in Berlin for 20 years. His vision sees the track resonate and pulsate in ears from its first breath, cascades of sonic light and reverberation like breaking sunspots upon the senses as an even richer glow seems to shine from Gillett and deeper resonance from that ever entangling bassline resulting in another enthralling captivation.

With a ‘clean vox mix’ of the song completing the package, Holiday is the perfect invitation and gateway into the bold, slightly off-kilter and wholly fascinating solo world of JAMES DOMESTIC and a tip to how you might regard your future travels.

 Holiday is out now across all the usual digital platforms including Spotify.

https://jamesdomestic.com/    https://www.facebook.com/jamesdomesticscott/   https://twitter.com/domesticjames

 Pete RingMaster 07/09/2022

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