The Insonika Interview

Recently we had the pleasure to catch up with Swedish experimental Stoner 4-piece band INSONIKA. The Jönköping based quartet letting us in on beginnings, present and future…

Hi and thank you for sparing time to chat with us.

Hi! Thank you for giving us the honor of chatting with you!

Could you first introduce yourself and the band and of its beginnings?

Well my name is Oscar Flanagan and I play guitar and sing in the band INSONIKA. We came to be when our drummer Mattias Altgärde and our bassist Daniel Englafors got together one summer and jammed. They had a few friends come in and jam and then Mattias invited me to join and here we are some five and a half years later still going strong, having added a fourth member in Sebastian Fingal on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

How would you define not only your sound but the creative character of the band?

I think our sound is quite hard to define, I like to say that it is a mix of all of our favorite stuff. I bring some thrash and pop to the mix while Mattias brings some interesting influences in the form of Primus and also YOB, Daniel brings some death metal and obscure doom to us and Sebastian brings classical influences mixed with melodic metal.

The creative character of our band is an ever changing one, as all of us love to discover new music and, in that, new influences to bring to the table.

Are there any previous musical experiences for band members and if so how have they added to what you do now?

Me (Oscar) and Mattias have played together in a different band back in the day, Mattias has played in lots of different bands and so has Daniel and Sebastian. I think we embrace it in our new band in the sense that we all are very confident in how we want our parts to sound in the songs.

Is there a particular process to your and the band’s songwriting?

We do a mix of writing on our own and jamming, but the real composing happens after we’ve jammed and it’s usually me (Oscar) coming up with the structure of the songs. Then I pitch it to the other guys and take their input into account and that is how INSONIKA songs are formed.

Would you tell us about your latest release?

Well, our latest release will be out on September 30th and it’s called Pithos. It’s a six track album filled to the brim with heavy riffs, spacy synthesisers, massive bass, and melodic vocals. Thematically it’s sort of a “concept album” in the sense that it’s based on the myth of Pandora’s box from Greek mythology and all of the horrors dwelling within.

What are the major inspirations to its heart and themes?

The major inspirations lyrically is humanity and the way we neglect each other and the world. It’s about anxiety, war and the demons within us that slowly eats away at our souls.

I am always intrigued as to how artists choose track order on albums and EP’s and whether in hindsight they would change that. What has been the deciding factor for you or do songs or the main do that organically?

I think the deciding factor for us is thinking of the dynamics. If we start with a slow-ish song we like to have a faster one next and then we always like to end with an epic song as much as possible.

What do you find the most enjoyable part of being in a band and similarly the most cathartic?

The most enjoyable part, for sure, is playing live in front of people and getting to express your feelings and thoughts through your music. The most cathartic part, for me anyways, is just sitting down with my guitar and letting whatever I’m feeling, be it anxiety or happiness, pour out through the instrument.

For anyone contemplating checking you out especially live, give some teasers as to what they can expect.

You can expect four crazy misfits just doing what they love and always giving it 120%, we might not always be perfect live but we do bring a damn good show.

What has been your most thrilling moment on stage to date?

The most thrilling moment on stage so far for us is playing a packed, sweaty little club in Tartu, Estonia. People were screaming for more, moshing and dancing and we got to feel like real rock stars for the first time in our lives. Just the pure love for music in that room was enough to keep us going for the remainder of our careers.

Do you have live dates coming up?

None planned at the moment but keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page, as that is where we announce all that stuff!

What else can we expect in the near future?

In the near future you can expect the release of our new album, as well as more music being released in the near future so definitely check that out!

What are the major inspirations to you sound wise and as a musician?

We all have different inspirations and I think that can be heard in our sound. It’s not easily defined and that’s the way we love it! Keeping people on their toes since 2017. But for me personally I think Ghost and Metallica are my biggest inspirations.

And finally what song or release would you say was the spark to your passion for music?

…And Justice For All by Metallica definitely, when I first heard that there was no going back!

Many thanks once again Oscar; anything else you would like to add?

Thank you too!

Nothing special to add other than thank you to our fans and to all of the music lovers out there! Keep supporting the music scene and, most importantly…

… Stay fuzzy!

The band’s new single, Pandora is released Sept 9th

Check INSONIKA out further @ 

Pete RingMaster 08/09/2022

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