Pink Turns Blue – Tainted Tour-2022 EP

Pink Turns Blue beim New Waves Day am 18.06.2022 in der Turbinenhalle Oberhausen

As we pen these words darkwave-postpunk pioneers PINK TURNS BLUE are into the early dates of their long-awaited Tainted 2022 tour across North American leading to select shows in Europe. The opening day of the adventure also saw the Berlin hailing outfit release their special-edition Tainted Tour-2022 EP to further tempt and invite your eager attendance.

Since emerging in 1985, their name taken from a Hüsker Dü song, PINK TURNS BLUE has been one of the innovative creators and drivers of the dark rock scene, their fusion of post punk/darkwave and gothic punk a compelling pleasure and inspiration for so many. From their striking and acclaimed debut album, If Two Worlds Kiss, across twelve full-lengths the band has persistently struck a trailblazing chord of connection with a world eager to court the darkest conclusions for its destiny. Indeed their last album, the 2021 released Tainted brought another fresh and irresistible breath to tenebrific exploration, feeling even more apt to our crumbling world given the past ten or so months. It was an echo of our dark times yet equally a beacon to hope and a refusal to accept this fateful heading of our lives. 

The Tainted Tour-2022 EP similarly shares that call “to never give up, to never lose faith or the understanding that making this world just a bit better every day is what makes our lives worth living.” It brings four tracks together which were written around those which made up Tainted but did not quite fit or were not quite ready come its recording.

You can only think that the band’s sound has been an influence for the likes of Interpol and more currently ACTORS, and TRAITRS with its uniqueness perpetually setting new inspirations to absorb and that individuality resonates from with the new EP like a light. Shadows embrace its heart like moths a flame, the trio of Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitar), Paul Richter (drums) and Luca Sammuri (bass) casting a sound which draws on fears and anxiety yet with every breath it offers the light of hope and potential opportunity.

EP opening We Still Could Make It immediately weaves a web of guitar borne wires around ears yet paints them with instinctive infectiousness before stepping back for the solemn tone of bass and senses clipping beats already in play to stroll alone with Jogwer’s ever compelling tones. With all aspects united again, the song erupts like a flame in a gloom of shadows; its inherent catchiness virulent and pensive contemplation fuelled with encouragement.

 Lovers Forever follows, its gentle stroll a radiance of temptation and infection within equally inspiriting electronic smog. Yet there is nothing claustrophobic about its thick ambience, its calm swing pure incitement as too its rhythmic shuffle. Equally the weave of vocals offer nothing less than an orchestration of one’s own inner light and eager participation, a Fad Gadget meets early Human League essence to the outstanding song further fuel to its rich persuasion.

Recent single Not Gonna Take It lays an instant atmospheric hand on the senses, an electronic kaleidoscope rising around a tenebrific bassline with every sway of creativity an inspiriting tempting around Jogwer caliginous tones and contemplations. It is a track lyrically moving through sombre and challenging shadows yet within a prism of sound and light fired up in virulence, the fire in its heart and defiance subsequently scorching the air.

Completing the release, We Always Wanted More is another contagion bred seduction, one forged in synth pop inclinations and dark wave intimation. It almost taunts with that catchiness initially, keeping it on a leash as vocals and rhythms build the depth of the angst sourced musing but by the second the track is given its contagious head to erupt in eventual climatic majesty.

As the songs before it, the track epitomises the craft in songwriting and invention of PINK TURNS BLUE whilst adding new aspects to both and their hungrily captivating sound. Again shadows and light unite for the most galvanic incitement, the Tainted Tour-2022 EP a tonic and understanding companion to these dark times.

 The Tainted Tour-2022 EP is out now via Orden Records; available everywhere online with the Tainted album is also available via Apple Music and Spotify, with CD and limited-edition vinyl editions available via the band’s website.

Upcoming Dates For The TAINTED 2022 – TOUR:

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Pete RingMaster 07/09/2022

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