A Shameless Refrain

Digging back into the bag of goodies our friend Shauna of Canadian band UMMAGMA and the equally creative SHAMELESS PROMOTION PR, we drew out another group of striking and boldly individual encounters of which the sharing of was an inevitable urge…

     THE PERSIAN LEAPS is band which has regularly caught our attention with their power pop / indie rock inclined sound and keenly do so again with new single, Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget. It is a track which springs the first taster and invitation to the Minneapolis based outfit’s new EP, Machines for Living, which is released October 7th via Land Ski Records.

Centred round songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Drew Forsberg, THE PERSIAN LEAPS has drawn keen attention and plaudits since releasing their first EP, Praise Elephants, in 2013 and maybe with no more success than with last year’s magnetically impressive full-length, Drone Etiquette; though fair to say the host of EPs and albums in between were just as busy luring eager praise and new fans.

Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget suggests the Machines For Living EP will be just as greedy though the track is a cover song but one with a personal connection to Forsberg. His uncle, Jon Asher, was lifelong best friends with Dan Fogelberg until Dan passed away in 2007, as teenagers both playing together in a band called The Coachmen. Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget was the A-side to a single which would be their only recorded release, a song which majorly inspired Forsberg’s choice of career.

From its opening guitar jangle the song set an instinctive swing in the body, its sixties breeding unmistakable but further lit up by the flirtatious catchiness and melodic energy of THE PERSIAN LEAPS. There is an honest simplicity to the track which sublimely unites with its unity of hope carrying light and intimate melancholy, the song like a summer stroll within which thoughts and memories dance; all the while providing rich temptation for itself and the Machines For Living EP, both available respectively now and in October (pre-ordering available now) through the band’s Bandcamp.

     With her previous single, Great White Shark, still ringing enjoyably in ears, NYC artist JESSIE KILGUSS has released its just as captivating successor, Sleepwalking Heart. As that previous song, the track comes from Kilguss’ new album What Do Whales Dream About at Night? and equally offers plenty of alluring reasons why its exploration is an inevitable choice for a great growing many.

Singer songwriter/actress Kilguss whose venture into songwriting and music making was inspired by working with one of her musical loves, Marianne Faithfull in the London and Sydney productions of The Black Rider, has a sound which is multi-flavoured and equally layered in its intimacy and observation in storytelling. Sleepwalking Heart is a song inspired by Mira Jacobs’ book The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing yet lays down a musing which the listener can draw intimacy from.

Its rich but mellow rise instantly hooked ears, its subsequent amble just as unassuming and enthralling. There is a fire in its heart though, the strings of Nathan Schram and Kilguss’ captivating tones flames which flicker, rise up and finally erupt in the track’s rousing chorus and heart pushed declaration.

 Sleepwalking Heart is another masterful and inescapably captivating moment with JESSIE KILGUSS, lively folk pop drama with a country rock hue which is sure to feed greater curiosity towards her September 23rd released album, a night also seeing its creator performing a release show @ Rockwood 3 in New York.

    With their album, Exaudia, mere days into its release we thought we had to tempt you first with the new single from Lisa Gerrard And Marcello De Francisci before exploring the whole of their creative adventure at a near but later date.

When The Light of Morning Comes is an enthralling piece of atmospheric suggestion and emotively loaded ambience from DEAD CAN DANCE vocalist Gerrard and Los Angeles-based composer/ record producer De Francisci; a track which draws ears in and lures the imagination in their own respective embrace and personal interpretation which prove just as lively as its creator’s craft and intimation.

The track aligns Gerrard’s highly acclaimed artistry as a film composer and De Francisci’s equally potent and powerful multi-layered composing and production skills and from its first orchestral breath laid redolent hands on the senses and thoughts.  Haunting and otherworldly yet with an atmospheric air of centuries past and the imposing shadows of a world currently in tempest, When The Light of Morning Comes evoked and provoked keen and full contemplation of it and one’s own inner musing.

As the opening track to Gerrard and Francisci’s Atlantic Curve released Exaudia, it also sparked the keenest intrigue to the drama and no doubt highly evocative adventure within their larger proposal.

    Finally as your eyes peruse our thoughts, darkwave-postpunk pioneers PINK TURNS BLUE will be undertaking their long awaited TAINTED 2022 tour. September 2nd sees the US band opening up their travels and also the release of their new TAINTED Tour-2022 EP and recently the band previewed both adventures with new single Not Gonna Take It, a track which wraps the senses and imagination in the band’s inimitable shadow bred sound.

Formed in 1985 and named after a HÜSKER DÜ song PINK TURNS BLUE has persistently helped shape the post punk/dark wave scene with last year’s album, Tainted, a striking and truly fresh proposition. The trio of Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitar), Paul Richter (drums) and Luca Sammuri (bass) now bring their live prowess to the album and equally the new EP which offers a collection of songs which did not make the full-length yet stand as powerful and compelling with voices more than suited to a world leaping closer to apocalyptic tendencies.

Not Gonna Take It is an atmospheric embrace from its first breath, an electronic mist of sound rising around a tenebrific bassline and Jogwer’s just as caliginous tones and contemplations. For its sombre yet firm defiance though, there is a virulent catchiness and melodic fertility which lights up the senses, the song a prism of dark and light around a manipulative rhythmic proposal.

The track beguiled and aroused with galvanic fertility, alone providing more than enough reasons to explore the new Orden Records released EP and catch PINK TURNS BLUE as they bring their captivation of shadows across North America and into Europe.

TAINTED 2022 – TOUR DATES (tickets can be ordered at https://pinkturnsblue.com/live-dates)

SEP 2 Seattle, WA – Funhouse

SEP 3 Vancouver, Canada – Rickshaw Theatre

SEP 4 Portland, OR – Star Theater

SEP 6 Garden City, ID – Visual Arts Collective (VAC)

SEP 7 Salt Lake City, UT – The Urban Lounge

SEP 9 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge

SEP 10 San Diego, CA – Casbah

SEP 11 Los Angeles, CA – Part Time Punks, Echoplex

SEP 15 Denver, CO – Hi-Dive

SEP 17 Dallas, TX – Cheapsteaks (aka. Cheap Steaks)

SEP 18 Austin, TX – Sunny’s Backyard

SEP 22 Tampa, FL – Crowbar

SEP 23 Miami, FL – Gramps

SEP 26 Atlanta, GA – 529 Bar

SEP 27 Richmond, VA – The Camel

SEP 29 Pittsburgh, PA – Spirit

OCT 4 Toronto, Canada – The Garrison

OCT 5 Montreal, Canada – Bar Le Ritz PDB

OCT 6 Rochester, NY – Photo City Music Hall

OCT 7 Cambridge, MA – The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

OCT 8 Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel

OCT 9 Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery

OCT 10 Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA

OCT 14 Pinto, Spain – DarkMAD Festival Madrid

OCT 28 Rüsselsheim, Germany – These Days Festival 2022

DEC 15 Glasgow, UK – Ivory Blacks

DEC 16 Manchester, UK – Night People

DEC 17 London, UK – Electrowerkz

https://www.facebook.com/Pink.Turns.Blue.Official    https://twitter.com/PINK_TURNS_BLUE    https://www.instagram.com/pink.turns.blue/

https://thepersianleaps.com/    https://www.facebook.com/ThePersianLeaps    https://twitter.com/PersianLeaps    https://thepersianleaps.bandcamp.com/

https://www.jessiekilguss.com/   https://www.facebook.com/Jessiekilgussmusic   https://twitter.com/Jessiekilguss   https://www.instagram.com/jessiekilguss/   https://jessiekilguss.bandcamp.com/album/what-do-whales-dream-about-at-night

https://www.lisagerrard.com/   https://www.facebook.com/LisaGerrardOfficial   https://twitter.com/Lisa_Gerrard   http://www.marcellodefrancisci.com/  

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2022

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