Ruled By Raptors – Silent Sound

We certainly could not say that the Ourobouros EP in 2019 left us cold but it was an introduction to RULED BY RAPTORS which maybe did not catch our imaginations as richly as it did for others. Without doubt though it was a strong and potential loaded first encounter with the UK outfit which ensured we would easily court checking out the Newcastle hailing quartet’s new offering, a release which this time we can say gripped attention and more than inflamed our appetite for creative ferocity.

The Silent Sound EP sees the foursome of Chris Bradley (vocals/guitars), Matthew Dewar (guitars/vocals), Nick Oliver (bass), and Will Robson (drums) brings an even heavier and more predacious edge to their already imposing post hardcore meets alternative rock bred sound, a new fierceness which in turn has turned up the wick on their melodic and emotional fire. From its first breath the release held court on attention, drawing us in by the minute as its four tracks exploded upon the senses.

As with that first release, RULED BY RAPTORS linked up with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Motorhead and Funeral for a Friend) for Silent Sound and a collection of tracks which almost feel at times like they bear the release of deep pent up emotions, intimate and from broader discontent.

The EP opens up with Waves and immediately invades the senses with its rhythmic insurgence and sonic tempestuousness. Quickly it settles into a more controlled trespass, guitars casting steely wires and in turn melodic shimmers as Bradley’s words call out. It is a passage in a volatile climate though, that tempest erupting quickly again but equally too a surge of evolving imagination and fiery enterprise. Fluid unpredictability fuels the track and those to follow, that emotive intimacy equally an incitement to the track’s melodic, sonic and vocal blaze.

Dance Of Wolves follows with a calmer but no less intense air, the song offering a considered contemplation in word and melodic tempting. Yet there is real edge to the rhythmic proposal of the track and virulent contagion to the subsequent infectious turns it takes. The blaze within heart and song is soon searing ears without disrupting its inherent catchiness before Cleftones prowls in with rapacity in its breath and touch. If not quite igniting the passions as forcibly as those around it, the song only had attention and emotions involved with its nagging prowess and emotive intensity.

Final track, Oxy’s Moron, singed the senses from its first seconds, an inferno of noise and emotive pain which continued to scorch ears and the passions with the pleasure only escalated by its calmer ruminations amidst anxiety and angst fired uproar. Favourite track honours quickly flew its way as the song brought the impressive release to a dramatic and striking conclusion.

If RULED BY RAPTORS had already made a potent first impact on the UK rock scene, Silent Sound stamps them down as a truly fresh, striking and rousing proposition.

The Silent Sound EP is out now.

Pete RingMaster 18/08/2022

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