Atomic Whimper – The Doom Approach

Always keen to explore any new proposition involving British musician/vocalist/songwriter Chris ‘Kerl’ Kerley there was no holding back when he got in touch about his new venture, ATOMIC WHIMPER. Across the years, he has sparked our attention and passions through the likes of TRICORE, AN ENTIRE LEGION, ZEDI FORDER and numerous other projects, each venture proving as enjoyably unpredictable and individual as the other, so instantly our first thought was could he continue the persuasion with this new adventure.

ATOMIC WHIMPER sees Kerley linking up with Italian guitarist Eligio Buia for a heavy metal exploration crafted in the vocals of the former and instrumentation of the latter, the pair sharing the songwriting, words and arrangement of the release. The Doom Approach is a collection of tracks which embrace far richer flavours and styles than that heavy metal tag simply suggests but each a tempest of modern metal with a heart bred in and character fuelled by that rich core sound.

Quicksand kicks the album off, instantly surging through ears with rhythmic rabidity and senses entwining sonic wiring. Even with its imposing directness, the track is virulently contagious from the off and soon escalates that tempting with the instantly familiar tones of Kerley. The song is feral yet composed in its nature and invention, Buia’s touch in grooves and riffs dextrous and more than matched by Kerley’s vocal dispute, delivery and orchestration.

The gripping start is only intensified by Dream Keeper, a less intrusive encounter but as swiftly under the skin with its sonic wiring and raw rhythmic pulse. There is a tension and predacious quality to the song too which is matched in the breath and words of Kerley, as the first and subsequent tracks, lyrics presenting an intimate view on the world and its transferable dilemmas. A progressive wind to the song only adds to its ear gripping presence before the outstanding Dementia Place merges gothic and progressive hues with classic and groove metal contemplation in its hypnotic swing. Dark and light entangle in the song’s shadows and tenebrific depths, Kerley’s harmonies and Buia’s melodic twine torches in the dispute loaded underworld of the song.

Similarly, contrasts of light and emotions collude in the eventful landscape of Unmask the Deceiver, its darkness the source of inflamed enterprise and animated dilemma while Little Venice draws on a nostalgic heavy metal breeding for its siren-esque lure. A ballad which slowly but keenly prowls the imagination, it is a symphony of consternation but equally a plea bearing serenade of hope clad seduction.

As Unnamed hooked us in with its claustrophobic grooves and vocal incitement and Sticks & Stones acoustically lit up the senses, The Doom Approach only tightened its grip and lured us deeper in to the drama of its invention, both songs chasing off expectations with their creative twists and unpredictable adventures. Each also joined the list of new addictions found within the release, one embracing most tracks already and soon Far is Enough with its familiar old school flames and grooves amid modern melodic metal harmonics, again the cunning dynamics and evolving creative turns of Kerley and Buia keeping us guessing and enthralled.

 Dark Well of Madness is another open in its inspirations and instinctive passions and just one more which weaves them into its own metal forged realm equipped with edacious contagion. It too just had ears and pleasure bound up in its impassioned sound and creative volatility before leaving Out of my Mind to bring the release to a fine close with its climatic breath and rhythmic knife-edge. Beast like in its growl, majestic in its roar, the track is pure drama and hungry invention shaped with the keenest touch and sharpest imagination.

The Doom Approach is a tapestry of craft and invention, the meeting of two expectation defying musicians and heavy metal inspired imagination, a release we lustily urge all to go check out now with its name your own price release @

Pete RingMaster 18/08/2022

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