The Caughtery – Self Titled EP

Having impressively introduced themselves with their first single earlier this year, Austin-based Americana-rock duo THE CAUGHTERY now release their debut EP, a self-titled encounter quickly proving itself a proposition of rich temptation.

The band is the creative union of Austin music veterans, vocalist/songwriter/ lyricist Lisa Tingle and multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter David Gayler, a project originating in 2020 and growing from a proposed one off collaboration on a song to a full EP under THE CAUGHTERY name. Mixed by legendary producer Tim Palmer who co-produced the release with Gayler and also featuring guest contributions from the likes of Ricky Phillips (Styx and ex-Coverdale/Page, Bad English, The Babys, Angel), bassist Brian Lippman and drummer Tom Brechtlein, the EP presents a canvas of modern rock inspired by nostalgic essences from decades past across five tracks which lyrically look at “themes such as relationships, new and old, the passing of friends and the state of our world today.”

 The EP opens with 99 MPH, a song looking at relationships and love and their often tempestuous nature. The track is a slice of Americana nurtured rock, a swarthy proposition with a melodic web of enticement around an eager swagger. Tingle’s tones as ever light up ears and track with emotion and temptation, the guitar just as energetic in persuasion and craft with keys almost mist like in their presence and allure. It is an easily infectious and likeable track which increasingly got under the skin by the second let alone the listen.

Lockey Came to Play follows, it’s scenic rising immediately intriguing and the spark for the song’s and our imaginations. Rock and folkish hues collude in its enveloping tempting, a cosmopolitan hue adding greater colour and suggestion to the track as too flames of classic rock and Tingle’s equally creatively animated and dramatic tones. Quickly gripping and taking firmly favourite track honours, the song is matched in craft and temptation by next up Fragile. Crystalline and elegant, the song shimmers upon the senses but equally reveals a trespassing strength in its steely web and dark rhythmic shadows. With Tingle’s voice a flame of similar power and beauty, the track simply bewitched and gripped the passions with increasing prowess.

A calmer air is shared by Dog, again a folkish essence colouring its melodic enterprise. Even so, again once more a certain rock power lies within the unassuming but thickly engaging track, a creative template just as dextrously engaged by final song The Uninvited. With a rich rock breeding and bearing an Americana lining, the EP closer is an emotively cast and atmospherically woven proposal, a declaration of contemplation and raw intimacy cast in another keenly infectious vehicle of enterprise.

Sometimes from one idea or intent bigger bolder things arise and so it was with THE CAUGHTERY, a planned song growing into an EP which by the listen has grown more striking and beguiling.

THE CAUGHTERY EP is available everywhere digitally now.  

Pete RingMaster 18/08/2022

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