The Puncturists – The Punk Tourists

THE PUNCTURISTS is a band born of a pandemic gripped Britain and recently they uncaged their debut mini-album, The Punk Tourists. It is a release which is an echo of those lockdown smothered times but also bears an observational view just as relevant to the political and social now. Equally, the release is a virulent slab of garage punk which incites and manipulates with belligerence and mischief.

THE PUNCTURISTS is a project created by guitarist/vocalist Pat Crawford from SYSTEM OF HATE, drummer/vocalist Carl Gulliford (formerly of also SOH), and bassist/vocalist Tony Jackson. You can imagine the band and release was a reaction to the enforced boredom and restraint all endured but equally to the handling, agenda, and the subsequent mismanagement, misgoverning and misconduct continuing from all sides today. The Punk Tourists is outcry and uproar united in a release said to have been “Written on a misdelivered amazon package during lockdown. Well, what else was there to do?”

As suggested, the band’s sound is garage punk kilned but bears a great old school indie punk aspect to it which offers up essences of bands such as early TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, SERIOUS DRINKING and O’LEVEL. The Punk Tourists instantly hit the spot and increasingly wormed under the skin with opener Jackanory Johnson, riffs and rhythms an immediate manipulative trespass. Urgent and robust yet with an infection loaded swing, the track is a tale of accusation and creative temptation with a predatory edge to its incitement.

Let’s Get Wankered at The Weekend follows and similarly lures ears and greedy attention with Gulliford’s rhythmic coaxing. It too has a bullish attitude to its reflection of repeated weeks of everyday consumption of energy and emotion but also a celebratory expulsion of weekend freedom, the song as its predecessor commanding keen participation before  A Swan Can Break Your Arm (Did you know?) brings wildlife gone rogue to the table in another compelling dispute reflecting broader issue.

With disagreement in its arsenal from its first breath, So Very Bored connected with and explored the mental experiences we all encountered these past years; it another infernal slice of punk bred catchiness while (I Hate) Living In a Place Like This cantered along with acrimony and pugilistic virulence as it challenges persecution of those straying from the flock.

Both tracks had us bouncing and hollering; a reaction found for all songs to be fair as proven by the final pair of I Just Want To Die Of Death In My Sleep and Politicians Lie. The first is another inescapable contagion of garage punk with that great nostalgic hue, a song featuring the guest tones of Gail Townsend for even greater coercion of one’s participation while its successor is a final forceful and greedily infectious statement on those dictating our lives, their deceit and prosecution of the freedom we all deserve centre target for the band.

It is suggested that THE PUNCTURISTS is a part time proposal but with live dates confirmed ahead here’s hoping for a more permanent and regular adventure with the Yorkshire hailing trio and future pleasures like The Punk Tourists; an attack, trespass and incitement of punk pleasure upon the country like few others.

The Punk Tourists is available now via Dead Swan Records @

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2483873564 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=153965688

Pete RingMaster 11/08/2022

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