Of Our Design – The Worst Of Me

This past June saw UK metalcore outfit OF OUR DESIGN uncage a new EP, a six track cauldron of craft and endeavour building on the band’s already potent reputation.

Essex hailing, OF OUR DESIGN soon garnered keen attention and praise through their Fleshbank and Utopia EPs, each showing the creative appetite of a quintet unafraid to embrace varied flavours and styles to a metalcore breeding. With even greater hunger, The Worst Of Me EP pushes and evolves the band’s boundaries to defuse the accuracy of that regular genre tagging they receive. Death and extreme metal colludes with melodic and progressive inclinations within the band’s new offering, fusions which cast firmly individual character to songwriting and imagination.

 EP opener, The Void In Me, rises up from the distance, its sonic mist and physical intrigue soon embroiled in atmospheric drama and tangible threat. The vocals of George Ranger add further evocative and emotive contemplation to the track, fire burning in his tone and erupting with ferocity at times with the guitars of Kieran Mcloughlin-Spink and Haydn Rivers a sonic match.

It is a track which evades expectations and forges fresh temptation, a template breeding all encounters within the EP, the likes of Misery and Speak In Colour rich confrontation and enterprise for ears and imagination. Driven by the voracious rhythms of bassist Oli Bignold and drummer Anthony Johns, the first especially is a predacious incitement yet with a melodic beauty and infectiousness which only seems to intensify the song’s inner demons.

Light and dark, calm and tempest are aligned in each track, with even the short melancholic seduction of Lament the gateway to tempestuous incitement within the feral yet alluring multi-faceted Jaded with EP closing Wonderland just as twofold in its character and engagement, the track bringing further aspects to its intent as punk and metal deathcore seem to nurture its rabid surges.

As that final track, The Worst Of Me is a cauldron of sound and enterprise as a whole; its fusion of genres dynamic and fascinating in an EP revealing much more imagination, invention and pleasure by the listen.

The Worst Of Me is out now.

 https://www.facebook.com/ofourdesign   https://twitter.com/OfOurDesign    https://www.instagram.com/ofourdesign/

Pete RingMaster 15/07/2022

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