Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory EP

As restrictive as the Covid pandemic has been it has also inspired enterprise and unexpected opportunities. WAITING 4 APRIL is a case in point, a band which probably might not have been inspired if lives had not been dramatically impacted upon before us with a collection of songs which may never had been bred let alone heard. But here we are and keenly enjoying the Photo Memory EP for the umpteenth time as we share these words.

WAITING 4 APRIL is the creative union of California living vocalist/guitarist Colton Ray and South African based drummer Jesse Meising. The post hardcore project came about when the latter, who used to be in US based band Amyst, was traversing YouTube channels during isolation lockdown and came across Ray’s own channel and his uploaded video/songs. From initial messaging on social media the idea of collaborating was accepted and soon the project was born.

From releasing a cover of POINT NORTH song, Into The Dark, the duo worked on their own material, releasing the Fade single in 2020. Work on new songs followed leading to the Photo Memory EP, Meising recording his drum stems in South Africa while Ray made his way to Texas to work with producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever The Sickest Kids), technology escaping borders and restrictions as it can.

It has resulted in a release which we can say quickly hooked our attention as opener Dead Inside weaves its way into view before breaking into its melody wrapped stride. Ray’s vocals are just as potent for ears and fuelling the song’s emotive and creative blossoming. It is a highly infectious affair, a trait across the release but equally fiery in its emotive character and impassioned breath.

With biting rhythms and sonic enticement, the track had us fully involved before Currents further fed keen curiosity. Again Meising’s rhythms land with biting impact yet manipulative prowess as Ray in breath and emotion is flame like across the track’s instinctive catchiness and emotive intensity.

 If Only You Knew is next up, rapaciously moving in before merging thoughtful restraint and angst loaded urgency across its subsequent landscape of enterprise while Answers exposes its heart and drama in a cauldron of voice and sound. Ray bears every aspect of his vocals, raw and harmonic textures aligned as they are too in the pair’s pyre of emotively driven so und.

Power, passion and prowess fuel the EP across every second, the following Loud + Clear a prism of melodic and crystalline textures within a virulently dramatic body with the EP’s title track a rousing incitement of voice and energy. The latter has an old friend quality, something about it instantly familiar and manipulative yet openly fresh to ears.

 Love Is completes the release, a calmer proposal but one just as melodically alluring and infectiously involving of the listener. It is a fine end to an encounter which had grown more captivating by the listen with the promise which surges through its potent aspects sparking keen anticipation for what will hopefully follow.

The Photo Memory EP as out now through Spotify, iTunes and others.

Check Out our interview with WAITING 4 APRIL @ https://ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com/2022/07/12/new-light-on-the-past-waiting-4-april-interview/

http://waiting4april.com/    https://twitter.com/W4Aofficial    https://www.instagram.com/waiting4april/  

 Pete RingMaster 14/07/2022

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