The World Without Us – Body Forth

THE WORLD WITHOUT US is a Pennsylvania hailing band rising out of the state’s notable progressive death metal instincts. That said this is not just another outfit to log as one sharing open inspired from fellow state hailing peers such as RIVERS OF NIHIL, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, ALUSTRIUM, and BURIAL IN THE SKY but as revealed by their new Body Forth EP, one that is a striking and thickly individual proposition in its own right.

West Chester based, THE WORLD WITHOUT US bring a wealth of adventure to their progressive death metal bred sound, they a band unafraid to embrace different styles and creative twists to bring potent unpredictability and imagination to their songs. Body Forth swiftly confirms and proves the point, opener Eden taking ears and attention on a bold and gripping exploration. The likes of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, PERIPHERY, INTO ETERNITY, and THE CONTORTIONIST, are cited as hints to the band’s music and to that with its harmonic and melodic prowess we would add VOYAGER as a hint but again that first song on its own proves their individuality.

Eden immediately entwines its grooves around the senses, their predatory presence matched by the firm swings of drummer Stephen Campbell. Swiftly the impressive clean tones of Mario Paulo Canavarro gripped closer attention as too his subsequent throat rasping growls with the respective lead and rhythm guitars of Christopher Fenimore and James Sundwall perpetually courting captivation. Never missing a moment to challenge expectation and assumption with its varied prowl and creativity, the track is superb, a stunning start further flourishing through the bass of BURIAL IN THE SKY/sax for RIVERS OF NIHIL member Zach Strouse who guested in session across the release which also sees COGNITIVE bassist Tyler Capone-Vitale providing additional writing of bass guitar work on three tracks.

The following Cult instantly hustles and batters the listener, Campbell relentlessly jabbing as the track surges forth. Respite never arrives even as the track relaxes, its venom emerging as a darker trespass and cloud with a threat soon unleashed in a lustful tempest of abuse. Yet it is sprung with craft and invention, the guitars devious and cunning in their assault and enthralment which escalated as the song moved into yet another twist of imagination within a cauldron of enterprise.

The mercurial nature of the song is replicated and just as fascinating within the final pair of Weeds and Peril. The first is a tempest of extremes with death and extreme incursions aligned to melodic and progressive temptation. The track is dervish like in its frenetic and vicious twists and turns through contrasts with similarly Canavarro’s vocals swinging from beast to beauty, it all evolving with greater ravenous intent and flaming emotion before the final track springs forth with just as eventful and resourceful enterprise. Again guitars wind around the senses straight away, their djent tendencies ever present but cast with progressive and extreme metal inclinations matched by the senses stalking, predatory instincts of the song’s rhythms.

It is a conclusion as powerful and striking as the EP’s beginning, and indeed all that lies between with Body Forth one gripping and quickly irresistible incitement. Looks like Pennsylvania has another metal giant in the making.

Body Forth is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 14/07/2022

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