The Cassini Projekt – Blue Ocean Event

Originally released in 2021, Blue Ocean Event, the debut album from Irish band THE CASSINI PROJEKT, gets a remastered reboot this July. It is a multi-flavoured, ear grabbing proposition which, if missed last year or not, definitely warrants exploration.

THE CASSINI PROJEKT is the creation of Alex McDonnell, a one man progressive rock project exploring his aim to “create rock music without boundaries “. Within his intent and soon found within Blue Ocean Event, McDonnell merges a wide spread of genres in progressive tapestries. Each song is a vehicle to unpredictability and surprise built upon open craft and an appetite to forge something new for ears and the imagination. It can only be said that he has pretty much realised his aim within the release with the list of influences to his music which includes the likes of Opeth, Meshuggah, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Mars Volta and especially Queen fair clue to the diversity and rich flavouring in his sound and the record.

Album opening Exile soon springs that richness, it initially punk kilned with a touch of Offspring to its voice but soon evolving and revolving through a palette of flavours and imagination as its progressive and rock instincts blossom; it still retaining that punk voracity across the creative landscape with McDonnell’s vocals just as varied and enticing.

Equally his guitar craft courted the imagination, quickly courting attention yet never veering towards showing off but openly showing McDonnell’s technical prowess song by song; the following Hell’s A Place springing webs of enterprise around its dirty rock ‘n’ roll heart. Throughout, nagging hooks burrowed deep as melodic and technical flames surged; it all animating and enriching the song’s progressive pyre of temptation.

There is a Steely Dan hue to the opening of next up False Dawn, the track soon erupting in alt/classic rock ferocity with its own melodic composure while The End Of Everything emerges from a cascade of classic rock to saunter with a progressively nurtured character, in time sharing a grunge bred roar and psych rock suggestiveness. Both simply epitomise the diversity in McDonnell’s writing and invention, the likes of the electronically sprung extreme metal coached Cauterise, the sonically wired classic rock nourished Go Down, and the excellent Neurotic Insomniac with is progressive psych rock contemplation escalating the adventure.

To be honest, even with our clues you will find that each song offers much more in flavour and imagination, tracks like the eagerly contagious Roadwave and the melancholic seventies coloured serenade of Fight To Believe canvases of styles and textures.

The latter’s hue is embraced by successor, The Sacred Song, too; its breath folkish and heart tempestuous with grandeur and flaming beauty wrapping it all before the explosive Lightning Tesla erupts to sear the senses and finally Fight To The End uncages organic rocker instincts in a kaleidoscope of metal and rock.

It all makes for a fascinating and increasing compelling release, every listen seeming to reveal new aspects and joys. There is also a rich vein of further potential hinting at even bolder and adventurous exploits ahead with THE CASSINI PROJEKT; we for one will be keenly watching.

Blue Ocean Event is released July 18th.

Pete RingMaster 15/07/2022

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