Amongst Liars – Self Titled

Thanks to our dear friend Emma at radio plugging giants Pluggin’Baby, we were introduced to AMONGST LIARS right as they made their opening steps into the UK rock scene. There was inevitable intrigue too given that the band saw members of two recently disbanded outfits in Saint Apache and Katalina Kicks coming together, a pair of outfits which had already firmly hooked our ears. The release of debut single, Over and Over, more than rewarded our curiosity, indeed suggesting major things ahead and now with the unveiling of their first album, AMONGST LIARS prove themselves much more than a potential major proposition.

Eastbourne/Brighton based, AMONGST LIARS emerged early 2020 as the world began to come under the stranglehold of Covid. With the world around them providing a cast of sparks to their lyrical often intimately relatable contemplations and a sound embracing the inspirations of bands such as Audioslave, Royal Blood, Rage Against the Machine, Bring Me The Horizon, Slaves, Jack White, Biffy Clyro, Queens of the Stone Age and others, the band soon bred a sound which from the off had its own voice and presence, a suggestion soon confirmed by that first single and pushed by the host of keenly received attention grabbing tracks the quartet has uncaged to date. They proved contagions bred in alternative and modern rock but encounters equally keen to embrace other flavours from metal to indie nurtured essences; a recipe now gripping our ears in the band’s first full-length.

Produced by David Radahd-Jones (Heaven’s Basement, The Fallen State, The Cruel Knives, Death Blooms) and examining personal and social themes such as abuse, poverty, greed and self-destruction intimate and worldly to offer a message of “positivity and empowerment”, the album immediately had attention sealed as Ross Towner’s twang loaded bassline drew opener Cut It into view. In no time the heart of the band and song erupts, riffs and grooves from Leo Burdett nagging and wrapping the senses as the beats of Adam Oarton jabbed like a boxer. In the midst, the tones of Ian George breed anxiety and temptation, their earnest roar a match for the power and cunning of those around him.

It is a truly superb start which Reign had no problem emulating with its less tempestuous presence. Even so the song almost stalks the listener as it prowls around George’s vocals, its controlled character as potent as that of its more volatile predecessor with the inherent virulence of the band’s sound offering another shade of its aspect already.

Money follows bursting from interference to trespass in a wall of intensity and sound, within which it’s more sober but no less esurient character emerges in an infection loaded stroll. That voracity in its beginning cannot be held at bay for long though with the song’s chorus a surge of power and drama greedily devoured as too the greed and power reflecting cyclone of flavours unleashed before Burn the Vision steps forward. It too has authority in its breath and presence, challenging and rousing in every note and syllable cast as grooves like wires tighten around ears and pugilistic rhythms swing, vocals of George and co as fiery as the sounds around them and as galvanic.

Through the alt rock shimmering esurience of All Over Now and Drown with its southern kissed indie lined contemplation, we were only drawn deeper in the prowess and imagination of the release; both tracks as sublimely catchy as they are creatively individual with Black Days similarly striking through its predacious, blues rock fired cauldron of sound and accusation.

Still as gripping as the first time heard, Over and Over saunters in next, George soon barking out thoughts and encouraging inclinations as riffs and rhythms shuffle around him. There is no doubt that by the song, AMONGST LIARS have grown as songwriters and in their imagination and sound but equally that they were ahead of the game from day one; this song perpetual evidence.

Both Slave to Right, with its mercurially tumultuous body and fiery harmonies, and the predatory yet rousingly catchy Tick the Box only courted lusty ears and involvement before Without Grace bought things to a close with its multi-flavoured, verily textured proposal. Calling on humanity and a rise up to peace, the track is a web of craft and imagination, epitomising all the keen qualities of the band in six minutes of power and enterprise; their biting yet understanding and enlivening lyrics and thoughts similarly embodied.

 And that is the debut AMONGST LIARS album, a release which easily surpassed expectations and hopes, even as high as they were and quite simply left its indelible mark as one of the finest encounters of the year so far.

 The Amongst Liars album is out now through Earache Records across most stores.

Pete RingMaster 14/07/2022

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