Paul Nourigat – Slightly Serious EP

A few weeks back US singer songwriter PAUL NOURIGAT released his sophomore album and to rustle up keen attention has now unveiled the Slightly Serious EP; a release which is not so much a sampler but an ear grabbing invitation to its similarly named larger companion.

Nourigat is an Oregon hailing artist who may have come to music later than most in their careers but has already made up for lost time with the well-received releases of his first EP, Shake Stuff Up, and debut album Open Up My Days, both unveiled last year. It is a new career for the singer songwriter, one sparked by the fearless musical performances of his three children and encouraged by the restraints of Covid, but one Nourigat has embraced with passion and as the Slightly Serious EP reveals, no small amount of enterprise, energy and fun.

 Couth and Truth opens up the EP, the song a keen slice of Americana nurtured rock which immediately hits its controlled but lively stroll whilst wrapping melodic wires around ears. Similarly, Nourigat’s tones only welcome attention, their presence rather than right to the fore slightly back mixing with the sounds around them and it works a treat. Eagerly infectious and ripe for contemplation, the song is a richly magnetic start to the release.

The following One More Pair shares its creator’s country/blues rock inclinations with its own vein of organic catchiness. Its swing is not so much reserved as just wanting to revel in Nourigat’s love of the styles it is bred in, though the track also bursts out with bluesy flames and smiling enterprise across its captivating body.

Pressing Snooze presents its blues rock tempting next, the song also less demand and more party on the senses and easily engaged in by ears and involvement. Funky and with a grin to its character, the latter a trait of all songs and so often Nourigat’s lyrical design, the track had the body moving and attention sealed in no time; again flames of guitar increasing the captivation before Imaginary Genius brought the EP to a fine close.

Now country music is not an instinctive want in personal tastes yet the song soon had us caught up in its fun and southern catchiness; sharing smiles and shuffles across its compelling rumination.

 So that is the Slightly Serious EP, a piece of fun and captivating enterprise in its own right and a potent invitation to go check out its bigger and we suspect bolder companion.

The Slightly Serious EP is available @ with the Slightly Serious full length out for streaming on the likes of Spotify.

Pete RingMaster 17/07/2022

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