Ghoste – Self Titled

Originally given the opportunity to explore a sampler EP of her current album, we could not resist the curiosity after one listen to go further and involve ears and attention in the original larger proposition. It is the debut full-length of ethereal electro-pop GHOSTE, a record first unveiled in late 2020 but one which has consistently gathered new fans and attention over subsequent months, indeed years and still warrants discovery.

GHOSTE is the moniker and project of New York City singer songwriter Jenny Bruce, an artist which has also six independently released albums under her own name. GHOSTE has seen her explore an electro pop aspect to her creativity and imagination, with a sound as ethereal and haunting as it is instinctively catchy and intimate. With Bruce currently working on her second GHOSTE album, it is perfect time for newcomers to venture into the radiant realms of her self-titled debut, its beauty like an emotive oasis in these ever turbulent times.

Working with producer Matt Anthony upon the release, the album immediately reveals its evocative breath and vibrant imagination through opener Slow Motion. The track shimmers into view, its electronic lures quickly fronted by Bruce’s instantly magnetic tones, their beauty formidable and seductive and just as inspiriting and adventurous as the sounds soon further blossoming around her. Keenly catchy yet intimately involving it is a wonderful start to the release.

Brick by Brick is a heart sharing pop bred ballad and just as enthralling as it follows, an earnest contemplation which teases boisterous eruptions but retains its thoughtful composure throughout. Even so, it too is an infectious, participation inviting encounter earning one’s energy before Deep Water seduced with its own evocative balladry. Electronic layers provide veils to the song’s heart, each drawn aside by Bruce’s voice, harmonies and words; the track an immersive pool of melodic warmth.

The industrially tinged climatic pop of Back to Life and the almost otherworldly Haunted with its atmospheric breath and plaintive heart further spread the adventurous and richly flavoured creativity of the GHOSTE sound and exploration, their successor Fix You thick in ambience and ethereal elegance as Bruce again enthralled in voice and thought.

From the luminescent beauty of Hold On and the majestic spectral romance of Stay up with Me Tonight fascination and captivation only got greedier with the final pair of Chien Et Loup, a track assumedly inspired by the years Bruce lived in Paris, and the eagerly infectious Little Star only adding impetus to the urge to press play upon the album all over again.

The GHOSTE album may have been released almost a full couple of years back but it is still a fresh and thickly captivating breath of ethereal pop and rumination which no one with an appetite for organic beauty should allow themselves to miss out on.

The GHOSTE album is available upon usual stores with the EP found on Soundcloud.

 Pete RingMaster 14/07/2022

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