A Shameless Fever

Even though we are wilting in thick summer heat here in the UK we can always find the energy to embrace new pleasure stoking sounds and once again that is just what our dear friend Shauna of Canadian sound and imagination weavers UMMAGMA and SHAMELESS PROMOTION PR brought in one of her regular visits. Each of her suggestions gave birth to originality and ear gripping enterprise with among them a certain few especially tapping into our creative instincts as we will now reveal…

     As new album Technology For The Youth stands on the edge of release, Dublin synthpop artist CIRCUIT3 has unveiled a new track to tempt eager curiosity. Overview Effect is a celestial shimmer of synthpop magnetism, a song with a robust presence and seductive wiles which easily sparked greater anticipation of that larger proposal.

CIRCUIT3 is the solo project of Peter Fitzpatrick, an artist who merges retro and futuristic essences and endeavour in sound and theme within his releases which, given the suggestion of this song and its predecessor, Future Radio, will be truly fascinating within his upcoming July 15th Analogue Trash released third full-length.

Overview Effect is an immediate coruscation upon the senses, quickly spreading into a realm of electronic and futuristic catchiness. Fitzpatrick is soon joined by guest vocalist Alessia Turcato, their captivating tones in tandem as the song vibrantly glistens whilst increasingly infecting the imagination with its calm but inspiriting synth pop temptation around its ethereal romance.

Also part of a five-track EP including remixes by KEX/1 (Lloyd Price of The Frixion) and label-mates VIEON, Overview Effect proved pure seduction, its Thomas Dolby meets Landscape-esque hue escalating what seemed like inevitable captivation.

    July 15th also sees the release of a new album via Wohone Records from UK alt-rock/metal artist GRACE SOLERO. It was almost a decade ago when we first come across the London based singer/guitarist/songwriter through her Hundred Years Apart album and as Metamorphosis, the title track and new single from her upcoming full-length proves the years have only seen her creativity and prowess to enthral and arouse grow more compelling.

The single is a theatre of craft and adventure, dexterity which certainly fuelled Solero’s last album, the 2018 cast Awake and you can only imagine will be the liquor to the success of its Jon Clayton (The Monochrome Set, Vic Godard And Subway Sect) recorded and engineered successor.

With Californian lead guitarist/vocalist Dan Beaulaurier, Swedish bassist Bjorn Zetterlund and Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dave Guy on drums and percussion alongside Solero, Metamorphosis immediately lures intrigue with guitar spun wires, they soon bound together in a thrust of riffs aligned to rhythmic enticement. Within moments the ever individual and ear gripping tones of Solero erupt, the song and enjoyment further ignited by her drama clad, character bred vocals; the sounds around her casting matching resourcefulness to her magnetism.

A mix of alternative and hard rock with a punk and glam rock devilment, the single had us bouncing and hollering within minutes and with greater lust by the listen despite the energy sapping weather around us.

     Also proving that the 15th of the month will be one busy time to explore, Austin cinematic rock duo THE CAUGHTERY are releasing their self-titled debut EP on the day and as those above have provided one potent taster in the shape of a new single.

The Uninvited is an emotively cast and atmospherically woven slice of the band’s rock sound, but a track robustly powerful in its presence and touch. Like the band’s debut single, Fragile, a few weeks back, the track sees the pairing of vocalist Lisa Tingle and guitarist David Gayler embrace a mix of flavours in their music and a sense of raw intimacy in their songwriting to create an individually compelling proposal.

Mixed, as the EP, by the legendary Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Pearl Jam), who jointly produced it together with Gayler, The Uninvited bears the experiences of depression and anxiety in word and breath, unavoidable feelings for most across these past couple of years, and wraps them in a sound just as evocative and suggestive. With southern rock flames to its dilemma and infectious enterprise to its power and invention, the single quickly lured ears and thought into its fiery musing giving more reasons all the same time to explore the band’s larger offering when it arrives.

   A song less intense but as provocative in its air and imagination is Everything Must Change, the new single from LA-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-winning producer RICH JACQUES. He has just released his Cousteau Records released debut EP to swift praise and attention and its title track single carries a wealth of suggestion as to why.

Former member of alternative rock outfit BROWNIE MARY and 80’s infused alt-pop band RIGHT THE STARS and one-half of the songwriting/production team AALTA, Jacques has also has his music placed in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries. His new venture was borne from within the Covid pandemic and openly embraces the shadows and anxieties which envelopes these times yet as Everything Must Change reveals, also explores the hope and beauty which evolves from such shadowed moments.

The track is a mellow rumination of keys and voice at its heart with his guitar equally as suggestive in its touch and folkish charm. There is immediate beauty and elegance to the song, pop instincts blossoming within its ballad spun musing so it is simultaneously mesmeric and enlivening. Fair to say, Everything Must Change captivated from first to last breath, providing a romance for thoughts and the senses  as warm and enthused as the sun above us.

    Lastly we offer for consideration Spacebox from UK duo REE-VO. In fact we present it in its Ltd Ed 7” EP glory featuring ear gripping remix collaborations from NØISE and BATBIRDS

Bristol hailing, REE-VO is the electro-dub project of Andy Spaceland (AKA Andy Jenks) and T. Relly, two artists with a rich experience of and presence in their home city’s music scene over the years. July 29th sees the pair release their highly anticipated debut album, All Welcome on Planet Ree-Vo, though Dell’Orso Records / SRD, an encounter which will be accompanied by a Ltd ED 10” Vinyl offering a host of remixes from the likes of  NØISE, OBJECT OBJECT, DÄLEK and iconic industrial dancehall artist THE BUG. Previous releases from the band have already hungrily suggested it will be one unique and imagination firing proposition, a motion especially endorsed within Spacebox;  a track which alone has brought the edge of impatience to our anticipation of the album’s uncaging.

Spacebox leaps from its opening sample with rhythmic revelry, itching to get under the skin and achieving such manipulation in no time. Equally the pair’s vocals hook pleasure and participation with relish, the track a dub cast funk incitement with a predacious appetite to its mischievous dance floor instincts. It is a wholly individual adventure which could be described as a mix between Loud Apartment, Garrison Hawk, Lazy Habits and The Skints but that merely hinting at its uniqueness.

The NØISE (the musical collective of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, Merritt Lear and John Goff) remix has the prowl of a predator to its stance, exploring the more mystique bound celestial realms of its imagination. Their version unearths a beguiling unpredictability to the song’s urban temptation, sparking our imagination to conjure a whole new adventure much as the BATBIRDS (the duo of Joe Cassidy AKA Butterfly Child and Aaron Miller) take on the track. The pair draws out the track’s haunting qualities, merging them with a world of the sinister and darkly intriguing where dilemma coats every breath shared even as fresh animation to the dancefloor was equally invoked.

Both tracks alone burrowed deep with Spacebox itself a lingering itch we have never tired of scratching since its first voracious orchestration of our senses.

 http://www.circuit3.com/   https://www.facebook.com/circuit3music   https://twitter.com/circuit3music   https://circuit3.bandcamp.com/

http://www.gracesolero.com/   https://www.facebook.com/GraceSolero   https://gracesolero.bandcamp.com/releases  https://twitter.com/GraceSolero   https://www.instagram.com/gracesolero/

https://www.thecaughtery.com/   https://www.facebook.com/TheCaughtery/   https://twitter.com/tcaughtery  

https://www.richjacques.com/    https://www.facebook.com/Jacqmusique   https://www.instagram.com/richjacques/  

https://www.facebook.com/planetreevo   https://ree-vo1.bandcamp.com/   https://twitter.com/ReeVoBristol  https://www.instagram.com/planetreevo/  

Pete RingMaster 13/07/2022

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