Picking Up the Pieces: The Except One Interview

With their album, Broken, one striking protagonist when it was unleashed as last year turned into this and their recent single, Silent Scream, a ferocious incitement like few others, Paris hailing EXCEPT ONE have gripped ears with their fiercely individual extreme metal bred prowess. Recently we caught up with the band….

Hi and thank you for sparing time to chat with us.

Thanks for getting in touch with us! It’s a pleasure to speak with you Pete

Could you first introduce yourself and tell us how the band came to be?

I’m Junior, guitarist and one of the original members of EXCEPT ONE. We released our first EP “OMNI1” in 2013 at the time I was still a student so you can easily imagine the excitement aha! Since then we get on tour mostly in France but also for the first time in Europe (just before the pandemic). We are now defending Broken, our 3rd cd which was released in January.

With its varied breath how would you define not only your sound but the creative character of the band?

It’s definitely on the “death” side of Metal even if we tried to explore some bigger “core” touches in it during the past. Estelle’s voice (some says ARCH ENEMY like) with our incisive guitar/bass/drum added create a metal that will definitely make you headbang. Even if we tried not to be in the “cliché” we are playing a lot with “breakdowns” and “blasting” parts. For my end, I think that if you listen to bands such as SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL, NASTY, MALEVOLENCE or HATEBREED you will enjoy our music as you are looking for certain “powerness” in the music.

Are there any previous musical experiences for band members and how have they been embraced in within the band?

Tim (guitar), Crypp (bass) and Naty (drums) played in other bands before joining us. As life went on, they wanted to work with a band that reflected more on their music feels, that’s why they joined us. Also, we work as one (even if we are named Except One!) and as we dig into creating all together they embraced easily the project 🙂

Is there a particular process to your and the band’s songwriting?

Aha tricky question! I think every band has its own process. On our end 80% of the work is done through MAO preproduction. Before, we used to come in to rehearsal with 3-4 riffs and use them in loop in order to create the basis of our future song. With the experience plus our need to propose a “full immersion” in our songwriting we work at home and then try everything on rehearsal. That’s cool because we can practice every time on new ideas and go faster in our songwriting + selection.

Would you tell us about Broken?

Sure ! First, this album was meant to be released during the pandemic (as tons of bands..!) but we decided to postpone it in order to get more time in production. It’s our heaviest / professional CD and we are so happy that the people love it. We went deep in our feelings as a person, so we create something that represents our mind-set when we are on stage or how we want to speak about the topics…(society etc.… You know, we have this HxC mind-set!)

What are the major inspirations to its heart and themes?

It’s all that surrounds us ! Plus major bands (MESHUGGAH / HATEBREED for example). We complete our songwriting with “feel”. It’s really passionate you know.

I am always intrigued as to how artists choose track order on albums and EP’s and whether in hindsight they would change that. What has been the deciding factor for you or do songs for the main do that organically?

The song experience + the fact that songs are linked together… You are right, it’s not something easy to choose how you want people to discover your album, and we take time to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

What do you find the most enjoyable part of being in a band and similarly the most cathartic?

We are family, I’m doing this for years now and I know that these guys are the ones I could count on. Also, when people are speaking with you, telling you that you have a positive impact on their life, man, it gives you the best feels ever.

For anyone contemplating checking you out live, give some teasers as to what they can expect.

We are definitely touring at the end of the year in France ! Also we are working on an EU tour for 2023, stay connected!

What has been your most thrilling moment on stage to date?

Oh… I don’t know if its thrill but one day I played so hardcore, I moved so much that I passed out hot during the last song aha. Rather than that, when people scream your name when you get onstage it’s something awesome; every time I’m impressed.

Do you have specific live dates coming up?

Paris in September for the first one!

What else can we expect in the near future?

A new album! But before that touring the most we can.

What are the major inspirations to you sound wise and as a musician?

 Prog + Death metal for the band, we love the hype the prog music + the “violence” of death. As a musician I found myself fully in HxC / beatdown.

And finally what song or release would you say was the spark to your passion for music?

I was a teenager and I listened to it every day for a year, it’s Duality from SLIPKNOT!

Many thanks once again; anything else you would like to add?

Thanks Pete for your dedication in promoting Metal Music and see you soon guys on the road I hope!

Explore EXCEPT ONE further across…

 https://www.facebook.com/ExceptOneOfficial/   https://exceptone.bigcartel.com/   https://open.spotify.com/search/except%20one

Pete RingMaster

The RingMaster Review 12/07/2022

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