The Kut – Grit

We like a great many have been ringing the praises of British rock solo-artist THE KUT across a host of striking singles these past couple of years alone so the news of the release of her sophomore album was unsurprisingly keenly welcomed with anticipation loaded intrigue for what it might offer The album’s lead tracks suggested a body of punk and indie rock nurtured exploits to greedily embrace but within a larger proposition you never know.

Grit quickly sent the possibility of disappointment packing and as swiftly revealed far more than those singles hinted at. It is a multi-flavoured encounter crafted in THE KUT’S increasingly individual and compelling sound, its tracks never feeding expectations though united in the familiar individuality of its creator’s songwriting and music.  Her songs have increasingly found support and airplay across the US to match her lure of the same at home, success you can only see Grit escalating over coming weeks and months.

Produced by James LeRock (Def Leppard / Skindred), Grit opens with its most recent single; the most potent spark for increased attention the way of artist and release to date. The album is described as “a story of independence, passion & purpose”, a theme immediately uncaged by ANIMO (meaning courage). The song instantly surges through ears, guitar and rhythms a meaty proposal but as infectious as it is formidable. The Kut immediately gripped ears in voice and creativity too, she as the track bearing defiance and muscle in presence and tone, a snarl uniting with inherent spirit within an instinctively catching body to spring the album into rousing life.

The song is superb, maybe the finest moment with THE KUT so far but success persistently matched and challenged across Grit with Burn Your Bridges the first to rise to the challenge. Its entrance is calm but with a sense of fire and volatility which simmers, boils and erupts in the track’s blistering, galvanic chorus. An ear gripping slice of rock ‘n’ roll, the track is a brooding sizzle on the senses and an explosive spark for the emotions, one greedily devoured.

Not Here For Love follows and quickly sets out its own robust and infection loaded agenda, The Kut’s guitar weaving a web of enticement which her vocals and the rhythmic prowess of the women led musical collective she embraces align further dextrous enterprise to. Punk and rock collude and unite in another major album peak before Brother casts its rhythmically skittish and melodically swarthy persuasion on ears. A sultry slice of inspiriting balladry with pop rock instincts, the song easily seduced while On My Own straight after hooked its own firm portion of attention with its seventies punk meets alt rock adventure. The pop punk inclinations of the song reminded of bands like The Photos and The Mo-Dettes, a nostalgic hue and tempting which hungrily aligned with THE KUT’S modern rock enterprise.

As Runaways sprung its resourceful body upon a great throaty bassline with contagious relish and If Looks Could Kill prowled the imagination with dexterity shaped confrontation and inspiriting uproar, the album only tightened its grip on unbridled attention, the instinctive catchiness of both as forceful and rousing as their emotive fires with Fun When You’re Winning matching their impact with its own source of punk nurtured rock ‘n’ roll further whipped up with dextrous catchiness and galvanic manipulation of the listener’s voice and limbs.

The album concludes with firstly Satellite, an intimate emotion drenched ballad which had us roaring as boldly as the raucous upstarts before it. The track is mesmeric; an emotionally impacting encounter which from its first outing as an early album single has only escalated its impact and impressiveness over time while its successor, And 1 more…, whipped up the same level of attraction and participation with rebel rock voracity and equally as esurient contagiousness; a slab of rock ‘n’ roll epitomising the ear grabbing, reputation escalating prowess of Grit and The Kut herself.

The album is a mighty piece of rock ‘n’ roll adventure which took the promise of its early tracks and simply blew it up for an even  greater explosion of craft, adventure and pleasure.

Grit is released July 8th via Criminal Records; available digitally, on CD and on blue, pink and marble vinyl, each limited to 200 copies.


In-Store Daytime Acoustic:

Tue 12th HMV Portsmouth

Wed 13th FOPP London

Thur 14th HMV Oxford

Full band ‘GRIT’ Tour:

Thur 21st SOUTHAMPTON Joiners

Fri 22nd LONDON Notting Hill Arts Club

Sat 23rd BATH Moles

Tue 26th WORCESTER Drummonds

Wed 27th CHESTER Live Rooms

Thur 28th LANCASTER Bobbin

Fri 29th EDINBURGH Bannermans

Sat 30th NEWCASTLE Trillians

Sun 31st HULL O’Rileys

  Pete RingMaster 07/07/2022

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