I Fight Bears – Liberosis

Covering their self-titled debut album at the beginning of 2018, we could not help suggesting, no declaring that Welsh metallers I FIGHT BEARS were one richly exciting prospect on the British landscape such their potential and the potent individuality of their metalcore bred sound. Lost time, thanks to the pandemic, across subsequent years has passed but now the band are back unleashing their ferocious roar once again in the shape of the Liberosis EP and set a new marker in their ascent and reputation.

The Bridgend hailing quintet fuse metalcore with other metal nurtured flavours and ferocity, each track upon Liberosis proving a cauldron of emotive and creative ferocity crafted with enterprise and imagination. If their first album courted keen attention their EP simply demanded it and it was readily given as soon as opener, Beacon, uncaged its proposal. The years between releases have not been wasted by the band, the foursome honing almost reinventing their writing and music in some ways providing themselves with “a new and fresh direction” which the song quickly revels in as it strolls in with rapacious intent. Grooves and riffs collude in its immediate persuasion, the guitars of Chris Treharne and Marc James respectively weaving that enticement as the rhythms of drummer Scott Preece and bassist Drew Hamley prey and trespass upon the senses. Similarly the enticing clean tones of the latter entwine the throat rasping roars of Dan Blackmore, the two pronged tempting casting extremes of emotive fire.

It is a fine start to the release escalated by the following Chainbreaker, its distant harmonic beginnings a spark to a predatory assault by guitars and rhythms with Blackmore soon riding the insurgence venting his discontent. Toxic melodies and rhythmic pugilism expand the track’s enterprise, Hamley adding his calmer but no less emotive tones as the guitars spring a web of sonic contemplation.

Damaged World is next and immediately bears predacious character in its prowling start but equally a temperate aspect to its tempestuous landscape. Extreme metal hues unite with melodic and metalcore spun textures, the song as those around it an adventure of unpredictability and accomplished invention which kept ears eagerly enthralled, success matched within State and its virulent incitement of infectious enterprise and voracious dynamics. Again rhythmic and sonic trespass is as toxic as it is compelling and superbly tempered by the melodic wiring of Treharne’s guitar and Hamley’s unsullied tones, favourite moment soon in its grasp.

Believe in Me completes the EP, guitars again creating webs and surges of enticement and threat matched by the twin lure of vocals and that ever menacing yet manipulative rhythmic prowess. Ebbs and flows in aggression equally add greater definition and tempting to the track emphasising its fertile character of craft and imagination.

Never meandering from impressive and stirring from its first breath, the Liberosis EP is a striking return of I FIGHT BEARS, the band realising that early potential and more yet also laying down new seeds for suspected even greater adventures ahead.

 The Liberosis EP is out now.

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Pete RingMaster 30/06/2022

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